V55 – New unlock method with STK Menu

We have been working to make a new AIO sim firmware different from the previous ones and this is the first release of this firmware. (17-12-2019)

The unlocking procedure is a little different from the previous versions. After programming AIO card using the dongle and input the correct ICCID and MCC MNC (same as before) when inserting into the phone the card will be from the start in unlock mode so you will be able to activate the phone directly.

After activation successful, the phone will display No Signal (first-time use). To get the signal you can wait for the Settings popup to appear and press Cancel to Reset or go to STK Menu and select R 2G or R 4G (R stands for Reset TIMSI in 2G mode or 4G mode). Usually, R2G is enough. After pressing this R2G menu option the signal if it exists will disappear and the phone will try to acquire again network. Qualcomm basebands will not reset back to Activation Required screen (Intel Basebands will). After you get a full signal the signal will drop suddenly and for Qualcomm Basebands is possible the phone will display No SIM. This is normal and you have to wait about 10-15 seconds for the signal to reappear. We hope this update will support even more sim cards than before but in case it does not we will contact you and try to get the not working sim cards for test purposes. You can press R 2G or R4G any time is required to get back signal. Also, the menu has the Set option (settings that you can input like in the previous updates).


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V50 V51.0 V51.1 – AIO6 Test Update USIM

Because V50 and V51 are test versions that are subject to change we are not sure if it is working for your phone/sim card pair. If you would like to test them then please do and give us feedback. We decided to hurry in the release of these updates even if not final versions because testing in private is very slow and time-consuming. We are sorry if these updates will not work for you but we appreciate your help.

The update V50 is based on older updates that work with MCC MNC TMSI unlock method. The purpose of this update is to get 2G signal then reset to unlock mode. The update still supports settings edit like previous updates but will only display the settings input after reset in unlock mode.

The Settings input message has 3 ways you can interact with:

  • Pressing Cancel will, in fact, cancel the unlock process and will reset the phone to start again. This is useful once the phone loses signal or if it does not acquire a signal from the beginning
  • Pressing Back button will allow you do continue even if no signal without restarting unlock
  • Applying  settings works like in previous updates.

Once the phone is in unlocked mode you can go to the menu and select 2G if the phone supports this option in the Carrier Menu.

For phones that only support LTE enabled or disable LTE should be enabled. This will work but not with all sim cards (some sim cards after failing to register 4G will revert back to 2G mode even if LTE is selected). You need to wait 1-2 minutes after the phone is unlocked to see if the signal is regained or not. (you can do so by waiting in the Settings menu (no need to press Back or Cancel). If the signal is lost completely and some time has passed you can press Cancel and restart. We have tested this update with more sim cards than in previous updates so Invalid SIM errors should not appear. If they do, please contact us.

V51.0 will also enable the registration in 4G. This depends on the Carrier settings selected in the phone settings. Some sim cards will enable the use of 4G but this depends on the phone model and network.

V51.1 will work more closely to the previous V32 update.

For all updates, the Settings menu buttons have the same functions.

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V49 – AIO6 update

We have released V49 update for AIO6. This update is based on V32 and V48.1.

As for V32, V49 will start the unlock process automatically when detects phones that do not support the menu like new iOS 13. As V48.1 this update still supports settings input. To program the ICCID and or IMSI/GID1/GID2 please use the AIO Dongle or insert the AIO together with your sim card in an unlocked phone (in iOS >=13). This way the AIO can display the settings input window and you can input the settings in the same way as V48.1 After you have programmed the settings, when you are asked to reset, if you use another phone you can press the <- BACK button after you have applied the settings.

V49 update displays mostly the settings menu. To ignore if correct settings are already programmed just press <- Back button on your phone. This is displayed also in case the phone loses signal so you can reboot the process. To continue and reboot the phone press CANCEL and don’t input any settings. Also, in V49 pressing the Cancel button will reset the card working more and will start the unlock process.
In phones higher than iOS 13 the phone will not display the reset message but when this is detected will automatically reset to unlock mode. You can try to activate the phone after you see the signal dropping or ICCID change (for >iOS 13+). If the ICCID and or IMSI/GID1/GID2 are incorrect the phone will not activate and it will restart the process.

Because the AIO has to detect the iOS type of the phone and act accordingly unlocking is a little slower (it will take about 60 seconds to get the settings screen or automatically reboot and about 30 seconds in other cases.)

If not programmed with custom ICCID and IMSI or GID1/2 this update will try to use the default one as programmed using the Update software (AT&T ICCID + IMSI) for activation purposes. (The default ICCID/MCC is the ICCID/MCC used when updating AIO cards so please use the appropriate valid ICCID/MCC for AT&T in AIO Update software in case you want to activate in this way!!).

So you can program the card in 2 ways:

  1. Input this into an unlocked phone: 80931041034732347789014104279605338458FFFFFFFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  2. or you can write the ICCID: 89014104279605338458 and IMSI: 310410347359229 in the software when updating and or writing settings.

This update has been tested with 4G simcards so it might act differently with other types of simcards. Please post here the feedback you have regarding this update usage in your country.

In case after activation, the phone will lose signal you can try to disable fast LTE after you can enter the phone menu to force the phone stay registered in 2G. Usually, you must start with the phone in 2G or 4G (not 3G).

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V48.1 – AIO6 update

Hi, we have just released a new update to AIO6 firmware. It is available for update under V48.1 update.

  • When power on the phone or insert AIO into the phone the phone will ask you to input Settings. If the Settings are already correct (programmed before or setup already) just press Cancel and then you will be asked if you want to Reset. Press the Reset button when the phone displays full signal. After pressing Accept you can continue with the activation and activation will succeed if a correct IMSI ICCID pair is used;
  • Example of settings:
    • 80931041034732347789014104279605338458FFFFFFFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    • As you can see the settings are divided into 4 areas. Only the first 2 areas are required: “80931041034732347789014104279605338458″ The first part (black colo represents the IMSI that you want to spoof (in this case US ATT IMSI (310410347323477) the first 3 characters are always the same – 809)  and the second part represents the ICCID that will be used (starting with 89). The next 2 blocks of FF are: the first block is GID1 (max length 7 bytes) and the second one is GID2 (max length 7  bytes). GID input is not required. If something is wrong (like IMSI does not start with 809 or ICCID does not start with 89, for example, you will be asked to input the Settings again and the Reset message will not be shown;
    • You can always see if the settings are correct if you input the AIO into an unlocked phone and see IMSI and ICCID in General settings area
  • This update supports USIM cards only. (it will still display Invalid SIM for very old sim cards);
  • Each time you power on/off the phone or take out/put back the simcard you will be asked to Reset. You don’t have to do this and can press Cancel. This is to make sure you can get back the signal after the signal is lost.

We look forward for your feedback on V48.1

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AIO6 update V47 (latest is V47.3)

We have updated to V47.3 – now there should be no more dead AIO. We are sorry for the issues caused and we will replace all necessary cards.

The previous V47 update was reported by many customers to affect the functionality of AIO-SIM and or give a lot of Invalid SIM errors. We have tested much more sim cards with this V47.2. We also added the option to activate the phone even if the sim card used is not active or has no signal. You can use this V47 update in a similar way with V35 or use a USA working ICCID + MCC to unlock any phone. People have reported working ICCID here but as we have tested the time until ICCID will not work is really fast.

For any other questions or for replacements (in case you have had problems with your AIO cards) please contact us to

Previous post:

We have just released the new V47 update. Using the new update you should be able to activate and use your phones once more. The update has the settings built-in so it will work with any sim card directly.


  1. Update AIO6 with the V47 update (enable checkbox if the update does not appear in the list). If you want you can also enter the ICCID and IMSI manually. IMSI should start with 310100 and ICCID should be the current working ICCID. You don’t need to write original carrier IMSI.
  2. Start the phone, wait until it acquires signal then press Accept on the displayed message. If there is no signal you can wait or press cancel. The popup will display again after about 30 seconds;
  3. After you have pressed accept follow the activation steps and the phone should activate successfully;
  4. Once activated you can select 2G in the menu or LTE. If the phone display LTE or E and data roaming is enabled everything should work find including receiving calls;
  5. If the phone loses signal it will ask you if you want to restart the procedure. If you press Cancel button it will stop asking you this message until the next restart. If you press Accept the process will restart.
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About the ICCID unlock method

Recently the ICCID unlock method gives Activation Errors. As we know this happens everywhere except the USA where AIO-SIM are used successfully. We are working on a solution to this issue and we will update the available AIO-SIM firmware once we have it.

The error is due to changes in the activation process and is still possible it will start working once more as this is not a SIM invalid error but really an activation error. Normally if the sim is not supported the user should see SIM Invalid. Also is possible that this will be solved once the new 12.3.2 is released for other models except iPhone 8. In any case we already started working to find alternative solutions.

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2019.06.20 – AIO6 stock is back to normal

Hi,  AIO6 stocks is back to normal so orders should be fulfilled immediately by our team. Thank you!

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AIO6 new updates – 2018.03.23 – new pack of ICCID’s available

Update 2018.03.23 – A new pack of 32 ICCID is available now for use with AIO-SIM. I will post them in Downloads section even they are already leaked on some forums. As announced earlier until the current stock is finished we will ship to customers yellow color AIO6. You can read below also for more information. Please use Downloads section password to get them.

About yellow color AIO6 cards! The last stock of AIO6 we have made have yellow color FPC. The cards are 100% identical with AIO6 black cards (they use same IC, same manufacturing process, same programming process). They also have unique serial numbers and can be updated in the same way as black AIO6. The only difference is the FPC material color. I understand some customers are confused about this change of color but because the cards wore already manufactured and IC soldered we could not change the FPC back to black. Sorry for the inconveniences caused!

Update 2018.03.05: New ICCID ( 89014103279529155393 ) is available and working as of now. Our AIO Update software corrects the last digit of the ICCID to the correct one but in this case won’t apply this ICCID correctly. We have released V2.3 in Downloads section to solve this issue. V1D is the latest version that included this latest working ICCID. You can still use the USSD codes to update the ICCID in AIO directly.

Update 2018.01.28: 4G+ ICCID is available again. We will update soon to be included automatically in updates. You can update your cards also manually with: 89014103278683949559

Update 2018.01.13: We have updated the software with V1B, this works much better and stable for old SIM cards and also new ones!

Update 2018.01.06: 4G+ is working again from today using ICCID: 8901000000000000001F We have updated all AIO4, AIO6, and AIO6 to support the new ICCID. 

Update 2017.12.14: 4G+ working again, just update your cards and you are done!

Update 2017.12.06: As you already know the 4G+ update stopped working. It might be possible to find another ICCID that is working soon but we can’t know for sure. Updates V1 and V1B (iPhone 8) support ICCID customization, so once a new ICCID is found you can just write the correct ICCID in that field. We will work also to make the old updates compatible with other countries where they did not work until now. Also for 6s and 6sp we have update V10 that can be used and will provide a perfect 4G unlock.

Update 2017.11.29: We have added 4G+ for AIO5. You can now update your remaining AIO5 with the latest 4G+ update. Because of stock problems and too many shipping requests we have also increased the price for AIO6, less than 50 pcs packs. We try to support our customers as good as we can but we also have limited human resources so please understand us if we can’t respond in time to your requests. Shipping is done on time, so even if we don’t respond you should know that your parcel is being taken care of in a timely manner. Also VERY IMPORTANT: We DON’T ACCEPT REFUNDS ANYMORE if new unlocking method stops working, so please order only the quantity you need and don’t keep stocks! We will do our best to provide you a new one but we can’t continue our projects if we need to refund and then again sell the products.

Update 2017.11.19: 4G+ working once more! We have been tested for some time now the V1 with editable ICCID and today we have changed the V1 on the server to support the latest 4G+ unlock solution similar to the previous 4G+ solution. As before we can’t guarantee how long time this will be available so please take this into consideration if you plan to order big quantities of AIO6 and keep stock. We have tested it with 7, 7p, 6s, 6 and all models and sim cards working fine now (including NFC cards). So you can just update to V1 (no settings required) and you are done!

Update 2017.11.17: We have added a new version V10 to the update server. This version supports booth USIM and SIM cards (not CSIM/CDMA cards) and is specially designed for 6s and 6sp models. Unlock should be direct and complete. This version is only working on this models as far as we have tested. IMSI/ICCID/GID1/2 should be programmed as before (for example 310120  GID 2 A2 for Sprint). We will try to update today also V32 /34/35 to remove also the previous SIM Failure with some sim cards.

Update 2017.10.24: We have updated the AIO456 update software to V2.2. This version solves more AIO communication issues and includes an update network list with MVNO’s. It is in general better to use MVNO’s settings rather than default network settings (for Sprint for example). Password for Downloads section is the same: TakeMeToDownloads. Also, we have added V34 for AIO6 on our update servers. This version is similar in function with V32 but comes with what we think is a very important improvement. Algorithms for 3G and 4G are treated separately now so the stability should be much better than V32 at least in our test was better. This is still a USIM card update because SIM cards do not support 4G network authentication. We will try to expand this update to SIM also. We have been requested also to make a 2 in 1 (SIM + USIM) update but I am afraid that is technically not possible plus we are sure that mixing protocols in the same card will bring a lot of errors from the user’s point of view.

About V34 / V32:  supports only USIM cards. To force reset (if phone loses signal) you need to press *5005*7672*8#. If the phone does not automatically reset when 4G or 3G signal is found you can still call fast 112. This will force the phone to update the stored network authentication data. Most of the time calling 112 would not be required.

Using SIM cards with this update will result in Invalid SIM error.

If phone signal is not found this update will not auto enter unlock mode. You will need to press *5005*7672*7# to enter in unlock mode. Then you can activate the device and enable 4G if required. After activation you can retry to get valid singal with incomming calls by pressing *5005*7672*8#

Update 2017.10.19: We have updated the AIO456 update software to v2.1 (please download from Downloads section using password TakeMeToDownloads.
This update should solve many bugs our customers reported like can’t apply settings to AIO6 updates or failed updates. Also, this update has a working Read Simcard function (check Card tab). Using this function you can do a complete readout of a sim card and in case you have issues using it with AIO6 you can send this data to us to check.
Also as you already see there is a V6 update on the server already for few days. This is working ONLY for 4G or 2G sim cards. If you are using 3G sim cards or 3G enabled network then this update will mostly give you activation capabilities (no incoming calls).
We also plan to release soon a limited iPhone 6s,6sp, SE update.

Update 2017.10.12: Because we have been repeatedly asked to release faster we are releasing today another update V5 TMSI B1. This is still a beta update and tomorrow we will test it further with more sim cards and phones. So better please wait  until we have finished testing (this should happen in 1 days)

V5 – 4G TMSI B1
1. program AIO6 with the appropriate settings (usually IMSI, and sometimes ICCID and GID1/2)
2. insert into phone, phone will go to activation screen (is better if the phone is allready activated prior to this)
3. when you get full signal wait about 30 seconds (the card data will finish loading) – to get good and stable 4G signal you also try to call 112 and hang up 1-2 times. (4G MUST be enabled in the menu !) It might not work if you only get 3G signal. Make sure to disable WIFI also !
4. press *5005*7672*5# (this is the change mode to unlock mode command)
5. power off the phone
6. start the phone, and after restart phone should aquire 4G signal
7. if signal is lost you neeed to repeat the procedure from number 2. To go back to activation mode press *5005*7672*6# and restart the phone

In our tests for an iPhone 6 locked on Sprint the procedure was a little different:

1. insert into phone, wait for activation screen or press *5005*7672*6# and reinsert the card to go to activation screen;
2. wait 4G signal, press *5005*7672*5#
3. call 112, wait for call connecting (this is troublesome for countries in witch 112 calls directly to a service center)
4. remove the simcard and put back again;
5. now you can activate (press Next) and the phone will go to the main menu. No service will be displayed but in fact you can send and receive calls.

Update 2017.10.10:  We have uploaded V4 update for AIO6. Should be more stable than the previous V3. Also, we ask customers that complain cannot wite settings to V3 update to report if using V4 is working. Sprint phones are still not supported yet for V4 update. We also have a communication issue with Whatsapp. China has permanently blocked its use so please contact us by email and we will provide you with iMessage details (for iPhone users). Alternatively, you can ask us for WeChat (Chinese messenger ID and we can communicate using it). We are preparing the release of another update (TMSI update soon).

Update 2017.10.08: We have started to test the next update V3. This update is based on the concept of V7 update for AIO5 but we tried to make sure the phone will acquire 2G signal. This update will allow only 2G and if available EDGE data. For this, you will need to update your card to V3 and select the appropriate settings into the update software. To make it easier to find network data we have added a list of all known operators in the software. You can enter the downloads section using password “TakeMeToDownloads”

Update 2017.10.06: as you already know the activation servers have been patched so the 4G solution is not working anymore with AIO and other sim unlock products in the market.
Many customers asked us to add the AIO5 updates V7, 28, 32 as updates for AIO6. We will do this but we want first to check if there are other ways to unlock except the known methods. Unlike many cards in the market today AIO6 is still updatable and we promise our customers we will update them when we will have a good working update. Because there are so many customers contacting us these days is a little hard to reply to all of them so please have patience when contacting us. We can’t promise a deadline for the update or if will be more than old updates (2G and TIMSI) solutions. Anyway, I think you already know from AIO5 that we did keep our promise and updated AIO cards with the 4G+ update a few months ago so we will continue to do the same with AIO6 moving on.

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AIO SIM AIO6 prices decrease !

Because of the market conditions we have decided to decrease our AIO6 prices so that our customers can easily compete with the market of Chinese sim products. We have just updated the new prices. The decrease regards quantities for orders of more than 10 sets (100 pcs). Also for the customers that bought more than 10 sets sim cards in the last month, we have decided to offer them for free 20% more cards corresponding the quantity they bought from us in the last month. This free 20% cards will be shipped only together with a new order, ordered at the new prices.  Please contact us to be sure about the final quantity of new orders!

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E-Knife (Electronics Knife) 8 in 1 Toolkit

Published on July 4, 2017 by in

E-Knife 8 in 1 Toolkit is specially designed for CPU & BGA chip removal and glue cleaning. It’s makes it a unique and required tool in every professional mobile phone repair center !

Price includes Hong Kong Post free shipping!

Specifications :

  • Stainless steel with high carbon content
  • High temperature resistant characteristics
  • High elasticity and safety bolster for perfect stability to control
  • Thickness is 0.08 – 0.12 mm,Dimensions range 21 * 6  –  34 * 14 mm
  • Compatible for Apple iPhone / iPad and Samsung mobile phone and all others
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