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V55 – New unlock method with STK Menu

We have been working to make a new AIO sim firmware different from the previous ones and this is the first release of this firmware. (17-12-2019)

The unlocking procedure is a little different from the previous versions. After programming AIO card using the dongle and input the correct ICCID and MCC MNC (same as before) when inserting into the phone the card will be from the start in unlock mode so you will be able to activate the phone directly.

After activation successful, the phone will display No Signal (first-time use). To get the signal you can wait for the Settings popup to appear and press Cancel to Reset or go to STK Menu and select R 2G or R 4G (R stands for Reset TIMSI in 2G mode or 4G mode). Usually, R2G is enough. After pressing this R2G menu option the signal if it exists will disappear and the phone will try to acquire again network. Qualcomm basebands will not reset back to Activation Required screen (Intel Basebands will). After you get a full signal the signal will drop suddenly and for Qualcomm Basebands is possible the phone will display No SIM. This is normal and you have to wait about 10-15 seconds for the signal to reappear. We hope this update will support even more sim cards than before but in case it does not we will contact you and try to get the not working sim cards for test purposes. You can press R 2G or R4G any time is required to get back signal. Also, the menu has the Set option (settings that you can input like in the previous updates).


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  1. Ernesto

    My question is, this new update that has just been launched is more stable than the previous ones.


  3. ernesto

    this update is giving problems since the phones start to run out of signal

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