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AIO4S V5 S1 Online Update Software update with patches

Published on August 8, 2013 by in Updates

We are happy to announce that AIO4s V5 S1 Online Update Software is available for download. This new software brings many improvements over the old software and is simmilar in function with the AIO4 V5 software. Finally the networks list loads correctly no matter what internet connection you have. Another important feature that we have added is the PATCH for CDMA phones that come from Sprint and Verizon networks. Select the 4S for Sprint/Verizon patch in the list. You can also apply normal profiles (check the list) in the event your phone has some settings problems.

Patching is simple, just connect your phone to computer, close iTunes if it opens automatically and press Read Phone button. If you can read the phone correctly then you can continue pressing Patch button. If patch fails you need to COMPLETELY RESET CONTENT AND SETTINGS on your phone before trying again. Patch works for iOS 6.1.3/4. In order to be able to apply the patch you need to input your AIO-SIM serial number in the serial number box next to Patch button or just connect one AIO-SIM to the software by pressing connect button.

Download the latest version from the download section. In case you will see errors regarding missing libraries (mfc110.dll etc) you have to install the latest Microsoft Visual Studio Redistributables 2012 http://www.microsoft.com/en-hk/download/details.aspx?id=30679 !! Sometimes if you have 64 bits systems you also have to install the 32 bits version !!!

Direct link here.

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24 Responses

  1. descarado

    nice update welcome team AIO

  2. AgentD

    Will proshvka for 5 Gevey AIO supports the work of SIM cards without the use of USIM format Jailbreak? How soon will it be expected?

    • AgentD

      Will the firmware for the Gevey AIO 5 supports the work of the SIM card USIM format without Jailbreaking. How soon will it be expected?

  3. Good! But need also for KDDI

  4. rogerboogie

    really nice update , i was waiting for this update too long , thanks for it

  5. rogerboogie

    woow there is a big list of patches to apply , can anybody tell me how to use the other more than 40 presets ?

    i know how to apply verizon , sprint patches but the patches present by carrier i dont have any criteria tu use

    admin please give us an explanation

  6. Spardo

    Very good, but after this patch my battery spends 30% at night, but before it was only 5-10%.

  7. Dmitriy

    когда МТС работать будет? when MTS-RUS will work?

  8. Adlet

    Купил у вас на свою голову! не работает с чешской симкой, не активируется. Ни нормальной инструкции, ничего все надо самому искать. Куда их можно отправить что бы вернули деньги?

  9. rogerboogie

    patching is stable. i just tested a sprint , unicom , verizon with unsuported sim using v24 , and after patching signal comes , also 3g and sms

    very nice job team , hope you still developing nice surprises for us

  10. rogerboogie




  11. Biggie

    Yes, we really need for iphone 5/4s sprint ios 7 patch!!
    Please tell us, do you working on that?
    When it will be available?

  12. Edward

    Do that update faster cause we need to update soon 🙂

  13. Nikita

    Please someone post step-by step instrucions for activating internet and messages on iphone 5 ios7.


    Можно по-русски 🙂

  14. dm

    Completely not works with iOS7 in Russia!!!!!

  15. Romulus

    Is there any problem with 7.0.3? Some sim cards take signal for few seconds and after that it requires activation, even the aio-sim is well programed

  16. alex

    tried v29 with verizon for support new cards , you can call and receive calls but it still remains no service on display … can this issue be solved?

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