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You can also post a comment here if you really want our fast answer, but usually here other people won’t comment so you won’t get help from our community either.

692 Responses

  1. amin

    my phone is 4s verizon usa 6.0 can u help me how to set up

    • Admin

      For Verizon you have 2 available settings (Verizon with ICCID and without ICCID). You can program the settings using the available software and dongle or if using the menu (go to http://www.aio-sim.com/settings/ select Verizon, write the serial number, and choose DELAY 6). Because you have iOS6 and you can’t jailbreak SMS/MMS won’t work. Also it might be possible not to see the signal bars appearing, but you can still call. Please check !

  2. charles

    I have 4s 6.0.
    Trying to go from ATT to T-mobile.
    Using the directions from Option 1, for an activated phone,
    after step d), the phone says “searching”. Then for about one second the T-mobile network appears, then immediately after, I get a “SIM not valid” message. any help?


  3. telly

    hi my gevey aio isnt working im using a verizon iphone 4s on ios 6.0.1 it keep saying no network and no sims every other time im trying to use it with at&t i enter about 5 different settings and now it says i cant access anymore setting i used the maximum settings i need help please…

  4. Dimitris

    Can I unlock my iphone 4, too?
    Can I unlock a blacklisted iphone?

    • Admin

      No, sadly AIO-SIM can’t be used to unlock iPhone 4 latest baseband. If the phone is activated it does not matter if it’s blacklisted or not.

  5. Jura

    iphone 4s ios6 t-mobile germany + gevey no cut v24
    tried all sorts of combinations, made ​​up life Ukr. earn, immediately tried a combination with MTS, it did not work, shows the name of the operator, checks the account, but no calls or sms do not work! decided to once again try to Life the same, only the name of the operator ….
    how to overcome it? have any ideas?

  6. Bulzan Viorel

    How many updates have a new gevey? 20 or 5?

  7. Alin

    do you have on stock can i order ?
    becouse i sent you emails but no answare

    • Admin

      How many do you need ? I will let you know in 3 days once some stock arrives in Romania.

      • Alin

        something about 200 pcs maybe you can send me a quotation via mail.


        • Alin

          So for me a quotation is disponible? Waiting for email

          • Alin

            Hi dear friend,
            We speaked this week about coming gevey in Romania and you told me that in 3 days you will tell me exactly .. any news ?
            Is very hard to comunicate here on this forum / comment
            it was a easy way if you give us a yahoo / msn / sonrok or email id ( becouse i sent you emails but nobody answare ) to comunicate easyer.


  8. big boy

    I just made a order with regular shiping ,in how many days is shiped to

    • Admin

      Shipping to Romania usually takes about 7 to 10 days from Hong Kong by Hong Kong Post but usually we can send you from the stock in Romania so it will be like 1-2 days max.

  9. big boy

    That is a good news,then you will shipp my order in 1-3 days?i placed an order for Romania

  10. Ntountasgeo

    I have a 4s on gr Vodafone but the aio sim doesn’t unlock it. It always pop up the message for the code and then nothing

  11. Hi!

    I love your AIO Sim, V24 its perfect, can you do a V24 with internal phone menu to let the final user change the IMSI? It would be so nice.

  12. PAULO


  13. PAULO

    I have a 4s on gr Vodafone but the aio sim doesn’t unlock it. It always pop up the message for the code and then nothing … SAMETHING HERE

  14. PAULO

    the codes that appear are: SN 878A22E9, IMSI 310410::::::::::::: i went to the aio-sim/settings, put the code .. delay 6 .. and give me this one 4F290003298610000006FF

    • Admin

      IMSI must change from 310410 (US AT&T) witch is the default to GR Vodafone so seems your AIO-SIM it does not accept the input string.
      After the setting are applied correctly the numbers after IMSI must change.
      Another thing is they delay … try with DELAY 10:
      So copy this inside your iPhone memory, then insert AIO-SIM and when you see the message PASTE this long number FAST, try to be really fast, like 1-2 seconds.

  15. PAULO

    my carrier is PT vodafone, that change anything?

    • Admin

      It is important only the original carrier of your iPhone. If you write here the IMEI i will check it to be sure is GR Vodafone but it will take few hours.
      Try like i said before, and be fast, don’t want when you see the message.

      • PAULO

        im sure that my original carrier is pt vodafonee!

        • Admin

          So if the carrier of your iPhone is PT Vodafone then you must select PT Vodafone in the list in the settings page. If it’s GR Vodafone then you must select GR Vodafone. You got me a little confused here.

        • Admin

          I must leave now, i will come back in 2 hours if you have more questions. Br

          • PAULO

            men , when i had put multiple codes, and give two results: 1- activation screen
            2- invalid sim car .. i had use delay 20, 6, 10, all of them

            this is not working

        • Admin

          There is one more thing you can do, update your card using the dongle and the software from the download section to V24. This MUST work!

          • PAULO

            mr.admin…. i have pluggin the dongle, i put the aio sim , the light turn green , but the software dont reconieze the dongle, and say :
            [18:24:47] AIO SIM not detected at existent ports!
            [18:24:47] Please reinsert AIO SIM DONGLE test connections or reinstall drivers!
            [18:24:47] AIO SIM NOT FOUND
            and i had reenstall the drivers

          • Admin

            If the LED is GREEN then the dongle is not properly installed. The dongle LED’s must be RED. Please check in Control Panel -> Device Manager that you can find the USB dongle under Ports and that the COM port value is less than 10 (Prolific USB serial COM port). If there is an exclamation sign then click on the device and Update the drivers with the ones on the website.

          • PAULO

            but it only get green when i put the aio sim -.-

          • Admin

            That is also not good. The middle pad of AIO-SIM shortcuts the dongle pins and this is why you get green. There should be red. Please put the AIO-SIM a little bit to the inside. You should see the GREEN led blinking just a bit but the LED should be red and then press Connect inside the software.

  16. big boy

    Yesterday placed an order,i will recive an shipping confirmation?placed
    the order for Romania

  17. big boy

    you recieved the payment from my paypal same as my email adress.

  18. Jura

    Copy this to your iPhone when requested: 669B000829261082036139390A98942000005043603699011706FF
    Please report problems here.”
    where to copy these settings? you can go in?

  19. big boy

    is 2 pm and no email 🙂

  20. big boy

    i need some informations ,read you email.

  21. big boy

    i have been contacted them,but they dont have my name in register,i need only the name of the sender(expeditor)

  22. Alin

    Hi friend please reply me at the yesterday mail … i want to be ready ….

  23. big boy

    You have the best service,recived my geveys after 3 days after my order,thank you very much.

  24. ianwhitby

    help get though ok but when i try to put long number in phone the phone goes off the page before i can put the number in please help

    • Admin

      Please use another simcard to do the update of the settings. Maybe there is some compatibility issue there. You can always COPY PASTE the settings very fast.

      • ianwhitby

        right ok where do i get the up date from on here plus it would be a lot better if you put a video on here to show .its not clear on how to do it its ok if you know what you are doing but people just dont understand please can you help and do a video or at least put a proper walkthough on your reply thanks for your time ian

        • Admin

          Sorry about the videos, i will put the links directly in User Guide section. Please check in 10 min.

          • ianwhitby

            thanks thanks thanks that is so good got that sorted ,have you got any videos of the rest of the set up i.e putting it in phone and setting it all up just so we all can see the right way to do it ,i think if you can sort some viedos out of the whole thing you will stop most of these messages thanks very much for your help keep the good work up ian

          • ianwhitby

            all sorted thanks for your help .i will try and help if anyone needs it but since he put videos on its a lot clearer thanks agian ian

          • Admin

            Happy to know that the videos are useful !

  25. Russell Cattelan

    I’m not having much luck unlocking my US att phone with a tmobile sim card. It just keeps saying invalid sim.

    And now the we site says I have exceeded my limit for my serial number? 198FB60E

    What should I be looking at?

    • Admin

      AIO-SIM is preprogrammed with AT&T Settings so this should work out of the box with no settings. So the invalid SIM meesage is clearly because of an incompatility with the TMobile simcard. Have you tried with anohther simcard ? The IMSI displayed in the welcome message (after the serial number) should be 310410 if you require AT&T to work.

      • Russell Cattelan

        The sim card works in my old 3gs ultrasn0w unlocked phone, so I assume the card is ok. The number I get is 310410 so that seems right. The phone does say t-mobile briefly but won’t make a call and then flips to invalid sim.
        I do have an inactive att sim and it also says invalid sim, without the unlock card the att sim reports no service .

        Note I’m still at IOS 5.1.1 … not sure that makes a difference.

  26. Edmond

    im also having problem with my Gevey AIO. i write the Setting for GU GTA but everytime i insert the gevey and sim the phone soft reset and said need activation

    • Edmond

      and when i go thru the activation process, the sim is not valid.

      • Admin

        Did you update your SIM to V24 using the online update software. You can try V24 as should work better then other firmwares. Please also post here the IMEI of your phone so we can check if the settings are right. Are you 100% the phone ‘soft resets’itself ? This is strange.

        • edmond

          IMEI 990001042157982, the phone screen turns black and apple logo shows then after couple of seconds, the message “Activation Required” shows. i did update it to V24 – GEVEY AIO iPhone 4S iOS6 with DELAY.

  27. beckman

    I paid 9$ for update key. What I must do now?

  28. beckman

    I paid 9$ for update key. What I must do now?

  29. beckman

    hornet22@rkmail.ru I receive the key.
    How can I use update key?

  30. edmond

    hi… i update my gevey to v27 and preloaded as kddi 4s cdma. i activated the phone but until now it say no service

  31. beckman

    How can I use AIO SIM V3 with update key to refresh sim updates without update key window in programm? I need update sim to V27. Help please.

    • Admin

      Hi, sorry for the 1 hour delay. I have reset your card counter. The update key was designed for old variants. You should not update the card so many times either. Please update once and then write only the settings, this way it won’t consume your update counter so fast. I will refund your money right now.

  32. beckman

    Thank you!

  33. beckman

    US Verizon CDMA V27 need activation after 1 min. All presettings from programm. With fast option all the same. Need help.

  34. OPEX

    Hello! What about the Russian operator MTS? Recall that on any firmware it does not work fully! Only on version 24 is the incoming and outgoing calls. SMS and the Internet do not work. Neither the firmware 25 26 27 opertor this does not work. Constantly requires activation with different values ​​and parameters! Please solve the problem! Thank you!

    • Admin

      We are working ok this issue right now. Hope we will solve soon.

      • OPEX

        Thank you very much! Are waiting for the result! Yes FORCE be with you!

        • OPEX

          What do you say about the Russian operator MTS? In one of the post you are asked to send you a SIM card of the operator. Sent you like it someone else? Does the work of the operator to work with Gevey? All Russia is waiting for your result! Please enter us in the course of the case. Maybe there is a solution? When you make the work of the operator with your product?Really hope for you! Thank you!

          • Admin

            I was just talking with some people there about MTS and deciding how to make more tests. The problem is that MTS uses USIM only simcards and are not compatible with the latest V25,26,27 updates but we will try to come up with some solution about that too.

          • OPEX

            We hope for an early solution to this problem!

  35. Okel

    How to make order for 100 pcs?

    • Admin

      You can order directly on our webpage, you can buy 10 packs of 10 pcs each for regular customers (without dongle) and you will have the discounted price already.

  36. Russell Cattelan

    I am unable to get my sim working
    SN 198FB60E IMSI 310410

    Just keeping showing invalid sim.

    • Russell Cattelan

      I think I going to try a different route since
      this solutions is not getting me anywhere.

      Can you please reset the counters for the is card
      so that may try and sell the card and recoup some of
      my expense.

      Thanks you.

      • Admin

        Yes, please give us the serial number of your cards and i will reset the counters. In my opinion is allways good to keep a AIO-SIM because we do regularly make updates. The next one will be really soon.

        • Russell Cattelan


          I went ahead and did a factory unlock.
          I took like an hour to complete.

          I would have liked to have used my aio-sim but without proper info I wasn’t having much luck.

          I tried several revisions of the firmware. v25, v21, v18 … nothing worked.

          Sorry but I got impatient and just went the factory unlock route.

  37. Russian Reseller

    Hello, what is your warranty period?

    • Admin

      As you can already see we are updating this AIO-SIM for already 2 years now and the FREE updates will continue.
      About warranty we usually replace few pieces from order to order depending on the problem. So software errors like cards that look ok but don’t work we will replace them even after 6 months. Hardware errors we usually don’t replace them unless it’s because of the shipping witch rarely is because we try to pack them nicely.

  38. Anton

    Are you will do a new cdma firmware(v25-v27) for old gevey aio cut version? I buying a many pcs, and now can’t fully unlock with v24 on cdma iphones. Thank you.

    • Admin

      Hi, we have stopped selling the CUT version very long time ago (around 8 or maybe 10 months). I can’t promise you right now something but maybe we will do some update but will not be free, maybe will be around 1 USD to update 1 pcs.

      • Anton

        I have more than 10 unopened gevey aio cut version. Now it will work only with jailbreak! But v25-27 work without jailbreak. Are you will support your clients?

  39. orki

    Hi dear admin.
    i bougth 5 gevey sim+dongle pack and while i try unlock my verizon iphone 4s, finally i found true setting with v24 but i can do calling and sending sms now. phone shows “no service”
    how can i solve this issiue.
    addtion while i was doing try to unlock my a gevey sim update perriod is full and now i cant this gevey.
    this not my mistake because of not unlucking
    i wonder what i can i do now

  40. Dear admin
    aio-sim use their long and the truth is that I went well
    and sold more than 300 units and State well but I have a question for the aio-sim not work with 256kb chip chip only work if I could say 128kb settings I’d appreciate one.

  41. Russian Reseller

    are you talking about MTS-Russia?

  42. big boy

    do you have stock in romania?

  43. soy de de republica dominicana y los chip de orange dominicana de 256kb no funcionan

    • I’m from Dominican Republic and Dominican orange chip 256kb not work

      • Admin

        Hi, sadly we can’t support 256kb simcards fully now. Have you tried with update V24, this should be the only one working partially. I mean you can call and be called but without signal bars appearing.

        • if it does not work
          but that’s the least that I CANBIO by one of 128kb and resolve
          I have another question buy a pack of 100 units but when I put the sn I get this error.

          Your SIM AIO SN is not valid. Please press BACK button on your browser and try again. If you think there is an error on our side please contact us directly.

          and that happens with all units

  44. Stanislav

    Hi! How many times will be dilivery to Russian with DHL express service? if we buy DHL express for 25$ tomorrow?

    • Admin

      Hi, as i understand from other customers shipping by DHL to Russia is not a good option because the customs will check and ask you to pay a lot of customs fees.

  45. orki

    hi dear admin
    my gevey sn is C9597941

    is ok?


  46. tradeit849

    I am having a problem getting this to work on US Verizon update sim to V27 and no luck searching for 2 mins then asks for activation.

    • Admin

      Same thing happens with V25 ? Please post here the log with the settings you used. (the LOG file is in the same dir with the exe file).

      • orki

        Hi admin
        why did you answer my post ?

        hi dear admin
        my gevey sn is C9597941

        is ok?


        • Admin

          Hi, sorry about that. We are very busy and sometimes it happens to skip one post by mistake. Your serial is already ok from yesterday, we have resetted the usage counter to 0.

    • Admin

      So did you manege to make it ? If you get Actvation required then surely the settings are not ok. If you don’t get activaiton required message but the phone will not find any network then maybe you have a simcard compatibility problem. 256kb and other USIM simcards will not work with V25,26,27 so your best chance is to use V24 with Verizon settings. Let us know if this helped you! Br

      • orki

        Firstly thank dear admin
        i wonder i get activation required message with v25,v27 and i use v24 but call ok, no service and sms problem
        is there any offere setting for vodafone turkey sim ? or update soon ?
        my 4s is verizon


        • Admin

          Hi, i have a friend that has another Verizon similar with yours that displays activation required. I will ask him to make some tests and then come back with an exact answer here. The Verizon i have tested works with the updates i have made so there must be some exact issue here. Br!

  47. tradeit849

    here is the log for V25 same thing happened still asking for activation using US T-Mobile micro sim card.

    [13:14:13] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 6.
    [13:14:13] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 310410347359229
    [13:14:13] No GID1 will be used!
    [13:14:13] [INFO] Selected update V25 – AIO-SIM iPhone 4S iOS6 Verizon
    [13:14:14] [INFO] AIO SIM SN: 0xDD9F5487
    [13:14:16] [SERVER] 9 FREE updates remaining for your GEVEY NO CUT
    [13:14:34] [OK] Settings applied successfully!
    [13:14:34] [INFO] AIO SIM update complete

    can you please reset my update counter SN# DD9F5487

    • Admin

      We have reset your update counter. Please wait for the next update V28 to make more tests, it sould be available in 1- or 2 days. Regards!

  48. Vincent

    I have the aio sim for ios 6.0.1 4s.
    But the card dont work. When i put it into it it asks me all the time for this code, then i it copy into the field but then few moments later it asks me again. After One Minute the Apple Logo is there and the iphone says no valid sim.
    What i make Wrong ?

    • Admin

      You are a little bit slow to inputting the settings. Please copy paste the settings as fast as you can and it will work. Another option is to use the update dongle to update your AIO-SIM to V24 for example and choose the correct settings.

  49. Powen

    Does the usb driver works? I plugged in the dongle and it said device driver software was not installed but I already successfully installed the drivers first. win 7 64bits please advices

  50. eljous

    hello, I have problems ios 6.0.1 iphone 4s orange austria someone can help shape.
    thank you very much.

  51. Vincent

    My dongle in windows 7 doesnt function.
    In the driver details there stands not 1.5.00, it shows
    What i have done wrong ? I also couldnt connect..

  52. Rside

    Hi, I really need help. My phone is locked to AT&T. I tried a lot to unlock it with no luck. 🙁 I paste that long code as fast as I can, network appears, but without a carrier name. And then, in 2 sec, apple logo is shown, and phone asks for activation. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.. Also now I can’t even get code, it says “You have reached the maximum number of requests for this serial number!” Can you reset it, please?

    • Rside

      My imei: 01 293600 515582 6

      • Admin

        Ok, i see now your IMEI, we will check it and reply here. What is the network that you are trying to use your iPhone on ?

      • Admin

        Here are your iPhone 4S Informations:
        Model: IPHONE 4S 16GB BLACK
        Version: 6.0
        Imei: 012936005155826
        Country code: LT
        Carrier: Omnitel (TeliaSonera) LTU
        Phone: Locked to Lithuania Omnitel (TeliaSonera)

    • Admin

      Hi, AIO-SIM is programmed to work from the begining with AT&T so it is very strange that you even had to write any settings there. Also it’s very strange that the phone asks for an activation. So in my mind the only possible thing is that your phone is not really from AT&T. Please give us your phone IMEI and we will check for you to see exactly from where is your phone. Yes we can reset the request number. I do need the serial number for this.

      • Rside

        Where to get that number? And how it looks, not 059F40A9 ?

        • Admin

          Total requests = 0, you can update your AIO-SIM again.

          • Rside

            Thanks. So I tried again.. Still doesn’t work 🙁
            I tried with apn and network settings, without them. Still one result. No sim>no network>network appears but no carrier name> apple logo and activation request… What can be wrong?

          • Rside

            I noticed that in window where I need to paste code imsi is 310170. But as I remember it’s AT&T imsi. Lt Omnitel is 24601.
            Maybe I should try to restore my phone?

          • Rside

            Help me, please.

          • Admin

            Hi, so if in the input settings message you don’t see the new 24601 IMSI then there is a problem. Please try to use the update dongle to update your AIO-SIM. Seems there is a problem with you updating the settings using the internal menu.

          • Rside

            Oh.. I dont have dongle. I get aio sim with my iphone. 🙁 any ideas?

        • Admin

          In this case you will have to buy an update dongle …

          • Rside

            🙁 12$ and 2 weeks waiting shipping. I think it will be faster to sell this iphone. Btw i still didnt tried to restore firmware on my phone. I think all this s*** caused by pasting codes for att, which is not my carrier.

        • Admin

          What Country are you again ?

        • Admin

          We have USA, China and Romania stock for EU shipping.

          • Rside

            Okay. Shipping from Romania will be fastest, i think. I will fix my pc today and i will try to restore software. (Maybe update to 6.0.1) if it wont help i will buy that dongle.

  53. Rob Wing

    Hello, I just got my AIO Sim yesterday serial number #SN f68e20ab, when I powered the phone on with the AIO SIM it gave me the serial number a couple times but its not doing that anymore. I cant get it to program my settings either. I know the dongle is working because it does read the iccid and imsi numbers. But when I try to program the AIO SIM it is not found. Just received my order from Ebay. Im using Windows 7 64 bit, the only way I could get the dongle to turn on was a unsigned driver from Prolific. Which seems to do the trick. Please Help.

    • Admin

      Sorry Robert but if the AIO-SIM is not responding anymore please ask for replacement. We will replace it fast. Meanwhile please tell us what phone are you trying in unlock (if you don’t know the original network we can help you with that – give us the IMEI) and on what network you are trying to use it.

  54. Michal

    Could you answer my email and help me finish unlocking TMobile germany.

    What about this http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f681/end-project-gevey-sim-aio-also-known-gvaio-aio-sim-1573503/

    Is your product also going down?? Are you going to keep your servers live?

    Are you a clone or original and what is it about??



  55. Slava


    Original T-Mobile DE iPhone (MD239D) w IOS 6.0.1 BB 3.0.04
    IMEI 013061008531904
    iPhone came to me with the original T-Mobile DE SIM card.
    With the original SIM card, his successfully logs in the Ukrainian operator MTS and works successfully.
    Here are the data of the original T-Mobile DE SIM card:
    [23:35:31] IMSI: 262011410172202
    [23:35:31] IMSI: 89490240001346374643
    [23:35:31] GID1 active in service table GID2 active in service table
    [23:35:31] GID1: 20
    [23:35:32] GID2: FF
    [23:35:32] 6F45 query = 9404 ( NOT FOUND )

    Connect AIO SIM in DONGLE, choose the firmware v24, select presetting “DE TMobile – DEFAULT”, do “Update”. Then, together with the SIM card of the Ukrainian operator (KYIVSTAR MCC=255 MNC=03) and AIO-SIM is installed in iPhone. Turning on the power and the iPhone get only “Searching …” and “No Service”.

    Parameter “DELAY” tried in different variations 6,7,8,9,10,17,18,25. But the result is always the same: “Searching …” and “No Service”.

    Do you know this problem? Why in the description of this product is not listed (in fact for AIO5 are any problems with the T-Mobile DE). Can you confirm or deny the existence of such problems for the AIO SIM 4S NO CUT.

    • Admin

      Hi, i can confirm that users have problems with the TMobile DE phones with CDMA operators like MTS, with other operators should work.

      • Slava

        iPhone T-Mobile DE is not CDMA! It turns out that the AIO SIM can not do such UNLOCK T-Mobile DE iPhone 4S. Planned in the future version of firmware to solve this problem?

  56. Admin

    TMobile DE is locked using a different lock mechanism…

  57. Dimitris

    Us Verizon iphone 4s ios 6.0.1 bb 3.0.04 not working with Cosmote gr. This is a Greek sim card I used with jailbroken 5.1.1 and gevey aio no cut with no problem. I try v25, v27 and deferent delay settings but always Activation Required. With v27 and preloaded settings us Verizon 4s cdma my second number Q card gr (Q-TELECOM WIND GR) working grate. Is there any solution for Cosmote gr?

  58. Russian Reseller

    Now in Russia only one operator – MegaFone – worjing with iPhone 4S t-mobile. This is about T-mobile iPhones.
    For CDMA – Verizon and Sprint – all working good at v25/26, but only one operator MTS is not working with 25/25, only with v24.
    So, we have 2 problems now. Wish you find right way soon 😉
    And when you’ll post video of iPhone 5 unlock?

  59. jajapaul

    hi.can somebody help me with full Vodafone Spain IMSI, ICCID and GD1 ?

  60. rares_gsm

    hy,pls help…


    [11:04:00] [ERROR] Could not connect to server.
    Please make sure you have internet connection
    and firewall is not blocking access.

    • Admin

      Hi, are you sure is not working ? We have tested it right now and it’s ok, maybe it’s some firewall problem. Please check !

  61. loboshernan

    i still waiting my tracking number
    paypal transaction id XXXXXXX


    • Admin

      I just updated the paypal with the tracking number. Because our shipping company was so slow i will give you discount in Paypal. Br!

  62. Willie

    I can’t install the drivers for the usb dongle properly. The file (driver for 32 bit operating system) available for download on the website is a zip file. So how should i install the driver properly?

    • Admin

      You can go to control panel -> system -> device manager then press right click on Prolific USB to Serial Com port then press Browse my computer for driver software then point the path to the place where you unzipped the archive available for download on our website.

      • Willie

        It still doesn’t install properly because when i check on the version of the driver, it still remains at

        By the way, i’m using the 32 bit operating system. so the driver version should be

        When i pressed on browse my computer for driver software and pointed it to the location where i unzipped the files, it doesn’t let me choose the version as shown on the tutorial video.

        Please advise further.

      • Willie

        I’ve already managed to install the driver to the version

        When i put the aio sim onto the usb dongle and press connect, it shows this message.

        [17:37:14] [] Port open failed !
        [17:37:14] [COM4] Checking for AIO-SIM …
        [17:37:16] [INFO] Some response has been detected but it’s not AIO-SIM 4S
        [17:37:16] AIO SIM not detected at existent ports!
        [17:37:16] Please reinsert AIO SIM DONGLE test connections or reinstall drivers!
        [17:37:16] AIO SIM NOT FOUND

        So how should i solve this problem?

        • Admin

          Please check your dongle white switch is in on the outside (opposite of the USB connector of the update dongle). Did you checked and the USB dongle is on COM4 ? It’s strange that the program will give you the error message Port open failed!

          • Willie

            I think i have a different switch from what you are trying to describe here.

            The white switch i saw is on the side of the usb dongle, and i’ve tried both positions and both also doesn’t work.

            Please tellme what to do.

        • Admin

          If you tried everything and it’s not working then we better send you a replacement. Sorry for this.

  63. Russian Reseller

    And when you’ll post video of iPhone 5 unlock?

    We are still waiting for it, please, post video

  64. Kostya

    Hellow , im from russia , i want to make order , i need an extra fast shipping , Can you ship my order by DHL Company? and how will i pay an extra cost for it? thanks

  65. tradeit849

    Where is V28 update you said it would be ready 1-2 days its been
    over a week now and nothing.

    • Admin

      Sorry for the speed of updates. As you can see if you check the website we have been busy building the forum, releasing iPhone 5 and and helping the customers who already bought to install the dongles etc. We will try to release tomorrow after we do some more tests.

  66. Jura

    iphone 4s ios6. t-mobile de not work any operator in ukraine:(((

    • Admin

      Can you please show us the settings you used and what is the problem (activation required screen, etc). Please use the forum for this (you can register at the bottom of this page) so we can discuss it better there.

      • Jura

        iPhone came to me with the original T-Mobile DE
        [19:51:05] IMSI: 262014630194333
        [19:51:06] ICCID: 89490240001438651437
        [19:51:06] GID1 active in service table GID2 active in service table
        [19:51:06] GID1: 20
        Parameter “DELAY” tried in different variations 6,7,8,9,10,17,18,25!
        with these parameters phone displays the name of the operator but without network-level checks Ballance! calls do not work, the Internet, SMS!
        If I remove the value gid1 the phone falls into the activation!
        I can still help you to quickly solve this problem?
        p.s. pereprobyval hundreds of configurations and any equipment!
        managed to achieve one time he called, did: put the original sim t-mobile, hand-selected operator MTS, turn airplane mode on, pulled the sim, put mts Ukrainian, turned off the airplane, the name of the network but not the signal, and the phone call and receive sms , but after a reboot will not have: (

  67. kostya

    hi , i have gvaio and an iphone 4 , what firmware and settings should i use to unlock my iphone 4? its locked to softbanks japan , thanks

    • Admin

      Hi, sadly it won’t work on iPhone 4. It’s working good only with 4S models. If you baseband is less than 4.11 then you can still try the iPhone 4 update (you need to update using the update software). It will only work with the calling on 112 or 888 method. Br!

      • kostya

        ok , my modem firmware is 4.10.01 , so i can use it, what firmware do i need to update my gvaio sim through dongle? what settings have i use to?

  68. Jura

    iPhone came to me with the original T-Mobile DE
    [19:51:05] IMSI: 262014630194333
    [19:51:06] ICCID: 89490240001438651437
    [19:51:06] GID1 active in service table GID2 active in service table
    [19:51:06] GID1: 20
    Parameter “DELAY” tried in different variations 6,7,8,9,10,17,18,25!
    with these parameters phone displays the name of the operator but without network-level checks Ballance! calls do not work, the Internet, SMS!
    If I remove the value gid1 the phone falls into the activation!
    I can still help you to quickly solve this problem?
    p.s. pereprobyval hundreds of configurations and any equipment!
    managed to achieve one time he called, did: put the original sim t-mobile, hand-selected operator MTS, turn airplane mode on, pulled the sim, put mts Ukrainian, turned off the airplane, the name of the network but not the signal, and the phone call and receive sms , but after a reboot will not have: (!!!

  69. Only Megafon in Russia is working with T-mobeli iPhone.

  70. ksmdak

    Any news for V28 update? US Verizon iphone 4s ios 6.0.1 bb 3.0.04 and Greek cards Cosmote and Vodafone support please. Both gsm networks, 64k cards

  71. tradeit849

    Still waiting on update V28 been going on 2 weeks

  72. norman

    aio 5 software v5.1 carrier setting for US sprint locked iphone 5? so many sprint carriers in software: us sprint lte, us sprint, us sprint 5, us sprint ota? Tried all via upgrade aio5 w/dongle succesful update but does not work in iphone keeps going back to activation screen w/tmobile us and att us sims. HELP PLEASE have already wasted 4 updates trying the different US sprint carriers.

  73. rogerboogie

    hi dear team i just buy 100 pieces of iphone 4s and works very well , good quality and same funcionality

    but iphone 5 sims not work with my operator telcel mexico , this is the settings i used to program with no sucess

    IMSI: 334020112155322
    ICCID: 8952020911495222075F
    delay 13

    the phone originaly locked to telcel mexico 334020

    the sim i want to use is iusacell 334050

    after program the gvaio, i insert on phone and phone automaticly switch to activation screen , no even apear the telcel bundle on information screen , is like no gvaio inserted and only shows the iusacell ( sim intend to use ) on information

    its like i just insert the sim to use without gvaio

    can you explain me what is wrong or can bring me the way to fix or give more information about it to fix as soon as possible cause i really need this working , i have big market for this

    thanks in advance

    • Admin

      Hi, did you tried with Version 2 already, if no please try ? ALso please use ICCID starting with 00 like this IMSI:334020112155322, ICCID: 0052020911495222075F.
      Did you tried also with other simcards type different from iusacell ?
      Another question did you tried iPhone 4S locked to telcel to use on iusacell ? If so what are the settings you used ?

      • Draover

        where you have the version v2¿?

      • rogerboogie

        iphone 4s all simcards and operators done , versions for 4s are very stable, and have compatibility with all simcards in my country

        iphone 5 aio have problems with simcard compatibility, before use aio i used another product and doesn’t even recognize the sim card

        iphone 5 aio recognize the iusacell simcard !!! the problem is the imsi programed on aio , i used telcel imsi , iccid, 00 iccid but when i inserted the sim on information menu on iphone shows this :

        1.- iphone recognize with aio inside and iusacell sim, the iccid programed on gevey,

        2.-with the delay variants are different times before activation screen appears ,

        3.- the main problem is that , the iPhone never recognize the telcel bundle , always shows iusacell carrier bundle , thats because the phone goes into activation screen

        as i can study and analized the unlock process on 4s , have to be like this, but i dont know the difference betwen iphone 4s and iPhone 5 method

        i have tested aio 5 for sprint to telcel , and have some problems regarding 3g and sometimes not show operator name and signal bars

        hope this analisis help to develop solution for some carriers , if you need beta testing in case of , i could do it for sure

  74. Draover

    Please a need help with aio sim 5 for iphone 5, i try unlock iphone 5 movistar mexico for iusacell and telcel without results, I unlocked something iphone 4s correctly, please help

  75. Draover

    sorry I’ll try, thans you

    – what results?

  76. Willie

    My iphone is locked to t-mobile uk.
    It works on my iPhone but I could only make calls and SMS but the 3G connection does not seem to work.

    Please help.
    Many thanks…

  77. LV-Reseller

    AIO для iPhone 5 к сожалению работает только с картами LMT в Латвии, TELE2 и BITE пишет ошибку сим карты. Будем ждать обновлений.

  78. orki

    Hi dear authority
    i have used v24 with verizon w/o ICCID AND call is work but sms and 3g not works.
    when i update v28, it goes activation screen
    what can i do now?

  79. orki you have to install v24 again.

    • orki

      ok but it cant send sms and not work 3g also it show no service

    • orki

      Hi my friend.
      i am not using 3g and i don’t get signal bar with sim name also
      i dont send sms with v24 in verizon iphone 4s
      how can i solve this problem ? please give me recomend/


      • friend uses this configuration
        imei: 204043846786968
        ICCID: 00000000000000000000
        delay: 6

        • orki

          sorry my friend
          result is same, it wants activation required with this setting but i have some results.
          i think gevey aio hasn’t not to change carrier name in about section.
          i see that if carrier name is changed, iphone is actiovation screen but if it is not change, iphone can work which is same with v24 maybe it isn’t not show no service
          i watch youtube video which is about other gevey sim and i saw that when it unlocked iphone 4s, carrier name was not change in about section.
          maybe it gives an idea .

  80. Jura

    v28 t-mobile germany iphone 4s not work^(

  81. Admin

    TMobile germany is not a CDMA phone and should work with V24.

  82. I need help please someone I could work with the EMEA imsi + iccdi Service of europe

    • Admin

      Please use the forum for such requests. Also you can check our software because it includes most of the information you require.

  83. kostya

    hi again , i use your aio sim for iphone 5 , its locked to att, i upgraded aio sim to v2 and install settings for att operator , but when i insert aio with my sim card (MTS ) in the phone i get an activation message , i tried different setting , pls help , what should i do?my local operator is MTS,

  84. Kostya

    please guys solve this problem ,i know you are the best, mts is the most popular provider in my country ,it s very important for me and other people who use your best product. thanks

  85. tradeit849

    Still getting actavation required with v28 update
    settings as follows
    imei: 204043846786968
    ICCID: 00000000000000000000
    delay: 6

    using verizion iphone 4s with US tmobile sim

  86. please i need help setting up iphone 5 sprint

  87. iPhone 5 locked to Sprint unlock procedure using AIO 5 ONE

    Dear AIO Support Team, is SMS working? About your video with iPhone 5 sprint

  88. Andrey_P

    Mine doesn’t work on Sprint iPhone 5 with T-mobile USA SIM. Asks for activation. I’ve chosen V2-improved US Sprint 5 while updating. Please help.

    Did anyone have luck unlocking Sprint iPhone 5?

    Multi-SIM.ru: Работает ли это решение в России? Если да, то с какими настройками и какими операторами? Спасибо!

  89. Admin
    is SMS working on iphone 5 cdma? If old sim, not usim.

  90. smshua

    Any chance to unlock 4S 6.0.1 via AIO? Not working on any version, shows only operator without signal bars and not calling. Please help.

    • smshua

      Oops. I’ve meant FIDO CANADA 🙂

    • Admin

      Hi, 6.0.1 must really work. Please update to V24 and program it with the operator on witch your phone is locked (sometimes people try to program with the operator they want to use and will not work).

  91. Ali

    Hi, this is my second one I’m using (the first worked fine). It’s for a japan softbank iphone 4s. But the problem is when I get the message that I can insert the code for the settings it just doesn’t change it, the imsi stays the same. I am copying and pasting it so I can do it very fast but still it just doesn’t adjust itself. What can I do?

  92. Grien

    for iphon 5 sprint whith AIO and last update SMS whork or not? (MTS Ukraine) ???

  93. Terrible Support! PLEASE HELP / ANSWER!!!!!

    December 29, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    Hi! Have a BIG Problem! I cant unlock iPhone 5 (HUN T-mobile locked), we buyed 20pc of them, but we cant sell it, because any setting do activate all the time! Please FIX it problem! Udes V1, V2, with and without ICCIC, Delay 6,10,18,20,25,30,50 and nothing!

    December 29, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    Hi, the delay is not important for V1 and V2 iphone 5. What settings did you used?
    December 30, 2012 at 11:12 am

    Well, like Hun T-Mobile locked i used these combinations:
    IMSI: 216300347359229
    ICCID: 00014103243473592290
    ICCID: 00000000000000000000

    Readed sim card:
    Hungary – T-Mobile
    IMSI: 216302016536200
    ICCID: 8936303411030088744F

    Changed ICCID: first 2 digits changed to 00
    January 6, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    Why didnt make answer? Where are the helping support?

  94. domjuan1500

    i have gevey for iphone 4s in portugal, all works right but can’t send MMS, sms i can send but no MMS.
    could you help me?


  95. With old 8 metal contact sim card is working:) Thanks BIG Respect

    THoMZoNE, do you have iPhone 5 tmobile, which is working with AIO 5? What settings? What carrier and country?

  96. Admin, how much digits we must input for PIN1 in AIO5? Is it important – 5 or 6 or 7?

  97. Peter

    I can’t say that thing doesnt work at all.
    I made some calls with a totally different carrier’s sim card.
    But after all it went to SIM CARD FAILED.
    I reached the limit of the serial number requests. That’s weird but the AIO sim just stopped working…why is that.

    My iPhone 4S came with a HU T-Mobile Carrier lock.
    So what tell me, what should I do right now.
    The USB dongle just not working. Missing the USB driver. Tried everything though…
    So now I cant do nothing. What is the magic move? Plese, tell me.

    • Admin

      Hi, so let’s try to solve all your problems one by one…
      Do you have more pieces of AIO SIM or only 1 that is not working now ?
      If it’s working do you have it’s serial number so we can reset the requests number for free.
      Also bout the USB dongle please check. http://www.aio-sim.com/forums/topic/aio-update-dongle-and-drivers-short-how-to/ I assure you the drivers on our website are working so please do use them. We recommend windows 7.

      • Peter

        Thanks for the fast answer.
        I have one AIO SIM.
        I tried many serial numbers with different delays, but with after the 2nd restart nothing happened.
        Than I tried to turn on and off the airplane mode, than my other sim card(not the T-Mobile one) worked for 5 minutes, then I got the message sim card failed or SIM Failure.
        SN F88D39C0 IMSI 216300 That was a number what I got.
        But now I tried to get anything, my iPhone says ‘No SIMcard’

        • Peter

          Also my iPhone 4S is jailbroken and has 5.0.1 iOS.

          • Szia! Melyik verziót használod a Geveyen? Itthon a V11 az ideális. Próbáld ki ezeket a beállításokat:
            Hungary – T-Mobile

            IMSI: 216302016536200
            ICCID: 8936303411030088744F
            Delay: lehet 25-15-10
            Ha ezek sem működnek, illetve azt mondja Connect-nél, hogy nem talál AIO simet, akkor lehet meggyűrted vagy valami mást csináltál vele, és meghalt. Én az iPhone 5 geveyből már 3db-ot selejtté tettem. A régi rendszerű 4S kártyák közül pedig sok könnyen selejtté vált.
            I have same problem with one card. After unlocking, 3-5 minutes later have “Invalid SIM” message, and need restart the phone. Have 6.0.1 used V24, UK 3 Locked phone.
            IMSI: 234200347359229
            ICCID: 00000000000000000000
            Delay: 18

            Best Regards

  98. Jura

    hello! I finally Founded way to run the iPhone 4s and germany t-mobile!
    1. insert sim card into the phone (no gevey), which will use it in the future!
    2. the phone will ask for activation, pull the tray and insert a sim!
    3. dial 112, 5 seconds to shut down.
    4. pull out the sim and enable air mode
    5. insert sim with gevey, and disable the air mode
    6. wait 15 seconds, and our phone fully working!
    P.s. phone shows only the name of the network without signaling!
    able to run with 3 operators of Ukraine!

    • Jura

      ios 6.0.1 modem 3.0.04

      gevey settings
      IMSI 262012830169393
      ICCID 89490200000534066399
      GID1 71
      DELAY 6

      • Jura

        я вечером видео-мануал сделаю! а пока работает без сбоев!

        вставить сим с которой будете ходить(без гевей), когда запросит активацию, высунуть и всунуть симку. запросит еще раз активацию, набираете экстренный(112), через секунд 5 ложите трубку, и нажимаете активировать по вайфаю. пока он пытается сделать активацию,вытягиваете симку и включаете авиа, сразу же вставляем этуже симку с гевей, ждете секунд до 20 ничего не нажимая вообще! и вот теперь мы можем звонить! (показывает название оператора, но палочек сети нету!)

      • Jura

        вставить сим с которой будете ходить(без гевей), когда запросит активацию, высунуть и всунуть симку. запросит еще раз активацию, набираете экстренный(112), через секунд 5 ложите трубку, и нажимаете активировать по вайфаю. пока он пытается сделать активацию,вытягиваете симку и включаете авиа, сразу же вставляем этуже симку с гевей, ждете секунд до 20 ничего не нажимая вообще! и вот теперь мы можем звонить! (показывает название оператора, но палочек сети нету!)

  99. Юра, напишите ещё по-русски, нек. пункты не понятны

  100. Peter

    Dear AIO-SIM Support!
    Somebody told me that the AIO-SIM card might went wrong. And it could be. Well this is really awkward, cause I bought that thing from eBay as a GEVEY sim card. I can see now, it’s not an apple’n’berry SIM.
    But as I told you…it was working for 5 minutes once than I got the message ‘INVALID SIM’ or something like that! Now I got the message after restart or after switch airplane mode on/off: ‘No SIM card’.

  101. Larry_BML

    I have an Orange Spain locked iPhone 4S, tried with more version of AIO but none want to unlock it for Vodafone RO, with Orange RO works OK, but with Vodafone, no. What can I do?

    • Wojtek

      Try FW24
      IMSI 214033325242711
      ICCID 00014103243473592290
      delay 18 or 25
      gid1 empty
      This way I unlocked 4s iOS 6 bb 3.0.04 from Orange Spain and used with Play Poland

  102. [15:24:10] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 25.
    [15:24:10] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 302610347359229
    [15:24:10] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 00014103243473592290
    [15:24:10] No GID1 will be used!
    [15:24:10] [INFO] Selected update V2 – AIO5 iOS 6.X.X improved
    [15:24:10] [INFO] AIO SIM 5 SN: 0xDAB4CC04
    [15:24:11] Timeout while waiting for card response!
    [15:24:11] [COMM]Communication Error while reading presets!
    [15:24:11] [ERROR] AIO SIM 5 update failed

    – what is a problem?
    And we need details about “This is easy as next restart the new settings will be displayed.”

  103. Servicetel

    Try to update the gevey sim …have anounther and is work wo problem …. the problem is not from driver and pkey
    [16:35:31] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 25.
    [16:35:31] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 262012830169393
    [16:35:31] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 89490200000534066399
    [16:35:31] [SETTINGS] GID1: 71
    [16:35:31] [INFO] Selected update V2 – AIO5 iOS 6.X.X improved
    [16:35:34] [INFO] AIO SIM 5 SN: 0x38D553EE
    [16:35:35] Timeout while waiting for card response!
    [16:35:35] [COMM]Communication Error while reading presets!
    [16:35:35] [ERROR] AIO SIM 5 update failed

  104. buanerges

    good morning
    I can I unlock the iPhone 4 Softbank Japan with your product?

  105. Perf

    i buyed 10 piece of AIO 5 with Dongle.

    Dongle dont work – i see Error “code 10”.

    4 pices of AIO dont work too.

    And no one serial number of last worked 6 piece AIO – dont valid in “get settings” in aio-sim.com/settings. They say “Your AIO SIM SN is not valid”

    you can check it sn of one card is a3b5cb81.

    i want work dongle and AIO.

  106. Perf

    i do that http://www.aio-sim.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/driver_correct_selection_steps.jpg
    and dongle is work. iPhone dont want activaion, but no one AIO is not working and iPhone did not see my carrier.

    second SN of my aio is A3B64C43

  107. Kai

    I’ve tried to update the AIO SIM but the dongle doesn’t seem to recognize it:

    [16:14:29] [COM5] Checking for AIO-SIM …
    [16:14:29] AIO SIM not detected at existent ports!
    [16:14:29] Please reinsert AIO SIM DONGLE test connections or reinstall drivers!
    [16:14:29] AIO SIM NOT FOUND

    Before you ask: The dongle is showing a red light. I’ve checked, if the correct drivers are installed. I’ve checked, if the switch in the correct position. The dongle is showing a red light, when the AIO SIM is connected.

    I’ve tried this several times now on different computers but I had no luck. The software is always responding with AIO SIM NOT FOUND. What can I do?

    • Admin

      Do you have more pieces or only 1, as i can see here all is ok so maybe you need another AIO. If so please ask for a replacement. (also follow the guide from our forum on how to put the switch of your AIO Dongle, you can check if the dongle is ok by trying to read a GSM simcard using it – press Read SIM and see).

  108. Have info about new Unlocking AIO5 Version to supporting new type of sim card? Release date or something? Thank You!

  109. Radu

    Hi, iphone 5 , 6.0.2 orange uk not working ! Tried both v1 and v2, both orange and tmobile imsi. Tried also about 4 simcards from orange and 2 from vodafone . It says no service and sometimes “sim invalid”. But gevey is good, not broken or smthg else

  110. Perf

    My sim is 8 contact.
    I try with all AIO that i have, all of them i write same settings, but only one AIO is work with my carrier.

    Whats wrong?

    only one AIO from 10 is work properly.

    what we can do?

  111. Hello AIO Team!

    Have new problem and i need solution. I have a Canada Fido Locked 4S, what i updated to 6.0.1 because unlock isnt working on 5.1.1(activation) now i tried V24 and V28 to unlock, Delay: 6,8,18
    When i tried with original IMSI and ICCID or without ICCID and with GID1, it show the Hun Vodafone, but havent signal, when i tried Without GID1, have signal but 20-30sec later disconnect, searching and want activate. On activation screen have Signal and Vodafone logo… what can i do? Thanks

  112. buanerges

    good morning

    I have an iphone 4s Iusacell I can unlock it to telcel?, comes with iOS 5.0.1


  113. Need update for Usim! In Russia all is good, but MTS has Usim. Old sim of MTS is working:
    Calls work in 1 minute. Network name – in 5 min.

    • orki

      Hi brother and admin.
      my problem is continuing which is noservice but call works, sms and 3g not working.
      because i didn’t use 3g data service with turkey vodafone.
      please any update or solution

  114. garryb

    need o2 uk imsi with delay settings please

  115. Dan

    Hello, I got iPhone 5 locked to Sprint. I got Gevey AIO programmed using Sprint 5. I got Calls (receive, send, carrier name), however not 3G. Not 3G signal appeared. Can’t send SMS only receives.
    AIO SIM 5 SN: 0x77B65044

  116. Wojtek

    Is there any solution for correct settings for iPhone 4s fw 6.0.1 from T-Mobile Germany? Tried on AIO SIM fw V28. It still cannot pass activation screen.
    Tried with default settings, but also with one taken from original card:
    [18:19:38] IMSI: 262015730213575
    [18:19:38] IMSI: 89490240001584474683
    [18:19:38] GID1 active in service table GID2 active in service table
    [18:19:38] GID1: 20
    [18:19:38] GID2: FF
    [18:19:38] 6F45 query = 9404 ( NOT FOUND )
    Please help

  117. garryb

    please help me with settigns for ireland meteor pelase

  118. Hi! I need to make AIO5 Gevey sim to activate iPhone 5! How can i do it? Thanks
    Bonus: I was make a video from unlocking iPhone 5, with Vodafone newest type of sim dont working, but with djuice (telenor) old or newest type sim card is working! Check: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9RdCD6QiSA

  119. Slayder

    I’m trying to get a US Sprint 4s ios6 working on Straight Talk. I’ve tried v24,v26,v27,v28 with different IMSI and multiple delay’s and it always goes to the activation screen. Only on v24 it was searching and just switched to “No Service” but never went to the activation screen. Tried multiple delays and no change. I had this exact phone working on v11 when it was on ios5.1.1, I used the same IMSI and can’t get it to work. Any help please, thanks.

    • Wojtek

      Very often a brand new sim card solves the problem, so do not try on old sim.

      • Slayder

        Its the same SIM I used when it was on ios5.1.1, I tried with a tmobile SIM and same problem just keeps going to activation. What settings should I try?

        • Wojtek

          If is is searching and then no network – please make factory reset of all iphone settings. Then power on phone, wait until there is no sim card message, accept it, insert sim card+gevey and wait for no network. Then go to operator settings, select Your network manualy, remove sim+gevey and insert them again (it worked for me without re-poweing iphone).

  120. Good day,
    i have iPhone 4s with FIDO, aio-sim on fw 28 and 24 wants activation,
    can you help with right preferences ?

  121. ad3lin

    iphone 5 not work orange spain.

    up to v2

    IMSI: 214034182111934
    ICCD: 8934014151142645115

    delay 18

    what is the problem¿?¿?

    ipossible to active with itunes, and no signal, itunes message, the sim card is not supported

  122. Layer

    what about work in IOS 6.1?

  123. Andrew

    Hello, yes what about iPhone 5 6.1 ios Support?

  124. emartinez


    I cant update the dongle… I already followed all steps and still I see the yellow triangle logo… When trying to install the drivers it says error 10.

    Help please

  125. Andrew

    iPhone 4S IOS 6.1, comfirmed work with AIO

  126. big boy

    with what version is workiong beter? v24?

  127. Andrew

    Hello i have iPhone locked on T-Mobile DE, i have unlock it, but many sim card say sim failure, only one from 5 working why that?? Please help me! i Making many phone its everytime that problem

  128. Hi AIO Support/Dan!

    I have a problem, i posted 2pc AIO5 Gevey to my customer, im sure that gevey’s working because i did make update them, but the guy said it isnt working, the iPhone with gevey make NO SIM screen. I tried help to him, but he tried another nano sim and isnt working too…what is the problem? (Im think the tray is not good yet and has gevey – sim – phone contact error)He switched off the sim Pin1 security
    Thanks BR

  129. Dan

    Is the AIO 5 compatible to unlock iPhone 4 with the correct tray?

  130. EMTZ

    Admin where can I request an exchange 6 out of 10 are not wroking… I need a refund please this is the fourth time I post and nobody has helped!


  131. Dan

    Since, there is a Jailbreak solution to iOS 6.1… AIO SIM developer team should think in make a solution based on Cydia to solve DATA 3G issues.

    • Admin

      I think there are allread solutions for changing the APN’s like APN Editing app… and you can allways delete the network settings …

  132. Hi! I tested iPhone 5 6.1 with AIO5, with Telenor old/new sim card is working, but with new T-mobile and Vodafone didn’t working…when do you make a newest version? (Like 4S V22 what support the new type of T-mobile sim card)

  133. Im sad….too much AIO5 Gevey was died…too much goes to the scrap. Why it is so weak????

  134. big boy

    You need to do an beeter update for aio 5, i spended to much time to unlock a iphone 5 snf tried other sim form another carier and it worked from first time ,orange Romania nanosim is not compatible with this geveys

  135. garryb

    please help i want iphone 4s meteor ireland

  136. Derm

    Hello! I have Sprint 6.1 and AIO 5 with last FW.
    When i insert sim of carrier Beeline RU (Vympelkom) i see message “Simcard error”. Delay is 1, 6, 15, 20, 20.
    That can i will do more?

    • Admin

      Please use an older simcard model. Maybe this is the problem. Delay is not important so you don’t have to loose time with this.

  137. Sergey

    [11:13:34] [INFO] AIO SIM SN: 0x6C719245
    [11:13:35] [SERVER] To many updates for this GEVEY NO CUT. Please use a valid Update Key!
    [11:13:35] [ERROR] AIO SIM update failed

    help please

  138. Derm

    What about my message?

  139. Derm

    why i see “[17:56:19] Could not establish secure connection with update server.”?

    you are do some updates for AIO 5? or not?

  140. ccokoye

    Hi I have just purchased iPhone 5 factory unlocked but they have sprint Sim card on it but i want to activate the phone with AT&t. I have also purchased x10 Latest AIO Unlock Sim Card iPhone 5 GSM CDMA Sprint but don’t know how to use them. Please HELP!!

    • Admin

      If your phone it’s factory unlocked why do you need a AIO-SIM ? Program AIO-SIM with iPhone 5 software V2 and find an old AT&T Simcard as will not work with new simcard models.

  141. Raphael

    [14:52:48] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 25.
    [14:52:48] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 310120347359229
    [14:52:48] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 00014103243473592290
    [14:52:48] No GID1 will be used!
    [14:52:48] [INFO] Selected update V1 – AIO5 iOS 6.X.X
    [14:52:49] [INFO] AIO SIM 5 SN: 0x26C605D8
    [14:52:50] [SERVER] To many updates for this AIO5. Please use a valid Update Key!
    [14:52:50] [ERROR] AIO SIM 5 update failed

    How to get rid of this mistake? (

    • Admin

      Please check now!

      • Raphael

        [00:07:03] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 25.
        [00:07:03] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 310120347359229
        [00:07:03] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 00014103243473592290
        [00:07:03] No GID1 will be used!
        [00:07:03] [INFO] Selected update V1 – AIO5 iOS 6.X.X
        [00:07:04] [INFO] AIO SIM 5 SN: 0x26C605D8
        [00:07:04] [SERVER] To many updates for this AIO5. Please use a valid Update Key!
        [00:07:04] [ERROR] AIO SIM 5 update failed


  142. PANICOS778

    Hi I have just purchased iPhone 5 x10 Latest AIO Unlock Sim BUT DOS NOT WORK I TRY ALL THE SETINGS. FOR THREE UK SETINGS PLEASE

    • kanapel

      I also tried to unlock UK Three with MTS RUS, but it don’t work. admin, please help us.

      • Admin

        Please use this settings ( http://www.controlf.net/iccid/ ) and an older simcard from MTS

        • kanapel

          i USe ICCID 89443000008589011487
          IMSI 234200347359229

          Phone sees a network in settings, but falls out in activation. I have to change “delay”?
          I will try to test with different settings
          I also can’t unlock verizon iPhone 4s 6.0.1 with MTS USIM v24.

          [18:52:07] Unlock Delay is 6 [SETTINGS].
          10 02 2013
          [18:52:07] IMSI [SETTINGS]: 204043347359229
          10 02 2013
          [18:52:07] ICCID [SETTINGS]: 89314403243473592290

          Phone doesn’t react in any way. You can prompt parameters?

  143. mauricio

    i need help i purchase the gevey for iphone 5 and 4s i try the 4s and nothing is working i update to v28 for sprint and verizon none work the code comes up to place it and gets the signal but goes to activation after a few how can i fix this ? i have the no cut gevey what is the best version v28 or v27?/??????/

  144. renzo

    I use now Gevey aio no cut to unlock my iPhone4s(Japan KDDI au) iOS5.1.1
    I want to upgrade my iPhone to iOS6.1 and I want to use Philippine prepaid SIM card(Globe,Smart,TM,TalkNText,SUN).
    Can Gevey aio no cut v2 unlock it?
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  145. Alex

    This device cannot start.code 10
    this problem when install driver…. what to do???

  146. Is that working? V24 with 4S iOS 6.1…because someone said me, they Gevey Ultra S card is working with 6.1…please test it! Thanks

  147. Echap

    HI, What is the solution for Fido on 6.1 4S.

  148. Andrew

    Hi. Sorry for my bad English, I making many iphone 5 with aio, but many times I have some problem, I have 2 phones one is Telenor Sweden, second UK 3. Ok Telenor SE working great with every SIM card , but UK 3 it’s only working with a one SIM card of 5. But when I put sims what is working on SE Telenor in UK3 it’s not working, where is the problem, on Telenor SE working all 5 SIM cards, but on. UK 3 only one of 5 what I tested on Telenor why?

  149. Just wanted to confirm Gevey AIO works fine with iPhone 4s 6.1.1 bb 3.4.02 – gevey fw V24 😉

  150. nikeboyuk

    I have a AIO SIM (4S) NO CUT, I have been trying to get it working for hours on the following:

    iPhone 4S – Locked to Sprint USA (CDMA) with IOS 6.1 – BB

    After going through MANY versions, i kind-of found a version that ‘seemed’ to work (v24, tried MANY other v27, v28, different delays etc NO good), but with NO 3G.. So i tried updating it 1 more time (i got down to 10 updates left). Now when I last updated it it stated it was in ‘UPDATE MODE’, it let me RE-update the card (making number updates available, now 9!)

    Now, the AIO SIM wont read at-all, and wont even be recognised, and its not even getting a signal on the iPhone anymore? Help? is the AIO-SIM dead?, can I get a replacement or repair this?

    • Hi! You need to Write Settings, so you need to try these settings:

      Turn off the Pin1 sec. request. It makes the unlocking easily.

      V27 – Support 6.1.1
      Choose this Option:
      US Verizon 4S CDMA

      If your AIO-SIM on V27, you need press the “Write settings”. If not on V27, press “Update”!

      • nikeboyuk

        I can’t try that, as when I press Connect, the AIO dongle no longer SEES the aio sim, even though it said it updated it, and wrote settings. It just stopped working.. Any way to revive or get it out of whatever mode it’s stuck in ??

        It never failed updating or writing settings..

        • Admin

          Sorry to hear this, in this case you need a replacement. You can try to check if it’s mechanically damaged and solder the legs of the IC back but if it’s something else you need to get it replaced.

          • nikeboyuk

            none of the legs of the black chip have come off the AIO SIM at all, it looks mechnically intact. How can I go about getting this replaced? – this was purchased via email from HAHNGROUP (yourselves I believe). I do not need a dongle or 10x AIO SIMs and a dongle, so just 1 (or 2 as a backup?) would be fine..

          • Admin

            We can replace it on your next order (send you the replacement then) or if you pay the shipping immediately (please contact the ebay seller and tell him you’ve discussed this with us. (you can post a link here).

  151. austin

    Please Help. I have my AIO Sim 4s No Cut that I bought from HAHN GROUP
    The first one was fried
    The second one will not work to unlock my phone.
    I have an Iphone 4s on 6.1 locked to VERIZON
    I want to get it to T-Mobile.

    I tried setting 27 w/delay 25 and it seemed to work , it wouldn’t activate, and the little screen came up asking for the code from http://www.aio-sim.com/settings. When I went to the site and put in my sn and delay info It said my delay was too high. When I tried again with different delay, updated the sim card, the IPhone still would not activate, and the AIO sim screen to enter the results from the website would not come up at all when plugged into my iPhone
    When I try to enter my settings into the website, the website says my AIO Sim Sn ( FA0139D9) is invalid!!
    I have wasted 3 updates already.
    I don’t know what to do! This is very confusing.
    Also- it appears that I am getting the t-mobile service, but I cannot activate the device at all.
    HELP, let me know what to do.

  152. pls help.
    i have gavey aio+dongle
    can’t unlock iPhone 4s 6.1 Spaine Vodafone.

  153. Carrillossv

    I have problems with the software.
    in the section to configure. I get incomplete operator. are only the letter (A) through (D).
    not aparesen. the more use. please help

  154. amaan

    [14:45:53] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 25.
    [14:45:53] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 310410347359229
    [14:45:53] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 89014103243473592290
    [14:45:53] No GID1 will be used!
    [14:45:53] [INFO] Selected update V2 – AIO5 iOS 6.X.X improved
    [14:45:56] [INFO] AIO SIM 5 SN: 0x43EEC0B8
    [14:45:57] Timeout while waiting for card response!
    [14:45:57] [COMM]Communication Error while reading presets!
    [14:45:57] [ERROR] AIO SIM 5 update failed

  155. Hi
    Could You help me with correct 4s iOS 6.1.1 from Verizon US ? I tried a lot of possibilities, but I always see no network, anyway operator menu shows in most of cases (possibility to choose operator manualy). On v25 it asks for activation after I used ICCID with 000000000000000000000
    iPhone imei check:
    IMEI: 9900008828xxxxx
    Part Description: IPHONE 4S 16GB BLACK
    Product Version: 6.0
    Coverage Status: Out of Warranty
    Next Tether Activation Policy Description: US Verizon Multi-Mode commercial, UMTS VF NL Locked.
    Lock Status: Locked

    • Also I tried:
      V24 IMSI 204043347359229 ICCID 00000000000000000000 DELAY 6
      Shows Searching…

      V24 settings ‘US Verizon w/o ICCID’ , delay 6
      V24 settings ‘US Verizon w/o ICCID’ , delay 18
      shows no network

      v27 settings ‘US Verizon 4S CDMA’, delay 6
      v27 US Verizon w/o ICCID delay 6
      shows no network

  156. Admin

    I think you can safely try with V23 too.

  157. AndrewStone

    Hi what about 6.1.2 update it’s working?

    • Admin

      Yes AIO-SIM is compatible also with 6.1.2

      • austin

        It is not working for me, US Verizon 4s. 6.1.2
        Settings v24 with prescribed IMSI and delay to work with verizon
        PLEASE HELP, I have been trying to get this to work correctly for 2 months!!!!!

      • vt

        It is not working for me, and keep deleting my comments. LV LMT , Iphone 4s 6.1.2 (3.4.02 BB) jb or not, doesn’t matter.

        Be so kind, stop deleting the comments and respond. I have a feeling that I threw away my money on some kind of scam.


        • Admin

          Hi, we do not delete any comments. It’s that sometimes it takes some time until we manually aprove them. This is necessary to fight spam.

          • AUSTIN

            THEN HOW DO YOU USE 6.2.1!?

            Looks like nothin/g is working for 4s on US CDMA, any other options? V24, 28 no dice

  158. AndrewStone

    Confirmed IOS 6.1.2 iPhone 5 working settings V2

  159. viorel bulzan

    hey wojtek for verzion try this settings ,
    18:44:18] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 20.
    [18:44:18] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 204043347359229
    [18:44:18] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 89314403243473592290
    [18:44:18] No GID1 will be used!
    [18:44:18] [OK] Settings applied successfully!
    you need to insert the sim with the gevet,turn of the phone and turn it on ,wait for the signal

  160. ycnex

    Hi! Ordered 20pcs. gevey for 4S and 5 at 09 january 2013 to Sweden and didn’t get it, check it please!

  161. Radu

    Hi ! Please do smthing with your servers or the updates, because lately i get only ” Sim invalid” when trying to unlock. And today i have made 1 ip5 3 uk with 3 geveys and they all gave me “sim invalid” with plenty sim cards i have for tests ! Second, i had one 5 which i needed to activate it , locked on orange uk and it was same problem. Lost 2 clients today…Don’t know why, cause it was all working fine few days ago. And if you can do smthing with new nano sim cards from Orange Ro wich are also giving “invalid sim ” as an answer it will be perfect ! Rd from Ro

  162. Radu

    Second day and still the server are not working !?!? But the counter is ! when will it be ready ?

  163. viorel bulzan

    Radu, probably you have an antivirus,just deactive it,i had the same problem with aio5

  164. Radu

    Ok. Now i will give it a try without antivirus, but how come till now it was no problem ? And how come for iph4s i can program with no problem ?

  165. Radu

    nope…not working..

  166. Viktor Soltesz

    Does the AIO 5 support 6.1.2?

  167. viorel bulzan

    radu or try the firewall,my antivirus always says that aio5 is a virus ,and the aio 4 is ok,try it with other computer

  168. Radu

    I ,ve tried with another computer. Now I will try with no firewall

  169. Radu

    I-ve tried with firewall close and no success. It seems like the gevey is not taking any update, because i have opened a new one and put it directly into the phone and its the same message as the ones i am trying to program : No sim ! And if i restart the phone i get the message : SIM FAILURE ! Insert a valid sim with no PIN lock to activate iPhone. So ..I still believe its server fault, or don;t know, maybe some bad ones from factory. Any new sugestions are welcome.Thx

  170. rogerboogie

    server is down , please fix it !!!!

  171. rogerboogie

    [17:43:13] Could not send update request to server.

    this is not firewall or antivirus problem , this is server side problem

  172. Radu

    Finally ! Someone who is sharing my side ! I also updgraded some photos in few links who are waiting to be moderated,and you will see what i am talking about

  173. Radu

    weird . First one this day it seems to be working ! And i was using one from my table.But now i am trying to make other and no success ! I just dont get it

  174. NOGRP

    Which settings should I use for locked iphone 5? I have absolutely no idea how to start it

    • NOGRP

      locked by sprint

    • Admin

      V2 with Sprint 5 setting. Please use an older simcard model as new ones like micro and nano will not work.

      • NOGRP

        I have used a old T-mobile sim but I can NOT pass through the activation screen. I have tried an another Vodafone sim which is newer than my T-mobile and its worikng perfectly. I used V1 Sprint 5 setting!

        Why should I use V2 for cdma phone?

        “Please don’t use the CDMA settings with this release.”

  175. Hi i have a big broblem. I cant unlock US Virgin Mobile locked 4S, always have activation screen.

  176. Radu

    I;ve managed to program another one…Don’t know how, i just retried many times. Now i have 3 more to go….counter is 3 more updates for them :)).. Hope to manage until 0 .

  177. AndrewStone

    AIO5 is shittiy because i ordered 20pcs only 4 is working, before New Year everything was ok, but right now is totally bad, everytime gives me message sim failure, i lost lot of clients. Dan please make some fix, because you losing clients!

  178. Antonio

    I have problems unlocking an iPhone 4S Movistar Spain. I have tried many differents imsi codes and no one works always “Activation Requiered”
    Please help!!

    And I thing the problem in AIO5 is in the bottom of the aio there’s a little circuit and iPhone 5 is very small for use aio and SIM card at same time sometimes the aio gets a little damaged in bottom and the circuit gets broken. I thing if you make a little large like a flange the aio in the bottom we could fix that issue giving a little turn to the exceeds of aio to top of the SIM card to protect it. There’s another brands (not good as you) and their geveys have that little slash or something like that

  179. austin

    Admin, Help me please! My 4s is on Verizon, 6.1.2
    What version of the AIO sim software do I use?! v24 won’t work anymore!
    GIVE ME A WAY TO UNLOCK MY PHONE, AS YOU STATED THAT 6.1.2 is supported for your company!
    Put out a guide, make it clear, and maybe more customers will come to you!
    As for me, If I can’t get some prompt service, I will return my AIO Sim and buy a gpp, I am tired of waiting!

    • vt

      Same situation here. As far as I could understand the thing is that AIO on Iphone 4s 6.1.2 (3.4.02 Baseband) works only with old simcards. The new sims (already cut) will not work with AIO.

    • saintlarry

      Ok, I managed to get it working on 4s 6.1.2 BB 3.4.02

      How it worked for me:

      -Download AIO FOR iph 5 and AIO FOR IPHONE 4s, chose v2 (not the activation one)copy the ICCID and IMSI settings for you carrier from there to AIO FOR iph 4s.

      -Chose v24 with delay (don’t press the update) paste the settings from AIO 5

      -Put delay to “9” ,check “Fast” ,press “Write Settings”

      -Activate the phone with SIM (orig. obv), put it in “Airplane Mode”

      -Extract the SIM, and put the SIM you want to use with AIO

      -Disable Airplane Mode, wait for a bit ,if it prompts the SN and IMSI , just press “Cancel”. It might prompt SN before you Disable Airplane Mode.

      -You are done.

      • saintlarry

        By the way, the SIM I’ve used is new. Was already cut out of the box.

        • austin

          what If I’m on verizon and DO NOT have an original sim? any tips? perhaps clear the network settings, then put on airplane, install aio sim with your directions?

          Thank you for the answer by the way, I literally am without phone service until this is fixed, which is untenable.

          • vt

            Try to activate with the same SIM (skip the activate with original SIM step). Or buy another/get another Verizon SIM. Also you could try specific settings for Verizon only, you have plenty of choices to test with.

            Also play with iph 5 AIO settings, it might help to activate.


          • AUSTIN

            Looks like nothin/g is working for 4s on US CDMA, any other options? V24, 28 no dice

  180. HUNter

    THoMZoNE! Te milyen beállításokat használtál iphone 5 sprint lockedhez? T-mobileos régi simmel (4 éves) akarom használni, de sehogy nem engedi, bezzeg a régi vodafonenal simán megy. ötlet?

    • Szia! Bocsi a kései válaszért 🙂 Nekem se ment sehogy, Djuice kártyánál mind a régi és új kártyával is működik…t-mobile esetén szerintem min 5-6 éves sim kártya kell…

  181. NOGRP

    Dear Admin,

    I have written so much e-mail about AIO 5. I didn’t get any replacement after 2 week. Now I want my money back so please answer me. I don’t want to open ticket on paypal…but I will if you can’t response me!

  182. buanerges

    I HAVE A PROBLEM “Preloaded SETTINGS” NO shows a country “U.S.” EXAMPLE “U.S. SPRINT” WHY?

  183. L0RD

    Hi i have problem with sprint iphone 4s cdma
    is it working on ios 6.1.2
    please let me know the procedure i tested v24 and inserted sprint settings
    and also tried updating to sprint version
    all giving sim failure please help

  184. kaino147

    gevey aio is working on ios 6.1.2, tried yesterday and it worked great.

  185. Pavel

    Hi, what the difference of unlock delay using 6 and the unlock delay using 15..

    i have 2 iphone of sprint and don’t work the aio sim.

    but i do the jailbreak and i install.. comcenter and clicker and i work….. what happent??

  186. Unlock delay can be 25, it’s not important. AIO are working good, thank you, Admin.

  187. iPhone 4S 6.1.2 MD235Y/A Spain Vodafone not working with gevey
    Please. write config
    Thank you

  188. Austin

    For the Glory of God, got my us 4s Verizon unlocked on 6.1.2!
    Use the v24 settings as prescribed in the 4s forums, with all settings listed there for 6.1. Now once you get the phone on, it will search an say no service. Go into cellular data and fidget with on /off , roaming on/ off, and 3G on/off.

    If you don’t have cellular option in settings, jailbreak with evaders, install tetherme and it should show up!

    Hope this helps out. After I switched data roaming and 3G on, I got tmobile service. ( having trouble with mms, imessage though)

  189. Sadly i cant unlock 4S Canada FIDO!
    Sadly i cant unlock i5 with new type of sim cards!
    This is a very sad fact!

  190. AndrewStone

    Hi what about 6.1.3 it’s working?

  191. Rav

    anyone with poland play settings, iphone 4s???much in need..thx

  192. 3l

    hi admin, the new exe aio 4 and 5 cannot runt in windows xp¿???¿¿?

  193. SONY

    gevey aio can unlock 4s 6.1.2 from virgin france????

  194. Hi All! How can i unlock iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.3? With Furiousmod 888 i can get always No Sim or Invalid Sim message. What is the correct setting to work them?


  195. servicetel

    Please fix the problem with server

    [16:11:58] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 25.
    [16:11:58] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 440501447359229
    [16:11:58] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 00014103243473592290
    [16:11:58] No GID1 will be used!
    [16:11:58] [INFO] Selected update V2 – AIO5 iOS 6.X.X improved
    [16:11:59] [INFO] AIO SIM 5 SN: 0x3C5E55C0
    [16:11:59] [SERVER] This AIO5 is not activated! Please contact your reseller!
    [16:11:59] [ERROR] AIO SIM 5 update failed

  196. Rav

    any one successful with sprint 6.1.3

    network name there incoming and outgoing calls there but no sms outgoing or cellular network….

    help will be much appreciated..

    thank u

  197. And sadly i cant unlock FIDO no have any solution…. with GID1 with ICCID nothing happen i can tap the Phone menu point but have NO SIM without GID have Activation fail…

  198. garryb

    hi im trying to make iphone 5 6.1.2 vodafone spain too workbut its not working it tells me no sim card or activation error.
    please help

  199. AndrewStone

    Hello what about IOS 6.1.4 on iphone 5? it’s working?

  200. Danelba

    hi, i have the same question but for the 2 system, what about with the IOS 6.1.4 on iphone 5 ^ 4s and the aio sim?

  201. buanerges

    good morning, I need help, I have an iphone 4s verizon multi mode vf nl, I’ve tried everything, but it does not work, alguine knows how to solve this problem, thanks

    • Where? In here (Hungary) isnt work with nothing sim card…

      And need help! Have 4S UK O2 locked, is working with HU T-mobile, HU Vodafone but isnt works with Hu Telenor

      IMSI: 23410
      ICCID: not required
      GID1: with gid settings have no sim message, after restart always searching…
      Delay: works with 18 or 25 , but not with Telenor sim…have No Service message…
      Thanks for help!
      Best Regard


  202. i already bought aio sim for iphone 5
    what config for iphone5 sprint ??
    Best regards

  203. micko

    hi can you send me information about my aio this my id pay pal
    09P99607V8466024H please is important

  204. Madalin

    [14:44:59] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 25.
    [14:44:59] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 240080347359229
    [14:44:59] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 89014103243473592290
    [14:44:59] No GID1 will be used!
    [14:44:59] [INFO] Selected update V2 – AIO5 iOS 6.X.X improved
    [14:45:00] [INFO] AIO SIM 5 SN: 0x3A5E58BE
    [14:45:05] Timeout while waiting for card response!
    [14:45:05] [COMM]Communication Error while reading presets!
    [14:45:05] [ERROR] AIO SIM 5 update failed

    Any ideea?

  205. VITE

    I will buy more than 500 AIO sim, and all the perfecion, wanted to know if I can explain how to set up for VIRGIN USA, I can not find in the menu VIRGIN USA, another company COM CEL, here you can see that if there is] VIRGIN USA , and setting with sprint and verizon and it did not work sprint and verizone no the same virgin, THANKS

    • Hi friend! Use this settings (worked for me in Hungary):

      USA – Virgin

      US Sprint OTA

      Delay 25

      if sms/mms not working, you must need jailbreak iPhone (if on have 6.1.2 can do it wit evasion) and find the raw file system/system/library/iphone/carrier bundle and delete the all US Sprint bundle folders, 31010 bundle folder and US_SPVRG or same folder, and need delete from raw file system/wireless/ all *.plist file (in subfolder too). After delete theese, pick up the gevey and sim, restart the iPhone (very important step!!!), wait for the activation message, and put back the Gevey and sim. And you can send sms/mms 🙂

  206. Verizon

    Hi, everyone. I have iPhone 4S Verizon 6.1.3 on hands and I am trying to unlock that with AIO-SIM. Could anyone help me what settings I should apply?

    • Hi! Try this:
      NL Vodafone
      Delay 25

      20404 is Verizon – Netherland vodafone multi mode commercial (maybe you phone is locked with that), or try this:
      Switch off the PIN1 request:
      V27 – 6.1.2
      US Verizon 4S CDMA

  207. denny

    any one succesfully unlock DE T-Mobile 6.1.3 ?
    i try all the setting it just keep searching or show carrier name without signal bar..

  208. Im very sad / angry!

    More then 2 months ago i buyed 20pc of AIO5 we killed 4-5pc (wrong inserting), but but the others can not do anything because it does not work or not at all! Whatever option is tried, not at all does not work! Dan! You promised me a few improvements over a month ago, but they did not send it to us! Please support and your response as soon as possible, because you lose a lot of big purchaser!

  209. THoMZoNE.NeT, just check your sim trays. SIM FAILURE – the problem is with trays often.

    • Hi! Not, i did spoke with Dan, he did make a promise they change my AIO5, because my chip is old type. But sadly cant buy an AIO yet with fast shipping, and i dont want waitink 15-25 working days with slow shipping. Sadly cant unlock iPhone 4, because always drop “sim failure” message. Every time i did set the Gevey software (V5 or V5.1), change the carrier options (to locked phone carrier) in Hungary use the 112 emergency call, but without FuriousMOD give “SIM FAILURE”, with it give many time later “SIM FAILURE” or “NO SIM” message….HELP!!!!

  210. Verizon

    What happened with Dan? I can not reach him by phone and by mail as well.

  211. Alex

    Iphone 5 sprint iOS 6.1.4
    (software V5 S1)
    Apply patch
    Getting patch files from server …
    Error receiving patch size …
    What’s the problem?


  212. Hi AIO Team!

    Thank you for helping! New AIO 5 is working now here on Hungary too! Im very happy! But, i have a little question. Please watch this picture: http://thomzone.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/IMG_20130611_175525.jpg

    So on the left side we can see the old type of AIO 5, on right side see the now type. The question is, what’s that on bottom of new AIO 5 sim? What can i do with that? Because if i want put this with sim card, it rather stuck. I did cut that “tail” on one piece, i tested it and it worked, like with “tail”. Why is it there and what can i do with it?

    Thank you

  213. Dear AIO Team!

    I sad…very very sad…today i tried unlock iPhone 5 AT T-mobile locked phone, tried with all settings and all software, the endings always “Activation Required”. Why?


  214. AIO-4S is working with iOS 7 beta 1!

  215. Samuel Ceballo

    Hello friend I bought aio-sim I paid the shipping dhl express saver and I would like my tracking number to see when I get

  216. The question is, what’s that on bottom of new AIO 5 sim? What can i do with that?

    It must be under the tray.

  217. LIOR


  218. Alex

    Who and how to solved the problem with trays?
    With new AIO trays problem: there is no SIM card

  219. Admin

    Many customers told us that problems with trays for iPhone 5 can be solved by bending the tray a little bit.

  220. Alex

    I want to buy, there is a question:
    You now trays good?
    Trays or problem (no sim card)


    • Admin

      Starting today we will ship extra trays for iPhone 5 with AIO 5 orders. The old trays can still be used if you try to bend them a little.

  221. Vlad

    Whats new with USIM?
    In Russia 2 of 3 mobile networks are using USIM now! Have you any solution or not?

  222. Rav

    fido 6.1.3 tried and tested with indian sim cards

    version 24
    imsi 302370322867878
    iccid 89302370107228678784
    gid1 DD
    delay 18

    hope it work for others also..thx

  223. buanerges

    I have an iphone 5 t mobile, ios 6.1.4, what is the configuration to unlock, please

  224. Panicos

    What you mean bend it and how can you post a photo of the tray

  225. micko

    hey please sen my items my pay pal transaction is 9A181562PC510530E

  226. Rav

    [15:18:04] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 25.
    [15:18:04] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 310026347359229
    [15:18:04] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 00014103243473592290
    [15:18:04] No GID1 will be used!
    [15:18:04] [INFO] Selected update V2 – AIO5 iOS 6.X.X improved
    [15:18:05] [INFO] AIO SIM 5 SN: 0xA752B1CD
    [15:18:06] Timeout while waiting for card response!
    [15:18:06] [COMM]Communication Error while reading presets!
    [15:18:06] [ERROR] AIO SIM 5 update failed

  227. Error while reading presets

    we also have some aio5 with the same problem.

  228. garryb

    hi im looking for 3 uk iphone 5 settings i always get activation requeired

  229. Yury

    Hello. I Recently bought 10 aio sims for iphone 5. (on 14 of june). I tried all of aio sims , and the phone says “no sim card” or “sim card error”. How to solve this kind of a problem?

    • Admin

      Hi, most of this problems can be because of the AIO 5 sim tray. Please contact your seller to get tray replacements.

  230. Hello,

    When was new update for gevey i4s and i5, because in our country with new sim card’s not working(request activation)????

  231. Admin

    Hi, most of this SIM FAILURE problems can be because of the AIO 5 sim tray Did you received new AIO 5 trays with your order? You can just bend the trays that you have a little and they will work but in case they don’t please contact the seller.

  232. Hi,
    From the last order 5 aio for 4s had died in the first month of using!
    How can you comment the situation?

    • Admin

      Hi, this must be a coincidence. We did not change anything regarding AIO hardware. Maybe you can try to solder the IC better using hot air.

    • Admin

      Please inform us this when you make the next order. We did not change anything regarding AIO 4S so it’s strange.

      • It is real, and i also didn’t believe my clients, who said that gevey not work, and asked to replace it. So i replaced nearly
        But a few day ago, gevey from the last order in my iphone 4s has died. I put it in dongle, and it wrote me,that gevey not found.

        • Admin

          Yes i believe you, sometimes it is happening that the IC ‘dies’ because of electrostatic discharge. Normally electronics are not meant to be touched in the way gevey is.

  233. No its, not problem with sim card tray, aio sim can’t unlock iphone with carier new sim card, Iphone show activation screen.I tested with iphone 5 locked to Uk three carier, and iphone 4s locked to verizon, with old card of carier it’s work fine, with new sim card’s iphone 5 and 4s request activation, with same setting of aio sim.

  234. Andrew

    which settings for
    iphone 5 6.1.4 LL T-Mobile
    sim card NANO MTS (Russia)

  235. naushh

    i shipped my shipment to the wrong address,
    what option do i have?

    • Admin

      Hi, don’t worry. We have seen your emails and we will send it to the address that you have instructed us. Best regards!

  236. tenao

    how i know AIO-SIM serial number for my iphone 5

  237. Maximator

    Sprint iPhone 4S 6.1.3

    Gevey AIO no Cut not working on 6.1.3

    message appears that the “iPhone is not activated”

    what to do, help!

    • Admin

      Hi, iPhone is not activated is not a big problem … should work even with this message… Also please patch the phone using our software http://www.aio-sim.com/downloads/AIO4SV5S1_rel3.zip
      Select “4S patch for Sprint/Verizon” in the list and let us know if it’s working.

    • Admin

      Try to patch it first using the new software we just released.

      • Maximator

        I did:
        Erase all content and settings
        update gevey – v28
        online settings – US Sprint
        Apply patch – 4S_Patch_for_Sprint_Verizon

        After switching on passed the procedure of activation and then got the message “no Service” or “iPhone is not Activated”

        help me!

        • Wojtek

          For me it worked with (for Verizon!):
          Firmware 24
          GEVEY AIO iPhone 4S iOS6 with DELAY (delay 18)
          settings: US Verizon w ICCID (worked also without ICCID)
          used patch 4S_Patch_for_Sprint_Verizon

  238. Vitaliy

    I got this dongle showed here https://portal.bitcasa.com/send/f15c492c977594f13ed5ed7e665dd40d9ec4cc8f92f1dbfd985087e978e712aa/fc9e9de399c8ef3644ee37d487c6c3cad61b04592c6c66c98855c234ba769303 and here https://portal.bitcasa.com/send/b93adf5d0f8c2f9630e1bfe62f783e037473de56e74129841bb7056d3432218c/19411282bef041de2bfb4e4719bc76b4e8af6274b0dca90ffd2dc7c8902c2cee
    Drivers installed from you site (w7 32)
    But it saying this:
    [23:08:53] [COM3] Checking for AIO-SIM …
    [23:08:54] [INFO] Some response has been detected but it’s not AIO-SIM 4S
    [23:08:54] AIO SIM not detected at existent ports!
    [23:08:54] Please reinsert AIO SIM DONGLE test connections or reinstall drivers!
    [23:08:54] AIO SIM NOT FOUND

    What can I do to update my AIO Cut version? V4 does not pass antivirus software..

  239. Vitaliy

    Is gevey AIO CUT version supported?

  240. gevey AIO CUT version

    Gevey AIO CUT is not a product of this web site.

  241. buanerges

    help me, please
    iphone 5 t-mobile USA
    I, need unlock for telcel mexico
    please send me the configuration 😀

  242. Hi AIO-Team!

    Please tell me what about my package:
    Unique Transaction ID # 3K1162262R851761X

    I did sent a mail from my mail address: sales@thomzone.net, but not get answer. The shipping address is valid, but you must add the mobile phone number to shipping details!. PLEASE ANSWER TO MY MAIL! Thank you!


  243. Hungary news: The Gevey AIO 4S is working with iOS 7!
    iPhone 5 dont know yet…but still working only Telenor sim (factory nano sim not)

    I want test on iPhone 5S and 5C 😛


  244. iPhone 5 dont know yet…

    iPhone 5 Sprint is ok – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8-K__49OXw

    iPhone 5 T-Mobile blacklisted USA is ok – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isAoFM2zCMI

    I want test on iPhone 5S and 5C

    Yes. That is the question 🙂 And what about SIM-trays?

  245. Hurray! I did it! I did unlock iPhone 4 again with AIO-SIM V5.1.
    I know the problem: it isnt compatible iOS 6.1.3 sadly…

  246. can you give me IMSI code for iphone 5 Cricket US??? MD097LL, MD105LL
    I cant find it (

  247. Why r-sim is working with T-mobile and Vodafone in iPhone 5 in Hungary and why didn’t working our AIO 5 Gevey?

  248. Why r-sim is working with T-mobile and Vodafone in iPhone 5 in Hungary and why didn’t working our AIO 5 Gevey?

    If you use irose for r-sim, you have to use it for aio5 too.

    • 3l

      In spain not work with Digi, 50%Yoigo, 50%movistar, Ono, ..
      I used AIO5 v6.0 s1 WITH V4-AIO5 RNANO
      Delay 18.
      Updated succssfully!

      I installed yours patch i restarted but notfing searching – no service then searching again no service…..

  249. 3l

    yes i installed iRose, i select first and first option and i restarted the phone, alway i recived searching for ~~30-50 second and the No service ~~30-50 seconds, without iRose i not have No service only Searching. Another question, v4 from AIO5v6S1 no work with some sim cards, BUT WITH V4 FROM AIO5N5S1 work perfect, I need solution for spain = Digi, Gt mobile, Ono, Lyca, Some Yoigo, Some Movistar and i thik for more sim cards. V4 here in spain work with almost 30% of the sim cards!
    Same question with r-sim8, not work with mentioned sim cards.
    4s work perfectly with any sim card.

    • Admin

      It’s interesting what you are saying here that with the latest software V4 will not work with all simcards. I will check on this first.

  250. denny

    any one facing ussd problems on 4s or 5 ios 7.0/7.0.2?? i need solution ussd problem on ios 7

  251. Green38

    Good time of day. Please help run the SMS MMS 3G, Iphone 4s Verizon ios 7.0 bb 5.0.00 use aio v24 is an old SIM card BWC Russia

  252. Great Job! After installing iRose and restart the sim is working! Hurray, but 3G is not working (NOT CDMA PHONE). What is the solution, i used unlockit.co.nz…

    Well i tested it with more watching…the problem is chinasnow. Interesting, if i use Tesco Mobile / Lidl / Mol / National Post / etc. these can connect with carrier without iRose and can use the 3G. But when i install the patch, only EDGE can we use. The V4 update softvare is very good, i installed it to Gevey sim with AIO5V4S1…

  253. Please help run the SMS MMS 3G, Iphone 4s Verizon ios 7.0 bb 5.0.00 use aio v24 is an old SIM card BWC Russia

    Use V28.

    but 3G is not working (NOT CDMA PHONE).

    Use irose in case of Usim only. And if Usim – EDGE is available only. CDMA or GSM – not important. There is only one way to use Usim for the moment – disabling 3G.

  254. buanerges

    good morning, I need help, I have an iphone 4s verizon multi mode vf nl, I’ve tried everything, but it does not work, alguine knows how to solve this problem, thank

  255. dany

    I had an iPhone 5 lock on UK Vodafone,when I try to update with v2 6.x.x improved I got an error,reconnect failed and the program closed.
    and with v3 activation only it doesn’t work ,sim error or no sim 🙁

  256. Nick

    Good day, everyone. I have iPhone 4S Verizon on hands 7.0 (11a465) imei: 990001843535824 and I am trying to unlock that with AIO-SIM. Could anyone help me what settings I should apply?

  257. Ungureanu

    hello I need IMSI to unlock an iPhone 5 Orange Spain ,this imsi 214030347359229 doens’t work 🙁 ICCID : 00014103243473592290

  258. Paradox

    who resolved problems with unlocking Crickets iphone 4s\5???

  259. Larry_bml

    Hello, does anyone find any solution for USIM from Vodafone RO? I have an 4S IOS 7.0.3 is working ok with old sims but is asking for activation with new USIM.

    What can I do? I tried IR0SE, but not working for 4s. Any other idea?

    Thank you in advance.

  260. marc

    Any imsi for us sprint iphone 5c or 5s?? i try with 3101200, 3101201, 3112300 and nothing work.

  261. Dima

    Plz help ! I have iphone 5s locked on AT&T, with aio sim works every thing except 3G (data roaming is enabled). How can i enable 3G ?

  262. Hello please i need help i cannot unlock finland DNA, NONE of your settngs are working phone stays at activation screen, i searched in google but still no luck please respond ..

  263. Ravneet

    anyone with uk o2 ios 7 correct settings??

  264. Danny690

    Hello. i have a iphone 5 carrier telenor norway.The phone is activated and when i insert the aio-sim updated and writed wants to activate again. Seems like the imsi iccid isn’t good.Can you provide me a good imsi iccid other like 2420111(this did not worked)? THX

  265. stfn

    have any chance to update old gevey aio CUT version? Bought still on universal-sim.org
    Only works with version 2.9, but it has no connection with the update server, and the last version of the software provides “Some response has been detected but it’s not AIO-SIM 4S”

  266. Ungureanu

    I receive many people with icloud locked (find my iphone) and I can’t activate it,can be done something to use it?

  267. Machael

    Good day, everyone. I have iPhone 4S t-mobile DE on hands 7.0 and I am trying to unlock that with AIO-SIM.
    Aio5 online v6.0 s1 (GID2)
    DE t-mobile – default
    gid 71
    delay 8
    but MTS Russia usim – not working
    Mts Russia old sim 2 minute working, and then issues an error.
    Could anyone help me what settings I should apply?

  268. cytymagua

    how to unlock iphone 5 japan softbank
    always use that version activation requests
    ios 6.1.2

  269. SiMo

    does it work with 5S Sprint 15.5 ?

    • Admin

      5s Sprint requires CSIM enabled simcard. While we have not been able to completely emulate it there are still chances we will do so

      • SiMo

        Does jailbreak helps you to continue this unlock?
        because i buy iphone and it’s ipod right now for me….
        and i dont know any solution for unlock it…

  270. Where you can Find a very good Deals on t mobile uk unlock iphone 4s.

  271. Aitken

    Hello. Can you combine AIO for 4s and 5 in 1 pakage 10 items? (5 items for 4s, 5 items 5)

  272. buanerges

    server problem? offline

  273. 1qazmasta

    please aio not working verizon 7.04 no signal no sms no 3g i need patch

    plese help me

  274. Alex

    C output is possible jailbreak, unlock iphone 5s sprint without problems with activation?

  275. 1qazmasta

    I have a question,aio sim supported iphone 4 ios 5 – 7 04.12.01 ?

  276. alex2155

    I have the Iphone 5. JP KDDI.What data for KDDI insert in your program to update AIO5 ?

  277. alex2155

    I have the Iphone 5. JP KDDI.What data for KDDI insert in your program to update AIO5 ? IMSI: 44078 ?

  278. alex2155

    I have the Iphone 5. JP KDDI.IMEI 990002309309688.Serial No:F17JNW1NF8H4.ICCID 89701991800214034504.What data for KDDI insert in your program to update AIO5 ? What IMSI put to update ?

  279. aiosim

    I have recently bought 10 x AIO 5 sims.

    I cannot connect to them. I followed all the recommendation and read a lot of information.

    The switch on the dongle is in the right position. The COM4 is less then 10. The driver is installed correctly.

    I tried at my computer (windows 8 x64), my friend’s laptop (windows 8.1 x64) and Virtual machines (Windows 7 x64). I tried several AIO sim cards with hundreds of possible position.

    Can you help me?




    • Admin

      it might be possible that:
      – dongle switch is damaged and even if you do switch it will use the max speed that AIO does not support
      – aio are damaged or have other problem
      I can send you a new dongle for replacement and also 1-2 pcs aio that i will test personally before so we can find out what is the real problem. Please contact us by email at sales@aio-sim.com

  280. kostya

    hi , i have for unlock an iphone 5c its from japan and its locked on new operator: Wolf , what imsi and iccid should i use for it? thanks

  281. Leonidas

    hi sir

    can you send me a replacement card
    i have this problem
    [19:03:42] [INFO] AIO SIM 5 SN: 0x91C5DF6A
    [19:03:42] [SERVER] 6 FREE updates remaining for your AIO5
    [19:03:43] Bad CMD ID response! Aborting …
    [19:03:43] [ERROR] AIO SIM 5 update failed

  282. Ravneet

    Hi team,

    i think its high time we really need to work on sprint 5s????

  283. Ravneet

    Admin I would also like to mention about the quality of the aio sims, it gets damaged so easily, it gets stuck while inserting….plz have a look into this..


  284. Andrey

    I by AIO 4 FOR 4S 10X PACK INCLUDING DONGLE. When you send an order? Thank you.

  285. rogerboogie

    is aio working well with ios 7.1 ?

    i mean iphone 4 , 5 , 5c & 5s from diferent carriers and simcard types

    by report of other forums , seems other products like rsim is not working

    can anybody confirm this ?

    if have any problems please describe with detail, what is the problem


    • Admin

      I have posted on the main page a new post. We will keep you informed of the developments. We are now making tests to see what is working and what is not working.

  286. vik

    Sorry guys , but what happen with new AIO 5 server ? I have more then 10 iphone 5 geveys bought from you and no one can be detected by sw .. But before all was working fine , and i still can program 4s geveys . So pb is not in drivers or adapter.

    • Admin

      Hello, if there is some server problem then i will go ahead to reboot the server completely and you can later try again. We did not do any modifications recently to the server itself. If the cards are really ‘dead’ then probably you can contact us by email and we will solve the issue either by software or replacing the cards for free. sales@aio-sim.com

      • vik

        I still have pb with aio for iphone 5 detection by sw. but in same time sw can detect aio for 4s. and it saw aio 5 befoe. could be the problem in dongle ? should i buy new one dongle adaptor or send cards for replace ?

  287. Ravneet

    admin…greast fan of ur products but seriosly now worst products ever

  288. Ravneet

    whenever i try to update..card init failed…wtf…..my 15 pcs of aio 4s damaged like this…crap…wasted all my money

  289. Dear AIO Team! What about my package? Please send the tracking number to my email. Thank you


  290. rogerboogie

    hi dear team , i see other team has released a patch for work with ios 7.1 that no require jailbreak and fix sms, and 3g problems

    is possible to have this patch too ?


  291. Leonson

    Hello, how can i unlock my iPhone 4S Verizon iOS 7.1 with gevey aio? Thank you

  292. Hi Team! Now i have a 4S iOS 7.1 and locked Canada Fido. I dont remember the solution of this method, please somebody tell me! Thanks


  293. mezus

    please help o2 uk ios 7.1 not working

  294. Guillermo

    I would like to try the latest TEST software, thanks

  295. Andrew

    dear user
    i need to unlock iPhone 5s Sprint 7.0.4
    What procedures should i make ?

    • you should update to 7.1 or 7.1.1 os and use v27 aio5

      • Admin

        Please press SHIFT KEY when software is loading so you can refresh the updates list.
        Then select the V27 Sasha+ update or V27 Sasha- update in the list.
        This updates are different than the V27 Sasha already there.
        So first refresh the list then update again your AIO.

  296. to day i test 3 iphone 5s and 5c with v26 and v27 but same have problem

    they didnt send sms but have signal and can send call and recive after i updated wit v24 sms and signal worked but with some sim phone goes in activation requied

  297. sir i have aiob6_web_test and i try now with it but have same problem

    signal= ok
    sms= not ok
    incoming call= ok
    send call= ok

  298. now i have one t-mobile us
    i test with v25,v26,27

    all of them have same problem call and call back are ok but dont send sms

  299. bro now i see one thing i think for u is important after

    update v24 when mms in setting message is enable when open message application show “mms messaging requires your phone number ” and in phone in my number since show unknown but with v25,v26,v27 show phone number

  300. sir do you have setting for cricket 4s
    i have 2 device for test

  301. with shasha+ today i test bell canda 5s 7.1.1
    outing call=ok
    incoming call=ok
    send sms=ok
    recive sms=ok

  302. Clark

    help plis a have one iphone 5s at&t 7.1.1 need intruccion for unlock plis sir

  303. today i test
    V30 AIO4S 7.1+ TEST

    with this update on iphone 4s tele2 sweden

    phone goes to activation requied

  304. Paul

    hy! i have AIO SIM 4S SN: 0EB3F49C
    [17:49:54] AIO SIM IS IN NORMAL MODE and i want to set it up for one iPhone 4s ios 7.1.1 locked on Softbank Japan i need it to work with the newest USIM from a network Digi.Mobil Romania and to make the activation for the phone. what version of update shall i use? v.30+test? what IMSI and right ICCID shall i use? I THANK YOU ANTICIPATED FOR YOUR HELP!!!

  305. Paul

    hy! i have one AIO GEVEY NO CUT SIM [19:46:17] [COM7] Checking for AIO-SIM …
    [19:46:18] [INFO] AIO SIM 4S SN: 0EB3F49C
    [19:46:18] AIO SIM IS IN NORMAL MODE and i want to unlock/activate one iphone 4s blocked on Softbank JP the ios is 7.1.1 what update should i use? v.30+test? or what? and what IMSI, ICCID and DELAY shall i write to can also activate??? thanks!!!

  306. Paul

    hy admin! i have one AIO GEVEY NO CUT SIM [19:46:17] [COM7] Checking for AIO-SIM …
    [19:46:18] [INFO] AIO SIM 4S SN: 0EB3F49C
    [19:46:18] AIO SIM IS IN NORMAL MODE and i want to unlock/activate one iphone 4s blocked on Softbank JP the ios is 7.1.1 what update should i use? v.30+test? or what? i want to use it with a new usim card from a carrier named Digi.Mobil Romania! and what IMSI, ICCID and DELAY shall i write to can also activate??? thanks!!!

  307. hello
    do you have soulotion to solve smsm problem iphone 5s,5c on ios 7.1,7.1.1?

  308. today i test v27 shsha+ and jailbrek

    spirint 5,5s,5c

    out call=ok
    incoming call=ok

  309. Andrew

    iphone 5s 7.0.6
    japan NNT Docomo
    Try to use AIO online update v7.1 S1 beta 5
    IMSI: 4401020
    Not work with AIO
    please explain correct settings

  310. sir i have one big problem

    i try update with shasha+ and shasha- and v28 in beta test software and v24 and in 5 iphone 5s (just iphone 5s has this problem)

    i have 2 second signal after again phone goes searchinig after minut i have 2 second signal and again have this loop

  311. buanerges

    in mexico, 5s iphone with ios 7.1.1 can not be unlocked, they recognize the sim, and out of the window of activation, but the signal is not activated, the signal search, then find the operator telcel, movistar or iusacell and then go back to look, but I have a telcel sim and it works fine, but with other SIM no work..

    is the sim? foun with 64, 128 or 256 bit?


  313. Wojtek

    I have a 5c from EE UK iOS 7.1 (11D167). AIO5 with FW V31

    In general settings/this device – Operator shows Play 16.0, network searching…
    then activation screen appears, coverage is 1 bar
    then activation screen switches off, menu is accessable, but no network
    searching network
    Operator shows EE 16.00
    Full coverage in Play network (operator still shows EE 16.00)
    then after 1 minute coverage is 1 bar, shortly after searching
    Operarator shows Play 16.00 and network searching
    then activation screen appears , then activation screen switches off and it repeats as above

    When I switch OFF 4G then it is ok – stable coverage.

    How to get internet at least Edge ?

  314. Ravneet

    Hi Team,

    I have dropped an email to sales tea, regarding to purchase of aio sims but no response as of now 🙁

  315. i try with this but i have 2 secound antena then show searching and goes to activation requied

    [info] description: V27 – Shasha+

    This update has improved SMS parameters handling and improve data capabilities 11
    [info] settings version: 1
    [info] [COM1] checking …
    [info] [COM36] checking …
    [info] [COM84] checking …
    [info] [COM8] checking …
    [info] ATR size:15
    [info] AIO 5 SN: 576DAC93 detected
    [info] AIO is in NORMAL mode
    [sett] input IMSI: 310410347359229
    [sett] raw IMSI size:0 data:39 01 14 30 74 53 29 92
    [sett] input ICCID: 89014103243473592290
    [sett] raw ICCID size:0 data:98 10 14 30 42 43 37 95 22 09
    [sett] raw GID1 size:0 data:FF FF FF FF FF FF FF
    [sett] raw GID2 size:0 data:FF FF FF FF FF FF FF
    [sett] raw forcesim = 01
    [sett] raw delay = 25
    [sett] raw speed = FF
    [sett] raw mnclength = 03
    [info] AIO SN: 0x576DAC93
    [serv] 10 FREE updates remaining for your AIO5
    [serv] update size 11230
    [done] update complete.
    [info] Writing settings V1
    [sett] settings area size 29
    [done] settings.
    [info] [COM1] checking …
    [info] [COM36] checking …
    [info] [COM84] checking …
    [info] [COM8] checking …
    [info] ATR size:15
    [info] AIO 5 SN: 576DAC93 detected
    [info] AIO is in NORMAL mode
    [sett] input IMSI: 310120347359229
    [sett] raw IMSI size:6 data:39 01 21 30 74 53 29 92
    [sett] input ICCID: 89014103243473592290
    [sett] raw ICCID size:0 data:98 10 14 30 42 43 37 95 22 09
    [sett] raw GID1 size:0 data:FF FF FF FF FF FF FF
    [sett] raw GID2 size:1 data:03 FF FF FF FF FF FF
    [sett] raw forcesim = 01
    [sett] raw delay = 25
    [sett] raw speed = FF
    [sett] raw mnclength = 03
    [info] Writing settings V1
    [sett] settings area size 29
    [done] settings.

  316. Ravneet

    Hi anyone with Cricket 4s 7.1.2 correct imsi????

  317. Ravneet

    Hello Team,
    Can anyone from your sales team help me in buying aio sims…
    are you guys even interested in selling them or not….very annoyed with sales staff……..have been droping mails regularly…..but no reply…..

  318. sasha

    I can unlock cricket
    write me iron.paradox@mail.ru

  319. denny

    need help ..iphone 5c bell canada.
    signal OK
    sms OK
    call OK

    but no 3G or E so can not internet, try v24 ,27,27+. with v7 or older version goes to activation required..

    anyone solve this ?

  320. Ravneet


    Any one on cricket 4s???

  321. Wojtek

    Do You have any idea how to program AIO SIM to work with iPhone 5s from Sprint US ? iOS 7.0.4 IMEI 3588090532xxxxx, not CDMA 🙂
    I tried different FW and get always activation loop
    in Operator field it shows Polish operator name, on V7 only it shows Carrier 15.x
    It activates on dummy test card when I use IMSI 310120, so in AIO I tried:
    IMSI 310120347359229 (check 3 digits MNC and unchecked)
    without ICCID

  322. ravil

    Can’t get activation key for patch.
    Please help!

  323. Антон

    Не получается получить ключ активации для патча. Ввожу SN и IMEI.
    Пишет Your AIO in not activated

  324. REHG

    aio 6 dont work today, any solution?

  325. himig_natin

    Dec 17, 2017
    Working Setting for me for AIO6:
    – Just update to V1

  326. NickDagaz

    As you may know, iccid that’s currently used for firmware v41 and v42 was blocked on 01.01.2018. A bit strange that there is still no information about this on your site.
    Also – is there any ETA for the new iccid ?

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