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A new Jailbreak a new 2G patch for iOS 9-9.0.2

Published on October 15, 2015 by in Uncategorized

We are happy to announce the release of the new force 2G patch for iOS 9 jailbreaked phones thanks to the release of the new Pangu jailbreak solution. This is free for all AIO-SIM customers. If you encounter problems you can post here the results and we will check. The patch is already tested on iPhone 6SP and 6P  iOS 9.0.2

Procedure for installing the new 2G force patch for jailbreaked phones

Supported models: all jailbreaked phones iOS 9.0.2

Step 1. Get Activation Key from
– A valid AIO SIM Serial number (the serial number will only work 5 times to get the Activation Key
– A valid IMEI number (of the phone you want to install the patch)

Step 2. Using Cydia addd repo
Install Force 2G for jailbroken phones (9+ variant)

Reboot phone or respring using a respring app (you can also install this using Cydia).

Step 3. Input the Activation Key when asked on the phone.

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24 Responses

  1. Hello,
    Can I buy one of these activation codes/serial numbers from you? I just need this patch to work. I would really appreciate it!



  2. Costea Ioan

    Hi, I have an IPhone 5 iOS 8.4 that I have bought one week ago…It works with force 2g and aio sim, can i update to iOS 9?(i have no activation key,i just bought the aio sim and the phone,no code)

  3. cesar

    when will Sprint iphone 6 work on IOS 9.0.2

  4. it’s work’s ) good job thanks

    ios 9.02 iPhone 5

  5. Vlada

    How to find SIM serial number on IPHONE 4s working on IOS 9.0.2

  6. serginho

    It works for Brazilian operators using the r-sim10? how to get the activation key?

  7. Amadeus

    Patch does not work on my iPhone5 UK O2. When installed it lags and/or crashes a SpringBoard and phone enters Safe Mode. Once it worked after hard restart (keeping home and power buttons) but for 1-2 minutes only, then SpringBoard crashed again entering safe mode.
    Tried to reinstall several times with no luck.
    Please help or tell how to fix this. Thanks.

  8. himig_natin

    Sim tray for 6S and 6SP are different from the regular 6 and 6P.

    Can’t test unlock card on newer iphones yet.

    When will the simtrays for the 6S and 6SP be available?

    Please advise.


  9. redvladmitr

    hi. how i can communicate with you? email or anything else? thanks

  10. Emm

    Hmmm… installed the patch successfully and on restart it asks if I want to use 3G, I press cancel (assuming that means it’ll do 2G), and then it says “kCTRegistrationRATSelectionGSM Setting 2G mode done”, but I still get no signal. :/

    • Admin

      Then patch is working normally. The no signal problem might be because of other reason. Make sure sim card does not have pin code.

  11. alex

    Hi , how to unlock iphone 5s att usa ios 9.0.2 , tried V7 , V32, V33 , Vx7
    no one works , imsi 3104101 .
    V32,33 jumping into activation after 3 seconds when gets the operator
    V7 , Vx7 shows invalid sim

    • Hi! The currently version is V32, not from test server, you must use from Live server. And you need upgrade to ios 9.x. When you put the AIO to the phone, it goes to activation screen, it’s normal. After 30-45 second you will see network dots, searching, no service and it will drop out from activation screen, finaly find network and connect it. You can use 2G / 3G / 4G, but on 3G sometimes cannot receive calls, but always can make calls. And of course, you must need to set APN to stable connection and internet connection, only need download APN profile from http://unlockit.co.nz with iPhone Safari browser. Before you do this step, must need switch off cellular data.


  12. Hi Dan! I have a big problem. I have some cards what it cannot write, because:

    [info] AIO SN: 0x47A21405
    [erro] timeout waiting for response
    [erro] communication error (3)
    [erro] downloading update failed

    What can i do?


  13. Hello! I sent a payment: #18U01026539245142

    Please give reply what i wrote on paypal transaction. Thank you very much!


  14. Hello Dan! I think do you know the jailbreak for 9.1 x64 devices is released. Can you test software solution from 5S? I have a new problem: the postpaid Tmobile card after set the apn, it want activate again, but the end of procedure it lost the connection. So only we can use telenor only or prepaid Tmobile card. I hope you will find a solution soon. Do i need a report with diagnostic tool?


  15. Антон

    Hello! On the iPhone 6+ with iOS 9.1 will work this patch?

  16. Антон

    The patch works for 9.3.3?

  17. Anton

    the patch will update to 10.2 ?

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