About iRose patch for iOS 7.1

Published on April 7, 2014 by in Uncategorized

As some customer of us pointed out some of you do not know that an working iRose for iOS 7.1 it is available for free. In fact there are many solutions available for free so we did not see an immediate need to make another update.

Our friend and distributor from Romania allowed us to post this link here (load using your iPhone browser)

You can also visit his website at


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About iOS 7.1

Published on March 11, 2014 by in News, Updates

Apple has released iOS 7.1. Some of our customers complained about the fact that this updates breaks AIO unlocking procedure. Until we personally test all the models involved in iOS 7.1 update we advise all customer to refrain the update to the new OS. We will keep you posted here about the results.


  • iPhone 4S AT&T (GSM models) are still working with iOS 7.1 Update with V28 or newer versions, tested by us
  • iPhone 5S (GSM models) not working reported by some of our distributors – we will also check soon
  • iPhone 5 (GSM models) are still working with iOS 7.1 as reported by 
  • we have partial success with iPhone 5s with out internal test device so we have chances that will work also on iPhone 5S with an new update
  • 2014.03.18 – Indeed we had success with our China Telecom iPhone 5s because this is among the few 5s/5c phones still working. We have worked for few days now and seems Apple has blocked the bugs of 5s and 5c phones (at least for all GSM models – most of them). So the only working iPhone 5s and 5s are the ones from KDDI and China Telecom and probably some more phones from networks that have roaming agreements with Vodafone NL outside their home area and that support multi-mode simcards.
  • We will release some updates soon but this are not planned to solve 5s and 5c issues because there is not much to test (we bought all the required phones ourselves). The updates with be for 4s with new simcards as requested by some of our users and functional updates to the update software.


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Cheaper price for AIO 5

We have decided to make AIO 5 cheaper for our customers as we already got back our development costs and we are on profit for few months already. The new prices per (10 pcs AIO in pack) are as follows:

5 w/o Dongle 1+63 USD;2+58 USD;3+53USD;5+47USD;10+40USD;20+38USD;
5 w Dongle 1+69USD;2+61USD;3+57USD;5+50USD;10+43USD;20+40USD;

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Patch for iOS 7 – 5,5S,5C for 3G simcards that do not aquire signal with AIO

Published on February 20, 2014 by in How to, News

Some customers of us told us that the iRose method for patching their phones to use 3G cards with AIO is not working anymore.

We have decided to upload a patch that can be used for this purpose in our Cydia Repo frankerebus mirror.

Cydia Repo URL:

Install this Repo using Cydia and select the iOS 7 5 5S 5C Patch from the list and you will have full signal.

Of course only 2G data (EDGE/GPRS) will work.

P.S. You can also use the CommCenterPatch from the Repo if you need to patch your phone with Custom Carrier Bundles.


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Extra 5 pcs tray pack for 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6P

Published on November 19, 2013 by in

The extra tray packs we sell are compatible with AIO 5/AIO4

Trays are sold only to existing AIO-SIM customers and are shipped together with an order containing an AIO product.

Please don’t buy only trays and expect free shipping as shipping is not included in this product price. We will refund the money in this case.

The packs have codes printed as follows, please use this codes when ordering manually

5/5s/6/6P/6S/7 trays are ORGINAL and CUT BY CNC MACHINE so it will fit perfectly.

5C GREEN = 5CTG / 5C WHITE = 5CTW / 5C PINK = 5CTP / 5C YELLOW = 5CTY / 5S SPACE GRAY = 5STS / 5S GOLD = 5STO / 5 WHITE = 5TW / 5 BLUE = 5TB / 4S SILVER = 4STS / 6 SPACE GRAY = 6TG / 6 SILVER = 6TS / 6 GOLD = 6TO / 6P SPACE GRAY = 6PTG / 6P SILVER = 6PTS / 6P GOLD = 6PTO, same naming scheme applies for 6S and 7 trays.

7 Plus trays are compatible with 6S trays (6S, 6S Plus, 7 Plus).

7 trays are different trays and not compatible with other models.

Trays are included in AIO PACKET PRICES ! So use this option to select the appropriate trays you need. Trays are subject to availability. (We will contact you before shipping if we don’t have on stock your required tray color)

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Shopping cart problems solved

Published on October 2, 2013 by in News

Hi,  for the last 2 days there wore some problems with the shopping cart that we have just found out and solved. Sorry for the inconveniences caused and thanks for the customer that let us know about this.

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iPhone 5 patches for Sprint and some other CDMA networks

Published on October 1, 2013 by in News, Updates

Hi,  we have been working last few days at solving the patch problems for iOS 7 Sprint and other CDMA carriers. Apple changed the security of their bundles and once your bundle reaches 15.0 there is no way to upload older bundles or other patched files. We will still continue to research this problem but for the time being no update is planned. Evaders team tweeted some time ago that they will release a jailbreak during the next few months and this is for the moment our only option on getting SMS/MMS/3G working on Sprint phones. Sorry to bring you this news but we feel that is important to keep you informed of our current progress.

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iPhone 5C and 5S are now supported by AIO 5

Published on September 29, 2013 by in News, Updates

We are pleased to announce that we can confirm that iPhone 5C and 5S models are now supported by our AIO 5


Because the sim trays of iPhone 5S and 5C are similar with iPhone 5 and there is no need for a hardware update of our AIO to work with this phones we decided to release the unlock for iPhone 5s and 5C as an update for existing and future AIO 5 customers.

The updates are in first stages and you could have some difficulties on some networks but this is something we will solve together to make AIO 5 the best product on the market for iPhone 5 /5C/5S unlocking.

There are 2 updates available, one for iPhone 5s and one for iPhone 5c. The updates are similar in functions and sometimes you can use the 5c update to unlock 5s but there are some internal differences so we recommend you to use the specific update according to your iPhone model.


We give this updates for FREE for all our existing customers. Because of an increase in price of the aluminium sim trays (the new ones we are shipping are originals trays custom machine drilled for AIO) and an increase of the development cost for the new iPhones (we had to buy already 4 phones for testing)  and also because we have a lot of bad AIO in the testing stages of our production we have decided to make a small adjustment of price for our AIO 5 products. The price increase is only of 0.3 USD/ pcs witch translates into the new prices per packs of ten: 1+69 USD / 2+63 USD / 3+57 USD / 5+50 USD / 10+43 USD / 20+40 USD, the prices including programming dongle will be updated accordingly. (OBS. Price for only 10 pcs/1pack has increased more than 0.3 USD/pcs also because of higher handling and shipping costs).


Update you AIO 5 using our online update software with the required version and program the correct settings (settings are similar with iPhone 5). Firmware Version 5 is for 5C and Firmware Version 6 is for 5S. The new updates also are GID 2 compatible. We will release after this announcement also an improved update software to support this feature.

For GSM models – this updates should work without problems out of the box.

For CDMA models – you are still required to use iRose tool that we have posted here earlier in order to use USIM 128K or more cards with your iPhone 5c/5s.  We will prepare soon a better alternative but in the meanwhile we recommend you to use that. Another TIP we can give you based on our testing is the IMSI required on Multi-Mode compatible CDMA networks.

Carriers that support multi-mode simcards:
CA – Sasktel
CA – Bell
CN – China Telecom
US – Verizon LTE
US – Trackphone
US – Cellular South
US – Cellular South LTE
US – Cellcom
US – BluegrassNL – Vodafone
QA – Vodafone
ZA – 8TA
IT – Pelephone
IL – Mirs
For this carriers using
IMSI: 204043347359229
ICCID: 00014103243473592290
should work with all of the above network.
Please post our settings in any case.


We will do future updates based on your feedback on the ones that we release today. Please don’t hesitate to write comments on our website. We will do our best to answer them, and other AIO-SIM customers and resellers will also be here to help you.

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iPhone 5 USIM simcards

Published on September 27, 2013 by in How to, News, Updates

During the last few days many people asked us about the UICC simcards (USIM,RUIM all are UICC…) and that the fact some are not compatible with AIO-SIM. Althow many are allready working with V2 we decided to release an update that should be compatible with other types of UICC simcards. This update should be used together with the iRose tool released some time ago on GSMForum. Here is one iRose installation you can use press the link to install on iOS 6 or iOS 7

All other settings should be the same as V2 or previous releases.

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iOS Carrier Personalization Files

Published on August 27, 2013 by in Uncategorized

Sometimes it is needed to have the default personalization files for each network on witch iPhones are locked. This files contain information about what network MCC and MNC the phone is locked and can be useful in choosing the correct settings for your AIO-SIM (to see if you need GID1 or GID2 or even special ICCID for some networks).

How To You can use Plist editor for Windows to open the carrier.plist file after of course you unpack the ipcc file (renaming it to .zip).

Branch: 8ta_za_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: 8ta_za_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: 8ta_za_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: 8ta_za_iPad.ipcc
Branch: 8ta_za_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: 8ta_za_iPad.ipcc
Branch: ACS_US_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: ACS_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: AIS_th_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: AIS_th.ipcc
Branch: AIS_th_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: AIS_th.ipcc
Branch: AIS_th_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: AIS_th_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: AIS_th_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: AIS_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: AIS_th_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: AIS_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: AIS_th_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: AIS_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: ATT_US_3.1 Build Version: 5.6 Filename: ATT_US.ipcc
Branch: ATT_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: ATT_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: ATT_US_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: ATT_US_iPad.ipcc
Branch: ATT_aio_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.3 Filename: ATT_aio_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: ATT_aio_US_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: ATT_aio_US_iPad.ipcc
Branch: AVEA_tr_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: AVEA_tr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: AVEA_tr_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: AVEA_tr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: AVEA_tr_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: AVEA_tr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: AVEA_tr_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: AVEA_tr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Aircel_in_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Aircel_in_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: AlaskaWireless_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: AlaskaWireless_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: AlaskaWireless_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: AlaskaWireless_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Alltel_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Alltel_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Appalachian_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.3 Filename: Appalachian_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Appalachian_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Appalachian_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: BSNL_in_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: BSNL_in_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Bell_ca_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: Bell_ca.ipcc
Branch: Bell_ca_4.0 Build Version: 7.2 Filename: Bell_ca.ipcc
Branch: Bell_ca_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Bell_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Bell_ca_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Bell_ca.ipcc
Branch: Bell_ca_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Bell_ca.ipcc
Branch: Bell_ca_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Bell_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: BhartiAirtel_in_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: BhartiAirtel_in_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Bluegrass_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Bluegrass_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Bluegrass_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Bluegrass_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Bluegrass_US_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Bluegrass_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Bouygues_fr_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Bouygues_fr.ipcc
Branch: Bouygues_fr_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Bouygues_fr.ipcc
Branch: Bouygues_fr_4.2 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Bouygues_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Bouygues_fr_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Bouygues_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Bouygues_fr_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Bouygues_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Bouygues_fr_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Bouygues_fr.ipcc
Branch: Bouygues_fr_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Bouygues_fr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Bouygues_fr_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Bouygues_fr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: CMCC_cn_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: CMCC_cn.ipcc
Branch: CMCC_cn_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: CMCC_cn.ipcc
Branch: CMCC_cn_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: CMCC_cn_iPad.ipcc
Branch: CSL_hk_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: CSL_hk.ipcc
Branch: CSL_hk_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: CSL_hk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CSL_hk_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: CSL_hk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CTM_mo_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: CTM_mo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CTM_mo_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: CTM_mo_iPad.ipcc
Branch: CTM_mo_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: CTM_mo_iPad.ipcc
Branch: CTM_mo_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: CTM_mo_iPad.ipcc
Branch: CWW_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.3 Filename: CWW_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_bs_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: CW_bs_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_bs_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: CW_bs_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_pa_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: CW_pa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_pa_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: CW_pa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_tt_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: CW_tt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_tt_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: CW_tt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_wi_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: CW_wi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_wi_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: CW_wi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_wi_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: CW_wi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Celcom_my_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Celcom_my_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Celcom_my_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Celcom_my_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Celcom_my_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Celcom_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Celcom_my_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Celcom_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Celcom_my_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Celcom_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: CellC_za_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: CellC_za_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CellC_za_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: CellC_za_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Cellcom_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Cellcom_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Cellcom_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: Cellcom_il.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Cellcom_il.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Cellcom_il.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Cellcom_il_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Cellcom_il_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Cellcom_il_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Cellcom_il_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Cellcom_il_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Cellcom_il_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Cellcom_il_iPad.ipcc
Branch: CellularSouth_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: CellularSouth_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CellularSouth_LTE_US_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: CellularSouth_LTE_US_iPad.ipcc
Branch: CellularSouth_US_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: CellularSouth_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CellularSouth_US_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: CellularSouth_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Chariton_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.4 Filename: Chariton_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Chariton_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Chariton_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Chat_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.3 Filename: Chat_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Chat_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.3 Filename: Chat_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: ChinaTelecom_cn_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: ChinaTelecom_cn_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: ChinaTelecom_cn_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: ChinaTelecom_cn_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: ChinaTelecom_cn_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: ChinaTelecom_cn_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: ChinaTelecom_cn_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: ChinaTelecom_cn_iPad.ipcc
Branch: ChinaTelecom_mo_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: ChinaTelecom_mo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Chunghwa_tw_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Chunghwa_tw.ipcc
Branch: Chunghwa_tw_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Chunghwa_tw.ipcc
Branch: Chunghwa_tw_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Chunghwa_tw_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Chunghwa_tw_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Chunghwa_tw_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ar_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Claro_ar.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ar_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Claro_ar.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ar_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Claro_ar.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ar_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Claro_ar.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ar_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Claro_ar_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ar_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_ar.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ar_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Claro_ar_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_br_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Claro_br.ipcc
Branch: Claro_br_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_br.ipcc
Branch: Claro_br_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_br.ipcc
Branch: Claro_br_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_br_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_br_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Claro_br_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_br_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_br_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Claro_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_br_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Claro_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_cl_4.0 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: Claro_cl.ipcc
Branch: Claro_cl_4.1 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: Claro_cl.ipcc
Branch: Claro_cl_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Claro_cl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_cl_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_cl.ipcc
Branch: Claro_cl_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Claro_cl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_cr_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Claro_cr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_cr_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Claro_cr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_cr_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Claro_cr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_do_3.1 Build Version: 5.4 Filename: Claro_do.ipcc
Branch: Claro_do_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_do.ipcc
Branch: Claro_do_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_do.ipcc
Branch: Claro_do_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_do_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_do_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Claro_do_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_gt_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Claro_gt.ipcc
Branch: Claro_gt_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Claro_gt.ipcc
Branch: Claro_gt_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Claro_gt.ipcc
Branch: Claro_gt_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_gt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_gt_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Claro_gt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_gt_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Claro_gt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_hn_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Claro_hn.ipcc
Branch: Claro_hn_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Claro_hn.ipcc
Branch: Claro_hn_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Claro_hn.ipcc
Branch: Claro_hn_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_hn_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_hn_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Claro_hn_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_jm_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Claro_jm.ipcc
Branch: Claro_jm_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_jm.ipcc
Branch: Claro_jm_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_jm.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ni_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Claro_ni.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ni_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_ni.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ni_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_ni.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ni_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_ni_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ni_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Claro_ni_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pa_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_pa.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pa_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_pa.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pa_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_pa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pa_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Claro_pa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pa_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_pa_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pa_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Claro_pa_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pe_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_pe.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pe_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_pe.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pe_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Claro_pe_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pe_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Claro_pe_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pe_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_pe_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pe_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Claro_pe_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pr_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Claro_pr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_py_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Claro_py.ipcc
Branch: Claro_py_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_py.ipcc
Branch: Claro_py_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_py.ipcc
Branch: Claro_py_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Claro_py_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_sv_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Claro_sv.ipcc
Branch: Claro_sv_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Claro_sv.ipcc
Branch: Claro_sv_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Claro_sv.ipcc
Branch: Claro_sv_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_sv_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_uy_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Claro_uy.ipcc
Branch: Claro_uy_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_uy.ipcc
Branch: Claro_uy_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_uy.ipcc
Branch: Claro_uy_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Claro_uy_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Comcel_co_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Comcel_co.ipcc
Branch: Comcel_co_4.0 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: Comcel_co.ipcc
Branch: Comcel_co_4.1 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: Comcel_co.ipcc
Branch: Comcel_co_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Comcel_co_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Comcel_co_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Comcel_co.ipcc
Branch: Comcel_co_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Comcel_co_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Comviq_se_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Comviq_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Comviq_se_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Comviq_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Comviq_se_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Comviq_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cricket_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Cricket_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cricket_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Cricket_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: DNA_DNAPro_fi_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: DNA_DNAPro_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: DNA_DNAPro_fi_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: DNA_DNAPro_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: DNA_fi_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: DNA_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: DNA_fi_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: DNA_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: DNA_fi_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: DNA_fi_iPad.ipcc
Branch: DNA_fi_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: DNA_fi_iPad.ipcc
Branch: DNA_fi_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: DNA_fi_iPad.ipcc
Branch: DiGi_my_3.1 Build Version: 5.0 Filename: DiGi_my.ipcc
Branch: DiGi_my_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: DiGi_my.ipcc
Branch: DiGi_my_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: DiGi_my.ipcc
Branch: DiGi_my_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: DiGi_my_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: DiGi_my_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: DiGi_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: DiGi_my_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: DiGi_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Digitel_ve_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Digitel_ve_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Digitel_ve_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Digitel_ve_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Docomo_jp_7.0 Build Version: 15.1.0 Filename: Docomo_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: EMT_ee_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: EMT_ee.ipcc
Branch: EMT_ee_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: EMT_ee_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: EMT_ee_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: EMT_ee_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: EMT_ee_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: EMT_ee_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: EMT_ee_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: EMT_ee_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: EntelPCS_cl_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: EntelPCS_cl.ipcc
Branch: EntelPCS_cl_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: EntelPCS_cl.ipcc
Branch: EntelPCS_cl_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: EntelPCS_cl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Etisalat_ae_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Etisalat_ae.ipcc
Branch: Etisalat_ae_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Etisalat_ae.ipcc
Branch: Etisalat_ae_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Etisalat_ae.ipcc
Branch: Etisalat_ae_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Etisalat_ae_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Etisalat_eg_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Etisalat_eg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: FamilyMobile_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: FamilyMobile_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: FarEasTone_tw_3.1 Build Version: 5.3 Filename: FarEasTone_tw.ipcc
Branch: FarEasTone_tw_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: FarEasTone_tw_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: FarEasTone_tw_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: FarEasTone_tw_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: FarEasTone_tw_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: FarEasTone_tw_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: FarEasTone_tw_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: FarEasTone_tw_iPad.ipcc
Branch: FarEasTone_tw_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: FarEasTone_tw_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Fido_ca_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Fido_ca.ipcc
Branch: Fido_ca_4.0 Build Version: 7.2 Filename: Fido_ca.ipcc
Branch: Fido_ca_6.0 Build Version: 13.2 Filename: Fido_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Fido_ca_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Fido_ca.ipcc
Branch: Fido_ca_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Fido_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Fido_ca_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.2 Filename: Fido_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Free_fr_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Free_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Free_fr_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Free_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: GCI_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: GCI_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: GTA_gu_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: GTA_gu.ipcc
Branch: GTA_gu_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: GTA_gu.ipcc
Branch: GTA_gu_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: GTA_gu.ipcc
Branch: GTA_gu_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: GTA_gu_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Globe_ph_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Globe_ph_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Globe_ph_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Globe_ph_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Globe_ph_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Globe_ph_iPad.ipcc
Branch: GoldenState_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: GoldenState_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: GoldenState_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: GoldenState_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_at_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Hutchison_at_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_at_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Hutchison_at.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_at_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Hutchison_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_at_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Hutchison_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_au_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Hutchison_au.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_au_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Hutchison_au.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_au_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Hutchison_au.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_au_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Hutchison_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_au_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Hutchison_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_au_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Hutchison_au.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_au_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Hutchison_au_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_dk_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Hutchison_dk.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_dk_4.2 Build Version: 9.2 Filename: Hutchison_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_dk_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Hutchison_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_dk_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Hutchison_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_dk_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Hutchison_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_hk_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Hutchison_hk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_hk_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Hutchison_hk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_hk_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Hutchison_hk.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_hk_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Hutchison_hk.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_hk_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.3 Filename: Hutchison_hk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_hk_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.7 Filename: Hutchison_hk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_ie_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Hutchison_ie.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_ie_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Hutchison_ie.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_ie_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Hutchison_ie_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_it_3.0 Build Version: 4.2 Filename: Hutchison_it.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_it_3.1 Build Version: 5.3 Filename: Hutchison_it.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_it_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Hutchison_it.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_it_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Hutchison_it_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_it_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Hutchison_it_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_it_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Hutchison_it.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_it_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Hutchison_it_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_it_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Hutchison_it_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_mo_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Hutchison_mo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_mo_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Hutchison_mo.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_mo_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Hutchison_mo_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_se_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Hutchison_se.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_se_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Hutchison_se.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_se_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Hutchison_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_se_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Hutchison_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_se_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Hutchison_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_se_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Hutchison_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_uk_4.0 Build Version: 7.2 Filename: Hutchison_uk.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_uk_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Hutchison_uk.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_uk_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Hutchison_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: ICE_cr_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: ICE_cr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: ICE_cr_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: ICE_cr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Indosat_id_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Indosat_id_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KDDI_LTE_jp_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: KDDI_LTE_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KDDI_LTE_jp_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: KDDI_LTE_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KDDI_LTE_jp_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: KDDI_LTE_jp_iPad.ipcc
Branch: KDDI_LTE_jp_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: KDDI_LTE_jp_iPad.ipcc
Branch: KDDI_jp_5.0 Build Version: 11.2 Filename: KDDI_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KDDI_jp_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: KDDI_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KDDI_jp_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: KDDI_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KDDI_jp_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: KDDI_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KPN_Telfort_nl_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: KPN_Telfort_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KPN_Telfort_nl_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: KPN_Telfort_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KPN_Telfort_nl_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: KPN_Telfort_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KPN_nl_4.2 Build Version: 9.2 Filename: KPN_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KPN_nl_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: KPN_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KPN_nl_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: KPN_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KPN_nl_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: KPN_nl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: KPN_nl_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: KPN_nl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: KTF_kr.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: KTF_kr.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: KTF_kr.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: KTF_kr.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: KTF_kr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: KTF_kr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: KTF_kr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: KTF_kr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: KTF_kr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: KTF_kr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: KTF_kr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: LMT_lv_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: LMT_lv.ipcc
Branch: LMT_lv_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: LMT_lv_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: LMT_lv_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: LMT_lv_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: LuxGSM_lu_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: LuxGSM_lu.ipcc
Branch: LuxGSM_lu_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: LuxGSM_lu_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: LuxGSM_lu_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: LuxGSM_lu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: LuxGSM_lu_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: LuxGSM_lu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: MTA_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: MTA_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTA_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: MTA_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTN_za_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: MTN_za.ipcc
Branch: MTN_za_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: MTN_za.ipcc
Branch: MTN_za_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: MTN_za_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTN_za_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: MTN_za_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTN_za_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: MTN_za_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTN_za_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: MTN_za.ipcc
Branch: MTN_za_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: MTN_za_iPad.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ca_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: MTS_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ca_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: MTS_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ca_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: MTS_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ca_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: MTS_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ca_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: MTS_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ca_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: MTS_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ru_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: MTS_ru.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ru_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: MTS_ru.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ru_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: MTS_ru.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ru_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: MTS_ru_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ru_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: MTS_ru_iPad.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ru_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: MTS_ru_iPad.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ru_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: MTS_ru_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Maxis_my.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Maxis_my.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Meditel_ma_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Meditel_ma_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MegaFon_ru_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: MegaFon_ru.ipcc
Branch: MegaFon_ru_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: MegaFon_ru.ipcc
Branch: Meteor_ie_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Meteor_ie_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Mirs_il_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Mirs_il_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Mirs_il_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Mirs_il_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MobiCom_mn_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: MobiCom_mn_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MobileOne_sg_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: MobileOne_sg.ipcc
Branch: MobileOne_sg_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: MobileOne_sg.ipcc
Branch: MobileOne_sg_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: MobileOne_sg_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Mobistar_be_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Mobistar_be.ipcc
Branch: Mobistar_be_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Mobistar_be_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Mobistar_be_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Mobistar_be_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Mobistar_be_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Mobistar_be_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Mobistar_be_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Mobistar_be.ipcc
Branch: Mobistar_be_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Mobistar_be_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Mobistar_be_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Mobistar_be_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Mobistar_be_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Mobistar_be_iPad.ipcc
Branch: NWM_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.3 Filename: NWM_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: NWM_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.4 Filename: NWM_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: NetCom_no_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: NetCom_no.ipcc
Branch: NetCom_no_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: NetCom_no.ipcc
Branch: NetCom_no_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: NetCom_no_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: NetCom_no_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: NetCom_no_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: NetCom_no_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: NetCom_no_iPad.ipcc
Branch: NetCom_no_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: NetCom_no_iPad.ipcc
Branch: NetCom_no_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: NetCom_no_iPad.ipcc
Branch: NexTech_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: NexTech_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: NexTech_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: NexTech_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Debitel_de_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: O2_Debitel_de_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Debitel_de_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: O2_Debitel_de_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Germany_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: O2_Germany_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Germany_4.2 Build Version: 9.3 Filename: O2_Germany_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Germany_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: O2_Germany_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Germany_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: O2_Germany.ipcc
Branch: O2_Germany_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: O2_Germany_iPad.ipcc
Branch: O2_Prepaid_UK_4.0 Build Version: 7.3 Filename: O2_Prepaid_UK.ipcc
Branch: O2_Prepaid_UK_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: O2_Prepaid_UK_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Prepaid_UK_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: O2_Prepaid_UK_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Tesco_UK_4.0 Build Version: 7.2 Filename: O2_Tesco_UK.ipcc
Branch: O2_Tesco_UK_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: O2_Tesco_UK_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Tesco_UK_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: O2_Tesco_UK_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_UK_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: O2_UK.ipcc
Branch: O2_UK_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: O2_UK.ipcc
Branch: O2_UK_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: O2_UK_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_UK_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: O2_UK_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_cz_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: O2_cz_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_cz_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: O2_cz_iPad.ipcc
Branch: O2_ie_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: O2_ie.ipcc
Branch: O2_ie_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: O2_ie_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_ie_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: O2_ie.ipcc
Branch: O2_ie_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: O2_ie_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Oi_BrT_br_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: Oi_BrT_br.ipcc
Branch: Oi_BrT_br_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Oi_BrT_br.ipcc
Branch: Oi_BrT_br_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Oi_BrT_br.ipcc
Branch: Oi_br_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Oi_br.ipcc
Branch: Oi_br_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Oi_br.ipcc
Branch: Oi_br_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Oi_br.ipcc
Branch: Oi_br_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Oi_br_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Oi_br_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Oi_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Oi_br_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Oi_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Omnitel_lt_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Omnitel_lt.ipcc
Branch: Omnitel_lt_4.0 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: Omnitel_lt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Omnitel_lt_4.1 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: Omnitel_lt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Omnitel_lt_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Omnitel_lt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Omnitel_lt_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Omnitel_lt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: One_at_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: One_at.ipcc
Branch: One_at_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: One_at.ipcc
Branch: One_at_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: One_at.ipcc
Branch: One_at_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: One_at.ipcc
Branch: One_at_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: One_at_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: One_at_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: One_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: One_at_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: One_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: One_at_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: One_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: One_at_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: One_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: OpenMobile_LTE_pr_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: OpenMobile_LTE_pr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: OpenMobile_pr_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: OpenMobile_pr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Optimus_pt_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Optimus_pt.ipcc
Branch: Optimus_pt_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Optimus_pt.ipcc
Branch: Optimus_pt_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Optimus_pt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Optimus_pt_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Optimus_pt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Optimus_pt_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Optimus_pt_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Optimus_pt_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Optimus_pt_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Optus_Virgin_au_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Optus_Virgin_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Optus_Virgin_au_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Optus_Virgin_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Optus_au_3.0 Build Version: 4.2 Filename: Optus_au.ipcc
Branch: Optus_au_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Optus_au.ipcc
Branch: Optus_au_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Optus_au.ipcc
Branch: Optus_au_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Optus_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Optus_au_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Optus_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Optus_au_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Optus_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Optus_au_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Optus_au.ipcc
Branch: Optus_au_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: Optus_au_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_France_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Orange_France.ipcc
Branch: Orange_France_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Orange_France_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_France_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Orange_France_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_France_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Orange_France.ipcc
Branch: Orange_France_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Orange_France_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_France_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Orange_France_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_Virgin_fr_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Orange_Virgin_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_am_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Orange_am.ipcc
Branch: Orange_am_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_am.ipcc
Branch: Orange_am_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_am.ipcc
Branch: Orange_am_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Orange_am_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_am_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_am_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_bw_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_bw.ipcc
Branch: Orange_bw_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_bw.ipcc
Branch: Orange_cf_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_cf.ipcc
Branch: Orange_cf_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_cf.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ch_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: Orange_ch.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ch_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Orange_ch.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ch_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Orange_ch_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ch_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Orange_ch.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ch_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Orange_ch_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ci_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Orange_ci.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ci_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ci.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ci_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ci.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ci_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_ci_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_cm_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_cm.ipcc
Branch: Orange_cm_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_cm.ipcc
Branch: Orange_do_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_do.ipcc
Branch: Orange_do_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Orange_do_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_es_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Orange_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_es_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Orange_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_es_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Orange_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_es_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_es_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Orange_es.ipcc
Branch: Orange_es_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Orange_es_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_es_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_es_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_gn_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Orange_gn.ipcc
Branch: Orange_gn_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_gn.ipcc
Branch: Orange_gn_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_gn.ipcc
Branch: Orange_il_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_il.ipcc
Branch: Orange_il_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_il.ipcc
Branch: Orange_il_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Orange_il_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_il_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_il_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_jo_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Orange_jo.ipcc
Branch: Orange_jo_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_jo.ipcc
Branch: Orange_jo_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_jo.ipcc
Branch: Orange_jo_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Orange_jo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ke_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ke.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ke_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ke.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ke_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_ke_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_li_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Orange_li.ipcc
Branch: Orange_li_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Orange_li.ipcc
Branch: Orange_li_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_li_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_li_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Orange_li_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_md_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Orange_md.ipcc
Branch: Orange_md_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_md.ipcc
Branch: Orange_md_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_md.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mg_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_mg.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mg_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_mg.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mg_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_mg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ml_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Orange_ml.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ml_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ml.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ml_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ml.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ml_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_ml_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mq_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_mq.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mq_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_mq.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mq_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Orange_mq_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mq_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Orange_mq_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mq_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_mq_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mu_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_mu.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mu_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_mu.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mu_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_mu_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ne_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ne.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ne_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ne.ipcc
Branch: Orange_pl_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_pl.ipcc
Branch: Orange_pl_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_pl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_pl_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Orange_pl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_pl_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Orange_pl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_pl_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Orange_pl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_re_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Orange_re.ipcc
Branch: Orange_re_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_re.ipcc
Branch: Orange_re_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_re.ipcc
Branch: Orange_re_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Orange_re_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ro_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ro.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ro_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Orange_ro_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ro_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_ro_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ro_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Orange_ro_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ro_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Orange_ro_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ro_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_ro_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_sk_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Orange_sk.ipcc
Branch: Orange_sk_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_sk.ipcc
Branch: Orange_sn_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_sn.ipcc
Branch: Orange_sn_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_sn.ipcc
Branch: Orange_tn_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_tn.ipcc
Branch: Orange_tn_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_tn.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ug_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Orange_ug.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ug_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ug.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ug_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ug.ipcc
Branch: Orange_uk_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Orange_uk.ipcc
Branch: Orange_uk_6.0 Build Version: 13.2 Filename: Orange_uk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_uk_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Orange_uk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_uk_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Orange_uk.ipcc
Branch: Orange_uk_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Orange_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_uk_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_uk_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Orange_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Pelephone_il_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Pelephone_il.ipcc
Branch: Pelephone_il_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Pelephone_il.ipcc
Branch: Pelephone_il_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Pelephone_il_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Pelephone_il_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Pelephone_il_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Pelephone_il_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Pelephone_il_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Pelephone_il_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Pelephone_il_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Pelephone_il_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Pelephone_il_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Personal_ar_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Personal_ar.ipcc
Branch: Personal_ar_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Personal_ar_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Personal_ar_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Personal_ar_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Personal_ar_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Personal_ar.ipcc
Branch: Personal_ar_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Personal_ar_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Personal_ar_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Personal_ar_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Pioneer_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Pioneer_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Pioneer_LTE_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Pioneer_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Pioneer_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Pioneer_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Pioneer_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Pioneer_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Play_pl_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Play_pl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Play_pl_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Play_pl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Porta_ec_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Porta_ec.ipcc
Branch: Porta_ec_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Porta_ec.ipcc
Branch: Porta_ec_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Porta_ec.ipcc
Branch: Porta_ec_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Porta_ec_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Porta_ec_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Porta_ec_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Porta_ec_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Porta_ec.ipcc
Branch: Porta_ec_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Porta_ec_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Proximus_be_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Proximus_be.ipcc
Branch: Proximus_be_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Proximus_be_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Proximus_be_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Proximus_be_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Qtel_qa_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Qtel_qa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Reliance_RCOM_in_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Reliance_RCOM_in_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Reliance_RCOM_in_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Reliance_RCOM_in_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Reliance_RCOM_in_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Reliance_RCOM_in_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Reliance_RTL_in_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Reliance_RTL_in_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Reliance_RTL_in_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Reliance_RTL_in_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Reliance_RTL_in_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Reliance_RTL_in_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Rogers_ca_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Rogers_ca.ipcc
Branch: Rogers_ca_4.0 Build Version: 7.2 Filename: Rogers_ca.ipcc
Branch: Rogers_ca_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Rogers_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Rogers_ca_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Rogers_ca.ipcc
Branch: Rogers_ca_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Rogers_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SFR_LPM_fr_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: SFR_LPM_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SFR_LPM_fr_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: SFR_LPM_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SFR_fr_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: SFR_fr.ipcc
Branch: SFR_fr_4.0 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: SFR_fr.ipcc
Branch: SFR_fr_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: SFR_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SFR_fr_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: SFR_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SFR_fr_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: SFR_fr.ipcc
Branch: SFR_fr_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: SFR_fr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SFR_fr_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: SFR_fr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SFR_re_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: SFR_fr.ipcc
Branch: SFR_re_4.0 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: SFR_fr.ipcc
Branch: SFR_re_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: SFR_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SFR_re_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: SFR_re_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SFR_re_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: SFR_fr.ipcc
Branch: SFR_re_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: SFR_fr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SFR_re_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: SFR_fr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SKT_kr_4.2 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: SKT_kr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SKT_kr_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: SKT_kr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SKT_kr_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: SKT_kr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SKT_kr_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: SKT_kr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SKT_kr_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: SKT_kr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SRT_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: SRT_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: STC_sa_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: STC_sa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: STC_sa_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: STC_sa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: STC_sa_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: STC_sa_iPad.ipcc
Branch: STC_sa_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: STC_sa_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sasktel_ca_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Sasktel_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sasktel_ca_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Sasktel_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sasktel_ca_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Sasktel_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sasktel_ca_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Sasktel_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sasktel_ca_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Sasktel_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sasktel_ca_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Sasktel_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sasktel_ca_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Sasktel_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sasktel_ca_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Sasktel_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Saunalahti_fi_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Saunalahti_fi.ipcc
Branch: Saunalahti_fi_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Saunalahti_fi.ipcc
Branch: Saunalahti_fi_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Saunalahti_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Saunalahti_fi_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Saunalahti_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: SingTel_sg.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: SingTel_sg.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: SingTel_sg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: SingTel_sg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: SingTel_sg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: SingTel_sg.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: SingTel_sg_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: SingTel_sg_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: SingTel_sg_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: SmarTone_hk.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: SmarTone_hk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: SmarTone_hk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: SmarTone_hk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: SmarTone_hk.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: SmarTone_hk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: SmarTone_hk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: SmarTone_hk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: SmarTone_hk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_mo_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: SmarTone_mo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_mo_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: SmarTone_mo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_mo_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: SmarTone_mo.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_mo_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: SmarTone_mo_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Smart_ph_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Smart_ph_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Smart_ph_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Smart_ph_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Smart_ph_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Smart_ph_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Softbank_jp_6.0 Build Version: 13.2 Filename: Softbank_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Softbank_jp_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Softbank_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Softbank_jp_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Softbank_jp.ipcc
Branch: Softbank_jp_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Softbank_jp_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Softbank_jp_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: Softbank_jp_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Softbank_jp_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Softbank_jp_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Softbank_jp_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Softbank_jp_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sonera_fi_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Sonera_fi.ipcc
Branch: Sonera_fi_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Sonera_fi.ipcc
Branch: Sonera_fi_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Sonera_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sonera_fi_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Sonera_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sonera_fi_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Sonera_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sonera_fi_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Sonera_fi_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sonera_fi_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Sonera_fi_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sonera_fi_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Sonera_fi_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sprint_CSIM_LTE_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Sprint_CSIM_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sprint_LTE_US_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Sprint_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sprint_LTE_US_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: Sprint_LTE_US_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sprint_Virgin_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Sprint_Virgin_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sprint_Virgin_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Sprint_Virgin_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: StarHub_sg_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: StarHub_sg.ipcc
Branch: StarHub_sg_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: StarHub_sg.ipcc
Branch: StarHub_sg_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: StarHub_sg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: StarHub_sg_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: StarHub_sg.ipcc
Branch: StarHub_sg_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: StarHub_sg.ipcc
Branch: StarHub_sg_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: StarHub_sg_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Strata_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.4 Filename: Strata_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Strata_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Strata_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sunrise_ch_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Sunrise_ch.ipcc
Branch: Sunrise_ch_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Sunrise_ch_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sunrise_ch_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Sunrise_ch_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sunrise_ch_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Sunrise_ch_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sunrise_ch_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Sunrise_ch_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sunrise_ch_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Sunrise_ch_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sunrise_ch_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Sunrise_ch_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Swisscom_ch_3.0 Build Version: 4.2 Filename: Swisscom_ch.ipcc
Branch: Swisscom_ch_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Swisscom_ch_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Swisscom_ch_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Swisscom_ch.ipcc
Branch: Swisscom_ch_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Swisscom_ch_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Swisscom_ch_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Swisscom_ch_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Swisscom_ch_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Swisscom_ch_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Swisscom_ch_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Swisscom_ch_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TDC_dk_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: TDC_dk.ipcc
Branch: TDC_dk_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: TDC_dk.ipcc
Branch: TDC_dk_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TDC_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TDC_dk_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TDC_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TDC_dk_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TDC_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TDC_no_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TDC_no_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TDC_se_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TDC_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TDC_se_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TDC_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: THC_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.3 Filename: THC_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: THC_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.3 Filename: THC_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TIM_Italy_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: TIM_Italy.ipcc
Branch: TIM_Italy_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TIM_Italy.ipcc
Branch: TIM_Italy_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TIM_Italy_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TIM_Italy_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: TIM_Italy.ipcc
Branch: TIM_Italy_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TIM_Italy_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TIM_Italy_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TIM_Italy_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TIM_Italy_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TIM_Italy_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TIM_br_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: TIM_br.ipcc
Branch: TIM_br_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: TIM_br.ipcc
Branch: TIM_br_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: TIM_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TIM_br_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: TIM_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMN_pt_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMN_pt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMN_pt_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMN_pt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMN_pt_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMN_pt_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMN_pt_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TMN_pt_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMN_pt_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMN_pt_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_Germany_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_Germany.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_Germany_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TMobile_Germany_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_Germany_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: TMobile_Germany.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_Germany_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: TMobile_Germany.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_Germany_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TMobile_Germany_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: TMobile_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_al_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMobile_al_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_al_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: TMobile_al_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_at_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: TMobile_at.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_at_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: TMobile_at.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_at_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TMobile_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_bg_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_bg.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_bg_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_bg.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_bg_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMobile_bg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_cz_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_cz.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_cz_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMobile_cz_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_cz_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: TMobile_cz_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_cz_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_cz_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_cz_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_cz_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_gr_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: TMobile_gr.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_gr_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_gr.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_gr_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMobile_gr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_gr_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: TMobile_gr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_gr_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: TMobile_gr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_gr_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMobile_gr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_hr_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_hr.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_hr_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMobile_hr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_hu_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_hu.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_hu_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMobile_hu_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_hu_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_hu_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_hu_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMobile_hu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_hu_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TMobile_hu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_hu_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMobile_hu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_me_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_me.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_me_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_me.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_me_4.2 Build Version: 9.2 Filename: TMobile_me_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_me_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMobile_me_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_me_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_me_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_mk_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: TMobile_mk.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_mk_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_mk.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_nl_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: TMobile_nl.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_nl_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: TMobile_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_nl_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_nl_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: TMobile_nl.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_nl_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TMobile_nl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_nl_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMobile_nl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_nl_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_nl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_pl_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: TMobile_pl.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_pl_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMobile_pl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_pl_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: TMobile_pl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_ro_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMobile_ro_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_ro_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_ro_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_ro_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_ro_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_sk_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_sk.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_uk_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: TMobile_uk.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_uk_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMobile_uk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_uk_6.0 Build Version: 13.2 Filename: TMobile_uk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_uk_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_uk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_uk_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: TMobile_uk.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_uk_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMobile_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_uk_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMobile_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_uk_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TaiwanMobile_tw_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: TaiwanMobile_tw.ipcc
Branch: TaiwanMobile_tw_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TaiwanMobile_tw.ipcc
Branch: TaiwanMobile_tw_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TaiwanMobile_tw.ipcc
Branch: TaiwanMobile_tw_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TaiwanMobile_tw_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TaiwanMobile_tw_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TaiwanMobile_tw_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Talkmobile_uk_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Talkmobile_uk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tango_lu_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Tango_lu.ipcc
Branch: Tango_lu_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: Tango_lu.ipcc
Branch: Tango_lu_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Tango_lu.ipcc
Branch: Tango_lu_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Tango_lu.ipcc
Branch: Tango_lu_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Tango_lu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Telcel_mx.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Telcel_mx.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_4.0 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: Telcel_mx.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_no_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Tele2_no_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_no_5.0 Build Version: 11.2 Filename: Tele2_no_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Tele2_se.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Tele2_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telecom_Skinny_nz_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telecom_Skinny_nz_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telecom_nz_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Telecom_nz_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telecom_nz_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Telecom_nz_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telefonica_es_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Telefonica_es.ipcc
Branch: Telefonica_es_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Telefonica_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telefonica_es_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Telefonica_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telefonica_es_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Telefonica_es.ipcc
Branch: Telefonica_es_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telefonica_es_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenet_be_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Telenet_be_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenet_be_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Telenet_be_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_dk_3.0 Build Version: 4.2 Filename: Telenor_dk.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_dk_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telenor_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_dk_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Telenor_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_dk_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Telenor_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_dk_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telenor_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_dk_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Telenor_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_dk_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telenor_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_dk_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Telenor_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_hu_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telenor_hu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_no_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Telenor_no.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_no_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telenor_no_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_no_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telenor_no_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_no_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telenor_no_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_no_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telenor_no_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_no_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telenor_no_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_se_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Telenor_se.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_se_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Telenor_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_se_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telenor_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_se_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telenor_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_se_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telenor_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_se_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Telenor_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_se_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telenor_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Telia_dk.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Telia_dk.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Telia_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telia_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telia_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Telia_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telia_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telia_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telia_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Telia_se.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Telia_se.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Telia_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Telia_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telia_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telia_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Telia_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telia_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Telia_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telia_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telkomsel_id_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Telkomsel_id.ipcc
Branch: Telkomsel_id_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telkomsel_id_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Telstra_au.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: Telstra_au.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Telstra_au.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Telstra_au.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_5.0 Build Version: 11.2 Filename: Telstra_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Telstra_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Telstra_au.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telstra_au_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: Telstra_au_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telus_Koodo_ca_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Telus_Koodo_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telus_Koodo_ca_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Telus_Koodo_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telus_Koodo_ca_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telus_Koodo_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telus_ca_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: Telus_ca.ipcc
Branch: Telus_ca_4.0 Build Version: 7.2 Filename: Telus_ca.ipcc
Branch: Telus_ca_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telus_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telus_ca_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Telus_ca.ipcc
Branch: Telus_ca_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Telus_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telus_ca_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telus_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_bo_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Tigo_bo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_bo_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Tigo_bo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_co_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Tigo_co_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_co_5.0 Build Version: 11.2 Filename: Tigo_co_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_co_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Tigo_co_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_gt_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Tigo_gt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_gt_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Tigo_gt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_hn_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Tigo_hn_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_py_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Tigo_py_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_sv_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Tigo_sv_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tracfone_US_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Tracfone_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TrueH_th_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: TrueH_th_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TrueH_th_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TrueH_th_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TrueH_th_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: TrueH_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TrueH_th_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TrueH_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TrueH_th_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TrueH_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: True_th_3.0 Build Version: 4.5 Filename: True_th.ipcc
Branch: True_th_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: True_th.ipcc
Branch: True_th_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: True_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: True_th_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: True_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Turkcell_KKTCELL_tr_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Turkcell_KKTCELL_tr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Turkcell_tr_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Turkcell_tr.ipcc
Branch: Turkcell_tr_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Turkcell_tr.ipcc
Branch: Turkcell_tr_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Turkcell_tr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Turkcell_tr_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Turkcell_tr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Turkcell_tr_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Turkcell_tr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Unicom_cn_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Unicom_cn.ipcc
Branch: Unicom_cn_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Unicom_cn_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Unicom_cn_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Unicom_cn_iPad.ipcc
Branch: VOX_lu_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: VOX_lu.ipcc
Branch: VOX_lu_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: VOX_lu.ipcc
Branch: VOX_lu_4.0 Build Version: 7.2 Filename: VOX_lu.ipcc
Branch: VOX_lu_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: VOX_lu_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: VOX_lu_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: VOX_lu.ipcc
Branch: VOX_lu_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: VOX_lu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: VOX_lu_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: VOX_lu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Verizon_LTE_US_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Verizon_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Verizon_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Verizon_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Verizon_LTE_US_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Verizon_LTE_US_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Verizon_LTE_US_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Verizon_LTE_US_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Viettel_vn_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Viettel_vn.ipcc
Branch: Viettel_vn_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Viettel_vn_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Viettel_vn_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Viettel_vn_iPad.ipcc
Branch: VimpelCom_ru_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: VimpelCom_ru.ipcc
Branch: VimpelCom_ru_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: VimpelCom_ru.ipcc
Branch: VimpelCom_ru_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: VimpelCom_ru_iPad.ipcc
Branch: VimpelCom_ru_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.2 Filename: VimpelCom_ru_iPad.ipcc
Branch: VimpelCom_ru_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: VimpelCom_ru_iPad.ipcc
Branch: VinaPhone_vn_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: VinaPhone_vn.ipcc
Branch: VinaPhone_vn_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: VinaPhone_vn_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Virgin_fr_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Virgin_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Viva_bh_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Viva_bh_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Viva_bh_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Viva_bh_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Viva_bh_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Viva_bh_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Viva_bh_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Viva_bh_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Viva_kw_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Viva_kw_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Viva_kw_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Viva_kw_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_Cambio_uk_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_Cambio_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_Cambio_uk_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_Cambio_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_Lebara_au_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Vodafone_Lebara_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_Lebara_au_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Vodafone_Lebara_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_au_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Vodafone_au.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_au_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Vodafone_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_au_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Vodafone_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_au_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_au_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Vodafone_au.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_au_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: Vodafone_au.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_au_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Vodafone_au_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_au_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_au_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_cz_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Vodafone_cz.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_cz_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_cz.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_cz_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_cz_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_cz_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_cz_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_de_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_de_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_de_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_de_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_de_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_de_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_de_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_de_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_de_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Vodafone_de.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_de_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: Vodafone_de.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_de_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_de_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_de_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Vodafone_de_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_eg_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Vodafone_eg.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_eg_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_eg.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_eg_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_eg.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_eg_4.2 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_eg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Vodafone_es.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Vodafone_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Vodafone_es.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: Vodafone_es.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Vodafone_es_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Vodafone_es_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_es_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_gr_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Vodafone_gr.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_gr_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Vodafone_gr.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_gr_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_gr.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_gr_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Vodafone_gr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_gr_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_gr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_gr_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_gr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_gr_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_gr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_hu_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_hu_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_hu_6.0 Build Version: 13.2 Filename: Vodafone_hu_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_hu_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_hu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_hu_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: Vodafone_hu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ie_3.1 Build Version: 5.0 Filename: Vodafone_ie.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ie_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Vodafone_ie.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ie_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Vodafone_ie.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_in_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Vodafone_in.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_in_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Vodafone_in_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_it_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Vodafone_it.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_it_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Vodafone_it.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_it_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_it_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_it_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Vodafone_it.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_it_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: Vodafone_it.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_it_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_it_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_mt_3.0 Build Version: 4.2 Filename: Vodafone_mt.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_mt_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Vodafone_mt.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nl_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nl_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Vodafone_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nl_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Vodafone_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nl_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nl_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: Vodafone_nl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nl_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_nl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nl_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_nl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nz_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Vodafone_nz.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nz_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Vodafone_nz.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nz_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Vodafone_nz.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nz_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Vodafone_nz_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nz_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_nz_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_pt_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Vodafone_pt.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_pt_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Vodafone_pt.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_pt_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Vodafone_pt.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_pt_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_pt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_pt_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_pt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_pt_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_pt_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_pt_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_pt_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_pt_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_pt_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_qa_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Vodafone_qa.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_qa_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_qa.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_qa_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_qa.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_qa_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Vodafone_qa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_qa_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_qa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_qa_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_qa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ro_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_ro_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ro_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Vodafone_ro_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ro_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Vodafone_ro_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ro_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_ro_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ro_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_ro_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ro_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Vodafone_ro_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_tr_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Vodafone_tr.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_tr_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Vodafone_tr.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_tr_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_tr.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_tr_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_tr.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_tr_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_tr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_uk_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Vodafone_uk.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_uk_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Vodafone_uk.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_uk_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_uk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_uk_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Vodafone_uk.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_uk_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: Vodafone_uk.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_uk_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_uk_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_za_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_za.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_za_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_za.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_za_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_za_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_za_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_za_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_za_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Vodafone_za_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_za_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_za_iPad.ipcc
Branch: WCW_US_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: WCW_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: WCW_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: WCW_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Wind_gr_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Wind_gr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: XL_id_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: XL_id_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: XL_id_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: XL_id_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: XL_id_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: XL_id_iPad.ipcc
Branch: XL_id_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: XL_id_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Yoigo_es_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Yoigo_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Yoigo_es_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Yoigo_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Yoigo_es_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Yoigo_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Zain_bh_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Zain_bh_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Zain_jo_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Zain_jo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Zain_kw_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Zain_kw_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Zain_sa_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Zain_sa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Zain_sa_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Zain_sa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Zeppelin_US_4.2 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Zeppelin_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Zeppelin_US_5.0 Build Version: 11.3 Filename: Zeppelin_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Zeppelin_US_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Zeppelin_US_iPad.ipcc
Branch: dtac_th_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: dtac_th.ipcc
Branch: dtac_th_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: dtac_th_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: dtac_th_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: dtac_th_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: dtac_th_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: dtac_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: dtac_th_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: dtac_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: dtac_th_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: dtac_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: dtac_th_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: dtac_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: du_ae_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: du_ae_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: elisa_fi_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: elisa_fi.ipcc
Branch: elisa_fi_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: elisa_fi.ipcc
Branch: elisa_fi_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: elisa_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_Unefon_mx_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: iusacell_Unefon_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_Unefon_mx_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: iusacell_Unefon_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_mx_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: iusacell_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_mx_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: iusacell_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_mx_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: iusacell_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_mx_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: iusacell_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_mx_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: iusacell_mx_iPad.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_mx_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: iusacell_mx_iPad.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_mx_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: iusacell_mx_iPad.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_at_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: mobilkom_at_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_at_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: mobilkom_at_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_at_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: mobilkom_at_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_at_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: mobilkom_at.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_at_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: mobilkom_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_at_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: mobilkom_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_bg_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: mobilkom_bg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_bg_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: mobilkom_bg_iPad.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_hr_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: mobilkom_hr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_si_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: mobilkom_si_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_si_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: mobilkom_si_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobily_sa_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: mobily_sa.ipcc
Branch: mobily_sa_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: mobily_sa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobily_sa_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: mobily_sa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobinil_eg_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: mobinil_eg.ipcc
Branch: mobinil_eg_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: mobinil_eg.ipcc
Branch: mobinil_eg_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: mobinil_eg.ipcc
Branch: mobinil_eg_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: mobinil_eg.ipcc
Branch: mobinil_eg_4.2 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: mobinil_eg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ar_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_ar.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ar_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_ar.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ar_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_ar_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ar_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: movistar_ar_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ar_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_ar.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ar_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: movistar_ar_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ar_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_ar_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ar_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: movistar_ar_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_cl.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_cl.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: movistar_cl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: movistar_cl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: movistar_cl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: movistar_cl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_cl.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: movistar_cl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_cl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_co_3.0 Build Version: 4.5 Filename: movistar_co.ipcc
Branch: movistar_co_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_co.ipcc
Branch: movistar_co_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_co.ipcc
Branch: movistar_co_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: movistar_co_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_co_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_co.ipcc
Branch: movistar_co_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_co_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cr_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: movistar_cr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cr_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: movistar_cr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cr_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: movistar_cr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: movistar_ec.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_ec.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_ec.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: movistar_ec_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: movistar_ec_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: movistar_ec_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: movistar_ec_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_ec.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_ec_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_gt_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: movistar_gt.ipcc
Branch: movistar_gt_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_gt.ipcc
Branch: movistar_gt_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_gt.ipcc
Branch: movistar_gt_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: movistar_gt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_gt_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_gt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_gt_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: movistar_gt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_mx_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_mx.ipcc
Branch: movistar_mx_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: movistar_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_mx_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: movistar_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_mx_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_mx.ipcc
Branch: movistar_mx_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_mx_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ni_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: movistar_ni.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ni_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_ni.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ni_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_ni.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ni_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: movistar_ni_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ni_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_ni_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ni_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: movistar_ni_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pa_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: movistar_pa.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pa_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_pa.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pa_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_pa.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pa_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_pa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pa_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: movistar_pa_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pa_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: movistar_pa_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pe_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_pe.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pe_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_pe.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pe_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: movistar_pe_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pe_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: movistar_pe_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pe_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_pe.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pe_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: movistar_pe_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_sv_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: movistar_sv.ipcc
Branch: movistar_sv_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_sv.ipcc
Branch: movistar_sv_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_sv.ipcc
Branch: movistar_sv_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: movistar_sv_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_sv_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_sv_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_sv_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: movistar_sv_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_sv_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: movistar_sv_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_uy_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_uy.ipcc
Branch: movistar_uy_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_uy.ipcc
Branch: movistar_uy_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: movistar_uy_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_uy_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: movistar_uy_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ve_3.0 Build Version: 4.5 Filename: movistar_ve.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ve_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_ve.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ve_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_ve.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ve_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: movistar_ve_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ve_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: movistar_ve_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ve_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_ve_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: nTelos_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: nTelos_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: vivo_br_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: vivo_br.ipcc
Branch: vivo_br_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: vivo_br.ipcc
Branch: vivo_br_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: vivo_br_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: vivo_br_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: vivo_br_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: vivo_br_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: vivo_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: vivo_br_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: vivo_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: vivo_br_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: vivo_br_iPad.ipcc

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