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4G updates, aio and trays ordering

Published on January 21, 2017 by in Uncategorized

UPDATES: We have added a new update 4G USIM update in our normal update software. We are still testing this update as we speak and we get some positive and negative feedback depending on country and sim card used. This update only works with 4G simcards on 4G networks on 64 bit phones (6,6p, 6s, 6sp, 7, 7p) We will let you know more in the following days.

AIO: Also you might receive new models of AIO SIM with DIE IC. Because of a manufacturing error these had to be manually adjusted to fit all models. They have been tested one by one nevertheless so and the software inside should be very stable.

TRAYS: We have also updated the ordering for trays. Now the standard sets of AIO come with the trays you need. When you place an order please order the sets you need then select the correct tray quantity and models. The trays cost is included in the set cost.

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  1. txavier

    hello.. When using the update is out of service .. iphone 7 vodafone uk sim card 4G Claro dominican republic… help me what do I do

  2. Welcome your decision!

  3. With Vx7 sometimes lost the cellurar data connection and dont coming back until reset aio sim with another sim card or dongle. Can you put some AIO sim resetting function to the Settings/Phone/SIM Application please? Thank you very much!

  4. And, tested new software with iPhone 6 iOS 10.2.1

    Hungarian Telenor locked with Vodafone / Telekom card – no service
    UK O2 locked with – Telekom card – Telenor card – no service
    All sim card is new 4G card, the phone was on 4G…

    I will make a AIOTestSW and send it the results to you for solve this problem. Okay?

  5. Glen

    I want to order can some email me with details before placing my order?

  6. A pleasure to know that you are still active, I thought you did not care about your customers anymore, I hope it works with iPhone 7

  7. txavier

    regards ..
    It still does not work for me 4g on iphone 7 ios 10.2

  8. rogerboogie

    i want to know if gevey still being the same kind of adapter , needed custom trays , or have new design without needed custom simtray ?

    i am oficial reseller and want to start buying new stock , please let me know

  9. 4G+ V3 work with 5C too.

  10. Daniel Emanuel

    from where an I download ?

  11. Inder Khatri

    How to unlock iPhone 7 Tracfone US with aoo sim??
    Any body know the IMSI Code of Tracfone?

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