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How to use the update dongle  (also check the forum on how to use the update dongle here)

How to download and install AIO software and drivers. Video #2 –  (also check the forum on how to use the update dongle here)

How to be sure if your aio update dongle is installed properly Video #3  (also check the forum on how to use the update dongle here)

How to use the software to update Video #5 

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127 Responses

  1. mourad


    I tried to unlock my iPhone 4S (locked to SFR France) several times with the serial number that your website is providing: 9085000329800100000AFF. (AIO SIM: 9F8E1621)

    I have this message: ” You have reached the maximum number of requests for this serial number! ”

    I am blocked with the unlock. Please help. Thank you

    • Admin

      I can reset the request counter for you but why you tried many times. Is it not working ? Make sure you copy paste the settings really fast, 1-2 seconds after you plug AIO-SIM inside your phone and asks for them otherwise they might not get programmed inside the card.

    • Admin

      the serial from the website is ok 9085000329800100000AFF you can us this one, and you don’t need to generated it again and again. It’s the same everytime. If this method does not work then you should update the card using the update software from the downloads section using V24

      • mourad

        Just to make sure that I am doing the right thing when I put The serial number 9085000329800100000AFF then I click send (it that correct), After I reboot the phone. then it should be Ok?? it that correct.

        By the way I just order the AIO SIM and Got it yesterday. It should be updated it to iPhone 4S 6.0.1 as indicated in the email. Why do I need to update it again with the dongle??

        Please advise.

        • Admin

          Yes put that serial and then click send it but be fast (just paste the string and click send). Please also tell us the numbers displayed by your phone after the serial number (or before) when the message is displayed.
          Sometimes the simcard our users use is not compatible with the version already programmed in the AIO-SIM. We want to make sure the customer can unlock their phone so if this method with the serial number fails then update should solve problems.
          Also for CDMA phones update IS required no matter what.

          • mourad

            When I put AIO SIM With my local SIM Card (from Chatr- CANADA). it Gives me this message:

            SN 9F8E1621 IMSI 310410.I reboot the phone and then I go to your website I regenerate the new serial number: 9085000329800100000AFF + click send + reboot the phone again. But final result nothing (activation required)

            The phone is originally from SFR France and the carrier that i would like to use it with is Chatr CANADA.

            Please help with this case.

          • Admin

            If you will have to do the settings using the USB dongle then here is the screenshot with the correct settings:
            FR SFR write settings only
            Just connect the card, and write the settings. You can also update to V24 if you would like to get rid of the message at the beginning.

        • Admin

          So, as i can see here the settings are not getting set inside the card. The IMSI 310410 must change to the SFR IMSI but it does not so clearly the phone will ask for activation. Try one more time:
          1. Load 9085000329800100000AFF in the phone memory.
          2. Insert AIO-SIM + simcard
          3. when the message appears paste the 9085000329800100000AFF very very fast (1-2 seconds) and press send/select
          4. reboot the phone. Now you should see the message again but with SN 9F8E1621 IMSI 208100, if IMSI is still 310410 then stop doing this anymore and try to write settings into the card using the USB dongle.

          • mourad

            I Did the update with the Dongle, I got the network but the problem when I try to make a phone call it says Invalid SIM and then No SIM.

            At this Stage I am definitely blocked. I tried several times to pull out the AIO SIM with SIM Card and Insatll it properly but the same message. Also Rebooted the phone.

            Please advise. Thanks

  2. mourad

    Now i get the network but I have an error message Sim Invalid when I try to make phone calls. Any idea ??

    • Admin

      Can you try with another simcard and post the result ? SIM INVALID looks to me it’s a SIM compatiblity problem and this might be the reason you was not able to program the settings in the first place.

      • mourad


        I tried with other Sim card but nothing happens still the same message Sim Invalid. I thing when I put 9085000329800100000AFF and I click send the memory of the phone is not taking this into account.
        Please help, seriously locked with the process. Thank you
        I have being quite a lot to unlock this phone.

        • Admin

          Hi, please tell us what iPhone iOS you have and what’s your original iPhone carrier.

          • mourad


            Iphone 4s IOS 6.0.1 Original carrier SFR France. Please refer to our earlier discussion.
            AIO SIM 9F8E1621 IMSI 208100
            The serial number that was given to me (and tried with my SIM card and other SIM card) is 9085000329800100000AFF.

            Can you please help with this, I have trying with since November 14th.

          • mourad

            Please any help !! I am waiting for an advise. Thank you

  3. robert

    I have a Verizon Iphone 4s .I updated to v25 for verizon with the dongle cause i’ve tried generating from the website and it says im out of updates through the site. No matter what delay i use when it reconizes my card it says activation required no matter what delay i use. Can anybody advise? I use the verizon settings without ICCID .When i try the verizon settings with ICCID its same thing but if i add 40 for the GID1 setting (like the original sim) it just keeps searching and never stops.

    • robert

      I guess i need to know how to get arround the Activation required and i think it would work.I’ve tried AT&T sim,T Mobile & Straight Talk and all says Activation Required after it reconizes them.

      • Admin

        This can only happen if your phone is not really a Verizon phone so please post here the phone’s IMEI and we will check.

        • robert

          Its a US Verison iphone 4s could it be because im trying to use a US AT&T sim. When i put it in after a minute it will show 1 bar then goes to searching then after about a minute it goes to activation reguired when i try to activate with the t-mobile or at&t sim it says “Sim Not Valid” only supported sim cards from supported carriers may be used to activate iphone.Please insert sim that came with your iphone. I updated to the v25. Thanks for your help

    • Admin

      Hi, V25 does not require any settings whatsoever and the phone should not display activation required. Please post your IMEI number here and your iOS version. I will check that first and tell you what settings you should use.

    • Admin

      About the settings counter is nor really useful for you anymore, i will reset it to 0 just in case for the future.


    I’ve got an IpHONE 4S original of Vodafone ES (Spain), I want to use it with Moviestar ES (Spain). I introduce 255C0003294110000012FF and it sais: SIM INVALID IMSI 214010 AIO SN 6F8A2EF9, What I have to do? Must I update AIO?

    • Admin

      The settings you used are ok so if you get SIM INVALID please try with another simcard. Usually if you update to V24 using our update software this problem should be solved. So update with Update V24 and use the same settings for Vodafone ES 21401, select the same from the list inside the software and press update.

  5. M.oza

    I have same problem as robert I tried without ICCID with ICCID with T-mobile and At&t sim same thing Activation req I updated to verizon v25 3 times but no go here is my gavey siereal sim #5298CD6F and here is my IMEI 99000108561559 please help.Thanks

    • Admin

      Ok, i will check all the steps for your Verizon 4S and let you know. (i don’t know if i will be able to finish tonight – now is 2 in the morning China time, so please wait for an answer a little later not right away).

  6. M.oza

    Ok I am still waiting before I contact ebay/paypal I tried everything according to guides.

    • Admin

      I am working on this right now. If you won’t be able to unlock your phone we will refund so don’t worry.

    • robert

      Im waiting to see what you find out with his cause i hate posting the imei # on the web. I re updated to v25 and still same thing “Activation Required”.

      • Admin

        Hello, we have just posted update V27 for CDMA phones. This includes also Verizon, Sprint, KDDI etc.
        Please update your card using this update and follow the instructions from the release post V27 instructions. If after this update unlock will now work please contact us on ebay for a refund / exchange.

  7. M.oza

    Hey robert Hello when did u recived your gavey may be we r part of defective bunch let see what they can do if not then I am going to ask paypal for refund.Thanks

  8. M.oza

    Hi again I tried v27 with couple of diffrent settings but still can’t get rid off activation screen and invalid sim card screen I wait till I hear from robert if he got it working if he did how before I contact u via Ebay.Thanks

  9. Jose

    Hi, i bought your card and got it working, but after rebooting my phone it just didnt work anymore, i tried doing the same several times but never worked again, now it keeps saying no sim card detected, i tried to place it on the dongle and it says no card detected too, can u help me please?

    Thank you very much

  10. M.oza

    hello I email u via ebay from contact seller but did’nt get any reply can u look in to it please.

  11. Mike

    Thanks, had to check the video to figure out how to do things, but in the end everything worked!


  12. UniC

    I have Sprint 4s Ios 6 i used V27 with preload settind and it goes to activation screen
    is there any other settings ..?

    • Admin

      It should work fine but in some cases the simcard you are using is not compatible. For example in Russia all networks work except MTS simcards. Please tell us what network provider you are tying to use.
      Other ‘way’ is to use Update V24 (calling will work but without signal bars, no SMS, no MMS).

  13. M.oza

    Ok your seller did’nt reply yet if I don’t get any respnse today I will have to leave negative feedback and open dispute in paypal.

  14. M.oza

    Yes I email him via ebay contact the seller form and in your privious comments

    November 20, 2012 at 6:47 pm

    The seller will reply soon! I checked with him already”

    • robert

      Said he would give me a refund and hasn’t yet ether and its been 2 days

      • Admin

        Robert i don’t know what is happening but are you sure you did not get a refund? I will forward this again to him. Anyway don’t worry if we say we will refund then that means this even if sometimes there are delays.

        • robert

          no havent got a refund yet i messaged him like 4 days ago.

          • Admin

            For you and for other people that contacted the ebay seller i have talked with him on the phone and he told me he will take care of the unsolved cases in a few hours (later today China time), he is traveling as we speak and there is no internet connection available or 3G.

  15. mourad

    Hi Mr. Admin,

    Can you please reply to my request. It have been pending for more than 24hours, unless this website is shut down. I do not understand why there is no reply. Thank you

    • robert

      what request i went to ebay and paypal and havent seen a request?

      • mourad


        I asked for a solution for my Iphone 4s because this AIO SIM seems to me a big scam that does not work wiht IOS 6.0.1.
        I started a whole discussion about this, chekc it out at the begining of this thread. I think a bunch of begative feed back will be flying over ebay

  16. M.oza

    Mr Admin Bad Product Bad service ask for refund on ebay No Reply Negative feedback is coming from me.

    • Admin

      I do try to reply everybody asking questions about AIO-SIM here. We have sold thousands of pieces for over 2 years now and we try to help each and every customer. There are cases in witch our product will not work (for example MTS Russia simcards are known not to work for the moment.) or the customer won’t be able to make it work and in this cases we do refund the customer so we are trying to be fair to everyone. Sometimes, over time we update the cards to include new iOS versions and solve compatilibity problems like MTS for free and the customers that have bought this from us (usually service centers) will be able to make them work eventually. This is why everybody is choosing our solution. Old type of GEVEY cards are not programmable and for them once bought it there are no more chances of improving.

    • Admin

      About your iPhone i still can’t check. The IMEI you provided here is 14 digits in length, not 15 as it should be. Please send the IMEI again. Thanks! So there must be 1 missing digit: 99000108561559

  17. M.oza


  18. waheed

    Hi,I am waheed.I bought AIO SIM SN 718FAC28.I phone4S from Uk IMEI # 013042008536226.I dont know its carrier network.please provide me information.
    please help me activate my phone.

  19. Wenzx

    I have just received your AIO gevey card and it doesn’t work.
    I got this message SIM FAILURE
    According to your FAQ
    – SIM is not correctly cut and won’t make correct contact with AIO SIM
    – AIO SIM has bad/damaged contacts, repair or use new AIO SIM

    My sim card is working with my friend’s gevey card!
    So i guess the probleme is your AIO sim….

    • Admin

      Please try to update your AIO-SIM but if you receive this message right from the beginning then maybe AIO-SIM was damaged already during transportation. Please contact the seller to replace.

  20. Baeza



    S/N: C1A76EA3



    • Admin

      Hi, for the Sprint iPhone 4S you will need to update your AIO-SIM to version 27 or 25 using the update dongle. If you try using manual settings like this then the phone will display “No Service”, you will be able to call and receive calls but no MMS, SMS, 3G.

  21. Austin

    the V27 – AIO 4S CDMA iOS 6 – 6.0.1 update im trying on my US Verizon CDMA 4s keeps getting activation required and i noticed on the Verizon CDMA setting the IMSI is 310410347359229 i dont think thats right for Verizon in US. But anyway after i put the aio sim in it goes to 1 bar then searching then activation required screen. I have also tried v24 and v25 and still activation required.Im using a US AT&T sim but have also tried a t-mobile sim. i need help.

    • Admin

      Hi, we understand that there are some problems with some simcards and Verizon phones. If you will not manage to get it working it’s ok from our side to refund you. Please check our website for the next update that will be released in few days and then try to update to that. We will try to solve this in the next update.

      • Austin

        I’ve been trying v24, v25, v27 and i got like 15 updates left but the aio sim must have quit working before i’ve even got it unlocked cause the dongle no longer reconizing it but i can put a sim card in and it will read the sim so the dongles working.

      • Austin

        When is the next update coming for the US Verizon 4s i need to use an AT&T sim with it.I’ve tried the v24, v25 and v27 updates with all settings and won’t work just goes to activation required.

  22. Roland Soltesz


    I have successful unlocked my CDMA Sprint iPhone 4s (iOS 6.0.1) with Gevey AIO nocut v24. Here is the details:
    Software version: NoCutUpdateV1.6!!
    Current carrier: T-mobile Hungary (Vodafone Hungary works too )
    Fast ✔
    GEVEY v24

    [12:38:10] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 6.
    [12:38:10] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 316010212745456
    [12:38:10] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 981010008077410744F2
    [12:38:10] No GID1 will be used!
    [12:38:10] [OK] Settings applied successfully!

    Everything works fine except 3G. I have tried to modify APN settings on http://www.unlockit.co.nz/ But it doesn’t work. I made network reset… etc. It didn’t help
    Do you have any idea? Could you help me please?

  23. jjLakement

    I have successfully installed the driver and it appears to be working under Device manager. However, when I put AIO SIM in dangle and connect in computer, I got following messages:

    [15:01:07] [COM1] Checking for AIO-SIM …
    [15:01:07] [R] Port open failed !
    [15:01:07] [COM7] Checking for AIO-SIM …
    [15:01:08] AIO SIM not detected at existent ports!
    [15:01:08] Please reinsert AIO SIM DONGLE test connections or reinstall drivers!
    [15:01:08] AIO SIM NOT FOUND

    Please help!

    • Willie

      Hey bro I have the same problem here… Please let me know if you have any solutions to this problem…

      • Austin

        I had that probly on my computer so i tried the dongle with my sons computer and it worked perfect so it has to be a setting with the computer cause we both have windows 7 and drivers installed but havent figured whats different. So my advice is if you have a second computer try it.

  24. prasad

    i just received the dongle along with sim’s. i would like to use this for my sprint 4s ios 6.0.1. i download the software updated to v27. then write the sprint settings. after that i put this sim along with local gsm sim.in the signal bar it is showing “searching……” i waited almost 30min.still it is showing the same. when i checked the settings menu “carrier ” is not displaying. what could be the problem?
    Does it works with verizon cdma 4s ios 6.0.1? also?

  25. Jose

    Hi, i have an iphone 4s locked on vodafone UK the SN is DBA098D6 and the given code is 71E1000329435100000AFF but its not working at all, can you help me plz?

    Thank You

    José Monsanto

    • Admin

      Please use the update dongle to update to V24 with Vodafone UK settings if the default method of unlock is not working. Best regards!

      • Jose

        i tried doing that but get this message :

        [15:52:25] [] Port open failed !
        [15:52:25] AIO SIM not detected at existent ports!
        [15:52:25] Please reinsert AIO SIM DONGLE test connections or reinstall drivers!
        [15:52:25] AIO SIM NOT FOUND

        everything seems to be installed, what could possible be?

        Thank You


  26. Victor

    For people who has problem with Sprint use the setting that used Roland Soltesz
    I have successful unlocked my CDMA Sprint iPhone 4s (iOS 6.0.1) with Gevey AIO nocut v24. Here is the details:
    Software version: NoCutUpdateV1.6!!
    Current carrier: T-mobile Hungary (Vodafone Hungary works too )
    Fast ✔
    GEVEY v24

  27. Madalin

    Hello, I bought from you a package AIO-SIM 10x for iphone 5, configure them without problems,but when i put them in my phone is says “Sim Failure” and does not want to pass on any how. Networks that i tried are Telia Sweden, Telenor Sweden and Tele2 Sweden and not working on None at all three, same problem.

    Thanks ! BR,

    Madalin Moldovan

  28. Onur

    I want to buy 10X packs. I have some questions.
    Can we install all the operator. ? Does it work on all carriers?
    How many times can update gevey?

    I can get a positive response. I’m thinking of you constantly shopping.

    • Admin

      If you are refering to AIO 4S it usually works on all operators and all simcards. AIO 5 works better on old simcards with 8 contacts.

    • Admin

      About how many times you can update … many times (more limited by the hardware than the software). If you reach the 20 updates limit you can ask us to reset the limit counter so you can update it 40 times …

  29. Onur

    I am interested for the first time iphone 5. around me have a very sim locked phone. iphone 5 is supported by all operators can receive 10 packages. Then I want to buy 10 packs for iphone 4s.

  30. St666S

    Iphone 4s Sprint CDMA ios 6.0.1

    Finware ?
    Fast ?
    Delay ?
    Imsi ?
    Iccid ?
    GID1 ?

  31. Andrew

    Hi i have some problems, iPhone 5 locked to UK Orange. imsi settings are correct, but every time give me message sim failure, i try 5 sim cards, only one from 5 works why that?

  32. Erlan

    Hi. I’ve got SPRINT’s BAD ESN iPhone4S,iOS-5.1.1, model-MD378LL, baseband-2.0.12. I tried to unlock the phone using latest aio-sim software (V3.0-2012.11.19) followed the next steps.


    1. Run aio-sim software (V3.0-2012.11.19).
    2. Inserted AIO-SIM card into dongle
    3. Selected in the menu
    a) V21 – GEVEY AIO iPhone 4S FULL V3
    b) Preloaded settings – US Sprint 4S CDMA
    c) IMSI – ….(entered from the original Sprint SIM)
    d) ICCID – default settings (000E30272ABEA508DC00)
    e) GID1 – empty
    f) DELAY – 25
    Connect → Write Settings

    Step 2

    1. Inserted AIO-SIM together with my (local operator) simcard into the phone and entered long numbers code got from http://www.aio-sim.com/settings/
    2. Reboot
    3. Been prompted many times to enter long numbers code, after 3 or 4 input, received the message from local operator that automatic settings weren’t applied to the phone.
    4. After that I’ve been able to make and receive voice calls, receive sms only, even local operator’s name appeared on the left-upper screen corner. But no sms sending, no 3G, no Internet over the cellular connection. That happiness was until first reboot.

    Now I can’t get even the partial unlock, as described above. Each time I insert AIO-SIM together with my sim card the phone goes to activation menu, i.e. activation required.
    How to get rid of “activation required” prompts and get SN and long numbers code screen to come up? I don’t see it anymore. HOW TO UNLOCK THE PHONE?

    • Admin

      i see you use US Sprint 4S CDMA settings that are not compatible with update V21.
      For V21 you need to use the normal US Sprint settings.
      Also you can try with V24 and US Sprint settings if you version is 5.1.1

  33. Andrew

    Hello i unlocking many iphone 5! But i have some many problems, 1.5 week ago i made to Sweden Telenor AIO Sim, and it’s working great with all sim cards, but yesterday i write aio for UK 3, and it’s not working with sim cards, give me message sim failure, and same with other phones, but when i put sims what is not working in UK 3 to Telenor everthing is ok, and i’m write today 3 AIO to the working Telenor and it’s give the same sim failure, but if i put back old one AIO what is write 1.5 week ago it’s work. Where is the problem?

  34. mike

    i got iphone 5 sprint bad esn i wanna get it unlocked . i ordered aio and i got it today . how am i gonna unlock it there is no any good videos showing all details and steps to unlock it . i got dissappointed

  35. LIOR


  36. Mau

    This Shit Dont Work Dont Buy It Waste Of Money I Bought The Chip For Iphone 5 And 4s I Ask For Help Nothing Was Done

  37. Onur

    I bought 10 packs gevey and dongle. for iphone 4s. dongle green light is always on. What is to be done?
    I watched the whole procedure for video, but still I could not. 3 units I’ve tried on the computer(2 xp comptr, 1 win 7 comptr). the result is the same.

  38. micko

    I’m using an aio 5 to unlock an iPhone 5 in the company telcel mx and only brand without service as I can do to lift Iusacell network

  39. dslmnm

    hi! i have problem with iphone 5 imei 013424001113916. After connecting to itunes i have this: Thank you for purchasing your iPhone from the Apple Online Store.
    Please enter your AT&T account information to complete your activation. Can i activate it with gevey 5 (3-activation only)? How i must do it? please help

  40. Ungureanu

    Hello I have 4 X Gevey Ultra Pro Like this http://www.bluefir.com/images/large/GeveyUltra_01_LRG.jpg and I cannot connect and write any Gevey with the new dongle https://docs.google.com/document/pubimage?id=1ueDyb3UDt40Eh_l_FBmmvrXLaImq9QJEdctmyem8MmI&image_id=1vXMvRkLku_n7Xtt0CuQ5nzom_NBCzhs
    What is wrong? Gevey or something from dongle ?

    • Admin

      You do not have AIO/GEVEY NO CUT product thus your cards are not updatable and upgradable. Our cards use the C8051F300 IC that is different from the one in your picture here.

  41. javad


  42. Ungureanu Daniel

    Helllo,I have a little problem with 1 unlock with gevey aio-sim 5,Iphone 5 lock on T-mobile UK,aio-sim unlock network for any sim card prepay( Vodafone / Orange ROMANIA ) but when I try to unlock my new sim card contract gsm at Vodafone Romania it ask me to activate the iphone and it doesn’t work 🙁 . What can I do?

  43. rezahanjani

    Hi. thanks alot for your good gevey. i have a question. i have a iphone 5 and now it is worhing by ios 6.1.4 and i would like to know can i update ios to 7 version. if i can shoud i upgrade the gevey or no

  44. I can send the team as SIM cards for development? since a the Service Provider is impossible to function here AIO 4S/AIO 5, iOS 6.1.X versions and 7,
    with other companies without any problem, it seems some compatibility conflict SIM card and IOS 6.X +, as in earlier if otherwise normally work, I hope your answer buy 100 units and figure this would help a lot


  45. toth raul

    Hy, i am tryng to unlock an 4s, i succeded, but, the sim that i needed in this 4s, won’t workm but another sim works, what is strange, because that sim, works on other 4s with gevey but not on this one. Says “invalid SIM”

  46. freedom

    AIO Dongle not working need your help. I have tried on both win7 and winXP and nothing. See log: [15:58:03] [COM55] Port open failed ! [15:58:03] AIO SIM not detected at existent ports! [15:58:03] Please reinsert AIO SIM DONGLE test connections or reinstall drivers! [15:58:03] AIO SIM NOT FOUND

  47. Sergey

    Hello! Can you help me?
    IMEI: 990002251498695
    Iphone 5
    V27 – AIO5 Shasha+
    US Sprint LTE
    IMSI: 310120
    Delay: 25
    Fast speed and Force sim is Switch ON
    ICCID: 897010201124509648FF – From MY SIM, not original

    But my phone NOT Activated.. pls.. help

  48. Pietro carini

    I asked earlier about the SMS and MMS on iphone 5 sprint. And I got no response. Have you found a solution to this problem yet. Please just let me know of there is a new software update to do this. Also, have you tested the new iOS 8? Does it work?

  49. digs digueno

    hello i order 10 pcs aio sim for ip5 plus dongle.but what i recieve is 10 pcs aio sim plus 1 more aio sim and the dongle is not in my package.how can i use the aio sim if i dont have the dongle?

  50. AmiR

    Hi Dear i have one iphone 4s Lock ulocked with gevey aio with ios 5.0.0 .. Now i can upgrade to ios 8 and when to go ios 8 i have signal and gevey Work ??? Thanks

  51. vivatt

    Hello! Can you give me step by step guide for unlock my Iphone 6 plus ios 8.3 Sprint US
    I have gevey aio5 with dongle

  52. Farid

    Hi guys,
    I have iPhone 5S, iOS 8.3. Locked by TMobile US I’ve used several aio firmwares, but none of them worked properly, invalid sim occurs.
    Maybe because it’s locked by another provider, I don’t really know. Here is imei 013885007168866
    Can you help me please

  53. JMcKl

    Same problem with tmobile. It’s showing signal, operator’s name, but can’t receive incoming calls and sms. Neither data is not working.
    Now v32 is installed.

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