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The New AIO4S and AIO5 Online Update Software V4 just released

Published on March 30, 2013 by in Updates

Hi, we have been working for a improved update software version and it’s time to announce it !

Booth AIO 4S and AIO 5 Online Update Software are updated to the new V4 version.

You can download booth of the software from the Downloads section.

What’s new (V4 for booth AIO 4S and AIO 5)

– works with COM ports greater than COM9 so you don’t have to worry about what COM port is your AIO dongle working with;
– has separate Provider Lists for AIO 4S and AIO 5 so you can’t mix iPhone 4 with iPhone 5 settings;
– we have added the new function to save and to load your own settings; Now it’s much easy to save your settings for later and just load them when you need to unlock the same type/model of mobile phone;
– we have added the possibility to load Original PLIST files extracted from iPhone software. Just press Load Settings and select the corresponding carrier.plist file and the software will display the available settings stored in that file; it’s useful for networks not included in our online list giving you the posiblity to be always up to date;
– solved many bugs;
– tested on Windows 8 64 bits, now the software will run without problems on the latest Windows operating system;

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13 Responses

  1. tested on Windows 8 64 bits, now the software will run without problems on the latest Windows operating system

    But what about drivers for USB dongle? For Win8.

    • Admin

      I have uploaded now a ZIP version of the 64 bits drivers in the Downloads section. The driver is the same as Windows XP / 7 64 bits but is packed in a ZIP archive form so can be easily installed.

  2. MehtiBig

    testet thease software with win7 ok bat not work wit win xp not open fix it too or what ?

  3. where is download link ?

  4. rogerboogie

    thanks for givin us news, also can you tell us how to extract .plist from corresponding carrier from iphone

    also still having problems with simcard compatibility , mainly on aio 5 with some simcard or carriers, i just cannot unlock iphone 5

    from telcel 3340200
    to iusacell 3340500

    the settings used are the same for iphone 4s, but iphone 4s on ver 24 have great sucess and iphone 5 not even emulate the imsi on settings

    the phone only goes to activation screen, no sim failure

    any idea how to fix it

    the other thing, can be possible to use the version 24 on aio 5 for make this test ?

  5. rogerboogie its same with belgium carriers
    v24 work 90% only some chip type invalid sim card
    ip5 always activation screen how fix

    Base 2061034
    Globul 2060534
    Mobistar 2061034
    Proximus 2060134 2060122
    Ortel 2062050

  6. rogerboogie

    whats wrong with aio5 , good product , slow development

    a new type of adaptor its working for 128k simcards and some incopatible simcard types, tested and working

    seems the difference is the ic on the adaptors,

    the question is the ic used on aio-sim , can we support all simcard types include 128k ?

    this will be awesome , and sure i will buy a big stock of iphone 5 adaptors

    please do your best and still giving us the best product fully costumizable

  7. rogerboogie

    i just have a little question

    can you offer us an update for fix compatibility with 128k sim cards and fix bugs for sms and another problems on iphone 5 ?

    some products are working hard on this, so can you tell us whats is the next move of aio team ?

    you have good product but we have some questions and need answers too , so please take in mind answer to your costumers in forum


  8. Unlockshop

    Hi. Why in AIO4SV4S1 online settings Ends “CZ O2”. Where other settings??

  9. fitodevito

    can you guys fix the error problem it is not reading aio 5 sim
    no sim detected,

  10. MehtiBig

    Please fix work with win xp im need work with xp please fix it too !!!

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