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All products come with FREE Hong Kong Post shipping if not otherwise specified. Products will be shipped from Shenzhen, China by Hong Kong Post. This shipping can be fast for some destinations (like UK, Ireland) and slow for others. If you would like fast delivery then please add to cart the Fast Shipping upgrade and we will ship everything that you order by DHL.

PLEASE READ FIRST: We DONT ACCEPT REFUNDS for AIO products already ordered unless they are defective or other manufacturing problems. If the latest 4G update stops working we can promise that we will do our best to find a new solution for customers but WE DONT ACCEPT ANY REFUNDS based on this, as this is not a malfunction of our product. Our cards can still be updated and used in the future when new updates become available!

Right now we don’t have stock available in USA so the USA orders will be shipped from China ONLY.

For RUSSIAN, UKRAINIAN customers the fastest shipping we can offer is EMS shipping which sometimes is slow like Hong Kong Post. The price of EMS shipping is 35 USD compared with 25 USD for DHL so we will ask you to pay 10 USD more after you make the payment for DHL shipping. If you want really fast shipping and no customs headache you of course have to contact our Russian resellers first. For UKRAINE also DHL shipping is available now.

The AIO USB dongle is compatible with all AIO products produced by us, including AIO6, AIO5, AIO SIM 4S, AIO SIM 4S ONE, GEVEY AIO CUT, GEVEY AIO NO CUT, GEVEY AIO CUT, GVAIO. It can be used to update the firmware with the latest available one.

Price(s): 1+3.5 USD

GEVEY AIO/GVAIO is the already the most famous unlocking solution for iPhone 4S. You can update each card using the UPDATE DONGLE so it can fit all your iPhone 4S versions (including the latest iOS 6) and all networks. This pack is suited for regular customers that do not require more Update Dongles.

10 x AIO SIM 4S Updatable
10 x AIO SIM iPhone 4S holders
Price(s): 1+34 USD / 2+30 USD / 3+28 USD / 5+26 USD / 10+24 USD / 20+22 USD / 30+20 USD / 50+17 USD

AIO 5 is based on the working technology that we used for our previous unlock card models using the fast and stable F300 IC and a golden contacts FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit). AIO 5 is an fully updatable product and as before you have the possibility to upgrade your AIO 5 firmware when we release a new and improved version. Please read the posts corresponding to AIO5 to find out more before buying the product!

10 x AIO 5 Updatable unlock sim
10 x AIO 5 iPhone 5 holders (6 blue, 4 silver)
Price(s): 1+36 USD / 2+32 USD / 3+30 USD / 5+28 USD / 10+26 USD / 20+24 USD / 30+22 USD / 50+19 USD

Please select this if you want your parcel to be shipped from USA instead of Hong Kong/China. You can choose USPS (normal post) or DHL (fast service). Please contact us if you need Fedex/TNT/UPS or other service.

Price(s): 1+0 USD

The extra tray packs we sell are compatible with AIO 5/AIO4 Trays are sold only to existing AIO-SIM customers and are shipped together with an order containing an AIO product. Please don't buy only trays and expect free shipping as shipping is no...

Price(s): 1+0 USD / 5+0 USD

Plug and play ! Pre-programmed with the latest 4G update that works with all iPhone models ! Updatable ! As you would expect from an AIO SIM !

10 x AIO 6 updatable unlock sim
1 piece NANO sim card adapter
Price(s): 1+50 USD / 2+40 USD / 3+36 USD / 5+29 USD / 10+24 USD / 20+19 USD / 30+17 USD / 40+16 USD / 50+15 USD

Now you can finally restore your  iWatch S0 & S1 models (38mm & 42mm) on your own. Using our iBus S1 adaptor and a Lightning cable (nor provided) you can use iTunes under MacOS or MFC Box under Windows to restore your iWatch. Subject to availa...

1x iBus S1 adaptor
1 x 2in1 metal adaptor for correct positioning
Price(s): 1+79 USD / 5+69 USD

Now you can finally restore your iWatch S2 (38mm & 42mm) on your own. Using our iBus S2 adaptor and a Lightning cable (nor provided) you can use iTunes under MacOS or MFC Box under Windows to restore your iWatch. Subject to availability of restore ...

1x iBus S2 adaptor
1 x 2in1 metal adaptor for correct positioning
Price(s): 1+99 USD / 5+89 USD

E-Knife 8 in 1 Toolkit is specially designed for CPU & BGA chip removal and glue cleaning. It's makes it a unique and required tool in every professional mobile phone repair center ! Price includes Hong Kong Post free shipping! Specifications...

1 x #.1 Knife  - Remove IC, CPU Baseband
1 x #.2 Knife - Cleaning Glue ( Remove UV glue)
1 x #.3 Knife - Rubber Shovel UV Glue Knife
1 x #.4 Knife - Separate rubber shovel Glue Knife
1 x #.5 Knife - Remove Glue on Marginal place
1 x #.6 Knife - Remove the IC Glue on Marginal place
1 x #.7 Knife - Remove IC on Motherboard
1 x #.8 Knife - Remove  Power IC on Motherboard
1 x Metal Knife Handle
Price(s): 1+19 USD / 5+17 USD

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94 Responses

  1. humber

    Your project still active …. Because manole Death gevey project … I think you still Up .. with sales and everything OK or not ???

    anyway … now you continue working in this and program for futures update too ???

  2. Great advanced support .. AIO for iphone 5… thanks a lot for continue wit the project … … i have a question is the same dongle programer AIO iphone4s – AIO iphone 5???

  3. I need a cutter for Nano sim.. maybe you can add to my shopping … is possible ??? my emai is humbedj@gmail.com contact me if you can help me with that.. thanks advanced

  4. rui pereira

    hi, i buy and pay 10 gevey on day 2 and till now nothing arrived.
    this is normal?

  5. Paulino

    Can you tell me How I put my shipping address. I think could be before I give my bank date. Help me, please

    • Admin

      Hi, please continue the discussion by e-mail. We already asked you if you have Paypal or what other means of payment you have.

  6. Viktor Soltesz


    I have a iphone 5 locked with spirt. Can I buy just only 1 piece with black sim tray. I have already bought a dongle.

  7. Paulino

    I Need a plastic adaptor to use with dongle to upgrate gevey sim. Can you send me one, with my order?

  8. Hello! I need help for unlocking 4S US Verizon and i5 US Sprint. Every setting will turn to activating screen. (I want use with hungarian sim cards) And need some help for you Gevey Dongle, because dont see the Geveys, but the “old” Dongle did see and can update. Thank you

    • And how can put the i5 Gevey? It’s too small…need a plastic or some homemade tips…

    • Admin

      Hi, did you tried with the latest update V28 ? You still get the activation screen ? About the plastic we know. I hope will be able to solve this this year.

      • Yes tried all version V24 – V28 many imsi, w – w/o ICCID, delay 18-25 and all the time want activate. Now have a same problem with hungarian t-mobile locked i5 anytime want activate :/ tried V1 and V2 w-w/o ICCID, delay 18 and 25 but want activate.

  9. Gary Hyman

    this thing is not working at all .My i phone is a 4s US version i got my aio sim from your ebay seller, this is what is coming up [05:16:37] [COM5] Checking for AIO-SIM …
    [05:16:38] [COM6] Checking for AIO-SIM …
    [05:16:38] [COM4] Checking for AIO-SIM …
    [05:16:39] [INFO] Some response has been detected but it’s not AIO-SIM 4S
    [05:16:39] AIO SIM not detected at existent ports!
    [05:16:39] Please reinsert AIO SIM DONGLE test connections or reinstall drivers!
    [05:16:39] AIO SIM NOT FOUND

    that is all i am getting today

  10. How can we activate 6.0.1 with gevey, without original sim card?

  11. Draover

    Hello I would like to know what’s going on with my shipment Id. de transacción: 2V4877580R649445L paypal, thanks you

  12. SISI

    hello , this package “” AIO SIM 4S UNLOCK (IOS 6.0.1 READY) 10X PACK W/O DONGLE FOR REGULAR CUSTOMERS “” Price(s): 1+53 USD Include 10 Gevey ??

    and Iphone 5 Dongle is different from 4s dongle ??

  13. Hi! Have a BIG Problem! I cant unlock iPhone 5 (HUN T-mobile locked), we buyed 20pc of them, but we cant sell it, because any setting do activate all the time! Please FIX it problem! Udes V1, V2, with and without ICCIC, Delay 6,10,18,20,25,30,50 and nothing!

  14. Draover

    Please I need help with my shipped paypal Id. de transacción: 5HV19982FX550331Y

  15. buanerges

    hello friend, please send me the number traking, thx

  16. descarado

    please send status of shipping package.,

    Transaction ID #7MJ417716P8822504

    if possible add package to the same order let me know


  17. ernesto perez

    hello friend, please send me the number traking Id. de transacción: 1C299209JM5334

  18. ton1x

    im glad to hear you still active, i like you products.. btw, what happened with you n ma**le?

    bro, how to buy you product aio for 4s n 5?

  19. 3l

    i want to sell aio-sim officially in spain, is possible??¿¿¿??

  20. micko

    exist another way to pay? pay pal don let me pay with my credit card i dont know what happened please respond

  21. Newton

    i bought 10 sim cards… only 5 are working.. WHY? How do i get a replacement?
    This is bad for business

  22. ihelp

    hello i payed on 12 march here is my paypal transaction id XXXXX i didnt get any respond from you can you send me tracking number please

  23. Hernan

    Please send my items
    Paypal Id. 87B07372KV3070157

  24. Waldry


    We want to buy 50 credit [CR2]BB5

    MXKEY Serial: C0822C98

    Best regards,

  25. McBuZzz

    “The price of EMS shipping is 35 USD compared with 25 USD for DHL so we will ask you to pay 10 USD more after you make the payment for DHL shipping”
    So if EMS = 35$ and DHL = 25$, why i need to pay 10$ more for DHL shipping ?

    • Admin

      So EMS = 35 USD, DHL = 25 USD for a normal order nor matter of destination. Sometimes people pay 25 USD for DHL but they want EMS so i have to ask them to pay 10 USD extra. If you pay 35 from the begining then you don’t need to pay 10 USD more for EMS, or if you want by DHL/TNT then 25 USD is enough.

  26. micko

    hi please send my track number about my items this is my id pay pal 09P99607V8466024H thanks

  27. bdogg241980

    You guys still suckering people into buying these things still???? You fail to tell them your customer service sucks bad… The 4s cannot be unlocked most of the time on 6.1.3 without an activation patch. A few of the cards will be bad when you get them… Need me to keep going?

    • Admin

      There are many service center buying our products. I am sorry for your bad experience but we are improving every day. For example now the AIO5 FPC is much better quality than before with a new design. Also in case of deffective AIO’s we do replace them… 4S can be unlocked for sure most of the times …

  28. rogerboogie

    hi sr , can i buy 200 pieces from USA , i need to know if you have on stock , i need 150 for 4s and 50 pieces for iphone 5
    in other hand, i want to know if the iphone 5 ail have ggod quality tray cause, the last time i buy from you 200 pieces , all trays have problems and need to be modified for work with it

    please let me know about the stock as soon as possible cause iam out of stock and need to buy urgent !!

  29. Dany

    Hello,If I want to buy 2x AIO 5,how many days it will take to shipping into ROMANIA? And I have to pay other cost out of AIO 5 with dongle? (2*63$)

    • Admin

      For Romania please contact a local reseller from the reseller’s list on this website. We don’t sell only 2 pcs on the website, the shipping takes longer and sometimes you also have customs headache + VAT if we ship from Hong Kong.

  30. Dany

    Yes but.here in Romania the price for 1x lot aio 5 without dongle is 100$ ,what is the minimal request for shipping into Romania?

  31. Rav

    any good reseller in india??????

  32. nadine

    will this work for Verizon IPhone4s?

  33. Roman

    Thanks. Few months ago I bought 20 AIO SIM 4S UNLOCK. Everything perfectly works. I will buy still

  34. domjuan1500

    i have 7 seven! aio-sim nano wont work, and now mey update key don’t work, what can i do?

  35. Bruno

    Can I use AIO5 with iPhone 4s? or buy 5*aio5 and 5*aio4s?

  36. Leo

    Hi, I bought AIO-SIM set for my iphone 5 Sprint that i’ve got in condition where it asks to enter language, country, wifi access point and goes to activation immediately after that. It doen’t matter do i put any SIM with or without AIO-sim, the activation fails. As much as i saw youtube-clips they all start from the point you open working ipod with all program icons seen. But i can’t get the phone to this screen. So i even do not know the iOS version it has. How can i solve the problem?
    Please note, it shows the full GMS signal as available. The print screen is here. http://gyazo.com/f49902ba54ca99f33dcdbf06e8ad945a

    • Admin

      Surely the settings witch witch you programmed the AIO are wrong. Please send us the IMEI of you phone so we can check exactly from what network it is.

      • Leo

        Sent to e-mail. Actually i did not programmed AIO-SIM yet. Please give me tutorial how to update it (the dongle drivers are installed correctly, but i can’t install software bacause it can’t find some mfc110.dll. Printscreen http://gyazo.com/43c6aca41dd4b3f2db23ef0641cd4373)

        • Leo

          To apply 3G patch for Sprint the software asks to input a valid AIO-SIM serial number. Where can i get these numbers? Because there were no serials in my 10xAIO SIM post package or on the AIO-SIM surfaces.
          The phone only can make calls without the patch:
          No incoming, no texts or data 🙁

          • Leo

            Upd. How can i choose the right carrier form my Sprint: US Sprint LTE, US Sprint OTA, US Sprint 5, or just US Sprint.
            Tried US Sprint – doesn’t recognize, US Sprint LTE – can only make calls (no incoming, no SMS, no phone options like call divert, no 3G). And the patch doesn’t applly also (also with reset).
            Can i get the full tutorial for Sprint here please.
            For others: AIO serial number is seen in software prompt. That’s ok.

  37. Paul

    Hello. I am using a gevey aio for my iphone 5, personal phone. In settting> cellular, I do not have 3g option, only cellular data and data roaming. When I turn off data roaming I can use internet connection, when is off i cannot. The ideea is that I cannot use internet on 2G connection. Another question is: the signal strength is almost half with gevey. Is this normal, because many people tells me I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you. And neither on 2G; the signal il still low.

  38. Paul

    I know the network the phone is locked, it;s vodafone uk. It was verified. The phone is working fine, but this is the problem with low signal, and no 3G setting.

  39. AndrewStone

    Hi how mutch. Coast shipping to Latvia via DHL?

  40. maryna

    Hi. I want to buy this item (AIO 4 FOR 4S 10X PACK INCLUDING DONGLE $59). but I do not understand what is included?

  41. Peter

    Could you shipping for hungary?

    Best regards,

  42. mickodirex

    hi please send my track id please this is my pay pal id 3E123136C7011154P thanks

  43. Evgeniy

    Are you send aio to Belarus ?

  44. hi i need to buy 50 pieces aio 4s and 30 5

  45. churchin-man

    When will you getting iPhone 4/4S cables? We need some of those too.

  46. rogerboogie

    very good products, aio sims , cables and earpods have very good quality, the shipping is really fast , and service is so good

    please add more quality products to your website, maybe some spare parts and lcd´s for iphone could be good idea

  47. Aleksandr

    You send orders in Kiev Ukraine?

  48. alexunlocks

    how many geveys in total come in this package


  49. Wojtek

    Dan !
    Please contact me about the order of AIO4 and AIO5. I sent email twice, but no reply 🙁

  50. churchin-man

    Which one of the description above is iPhone 5/5c/5s USB cables? I need to buy some but want to ensure I select the correct description.

  51. vivatt

    hello! Thank you for fast delivery!
    can you explain what should I do
    I have Iphone 6 plus Sprint (no original sim card)+ gevey aio 5 with dongle + local sim card (beeline)
    I’ve read tons of forums and spend 2 days but finally I have pin request on my sim card and nothing more 🙁
    Help me, please! I need good guide, step by step

  52. himig_natin

    i would like to follow up on my order status: (Purchase date: Sep 23, 2015)
    Unique Transaction ID #6NA637702A1368506

    Qty Item Options Price
    2 AIO 4 for 4S 10x pack w/o dongle for regular customers
    Item # SKU_AIO4S10LITEPAK_DEFAULT_ $100.00 USD
    1 Shipping options from Hong Kong, China, USA or Romania(METHOD/USA USPS)
    Amount $107.00 USD

  53. Антон

    with the Iphone 6S gevey works ? The trays are on 6s?

  54. Hello Dear. I’m from Uzbekistan. Can I make payment with VISA and order from China to Uzbekistan around 5x pack AIO. Or maybe I can be your reseller at Uzbekistan?! Thanks for answer.

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