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32 Responses

  1. mzoooon

    I baught my Iphone 4 s from sprint in U.S.A and I would like unlock it to use it in my countru ( Saudi Arabia ) with aljawal -stc- network

    Does it work ?

  2. mzoooon

    I am gonna buy from your official web site because I couldn’t buy it from eBay

  3. mzoooon

    I would like to know where is my shipment because I didn’t receive any update . I just got the bill !

    My order was

    GV AIO/GVAIO/AIO SIM 4S ONE iPhone 4S unlock SIM (iOS 6.0.1 ready)

  4. L

    How to contact with , sonork, mail???

  5. amaan

    i haven’t usb dongle can i use any sim reader for update aio

    • Admin

      Some readers will work but some will not. The reader must be serial reader with it’s clock spped of 3.somethings Megahertz. ISO readers won’t work.

  6. amaan

    please upload video tutorial for iPhone 4s phone setting

  7. Paulino

    I order and pay the last monday, i need to said when i recibe my order, I´m hurry, plesa let me know

  8. Mykhailo Shpakov

    how to change to a different shipping-address (USA address)?
    or cancel the transaction for new purchase.

  9. buanerges

    paypal Unique Transaction ID #7NF63572UF684243X)

    good morning, I made a purchase from your store, but the address is not correct,

    409 Palm Ave. B38 Imperial Beach, CA 91932 US
    Imperial Beach, Tabasco 89000

    The correct address is:

    cesario castro 311-a
    aguascalientes, Aguascalientes 20287

    Unique Transaction ID #7NF63572UF684243X)

  10. Pavel

    hi.Aio 5 can to unlock Iphone 5s Sprint?

  11. AndrewStone

    How fast shipping is to Latvia??

  12. willie


    I’m currently using the AIO sim for iphone 4s ios 6.0.1.

    I would like to update to ios 7. how can i do that? can someone teach me?

  13. Evgeniy

    Hello ! Where i can buy aio-sim in HK ?

  14. Giovanni

    Will it work for iphone 5 sprint blacklisted ios 8.x

  15. Miles Saulters

    Hi i have a Sprint Iphone 5c would it work for mine?

  16. Andrey

    you sent my order? Transaction ID 5VW81959RG683041F. Please give me tracking number.

  17. Hi There
    I am wondering if you prducing the shipping service aa free ?
    If not please sent a shipping to Saudi Arabia, and how long time it nearlly takes.
    Thank you,,,

  18. Hi i have iphone x , locked on sprint USA will you chip card will work and I would like to buy one thanks

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