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Do you want to be our official reseller in your country and be listed here ? Email us at sales@aio-sim.com and we can arrange that too !

You can comment on this page too and we will see your comment and reply by email.

7 906 57 00000
7 4862 47 80 80

Mexico, Mercado Libre & Worldwide
www.gruposictec.com, https://www.facebook.com/gruposictecmexico






IRAN & Worldwide
www.gevey.ir , www.persian-gsm.com

mobile : +989351300608

Venezuela, Mercadolibre & Worldwide

Russia, Moscow

Caucasus / Armenia / Yerevan

Syria – Mobitec
Hassan Komera
Cell : 00963-933-242333
Phone: 00963-11-2320545
Stock Available: Yes

Mexico -TelecomServiceMx
Whatsapp: +525524958894

Phone: +380504207909 – Vlad
Phone: +380503402879 – Anton
Email: aiosimua@gmail.com

Website: icase.lg.ua
Kyivstar: +380975922330
MTC: +380952597029
Life:): +380934800188
Email: icaselg@gmail.com
Skype: icase.lg.ua
Vkontakte: vk.com/icaselg

Ukraine/ Odesa

Name: Mihail

Russia / Anton
МТС: +7(986)725-38-95
Email: buhranov-a@yandex.ru
Vkontakte: https://vk.com/rsim_gevey

Ukraine / KYIV


79 Responses

  1. How long does the order into LITHUANIA?

  2. dgsm

    hello. shipping time to Romania ? also shipping taxes by Post Office ? thanks

  3. Russian Reseller

    Hello, is the shipping by registered airmail already included in price?

  4. Draover

    I need buy aio is shippen from mexico, how much¿?

    • Admin

      We also ship to Mexico for free using normal post. If you want you can also pay 25 usd more for DHL,TNT or UPS shipping.

      • Draover

        ok, Im interested agreed cost the send for DHL, how contact you, thanks you

        • Admin

          You can directly order DHL by selecting the “UPGRADE TO FAST SHIPPING” product in the buy section. Also we can ship from USA by USPS if it’s better for you (no need to add DHL in this case).

  5. Russian Reseller

    What countries are selling locked iPhone 5?

  6. Russian Reseller

    Make video, please – how to insert and to use.

  7. yury

    Hello, and how much time DHL shipping to Sweden?

  8. yury

    whether AIO5 work with operators in Sweden?

  9. Russian Reseller

    Telenor can or cannot / as it has booth GSM and CDMA and 3 won’t work.

    What is important – operator to use, or operator, on which iphone 5 is locked?

    • Admin

      Once the cards i have shipped to the customer will be there we will have a clear image of what is working and what is not working. So using an AT&T phone on 3 Sweeden won’t work. Using an AT&T phone with a Telenor CDMA simcard won’t work but will work with a Telenor GSM-3G simcard (they have booth types of simcards available, prepays i think are GSM only).

  10. Russian Reseller

    Working with gsm-simcards, and not working with Usim for 3G/4G? In rissia both 3G and 4G working with Usim, and 3G is working with SIM and Usim.

  11. yury

    Hi, tell me please, what is the way to become your reseller?

  12. Hello There! How can i be a reseller? Big Thanks from Hungary

  13. roger

    Hi, i want to know how can.be your reseller for mexico and america latin zone, please specify prices starting.from 50 pieces to 100 and so on + dongle

    Thanks a lot

  14. rogerboogie

    hello there i want to be your reseller in mexico and possible latin american market, in past i used gvaio before stop selling, but i see the product still alive and kicking , nice to know it

    please send me details about resseler prices for iphone 4s and iphone 5 gevey aio, starting from 50 pieces and dongle to my mail and the way we have to order and pay, if you have directly links to buy using paypall please let me know

    thanks for come back and good news

  15. Zahid ALi

    Its second time.. I am asking for dealership

    plz send me details

  16. Multi-SIM.Ru

    Admin, We’re glad to continue this good business with you!

  17. Fahad

    I am waiting for your answer sir …

    Let me know asap

  18. Thanks for iPhone 5 video!

  19. Hello There! How can i be a reseller?

  20. PAVEL

    Why you always delet my messege?

    • Admin

      Hi Pavel, we never deleted any message of users on this website. I see this is your first comment here (and this is why it needed approval from us) so i am sure we never deleted your messages here. Best regards!

  21. Fahad

    I am waiting admin .. I wrote you the email several times .. Please reply me so we can start


  22. ablmix

    I want to be reseller..Can you help me

  23. Fahad

    I emailed you again.I am waiting for you’re reply .Thanks

  24. Fahad

    it’s the third time i am asking for the details for reseller . Please email me and if possible please can i have your number so i can talk to you and sort out the problem.

    waiting please

  25. ernesto perez

    hi, knowledge aio-sim and I think an excellent product, works 100, I distribute in mexico, please send to my mail wholesale prices, thanks

  26. Mob

    hii i want dhl express chip to tunisia , how to get it ?

  27. ernesto perez

    hello, delivery time for mexico by DHL.

  28. ernesto perez

    Hi, I ordered on January 27 I sent an answer on my mail shipping thanks

  29. PANICOS778

    Hello There! How can i be a reseller? Big Thanks from CYPRUS

  30. ernesto perez

    Help my aio-sim
    how to activate

  31. gdmc46

    Please help me
    for an iphone 4s coded on T-mobile Germany what kind of settings must be made or may be not work with the new sim of sfr france I have 5 gvaio all in one I found the settings for a sfr france sim 8 years old but with the new sim does not work (the old sim card broke) How do I make the difference between sim and usim

  32. rogerboogie

    hi , iam you reseller in mexico, telecomservice , i want to cooperate with updates for iphone 5 cause the versions avalible have to much problems with simcard compatibility

    specific telcel to iusacell
    iphone 5 from telcel is nopt compatible with iusacell and unefon cards, when i insert the sim , sim error apears, i have tested a lot of delays and all the version available

    i want to make beta test using same version as we used for iphone 4s
    ver 24, since the unlock exploit used is the same
    this version 24 seems to be the most compatible one , can you send me special beta version of the updater program to make a test with it and report

    this problem have to be solved as soon as possible cause here in mexico the market priority is to change telcel phones to iusacell

    please contact me via mail and we can make this test, i have phone in hand and aio5 for test

  33. hello i want to buy 20pcs aio iphone 5 , shipping to Latvia , there can i buy it?, why ebay seleers don’t work

    • Admin

      We had problems with ebay because of some iPhone cables we wore selling … so you can only buy from here for the moment.

  34. Rockye

    Hello…Did you selling Iphone 5 and 4S…Im From Malaysia….Can I know the price for both of this phone…the unlock phone…thanks..


    hola me gustaria ser reseller en la ciudad de cancun qroo. mexico
    me gustaria la informacion completa para empezar hoy mismo.
    gracias espero noticias suyas lo mas pronto posible.

    • rogerboogie

      Hola julio si te interesa yo puedo venderte el producto que requieras y enviártelo , los envíos tardan 24hrs , yo soy reseller oficial en México y puedo surtir tu stock , saludos

  36. Alex

    FREE Hong Kong Post shipping to Ukraine with tracking number?


  37. pcastillo

    do you respond the emails?

  38. Fahad

    Please let me know the requirements to be a reseller. I like your product and there is a growing demand. Let me know by email

    – Fahad

  39. pcastillo

    I sent you 4 emails about what do i need to be a reseller.


  40. Rav

    do u have any reseller in india??? or anyone who can ship to india at resonable prices?? conatact me or mail me ..thx

  41. buanerges

    iphone 5c sprint LTE iOS 7.1.1 IS GOOD AND FAST
    [info] description: V24 – AIO5 5S5C and Sprint 05.11 Use normal IMSI as you would use normally!
    Sprint 5C/5S settings are IMSI:310120 GID2:00 leave MNC length is 3 checked by default, other settings default.9
    [info] settings version: 1
    [sett] Country: US
    Network: Sprint LTE
    IMSI: 310120
    ICCID: No specific requirement
    GID1: No specific requirement
    Notes: iPhone 5 comaptible
    [info] [COM3] checking …
    [info] ATR size:15
    [info] AIO 5 SN: 846DB328 detected
    [info] AIO is in NORMAL mode
    [sett] input IMSI: 310120347359229
    [sett] raw IMSI size:6 data:39 01 21 30 74 53 29 92
    [sett] input ICCID: 89014103243473592290
    [sett] raw ICCID size:0 data:98 10 14 30 42 43 37 95 22 09
    [sett] raw GID1 size:0 data:FF FF FF FF FF FF FF
    [sett] raw GID2 size:1 data:01 FF FF FF FF FF FF
    [sett] raw forcesim = 01
    [sett] raw delay = 25
    [sett] raw speed = FF
    [sett] raw mnclength = 03
    [info] AIO SN: 0x846DB328
    [serv] 8 FREE updates remaining for your AIO5
    [serv] update size 11660
    [done] update complete.
    [info] Writing settings V1
    [sett] settings area size 29
    [done] settings.

  42. Wojtek

    Dan !
    Please contact me about the order of AIO4 and AIO5. I sent email twice, but no reply 🙁

  43. Shaun

    I ordered the aio sim for my iphone 5s and have not recieved it yet . I would like to know whats the problem.

  44. Alexander

    Hello There! How can i be a reseller? Big Thanks from Belarus

  45. Pablo

    I have written to him for several days and they do not answer me, I need to buy many cards, please reply, do not answer me to the mail

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