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AIO6 update V47 (latest is V47.3)

We have updated to V47.3 – now there should be no more dead AIO. We are sorry for the issues caused and we will replace all necessary cards.

The previous V47 update was reported by many customers to affect the functionality of AIO-SIM and or give a lot of Invalid SIM errors. We have tested much more sim cards with this V47.2. We also added the option to activate the phone even if the sim card used is not active or has no signal. You can use this V47 update in a similar way with V35 or use a USA working ICCID + MCC to unlock any phone. People have reported working ICCID here https://beta.unlockcode.mobi/iccid/ but as we have tested the time until ICCID will not work is really fast.

For any other questions or for replacements (in case you have had problems with your AIO cards) please contact us to sales@aio-sim.com

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We have just released the new V47 update. Using the new update you should be able to activate and use your phones once more. The update has the settings built-in so it will work with any sim card directly.


  1. Update AIO6 with the V47 update (enable checkbox if the update does not appear in the list). If you want you can also enter the ICCID and IMSI manually. IMSI should start with 310100 and ICCID should be the current working ICCID. You don’t need to write original carrier IMSI.
  2. Start the phone, wait until it acquires signal then press Accept on the displayed message. If there is no signal you can wait or press cancel. The popup will display again after about 30 seconds;
  3. After you have pressed accept follow the activation steps and the phone should activate successfully;
  4. Once activated you can select 2G in the menu or LTE. If the phone display LTE or E and data roaming is enabled everything should work find including receiving calls;
  5. If the phone loses signal it will ask you if you want to restart the procedure. If you press Cancel button it will stop asking you this message until the next restart. If you press Accept the process will restart.
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10 Responses

  1. Yura

    Not working!

  2. Dfurka

    Hi Dan! Will there be update for AIO 5 as well? I have quite a lot in stock still. Thank you!

  3. Sergey

    I got error on my iPhone 7. Shows “invalid sim” in the left top corner of screen. Any solutions?

  4. Ernesto

    update V47 shows Sim not Valid

  5. Reseller

    Is this solution working on iPhone 7 from sprint?

  6. Luis

    No funciona simcard invalida

  7. misha

    any update?

  8. ernesto

    I just updated and I don’t recognize the sim card

  9. Ramin

    No sim error

  10. Gantumur

    Hello, i updated aio6 to v47.3
    restart network? i accepted.
    press ok after phone displays full signal then go to settings and select 2G!
    -i accepted. But no network !!!

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