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V49 – AIO6 update

We have released V49 update for AIO6. This update is based on V32 and V48.1.

As for V32, V49 will start the unlock process automatically when detects phones that do not support the menu like new iOS 13. As V48.1 this update still supports settings input. To program the ICCID and or IMSI/GID1/GID2 please use the AIO Dongle or insert the AIO together with your sim card in an unlocked phone (in iOS >=13). This way the AIO can display the settings input window and you can input the settings in the same way as V48.1 After you have programmed the settings, when you are asked to reset, if you use another phone you can press the <- BACK button after you have applied the settings.

V49 update displays mostly the settings menu. To ignore if correct settings are already programmed just press <- Back button on your phone. This is displayed also in case the phone loses signal so you can reboot the process. To continue and reboot the phone press CANCEL and don’t input any settings. Also, in V49 pressing the Cancel button will reset the card working more and will start the unlock process.
In phones higher than iOS 13 the phone will not display the reset message but when this is detected will automatically reset to unlock mode. You can try to activate the phone after you see the signal dropping or ICCID change (for >iOS 13+). If the ICCID and or IMSI/GID1/GID2 are incorrect the phone will not activate and it will restart the process.

Because the AIO has to detect the iOS type of the phone and act accordingly unlocking is a little slower (it will take about 60 seconds to get the settings screen or automatically reboot and about 30 seconds in other cases.)

If not programmed with custom ICCID and IMSI or GID1/2 this update will try to use the default one as programmed using the Update software (AT&T ICCID + IMSI) for activation purposes. (The default ICCID/MCC is the ICCID/MCC used when updating AIO cards so please use the appropriate valid ICCID/MCC for AT&T in AIO Update software in case you want to activate in this way!!).

So you can program the card in 2 ways:

  1. Input this into an unlocked phone: 80931041034732347789014104279605338458FFFFFFFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  2. or you can write the ICCID: 89014104279605338458 and IMSI: 310410347359229 in the software when updating and or writing settings.

This update has been tested with 4G simcards so it might act differently with other types of simcards. Please post here the feedback you have regarding this update usage in your country.

In case after activation, the phone will lose signal you can try to disable fast LTE after you can enter the phone menu to force the phone stay registered in 2G. Usually, you must start with the phone in 2G or 4G (not 3G).

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4 Responses

  1. Gaidzi

    iPhone 7 t-mobile USA – Still not work. Can you fix it? It’s not working a few monses…

  2. Dino

    It unlocks the phone but I am experiencing battery drain after the unlock

  3. Not working, 2 of 3 service provider’s sim get invalid sim error. 1 of 3 sim get no service error, but we know is it ios 4G bug, so we cannot use aio again.

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