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V48.1 – AIO6 update

Hi, we have just released a new update to AIO6 firmware. It is available for update under V48.1 update.

  • When power on the phone or insert AIO into the phone the phone will ask you to input Settings. If the Settings are already correct (programmed before or setup already) just press Cancel and then you will be asked if you want to Reset. Press the Reset button when the phone displays full signal. After pressing Accept you can continue with the activation and activation will succeed if a correct IMSI ICCID pair is used;
  • Example of settings:
    • 80931041034732347789014104279605338458FFFFFFFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    • As you can see the settings are divided into 4 areas. Only the first 2 areas are required: “80931041034732347789014104279605338458″ The first part (black colo represents the IMSI that you want to spoof (in this case US ATT IMSI (310410347323477) the first 3 characters are always the same – 809)  and the second part represents the ICCID that will be used (starting with 89). The next 2 blocks of FF are: the first block is GID1 (max length 7 bytes) and the second one is GID2 (max length 7  bytes). GID input is not required. If something is wrong (like IMSI does not start with 809 or ICCID does not start with 89, for example, you will be asked to input the Settings again and the Reset message will not be shown;
    • You can always see if the settings are correct if you input the AIO into an unlocked phone and see IMSI and ICCID in General settings area
  • This update supports USIM cards only. (it will still display Invalid SIM for very old sim cards);
  • Each time you power on/off the phone or take out/put back the simcard you will be asked to Reset. You don’t have to do this and can press Cancel. This is to make sure you can get back the signal after the signal is lost.

We look forward for your feedback on V48.1

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9 Responses

  1. ernesto

    upgrade to that version and don’t unlock the iPhone 7 plus

  2. Dfurka

    iphone 8 plus – whatever i do, sim not valid is the outcome.

  3. ernesto

    the data does not work i would say that it is the same with many errors and is not stable

  4. funciona pero sigue saliendo el mensaje reset aun con señal no entoendo como se quita cuando hace llamadas tambien sale

  5. leonardo espindola

    I try in many devices in all ways to program but not work, always not service , please help

  6. Lin

    Hi. You can make a video tutorial explaining the method.

  7. gsm_dan

    hi! I need imsi Sprint/MVNO Locked Policy Country: United States

  8. Den

    The firmware does not work.
    Are there any who have succeeded ? write a simple and simple instruction.

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