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AIO SIM server upgrade/migration 2013.02.17

Published on February 16, 2013 by in News

Due to recent problems that we have encounter that ended up with a broken server hard drive we have migrated AIO SIM to a new home.  Because of that you might experience problems updating your AIO-SIM. Please let us know of this problems so we can solve them as fast as we can and continue our work to release new updates.  If the old software is not working you should download the latest available update software from the downloads section.

Best regards and hoping for a smooth transition,


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  1. Ariczon Encarnacion

    Hola amigos, estoy teniendo muchos problemas para la programacion, soy Ariczon123, usaurio de EBay, favor indicarme si aun debe de esperar, tengo mucho iphone en colo para entregar. gracias


    Hello friends, I am having a lot of problems for programming, I Ariczon123, usaurio EBay, please tell me if you still must wait, I have a lot to deliver iphone in colo. thanks

  2. loco

    i no see all the carrier, only se carrier a to d

  3. LOCO

    i no see all the carrier, i only see the carrier “AE Etisalat” to “DE TMobile – DEFAULT ” i no see the carrier F to Z example GT guatemala, Cr Costa Rica US United state

    • Admin

      Hi, i confirm your problem with the AIO5 update software, please use the AIO4S software to consult the list until we will repair/make an update regarding this.
      You can also consult the settings on our website directly at http://www.aio-sim.com/settings/
      Go to the end of te list, select the desired network and press Show Settings.

      • LOCO

        my iphone and ios sim are 4S i no found MX, in the link i see

        Country: MX
        Network: iusacell
        IMSI: 22201
        ICCID: 8952050
        GID1: No specific requirement
        HAS profile: Does not have a profile attached Notes:

        i need help to config the AIO

        • LOCO

          tell me how I can configure my iphone 4s sprint manually, as I have over 200 gevey to configure, the program shows me many countries, only from A to D, tell me step by step how to configure the program for a 4s ios 6.1. 1 since the day Friday could set without any problem but took two days without power, I need you to tell me as a child of two years and not a profecional

  4. yako

    now install your program in 6 different PC, and in two places two different IP, your program displays me not all phone companies, I can only select companies from countries that empienzan with A through I can not find countries with the letter Z ja Please tell me how I can solve this, are 6 machines in two differnt places

  5. TICO

    I have the same problem, I need to buy more GEVEY but not sure of buying, as the software was ruined, only countries can be drawn from A to D lentra, it may be that this fix to buy more GEVEY, I need to buy more gevey but not if the program will have a solution, I have not yet 20 and I can program, could explain how to program manually GEVEY because I could configure to mexico telcen or for USA, I saw you put the lin response but not to do, why not devote three minutes to tell us what to do with the link command and then to do with the program, since they do not link the information

    • Admin

      After i have written the message here i did solve the problem of the menu listing. And i also replied to people here how they can use our website to check for the settings, not only the software.

  6. Radu

    Still the server is not working. Is anybody telling us when will it be ready?

  7. Radu

    one new gevey 5 -update failed, trying to connect again it says it is in Update mode.
    [13:28:40] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 18.
    [13:28:40] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 262012830169393
    [13:28:40] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 89490200000534066399
    [13:28:40] [SETTINGS] GID1: 71
    [13:28:40] [INFO] Selected update V2 – AIO5 iOS 6.X.X improved
    [13:28:41] [INFO] AIO SIM 5 SN: 0x38EFBBA0
    [13:28:45] Timeout while waiting for card response!
    [13:28:45] [COMM]Communication Error while reading presets!
    [13:28:45] [ERROR] AIO SIM 5 update failed

  8. rogerboogie

    server is down , please fix it !!

    [17:43:13] Could not send update request to server.

  9. rogerboogie

    server is ok now, thanks

  10. rtth

    I can’t find more countries than D, at DE is stopping, no uk, no ES..?

  11. Wojtek

    In AIO V3 shows that server does not work. AIO4S v4.0 S1 works under windows7, but cannot open under win xp 32-bit.
    Please help.

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