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For the last 10 years our team has worked in GSM field having released many successful products. Universal-SIM and now GVAIO ( ALL IN ONE ) UPDATABLE are just few examples in a long list.

GVAIO UPDATABLE is the only solution in the market that reunites the iPhone 4S unlock SIM under the same hardware. You can choose witch version you want to use, update your sim and you are done, enjoy an unlocked iPhone 4S.

GVAIO SIM Is the only sim you need to unlock your iPhone 4S,  and use it on any network of your choice.  GVAIO has been extensively tested to work with the majority of simcards on the market so rest assure your simcard is one of them as we base this testing upon years of experience.

GVAIO SIM Works with the latest iPhone 4S either non jailbreaked and jailbreaked variant as the latest jailbreak slows down the phone and we have develped a special version for this situation.

GVAIO Features
  • proven hardware with the best possible communication design;
  • proven IC – F300 used in all the Universal-SIM products over the years;
  • fully software updatable, with easy to use interface;
  • timely updates, tested by our professional team;
  • cheap price, the only really affordable solution on the market;
  • and not the last thing … the FASTEST solution in the market capable to sustain 3G data download ! WOW ! Did you ever wonder why your iPhone 4 is slow when using other iPhone 4 unlock sims ? If so then you need to change to GVAIO updatable !

For more informations please visit our forum section here.

29 Responses

  1. Good day, yesterday I bought GVAIO from your site via paypal. My Transaction ID #3HE27099HV706060A.
    When you will proceed my order and give me tracking number ?

    • Admin

      We ship all packages from one day the next day so yours is already shipped. I just checked it right now and it’s ok.

  2. tinny

    how can i get the SN FOR AIO SIM??

  3. user

    dear seller I’m interested for 10 x Sim with dongle for iphone 5! This solution work with 3g Sim cards? i have rsim 7 but with 3g cards don’t work at all falwok don’t work, quick sim don’t work

  4. user

    im from Macedonia how much coast shipping fees *priority mail with tracking num?

  5. user

    any solution?

  6. rtth

    hy, telekom (DE), is T-Mobile Default, or just T-Mobile? Thank you

    • Admin

      T-Mobile Default and T-Mobile i see it’s the same thing… i will delete one not to create confudion anymore.
      You have 2 possible settings:
      IMSI: 262012044110456
      ICCID: 89490240001547920392
      GID1: 20
      another one:
      IMSI: 262012830169393
      ICCID: 89490200000534066399
      GID1: 71

  7. Tony

    All i see is 4s and iphone 5. I bought this under the assumption that it will also work on iphone 4.Is that why im having trouble?

  8. Harry

    I would like to become a reseller in jamaica and be listed in your site what’s the procedure and do you ship by Dhl to jamaica

  9. svedrus

    Any idea where i can registered my name to simply add some questions or comments on the AIO 5 Forum?
    Sorry don’t see any registration button…. i hope this is not by “invitation only”
    Will double check again – but all seems a little strange, especially product support of AiO 5

  10. Eduardo Faria

    Is possible unlock one iphone 5 with PT (Portugal) carrier with aio 5?

  11. humbedj

    need western union details for make an payment .. contact me private

  12. Jorge Barrio

    Hello! Where is my order? Paid but not shipped

  13. Waqas

    Does it unlock sprint 5c?

  14. MsYamamoto

    May I know if AIO for iPhone 4s has ios 7.0.6 update?

  15. Andrey

    You can find out you sent my order?

  16. Andrey

    you sent my order? Transaction ID 5VW81959RG683041F. Please give me tracking number.

  17. HELLO i need link for dowmload sofware update

  18. Ruslan

    Hello. Could you please share with some updates of how it is going on with an update for Gevey after 20.07.2019 ICCID turned off?

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