this section is specially for the people that want to help us in developing new updates.
The latest TEST software is available for download on request. So you need to ask us if you want to use this software first.
Because the new update is build using the new windows platform it will requre the new MFC dlls.
Download from here http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784 depending on your OS (32 bits or 64 bits), sometimes you also need to install the 32 bits version for 64 bits system.


Question: why i can’t find the previous updates in the TEST software ?
Answer: the test software is only for testing purposes. If you need to update your card with a known firmware you need to use the software available in the Downloads section.

5S/5C iOS 7.1 testing 

A little background about the current updates. The current updates for iPhone 5S and 5C are TIMSI based. TIMSI is a temporary IMSI assigned by the network. Because of this from time to time the phone might reset itself then will work again. This happens usually when TIMSI expires or when you move from one area to another. Also this unlock is very dependent on the simcard type you have so it might work on some simcards (2G ones) and might not work on some others (subscription simcards). Other solutions from the market claim they work very good, but this is a lie. We have tested many scenarios and found that other solutions are even less reliable than ours. Others say they are working for example for TMobile USA, but in fact it’s impossible they work and do not work as tested by us. So keep in mind that this is a far from perfect way to unlock your phone and we can’t recommend this solution as a very good one like we wanted and we did for the previous releases.
From our tests we think that this update works well on 2G only networks (networks that do not have 3G enabled). For 3G networks the algorithm we use might not always perform good in crippling simcard 3G functions that prevent it from working properly. So this solution aim is to disable 3G altogether and it will never work correctly in 3G modes.

The main update that you can test using this software is V18. (for AIO5 so you should select AIO 5 first in the list then select update V18).
For USIM/3G enabled cards please use iRose to patch first.
You can also test V17 update and post results.
Other updates are obsolete and we don’t require any testing and might be dangerous for your AIO card.
To learn more about using this software you can read ReleaseNotes file.
If because of this updates your card counter will be to low, please contact us by email in resetting the counter and give us some time to do so (few hours at max).

When reporting about a test update please provide us with this information:
– screenshots of used settings (or a copy-paste of the log) that must include the update version V17-V18 etc.
– model of phone used (5s/5c, iOS version, model number: A1533 or others (check the back of the phone))
– a screenshot with the Carrier Name (from iPhone – about section)
– a short description of the procedure (phone acquires signal then goes to activation then comes back from activation etc)
– what is working and what is not working after a successful ‘unlock’ (signal bars displayed, incoming calls, outgoing calls).

When reporting about problems in using the software please provide us with this informations:
– operating system used (Windows type and 32/64 bits), memory available, com port used by update dongle;
– screenshot with the error involved and software version involved;
– steps to reproduce the problem;

You can use our sales email address also for the purpose of testing.

23 Responses

  1. Admin

    As tested by Jermanine – Tested 5c Sprint running 7.1 with testing software, works with Carrier Name, signal plus outgoing calls, no incoming calls no sms no edge or 3G signal is stable. Settings used update v18, iphone 5c (310120_GID2-03)

  2. rogerboogie

    iphone 5c iusacell mexico 334050

    gemalto sim used , movistar
    windows 7 64 bits
    ver 18 beta
    result always activation screen , never emulate original carrier bundle

    this is the log

    AIO 5 SN: BB4E63D2 detected
    [info] AIO is in NORMAL mode
    [sett] input IMSI: 334050347359229
    [sett] raw IMSI size:6 data:39 43 50 30 74 53 29 92
    [sett] input ICCID: 89014103243473592290
    [sett] raw ICCID size:0 data:98 10 14 30 42 43 37 95 22 09
    [sett] raw GID1 size:0 data:FF FF FF FF FF FF FF
    [sett] raw GID2 size:4 data:FF FF FF 55 FF FF FF
    [sett] raw forcesim = 01
    [sett] raw delay = 13
    [sett] raw speed = FF
    [sett] raw mnclength = 03
    [info] Writing settings V1
    [sett] settings area size 29
    [done] settings.

  3. Hi Team! First testing was failed. Because this phone is locked HU Vodafone, the guy was taken AIO at 7.0.4-7.0.6, worked successfull, after updated to 7.1 all sim card (HU-Telekom, HU-Telenor)goes to Activation Screen and sim failed message. But interesting, Blue Mobile (Lidl market mobile network – main service is HU-Telekom) goes to network successfully and working 3G without patch.

  4. Guillermo

    I would to try the latest test software, thanks

  5. But interesting, Blue Mobile (Lidl market mobile network – main service is HU-Telekom) goes to network successfully and working 3G without patch.

    it’s a SIM. Not USIM.

  6. Andrew

    Hi i wanna test Beta. iphone 5s AT&T Locked, please send to me test software

  7. rogerboogie

    test report:

    aio ver 23 test software

    imsi used = 3104101 at&t usa
    delay used = 13
    sim used telcel mexico, gemalto card
    phone first time activate 3g and outgoing calls = ok
    incoming calls = fail

    signal estable – ok

    after irose patch , first incoming call = ok
    second and other try to incoming call = fail

    try to recover 3g by uninstall patch and press force 3g , but 3g not return


    seems that is needed to reset imsi to recieve calls

  8. rogerboogie

    test report 2

    iphone 5s from at&t used on telcel mexico

    aio ver 23 test software

    imsi used = 3104101 at&t usa
    delay used = 13
    no check any box on test sw

    used this kind of sim , seems is 2g simcard http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTkzWDI2Mg==/z/ngIAAOxycmBS5BMr/$_35.JPG?set_id=8800004005

    signal estable = ok
    fast registration = ok
    3g data by installing apn = ok
    outgoing calls = ok
    incoming calls = sometimes ok , sometimes not , seems after make a call , incoming calls are ok


    this kind of sims , phone goes to activation screen


  9. rogerboogie

    in both cases irose dont help on incoming calls at all !!

    seems reset on baseband or something related with transmisor or imsi sesion have to be reseted to have incoming calls working stable

  10. Dangles007

    I want new software update to assist in unlocking sprint 5c where can I find if all is we is v7 in software no v23 nor 24

  11. Lizandro Perez

    I need new test sofware V24 AIO 5 firmware for testing

  12. hello guys
    today i finded why in last update with some sim card you can not send sms

    you must restore ore erase device and active with orginal sim

    i do that with 3 devices

  13. buanerges

    iphone 5s iusacell is good 100%
    call 100%
    sms 100%
    data 100%

    iphone 5c sprin no good
    call 100%
    sms no
    data no

  14. buanerges

    iphone 5c sprint LTE iOS 7.1.1 IS GOOD AND FAST
    [info] description: V24 – AIO5 5S5C and Sprint 05.11 Use normal IMSI as you would use normally!
    Sprint 5C/5S settings are IMSI:310120 GID2:00 leave MNC length is 3 checked by default, other settings default.9
    [info] settings version: 1
    [sett] Country: US
    Network: Sprint LTE
    IMSI: 310120
    ICCID: No specific requirement
    GID1: No specific requirement
    Notes: iPhone 5 comaptible
    [info] [COM3] checking …
    [info] ATR size:15
    [info] AIO 5 SN: 846DB328 detected
    [info] AIO is in NORMAL mode
    [sett] input IMSI: 310120347359229
    [sett] raw IMSI size:6 data:39 01 21 30 74 53 29 92
    [sett] input ICCID: 89014103243473592290
    [sett] raw ICCID size:0 data:98 10 14 30 42 43 37 95 22 09
    [sett] raw GID1 size:0 data:FF FF FF FF FF FF FF
    [sett] raw GID2 size:1 data:01 FF FF FF FF FF FF
    [sett] raw forcesim = 01
    [sett] raw delay = 25
    [sett] raw speed = FF
    [sett] raw mnclength = 03
    [info] AIO SN: 0x846DB328
    [serv] 8 FREE updates remaining for your AIO5
    [serv] update size 11660
    [done] update complete.
    [info] Writing settings V1
    [sett] settings area size 29
    [done] settings.

  15. buanerges

    there v31? where I can download it?

  16. buanerges

    this product does not work in Mexicos. 5c and 5s because of the SIM 128 and 256bit

  17. buanerges

    help me!!!!!! in mexico problem with SIM CUT and USIM 128 and 256 bits no work with aio sim

  18. Michael

    In my country they sell AIO7. I don’t see them among your assortment. Why is that?

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