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  1. Jansen

    Long ago that I want a system that can be updated, I would like to test your and adopt if positive …

    • Admin

      All our products are updatable. You can download the update software from the download section. You can also read more on how to use the update software in the User Guide available in our website!

  2. edmond


    Im having problem on unlocking my phone using Gevey AIO. I have iphone 4s running 6.0, my phone is locked to KDDI when i write the settings on the gevey and insert it on my phone it activate it but still no network found.

    Please help. I use V24 delay is 10

    • Admin

      For KDDI please use the latest update V27 and select the JP KDDI 4S CDMA settings in the Preloaded settings list.

      • edmond

        When I reset the phone and insert the updated gevey sim with my carrier sim it still does not activate the phone. Sim not Valid.

        • Edmond

          i manage to update and the phone is accepting the update but no service. i check the carrier it only says 3 13.1, what to do next? still no service…

          • Admin

            Did you reboot the phone ? The phone will get signal usually after a complete reboot. Use the FAST option if without fast is not working.

  3. Mazen

    Does it work with I phone 4 s?

  4. Michal

    1. How do I register on this page?

    2. How do I post question to you??

    3. You should provide easy to find contact form ASAP.

    4. I have bought your AIO 4S with dongle. Now every time I am trying to use it I get error message:

    [16:18:43] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 10.
    [16:18:43] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 262012830169393
    [16:18:43] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 89490200000534066399
    [16:18:43] [SETTINGS] GID1: 71
    [16:18:43] [INFO] Selected update V24 – GEVEY AIO iPhone 4S iOS6 with DELAY
    [16:18:43] [INFO] AIO SIM SN: 0xF7A4A7D9
    [16:18:44] [SERVER] This GEVEY NO CUT is not activated! Please contact your reseller!
    [16:18:44] [ERROR] AIO SIM update failed

    5. Please activate all my aio cards.

    6. Why is it NOT activated right after my purchase?

    Please activate ASAP.



  5. Hugo

    Simple speaking can not update!! Tried 2 different AIO-SIMs and the same situation: AIO-SIM is not detectected, so no way to update!

    [20:37:01] [COM17] Port open failed !
    [20:37:01] AIO SIM not detected at existent ports!
    [20:37:01] Please reinsert AIO SIM DONGLE test connections or reinstall drivers!
    [20:37:01] AIO SIM NOT FOUND

    Checked Com ports on Device manager and it shows as Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm port(COM17) without any errors.

    Any suggestions?

    • Admin

      Please check that the com number of your USB dongle to be less than COM10. As i can see here you have COM17 and won’t work. Change it in control panel to COM 4,5,6,7,…

  6. Paulino Tejeda

    quiero comprar

  7. panicos778

    [18:17:17] [INFO] AIO SIM SN: 0xE4919FD5
    [18:17:19] [SERVER] To many updates for this GEVEY NO CUT. Please use a valid Update Key!
    [18:17:19] [ERROR] AIO SIM update failed
    hi this gevey i cant update it

  8. fuad

    iphone 4s verizon 6.0.1

  9. Hi There! I hope these items all working fine 🙂 Today is the test day 😀 The register subpoint is not aviable for general users? Or just if the user have the reseller position?

  10. EduardoGarcia

    Hi, i can’t install the dongle, nothing happens.
    Tried in 2 different computers now.
    Is there a way for just put the card inside the phone and unlock it?

  11. Chryse

    Does gevey aio 5 unlocks iphone 5 au kiddi japan? Does it unlocks 80 character sms limit?

  12. buanerges

    I have a problem with this
    [20:37:01] [COM17] Port open failed !
    [20:37:01] AIO SIM not detected at existent ports!
    [20:37:01] Please reinsert AIO SIM DONGLE test connections or reinstall drivers!
    [20:37:01] AIO SIM NOT FOUND

  13. Sensato

    I got iPhone 5 from sprint USA, working good with AIO-sim but don’t have data just appear the company name and that’s it. No data but the call is good incoming and outcoming call is good but anything data

  14. SMart

    I can’t make it working…
    I can Update Gevey AIO, but it looks my phone (Verizone 4S) doesn’t feel anu difference whether i use gevey or not.
    I’ve tried V25 and V28 with “US verizon w ICCID”, “US verizon w\o ICCID” and “US verizon 4s CDMA” as preloaded settings…
    Phone still requires activation after turning on, and doesn’t find my network (RUS MTS) after activation my old Verizon sim-card.
    And yes, I tried to use IMSI and ICCID from Verizon card – the same result (I mean nothing).

  15. buanerges

    I have the same problem with the 4s verizon, I have to get an old chip?

  16. obed bernal

    buenas tardes

    el dia 28 de enero hice una compra de 2 paquetes de gevey aio ,pague por medio de paypal,pero no me ha llegado ningun correo de contacto de parte de su empresa.quisiera saber si ya esta por enviar enviarse el pedido.gracias

    atte obed bernal

  17. Sayks

    There Iphone 4S Canada-Fido
    6.1 + Jailbreak
    I can not start, checked everything possible
    tried to delay of 6 to 25, firmware 24, 27, 23, 28 way (to help out
    Ideas? thoughts? advice?
    thanks in advance

    • Echap

      Same problem, 4S Fido in 6.1
      AIO don’t work 🙁 any ida please, the rebel X-Sim 2 is uodated for Fido 6.1.
      Why not the same update for our favorite unlock sim > AIO

      AIO : All In One, not All In One Without Fido (AIOWF)


  18. StarKnight

    I have Iphones 4s Rogers, and Bell, Canada. 6.01
    Will Gevey AIO unlock them for Russia? e.g. Megafon

  19. LoNgJoN

    I’m having trouble trying to figure out the correct port settings I remember when I used to use magic stuff to make a backup of my sim card they wouldn’t work unless they had the correct Bits per second in the port settings I haven’t seen anyone give details on this and I feel that this is a big part why people are having trouble getting it to work for those of you the do have it some what working could you please share what com port settings is working you thank you in advance

  20. rtth

    Hello, for T-Mobile DE, i have to use, what? there are 3 DE TMobile..? please help

  21. iPhone 4S 5.1 MD235Y/A 013069006259097 with Gevey AIO v28 not working
    need help

  22. Andrew

    How i can register on your web?

  23. i phone 5 version 6.1.2 facing problem in activation of sim card.

  24. alexx

    Is V28 working with 4S CDMA 6.1.2?

  25. alexx

    How I can register?

  26. hi update server is down for ip5 chip AIO5V1
    how upgrade and when insert sim ask for pin but sim pin is disable

  27. gimel harvey

    i have a sprint iphone 5 ive activated my aio sim successfully but i cant seem to get my data to work , what do i need to do ?

  28. gimel harvey

    i have a uk vodaphone iphone 5 , id like to know the installation setttings for the aio sim please

  29. fitode

    it is so confused in which one is correct option for sprint iphone 5, and tell me please which one is works for my sprint iphone 5 ?
    i tried with v3 sprint LTE and sprint 5 options, nothing happened, no service showed up on top right corner.
    do I have to jailbreak or not? if yes what steps also do I have to do? give me one alternative step by step tutorial please, thanks

  30. OXXO

    Hello, my aio no cut (iPhone 5) finally arrived last week, after configuration it’s everything ok (strong signal, sms, 3G) except the regional prefix, i must have the number with the whole country code in my agenda to see the caller’s name, any idea what i did wrong in configuraration?

  31. javad.asya

    hi my aio4s inv4.0 not show us carrier

  32. xZet2

    Hello, can you guys help me i have an Iphone 5 and it’s locked on Virgin France N42. i can’t activate it i tried using Virgin Orange France, Orange France , Orange SFR , Virgin France , tried all IMSI that i’ve found for France and still can’t activate it, tried a few Virgin SIM’s but with no luck. any ideas ?? thank you

  33. Amir

    I have good news for all my friends
    Gvey no cut in works fine on IOS 7 Beta 1
    i tested last night an works fine

  34. Anton

    I bought 20 pieces, 10 for iphone 5 and 10 for iphone 4s and 3 of them things do not work and are not determined by the programmer!!! What do I do?

  35. Goodman

    Good day. I can’t use your software.
    In “preloaded settings” have no operator. Any operator not available.
    I tested old and new software. The same situation. Can you help me? I can say serial number of my gevey’s. When i push “connect” button – programm says AIO SIM IS IN NORMAL MODE

  36. TheWolf

    I’ve got a problem installing drivers, I tried installing all drivers avaible here http://www.aio-sim.com/downloads-page-2/ but dongle’s light keeps being green
    I’ve got Windows 8 x86
    what can I do?

  37. berk

    the online settings are blanc 5 days now!

    anybody knows why?

    • Admin

      I just tested the latest AIO 5 software and seems fine. Please check you antivirus, other things are working ?

  38. berk

    Good day. I can’t use your software.
    In “preloaded settings” have no operator. Any operator not available.
    I tested old and new software. The same situation. Can you help me? I can say serial number of my gevey’s. When i push “connect” button – programm says AIO SIM IS IN NORMAL MODE


  39. Hello I would like to register so I can make a new post in the support forum, thank you.

  40. Maxim

    I bought 10 pcs gevey AIO for iPhone 5. I’m going to unlock some iPhone 5 locked to Sprint. I’m using “V5 S1 with PATCH”. It works fine and I see Serial Number and can update gevey without any problem, but when I click “Patch” in program it’s closed. If someone could help me, I’d really appreciate it!

    • Admin

      Try to run the software as an administrator maybe it helps. What type of Windows do you have ?0

      • Maxim

        I already tried to run the software as an administrator, but it doesn’t help. Looks like problem is in the ntdll.dll, because after the program is closed an windows shows Error in ntdll.dll
        Do you have any ideas?

  41. Alexander

    Hello, i update my 4s sprint to iOS 7 and my gevey aio (v24) dosn’t work 🙁 no carrier, no sms, no internet… Can u help me?

  42. mlcastl3

    USSD not working on ios 7, Iphone 4S Verizon

  43. Maxim

    Hello! I’d like to unlock iPhone 5 T-Mobile US 6.1.4. What settings should I use?
    V2, US TMobile, Delay 25 doesn’t work.

  44. Green

    please help run sms,mms,3g,iphone 4s Verizon,ios 7.0, bb 5.0.00, use aio v24 use the old SIM card to the BWC Russia

  45. Dani

    Hi aio sim still don’t work on ios 7 with the ussd code …. have any solution?

  46. john

    Hi, do you know if the iphone 5c sprint will be unlocked?

  47. mezus

    i need help aio sim 5 doesn’t not work belarus mts please help/
    other carrier no problem.

  48. Yadini

    aio still don’t work on ios 7 with the USSD code, have any solution?

  49. leo

    have phone’s 5 Sprint ios 6.1.4.

    There are 6 Update Versions in the software, i choosed V4 AIO 5 RNANO. I don’t know wheter it is correct, but all that i’ve got is activation and outgoing calls with

    Network: Sprint LTE
    IMSI: 310120

    No incoming calls, no SMS, no phone options like call divert or call waiting. And also no internet. Maybe this problem could be solved with 3G patch, but when i click “apply” the update shows “99%, 6 steps” and crashes immediately. I checked the tutorial of applying patch on your site and reset all data and settings in the phone, but the result is the same.

    No answer to e-mail for three days, maybe i can find help with this issue here?

    • leo

      actually there is NO activation and no connection of the AIO 5 Online updater to the iphone when connected.
      But it makes outgoing calls somehow.

      If still no answer for a week (till 25.11.2013) i will be forced to open strike on paypal

  50. i have an sprint iphone 5 black color so is AIO would unlock it?

  51. alex2155

    I have the Iphone 5. JP KDDI.What data for KDDI insert in your program to update AIO5 ?

  52. Jokk

    how much fast delivery to Belarus?

  53. alex2155

    I have the Iphone 5. JP KDDI.What data for KDDI insert in your program to update AIO5 ? IMSI: 44078 ?

  54. alex2155

    I have the Iphone 5. JP KDDI.IMEI 990002309309688.Serial No:F17JNW1NF8H4.ICCID 89701991800214034504.What data for KDDI insert in your program to update AIO5 ? What IMSI put to update ?

  55. chik

    I have iphone 4s verizon, ios 7.0.4, and gevey aio 4s, i have a problem with ussd command, and also contact id problem, when i call contact, it’s not calling, when they are calling me there are only operator code + phone number, when i update the contact number as +99********** with country code it’s calling, how can i solve this problem?
    any idea
    thank you.

  56. i have iphone 5 version 7.0.4 activate via sim at&t

    Carrier: P10x Multi-Mode

    now not possible activation

    We are unable to complete your activation at this time.
    Please disconnect your iPhone from your computer and reconnect it later and we should be able to activate it. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes.

    how to select carrier

    pls help

  57. civilcode


    I have sprint iphone 5C, when I tried AIO SIm I encounter activation required Please Help

  58. Oleksii

    I have iphone 4s ios 7.0.4 locked by Verizon, and gevey AIO. Can you help me? I cant get, what should i set here:
    – Update Version
    – Online Settings
    To make my gevey works. Thanks!

  59. [14:50:38] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 25.
    [14:50:38] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 204043347359229
    [14:50:38] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 89314403243473592290
    [14:50:38] No GID1 will be used!
    [14:50:38] [INFO] Selected update V28 – AIO 4S iOS 6 – 6.0.1
    [14:50:38] [INFO] AIO4S SN: 0x34AF0A3D
    [14:50:39] [ERROR] AIO SIM update failed

    what happend? 🙁

  60. Anatoly

    [21:43:35] [INFO] Selected update V7 – AIO5 5/5S/5C V1
    [21:43:35] [INFO] AIO SIM 5 SN: 0xF591C56D
    [21:43:36] [SERVER] To many updates for this AIO5. Please use a valid Update Key!
    [21:43:36] [ERROR] AIO SIM 5 update failed
    What is it?

  61. churchin-man

    How do you know what time delay to set for a network?

  62. Calleth

    hi, when I try to get the settings of my AIO card it says always its not valid, the sn is 9BAF1129 …. please help

  63. сергей

    [INFO] AIO SIM SN: 0x77899a03
    [SERVER] To many updates for this GEVEY NO CUT. Please use a valid Update Key!
    [ERROR] AIO SIM update failed
    hi this gevey i cant update it

  64. Ram

    Can I get help ulocking an iPhone 4s locked with Claro-Panama ?

  65. Peter

    Any updates for SMS and MMS on Sprint iPhone 5 OS7.1? I’ve been using my phone without being able to send any texts and it’s getting annoying. Have you guys solved this problem yet?

  66. brysommer

    Hi, I have problem with AOI5. I bought AOI5 and AOI4 one of AOI4 does not want to flash. But real problem no one AOI5 does not connect to software
    [16:54:58] AIO SIM 5 not detected at existent ports!
    [16:54:58] Please reinsert AIO SIM 5 DONGLE test connections or reinstall drivers!
    [16:54:58] AIO SIM 5 NOT FOUND

    I tried another computers and all versions of software

  67. hamid

    my iphone does not activite from my apple id and iam sure i use this apple id on my phone

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  69. stick_ro

    Hi. I’ll try to update the new v1 usim 4g for my aio 5, but have a 0 free updates for it. My serial number sn: 0x00a945ac. Please help me to update this gevey sim.

  70. streete


    ill like to help developers. can i get a beta software?

    thanks in advance

  71. Luis Dominguez

    necesito acceder al area de descarga

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