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AIO5 V5 S1 Online Update Software with CDMA patch

Published on June 4, 2013 by in News

We are happy to announce that AIO5 V5 S1 Online Update Software is available for download. This new software brings many improvements over the old software. Finally the networks list loads correctly no matter what internet connection you have. The most important feature that we have added is the PATCH for CDMA phones that come from Sprint, Softbank and KDDI networks. This patch fixes:

  • SMS sending issues
  • MMS sending issues
  • APN and other network settings
  • 3G – You can install profiles as before from unlockit.co.nz
  • works after reboot

Patching is simple, just connect your phone to computer, close iTunes if it opens automatically and press Read Phone button. If you can read the phone correctly then you can continue pressing Patch button. If patch fails you need to COMPLETELY RESET CONTENT AND SETTINGS on your phone before trying again. Patch works for iOS 6.1.3/4. In order to be able to apply the patch you need to input your AIO-SIM serial number in the serial number box next to Patch button or just connect one AIO-SIM to the software by pressing connect button.

Download the latest version from the download section. In case you will see errors regarding missing libraries (mfc110.dll etc) you have to install the latest Microsoft Visual Studio Redistributables 2012 http://www.microsoft.com/en-hk/download/details.aspx?id=30679 !! Sometimes if you have 64 bits systems you also have to install the 32 bits version !!!

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24 Responses

  1. viorel bulzan

    thank you,we will test it and come back with reviews

  2. Nice! Activity at last!

  3. we will test it

    Already tested. Working good!

    • Marcos

      hi i recivied msg from program
      “Getting patch files from server …
      Error receiving patch size …
      Patch empty, please check your settings”

  4. Also need the same for 4S. If Usim – we use v24, so 3G/SMS is working only after jail, it’s not possible to 4S 6.1.3

  5. rogerboogie

    thanks for update , also need for iphone 4s , please give us an answer , thanks a lot

  6. digfurka@gmail.com

    iPhone 5 AIO support needed.

    Please make an update for iphone 5 AIO so all sim cards from all operators are supported: I have a case where from 3 operators only 1 works (perfectly), all other from other 2 operators do not work no matter what sim card I use – always asks for activation.

    @Admin: I can send all sim cards from all operators if that is needed.

    Please help anyone?

  7. edwardos

    If I patch I need to activate data roaming for use data becouse in my country when I must using this “data roaming” my data traffic is flying easily.

  8. viorel bulzan

    please can you reset AIO SIM 5 SN: 0x4868C82C?
    for more updates.

  9. thank you

    Thanks a lot for this patch! Works good, but tethering not. Can you add it to your patch? (may be need to change or something else.., please help)

  10. Admin-Admin

    What about ios7?

  11. rogerboogie

    really good update , thanks for hard work and support

    today i just tested with iphone 5 from sprint with telcel simacard and after apply the patch the phone comes with signal bars and 3g ,hope the next update comes for 4s because iusacell simcard is not supported on version 28 and just works with ver 24 but same isue, the phone can do calls but not showing signal bars

    • buanerges

      hola amigo, tengo un sprint iphone 5 primero tengo que ponerle el parche al celular y despues programarle un chip? gracias

  12. Verb

    What about USIM support?

  13. asks for activation

    It’s USIM.

    What about ios7?

    Beta1 – OK. Working.

    hope the next update comes for 4s because iusacell simcard is not supported on version 28 and just works with ver 24 but same isue, the phone can do calls but not showing signal bars

    Also waiting for it.

    • digfurka@gmail.com

      Is there any update for the unlock with USIM cards? Is there anything we can do to unlock it successfully – in my country all operators are switching to USIM cards.

  14. Dan, will you make the same for 4S? When?

  15. fitodevito

    where i can get aio sim serial number for the sim card, i can not read aio sim info, it is giving me error, sim not found

  16. Rav

    0xc000007b application was unable to start

    can anyone help me with this error. have tried all solution that i found on internet.

    • Admin

      Also for us this is the first time is see an error like this. What Windows are you using ? Also maybe you should disable the antivirus and check if you have already installed the Visual Studio Redistributables (check download page).

      • Rav

        sir, i’m always using this software while disabling antivirus. when i searched all over d internet i found it has something to do with dll files. i’ve tried each and everything sir. help plz!

  17. Rav

    finally after hard work managed to do..reformatted whole windows 64 bit. and installed 32bit software visuall c+ + and yeah it worked..thx

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