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The new AIO 6

Published on May 22, 2017 by in News

Starting today we are opened to orders for the new AIO 6. AIO6 is the newest AIO product that supports all iPhone models including 7, 7p, 6s, 6sp, 6, 6p, 5c, 5, 5s ! Shipping will be done from our Hong Kong/Shenzhen warehouse and soon it will also be available on stock in USA too !

It’s Plug and Play ! The AIO 6 comes pre-programmed with the latest AIO update, an improved variant of AIO 5 4G update we have been testing for the last month that has been tested and working flawlessly on all models ! You will get full 4G signal (in areas with 4G) and 3G/2G in other areas. Roaming will also not be affected!

It’s Updatable ! As expected AIO 6 represents the future of AIO product range and is future proof! The card isĀ updatable using our AIO Online Update software so you don’t have to worry when ordering AIO ! As we have done for the last many years we will continue to update AIO 6 with the latest available unlock solutions if required !

We will continue to sell AIO 5 and 4 at discounted prices and continue to support them in the near term. The prices for AIO 6 and also older AIO models are updated already in the BUY section of our website and will vary according to your order quantity !

More about AIO 6
AIO 6 is ultra slim and does not require to cut your simcard or do any modifications or use custom trays for your phones !
AIO 6 is stable ! Tested already in with all iPhone models and new simcards ! If you encounter any problems just ask your operator to give you the latest available nano sim card type!
It’s easy to update: insert AIO 6 in the NANO sim adaptor provided by us (you will need to cut the adaptor when first time using it so the AIO can stay inside ), insert into AIO Dongle and connect to any USB port of your computer (Windows computers only).

AIO 6 is gold! The contact are gold plated so will always offer a stable and good connection between phone and the simcard you are using !

We can’t guarantee how long the latest 4G solution implemented in the latest update will work but we can promise that we will update AIO 6 to get the best solution for the best price always !

PS. For AIO5 customers, as some of you know the 4G update is available in the latest TEST software. (just refresh the updates list using SHIFT key pressed when starting the software). You can email us and we will provide you with the required links if you don’t have it!
AIO 5 and AIO 4 will also be available together with AIO6 in the update software so you only have to have one software for all our models !

PS. For AIO5 customer the link for the TEST Online update software is in the downloads section !
OBS. Google issues a malware warning on our download page. The software we provide does not install itself automatically and does not performs other actions except requested by the user. The software does not contain viruses but is ENCRYPTED to prevent reverse engineering (someone copying our software) and as a result anti-virus and malware detectors can’t understand our software and present you with this warning.

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5 Responses

  1. 4G+ inside – very good!

  2. Yohooooo!!! šŸ˜€
    Please solve 4G+ problem with postpaid 4G cards SIM FAILURE. Thank you!

  3. Erwin

    Please provide clear instructions on how to use. Is it tested to work on US Carrier Simcards?
    Does data works? LTE/3G or still 2G?
    Or a video proof on how to use?
    Previous AIO 5 on iphone 6/6S require patch on Jailbreak.
    Im also a long time customer & hoping to order some again.

  4. sergio

    i need 10 packs

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