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iOS Carrier Personalization Files

Published on August 27, 2013 by in Uncategorized

Sometimes it is needed to have the default personalization files for each network on witch iPhones are locked. This files contain information about what network MCC and MNC the phone is locked and can be useful in choosing the correct settings for your AIO-SIM (to see if you need GID1 or GID2 or even special ICCID for some networks).

How To You can use http://www.icopybot.com/plist-editor.htm Plist editor for Windows to open the carrier.plist file after of course you unpack the ipcc file (renaming it to .zip).

Branch: 8ta_za_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: 8ta_za_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: 8ta_za_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: 8ta_za_iPad.ipcc
Branch: 8ta_za_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: 8ta_za_iPad.ipcc
Branch: ACS_US_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: ACS_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: AIS_th_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: AIS_th.ipcc
Branch: AIS_th_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: AIS_th.ipcc
Branch: AIS_th_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: AIS_th_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: AIS_th_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: AIS_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: AIS_th_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: AIS_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: AIS_th_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: AIS_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: ATT_US_3.1 Build Version: 5.6 Filename: ATT_US.ipcc
Branch: ATT_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: ATT_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: ATT_US_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: ATT_US_iPad.ipcc
Branch: ATT_aio_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.3 Filename: ATT_aio_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: ATT_aio_US_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: ATT_aio_US_iPad.ipcc
Branch: AVEA_tr_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: AVEA_tr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: AVEA_tr_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: AVEA_tr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: AVEA_tr_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: AVEA_tr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: AVEA_tr_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: AVEA_tr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Aircel_in_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Aircel_in_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: AlaskaWireless_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: AlaskaWireless_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: AlaskaWireless_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: AlaskaWireless_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Alltel_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Alltel_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Appalachian_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.3 Filename: Appalachian_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Appalachian_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Appalachian_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: BSNL_in_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: BSNL_in_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Bell_ca_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: Bell_ca.ipcc
Branch: Bell_ca_4.0 Build Version: 7.2 Filename: Bell_ca.ipcc
Branch: Bell_ca_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Bell_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Bell_ca_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Bell_ca.ipcc
Branch: Bell_ca_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Bell_ca.ipcc
Branch: Bell_ca_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Bell_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: BhartiAirtel_in_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: BhartiAirtel_in_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Bluegrass_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Bluegrass_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Bluegrass_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Bluegrass_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Bluegrass_US_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Bluegrass_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Bouygues_fr_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Bouygues_fr.ipcc
Branch: Bouygues_fr_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Bouygues_fr.ipcc
Branch: Bouygues_fr_4.2 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Bouygues_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Bouygues_fr_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Bouygues_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Bouygues_fr_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Bouygues_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Bouygues_fr_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Bouygues_fr.ipcc
Branch: Bouygues_fr_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Bouygues_fr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Bouygues_fr_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Bouygues_fr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: CMCC_cn_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: CMCC_cn.ipcc
Branch: CMCC_cn_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: CMCC_cn.ipcc
Branch: CMCC_cn_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: CMCC_cn_iPad.ipcc
Branch: CSL_hk_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: CSL_hk.ipcc
Branch: CSL_hk_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: CSL_hk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CSL_hk_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: CSL_hk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CTM_mo_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: CTM_mo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CTM_mo_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: CTM_mo_iPad.ipcc
Branch: CTM_mo_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: CTM_mo_iPad.ipcc
Branch: CTM_mo_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: CTM_mo_iPad.ipcc
Branch: CWW_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.3 Filename: CWW_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_bs_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: CW_bs_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_bs_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: CW_bs_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_pa_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: CW_pa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_pa_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: CW_pa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_tt_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: CW_tt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_tt_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: CW_tt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_wi_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: CW_wi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_wi_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: CW_wi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CW_wi_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: CW_wi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Celcom_my_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Celcom_my_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Celcom_my_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Celcom_my_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Celcom_my_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Celcom_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Celcom_my_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Celcom_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Celcom_my_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Celcom_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: CellC_za_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: CellC_za_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CellC_za_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: CellC_za_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Cellcom_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Cellcom_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Cellcom_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: Cellcom_il.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Cellcom_il.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Cellcom_il.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Cellcom_il_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Cellcom_il_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Cellcom_il_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Cellcom_il_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Cellcom_il_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Cellcom_il_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Cellcom_il_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Cellcom_il_iPad.ipcc
Branch: CellularSouth_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: CellularSouth_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CellularSouth_LTE_US_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: CellularSouth_LTE_US_iPad.ipcc
Branch: CellularSouth_US_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: CellularSouth_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: CellularSouth_US_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: CellularSouth_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Chariton_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.4 Filename: Chariton_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Chariton_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Chariton_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Chat_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.3 Filename: Chat_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Chat_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.3 Filename: Chat_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: ChinaTelecom_cn_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: ChinaTelecom_cn_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: ChinaTelecom_cn_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: ChinaTelecom_cn_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: ChinaTelecom_cn_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: ChinaTelecom_cn_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: ChinaTelecom_cn_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: ChinaTelecom_cn_iPad.ipcc
Branch: ChinaTelecom_mo_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: ChinaTelecom_mo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Chunghwa_tw_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Chunghwa_tw.ipcc
Branch: Chunghwa_tw_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Chunghwa_tw.ipcc
Branch: Chunghwa_tw_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Chunghwa_tw_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Chunghwa_tw_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Chunghwa_tw_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ar_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Claro_ar.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ar_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Claro_ar.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ar_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Claro_ar.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ar_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Claro_ar.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ar_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Claro_ar_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ar_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_ar.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ar_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Claro_ar_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_br_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Claro_br.ipcc
Branch: Claro_br_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_br.ipcc
Branch: Claro_br_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_br.ipcc
Branch: Claro_br_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_br_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_br_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Claro_br_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_br_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_br_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Claro_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_br_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Claro_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_cl_4.0 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: Claro_cl.ipcc
Branch: Claro_cl_4.1 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: Claro_cl.ipcc
Branch: Claro_cl_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Claro_cl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_cl_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_cl.ipcc
Branch: Claro_cl_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Claro_cl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_cr_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Claro_cr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_cr_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Claro_cr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_cr_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Claro_cr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_do_3.1 Build Version: 5.4 Filename: Claro_do.ipcc
Branch: Claro_do_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_do.ipcc
Branch: Claro_do_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_do.ipcc
Branch: Claro_do_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_do_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_do_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Claro_do_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_gt_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Claro_gt.ipcc
Branch: Claro_gt_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Claro_gt.ipcc
Branch: Claro_gt_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Claro_gt.ipcc
Branch: Claro_gt_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_gt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_gt_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Claro_gt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_gt_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Claro_gt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_hn_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Claro_hn.ipcc
Branch: Claro_hn_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Claro_hn.ipcc
Branch: Claro_hn_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Claro_hn.ipcc
Branch: Claro_hn_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_hn_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_hn_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Claro_hn_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_jm_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Claro_jm.ipcc
Branch: Claro_jm_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_jm.ipcc
Branch: Claro_jm_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_jm.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ni_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Claro_ni.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ni_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_ni.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ni_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_ni.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ni_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_ni_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_ni_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Claro_ni_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pa_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_pa.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pa_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_pa.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pa_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_pa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pa_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Claro_pa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pa_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_pa_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pa_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Claro_pa_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pe_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_pe.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pe_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_pe.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pe_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Claro_pe_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pe_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Claro_pe_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pe_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_pe_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pe_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Claro_pe_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Claro_pr_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Claro_pr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_py_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Claro_py.ipcc
Branch: Claro_py_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_py.ipcc
Branch: Claro_py_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_py.ipcc
Branch: Claro_py_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Claro_py_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_sv_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Claro_sv.ipcc
Branch: Claro_sv_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Claro_sv.ipcc
Branch: Claro_sv_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Claro_sv.ipcc
Branch: Claro_sv_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Claro_sv_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Claro_uy_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Claro_uy.ipcc
Branch: Claro_uy_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_uy.ipcc
Branch: Claro_uy_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Claro_uy.ipcc
Branch: Claro_uy_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Claro_uy_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Comcel_co_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Comcel_co.ipcc
Branch: Comcel_co_4.0 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: Comcel_co.ipcc
Branch: Comcel_co_4.1 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: Comcel_co.ipcc
Branch: Comcel_co_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Comcel_co_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Comcel_co_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Comcel_co.ipcc
Branch: Comcel_co_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Comcel_co_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Comviq_se_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Comviq_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Comviq_se_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Comviq_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Comviq_se_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Comviq_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cricket_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Cricket_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Cricket_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Cricket_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: DNA_DNAPro_fi_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: DNA_DNAPro_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: DNA_DNAPro_fi_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: DNA_DNAPro_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: DNA_fi_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: DNA_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: DNA_fi_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: DNA_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: DNA_fi_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: DNA_fi_iPad.ipcc
Branch: DNA_fi_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: DNA_fi_iPad.ipcc
Branch: DNA_fi_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: DNA_fi_iPad.ipcc
Branch: DiGi_my_3.1 Build Version: 5.0 Filename: DiGi_my.ipcc
Branch: DiGi_my_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: DiGi_my.ipcc
Branch: DiGi_my_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: DiGi_my.ipcc
Branch: DiGi_my_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: DiGi_my_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: DiGi_my_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: DiGi_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: DiGi_my_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: DiGi_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Digitel_ve_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Digitel_ve_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Digitel_ve_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Digitel_ve_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Docomo_jp_7.0 Build Version: 15.1.0 Filename: Docomo_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: EMT_ee_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: EMT_ee.ipcc
Branch: EMT_ee_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: EMT_ee_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: EMT_ee_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: EMT_ee_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: EMT_ee_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: EMT_ee_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: EMT_ee_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: EMT_ee_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: EntelPCS_cl_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: EntelPCS_cl.ipcc
Branch: EntelPCS_cl_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: EntelPCS_cl.ipcc
Branch: EntelPCS_cl_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: EntelPCS_cl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Etisalat_ae_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Etisalat_ae.ipcc
Branch: Etisalat_ae_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Etisalat_ae.ipcc
Branch: Etisalat_ae_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Etisalat_ae.ipcc
Branch: Etisalat_ae_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Etisalat_ae_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Etisalat_eg_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Etisalat_eg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: FamilyMobile_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: FamilyMobile_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: FarEasTone_tw_3.1 Build Version: 5.3 Filename: FarEasTone_tw.ipcc
Branch: FarEasTone_tw_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: FarEasTone_tw_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: FarEasTone_tw_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: FarEasTone_tw_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: FarEasTone_tw_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: FarEasTone_tw_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: FarEasTone_tw_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: FarEasTone_tw_iPad.ipcc
Branch: FarEasTone_tw_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: FarEasTone_tw_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Fido_ca_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Fido_ca.ipcc
Branch: Fido_ca_4.0 Build Version: 7.2 Filename: Fido_ca.ipcc
Branch: Fido_ca_6.0 Build Version: 13.2 Filename: Fido_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Fido_ca_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Fido_ca.ipcc
Branch: Fido_ca_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Fido_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Fido_ca_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.2 Filename: Fido_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Free_fr_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Free_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Free_fr_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Free_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: GCI_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: GCI_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: GTA_gu_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: GTA_gu.ipcc
Branch: GTA_gu_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: GTA_gu.ipcc
Branch: GTA_gu_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: GTA_gu.ipcc
Branch: GTA_gu_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: GTA_gu_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Globe_ph_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Globe_ph_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Globe_ph_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Globe_ph_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Globe_ph_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Globe_ph_iPad.ipcc
Branch: GoldenState_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: GoldenState_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: GoldenState_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: GoldenState_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_at_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Hutchison_at_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_at_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Hutchison_at.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_at_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Hutchison_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_at_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Hutchison_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_au_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Hutchison_au.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_au_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Hutchison_au.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_au_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Hutchison_au.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_au_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Hutchison_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_au_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Hutchison_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_au_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Hutchison_au.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_au_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Hutchison_au_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_dk_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Hutchison_dk.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_dk_4.2 Build Version: 9.2 Filename: Hutchison_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_dk_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Hutchison_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_dk_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Hutchison_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_dk_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Hutchison_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_hk_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Hutchison_hk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_hk_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Hutchison_hk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_hk_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Hutchison_hk.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_hk_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Hutchison_hk.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_hk_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.3 Filename: Hutchison_hk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_hk_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.7 Filename: Hutchison_hk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_ie_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Hutchison_ie.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_ie_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Hutchison_ie.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_ie_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Hutchison_ie_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_it_3.0 Build Version: 4.2 Filename: Hutchison_it.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_it_3.1 Build Version: 5.3 Filename: Hutchison_it.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_it_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Hutchison_it.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_it_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Hutchison_it_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_it_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Hutchison_it_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_it_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Hutchison_it.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_it_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Hutchison_it_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_it_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Hutchison_it_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_mo_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Hutchison_mo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_mo_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Hutchison_mo.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_mo_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Hutchison_mo_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_se_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Hutchison_se.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_se_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Hutchison_se.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_se_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Hutchison_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_se_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Hutchison_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_se_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Hutchison_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_se_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Hutchison_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_uk_4.0 Build Version: 7.2 Filename: Hutchison_uk.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_uk_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Hutchison_uk.ipcc
Branch: Hutchison_uk_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Hutchison_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: ICE_cr_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: ICE_cr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: ICE_cr_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: ICE_cr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Indosat_id_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Indosat_id_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KDDI_LTE_jp_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: KDDI_LTE_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KDDI_LTE_jp_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: KDDI_LTE_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KDDI_LTE_jp_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: KDDI_LTE_jp_iPad.ipcc
Branch: KDDI_LTE_jp_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: KDDI_LTE_jp_iPad.ipcc
Branch: KDDI_jp_5.0 Build Version: 11.2 Filename: KDDI_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KDDI_jp_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: KDDI_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KDDI_jp_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: KDDI_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KDDI_jp_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: KDDI_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KPN_Telfort_nl_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: KPN_Telfort_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KPN_Telfort_nl_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: KPN_Telfort_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KPN_Telfort_nl_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: KPN_Telfort_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KPN_nl_4.2 Build Version: 9.2 Filename: KPN_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KPN_nl_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: KPN_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KPN_nl_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: KPN_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KPN_nl_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: KPN_nl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: KPN_nl_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: KPN_nl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: KTF_kr.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: KTF_kr.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: KTF_kr.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: KTF_kr.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: KTF_kr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: KTF_kr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: KTF_kr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: KTF_kr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: KTF_kr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: KTF_kr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: KTF_kr_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: KTF_kr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: LMT_lv_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: LMT_lv.ipcc
Branch: LMT_lv_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: LMT_lv_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: LMT_lv_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: LMT_lv_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: LuxGSM_lu_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: LuxGSM_lu.ipcc
Branch: LuxGSM_lu_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: LuxGSM_lu_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: LuxGSM_lu_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: LuxGSM_lu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: LuxGSM_lu_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: LuxGSM_lu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: MTA_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: MTA_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTA_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: MTA_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTN_za_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: MTN_za.ipcc
Branch: MTN_za_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: MTN_za.ipcc
Branch: MTN_za_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: MTN_za_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTN_za_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: MTN_za_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTN_za_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: MTN_za_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTN_za_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: MTN_za.ipcc
Branch: MTN_za_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: MTN_za_iPad.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ca_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: MTS_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ca_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: MTS_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ca_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: MTS_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ca_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: MTS_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ca_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: MTS_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ca_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: MTS_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ru_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: MTS_ru.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ru_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: MTS_ru.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ru_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: MTS_ru.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ru_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: MTS_ru_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ru_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: MTS_ru_iPad.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ru_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: MTS_ru_iPad.ipcc
Branch: MTS_ru_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: MTS_ru_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Maxis_my.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Maxis_my.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Maxis_my_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Maxis_my_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Meditel_ma_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Meditel_ma_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MegaFon_ru_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: MegaFon_ru.ipcc
Branch: MegaFon_ru_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: MegaFon_ru.ipcc
Branch: Meteor_ie_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Meteor_ie_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Mirs_il_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Mirs_il_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Mirs_il_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Mirs_il_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MobiCom_mn_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: MobiCom_mn_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: MobileOne_sg_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: MobileOne_sg.ipcc
Branch: MobileOne_sg_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: MobileOne_sg.ipcc
Branch: MobileOne_sg_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: MobileOne_sg_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Mobistar_be_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Mobistar_be.ipcc
Branch: Mobistar_be_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Mobistar_be_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Mobistar_be_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Mobistar_be_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Mobistar_be_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Mobistar_be_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Mobistar_be_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Mobistar_be.ipcc
Branch: Mobistar_be_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Mobistar_be_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Mobistar_be_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Mobistar_be_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Mobistar_be_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Mobistar_be_iPad.ipcc
Branch: NWM_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.3 Filename: NWM_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: NWM_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.4 Filename: NWM_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: NetCom_no_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: NetCom_no.ipcc
Branch: NetCom_no_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: NetCom_no.ipcc
Branch: NetCom_no_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: NetCom_no_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: NetCom_no_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: NetCom_no_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: NetCom_no_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: NetCom_no_iPad.ipcc
Branch: NetCom_no_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: NetCom_no_iPad.ipcc
Branch: NetCom_no_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: NetCom_no_iPad.ipcc
Branch: NexTech_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: NexTech_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: NexTech_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: NexTech_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Debitel_de_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: O2_Debitel_de_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Debitel_de_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: O2_Debitel_de_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Germany_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: O2_Germany_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Germany_4.2 Build Version: 9.3 Filename: O2_Germany_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Germany_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: O2_Germany_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Germany_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: O2_Germany.ipcc
Branch: O2_Germany_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: O2_Germany_iPad.ipcc
Branch: O2_Prepaid_UK_4.0 Build Version: 7.3 Filename: O2_Prepaid_UK.ipcc
Branch: O2_Prepaid_UK_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: O2_Prepaid_UK_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Prepaid_UK_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: O2_Prepaid_UK_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Tesco_UK_4.0 Build Version: 7.2 Filename: O2_Tesco_UK.ipcc
Branch: O2_Tesco_UK_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: O2_Tesco_UK_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_Tesco_UK_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: O2_Tesco_UK_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_UK_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: O2_UK.ipcc
Branch: O2_UK_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: O2_UK.ipcc
Branch: O2_UK_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: O2_UK_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_UK_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: O2_UK_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_cz_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: O2_cz_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_cz_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: O2_cz_iPad.ipcc
Branch: O2_ie_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: O2_ie.ipcc
Branch: O2_ie_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: O2_ie_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: O2_ie_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: O2_ie.ipcc
Branch: O2_ie_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: O2_ie_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Oi_BrT_br_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: Oi_BrT_br.ipcc
Branch: Oi_BrT_br_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Oi_BrT_br.ipcc
Branch: Oi_BrT_br_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Oi_BrT_br.ipcc
Branch: Oi_br_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Oi_br.ipcc
Branch: Oi_br_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Oi_br.ipcc
Branch: Oi_br_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Oi_br.ipcc
Branch: Oi_br_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Oi_br_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Oi_br_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Oi_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Oi_br_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Oi_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Omnitel_lt_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Omnitel_lt.ipcc
Branch: Omnitel_lt_4.0 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: Omnitel_lt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Omnitel_lt_4.1 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: Omnitel_lt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Omnitel_lt_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Omnitel_lt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Omnitel_lt_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Omnitel_lt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: One_at_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: One_at.ipcc
Branch: One_at_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: One_at.ipcc
Branch: One_at_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: One_at.ipcc
Branch: One_at_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: One_at.ipcc
Branch: One_at_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: One_at_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: One_at_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: One_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: One_at_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: One_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: One_at_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: One_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: One_at_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: One_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: OpenMobile_LTE_pr_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: OpenMobile_LTE_pr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: OpenMobile_pr_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: OpenMobile_pr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Optimus_pt_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Optimus_pt.ipcc
Branch: Optimus_pt_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Optimus_pt.ipcc
Branch: Optimus_pt_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Optimus_pt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Optimus_pt_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Optimus_pt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Optimus_pt_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Optimus_pt_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Optimus_pt_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Optimus_pt_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Optus_Virgin_au_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Optus_Virgin_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Optus_Virgin_au_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Optus_Virgin_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Optus_au_3.0 Build Version: 4.2 Filename: Optus_au.ipcc
Branch: Optus_au_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Optus_au.ipcc
Branch: Optus_au_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Optus_au.ipcc
Branch: Optus_au_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Optus_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Optus_au_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Optus_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Optus_au_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Optus_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Optus_au_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Optus_au.ipcc
Branch: Optus_au_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: Optus_au_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_France_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Orange_France.ipcc
Branch: Orange_France_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Orange_France_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_France_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Orange_France_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_France_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Orange_France.ipcc
Branch: Orange_France_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Orange_France_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_France_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Orange_France_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_Virgin_fr_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Orange_Virgin_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_am_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Orange_am.ipcc
Branch: Orange_am_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_am.ipcc
Branch: Orange_am_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_am.ipcc
Branch: Orange_am_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Orange_am_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_am_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_am_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_bw_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_bw.ipcc
Branch: Orange_bw_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_bw.ipcc
Branch: Orange_cf_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_cf.ipcc
Branch: Orange_cf_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_cf.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ch_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: Orange_ch.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ch_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Orange_ch.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ch_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Orange_ch_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ch_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Orange_ch.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ch_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Orange_ch_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ci_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Orange_ci.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ci_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ci.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ci_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ci.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ci_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_ci_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_cm_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_cm.ipcc
Branch: Orange_cm_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_cm.ipcc
Branch: Orange_do_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_do.ipcc
Branch: Orange_do_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Orange_do_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_es_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Orange_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_es_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Orange_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_es_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Orange_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_es_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_es_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Orange_es.ipcc
Branch: Orange_es_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Orange_es_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_es_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_es_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_gn_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Orange_gn.ipcc
Branch: Orange_gn_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_gn.ipcc
Branch: Orange_gn_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_gn.ipcc
Branch: Orange_il_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_il.ipcc
Branch: Orange_il_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_il.ipcc
Branch: Orange_il_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Orange_il_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_il_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_il_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_jo_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Orange_jo.ipcc
Branch: Orange_jo_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_jo.ipcc
Branch: Orange_jo_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_jo.ipcc
Branch: Orange_jo_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Orange_jo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ke_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ke.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ke_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ke.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ke_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_ke_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_li_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Orange_li.ipcc
Branch: Orange_li_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Orange_li.ipcc
Branch: Orange_li_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_li_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_li_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Orange_li_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_md_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Orange_md.ipcc
Branch: Orange_md_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_md.ipcc
Branch: Orange_md_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_md.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mg_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_mg.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mg_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_mg.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mg_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_mg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ml_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Orange_ml.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ml_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ml.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ml_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ml.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ml_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_ml_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mq_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_mq.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mq_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_mq.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mq_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Orange_mq_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mq_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Orange_mq_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mq_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_mq_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mu_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_mu.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mu_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_mu.ipcc
Branch: Orange_mu_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_mu_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ne_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ne.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ne_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ne.ipcc
Branch: Orange_pl_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_pl.ipcc
Branch: Orange_pl_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_pl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_pl_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Orange_pl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_pl_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Orange_pl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_pl_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Orange_pl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_re_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Orange_re.ipcc
Branch: Orange_re_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_re.ipcc
Branch: Orange_re_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_re.ipcc
Branch: Orange_re_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Orange_re_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ro_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ro.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ro_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Orange_ro_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ro_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_ro_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ro_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Orange_ro_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ro_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Orange_ro_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ro_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_ro_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_sk_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Orange_sk.ipcc
Branch: Orange_sk_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_sk.ipcc
Branch: Orange_sn_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_sn.ipcc
Branch: Orange_sn_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_sn.ipcc
Branch: Orange_tn_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_tn.ipcc
Branch: Orange_tn_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_tn.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ug_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Orange_ug.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ug_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ug.ipcc
Branch: Orange_ug_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Orange_ug.ipcc
Branch: Orange_uk_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Orange_uk.ipcc
Branch: Orange_uk_6.0 Build Version: 13.2 Filename: Orange_uk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_uk_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Orange_uk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Orange_uk_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Orange_uk.ipcc
Branch: Orange_uk_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Orange_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_uk_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Orange_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Orange_uk_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Orange_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Pelephone_il_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Pelephone_il.ipcc
Branch: Pelephone_il_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Pelephone_il.ipcc
Branch: Pelephone_il_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Pelephone_il_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Pelephone_il_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Pelephone_il_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Pelephone_il_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Pelephone_il_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Pelephone_il_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Pelephone_il_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Pelephone_il_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Pelephone_il_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Personal_ar_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Personal_ar.ipcc
Branch: Personal_ar_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Personal_ar_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Personal_ar_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Personal_ar_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Personal_ar_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Personal_ar.ipcc
Branch: Personal_ar_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Personal_ar_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Personal_ar_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Personal_ar_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Pioneer_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Pioneer_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Pioneer_LTE_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Pioneer_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Pioneer_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Pioneer_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Pioneer_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Pioneer_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Play_pl_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Play_pl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Play_pl_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Play_pl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Porta_ec_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Porta_ec.ipcc
Branch: Porta_ec_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Porta_ec.ipcc
Branch: Porta_ec_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Porta_ec.ipcc
Branch: Porta_ec_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Porta_ec_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Porta_ec_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Porta_ec_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Porta_ec_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Porta_ec.ipcc
Branch: Porta_ec_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Porta_ec_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Proximus_be_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Proximus_be.ipcc
Branch: Proximus_be_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Proximus_be_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Proximus_be_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Proximus_be_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Qtel_qa_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Qtel_qa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Reliance_RCOM_in_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Reliance_RCOM_in_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Reliance_RCOM_in_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Reliance_RCOM_in_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Reliance_RCOM_in_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Reliance_RCOM_in_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Reliance_RTL_in_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Reliance_RTL_in_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Reliance_RTL_in_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Reliance_RTL_in_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Reliance_RTL_in_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Reliance_RTL_in_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Rogers_ca_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Rogers_ca.ipcc
Branch: Rogers_ca_4.0 Build Version: 7.2 Filename: Rogers_ca.ipcc
Branch: Rogers_ca_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Rogers_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Rogers_ca_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Rogers_ca.ipcc
Branch: Rogers_ca_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Rogers_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SFR_LPM_fr_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: SFR_LPM_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SFR_LPM_fr_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: SFR_LPM_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SFR_fr_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: SFR_fr.ipcc
Branch: SFR_fr_4.0 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: SFR_fr.ipcc
Branch: SFR_fr_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: SFR_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SFR_fr_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: SFR_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SFR_fr_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: SFR_fr.ipcc
Branch: SFR_fr_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: SFR_fr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SFR_fr_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: SFR_fr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SFR_re_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: SFR_fr.ipcc
Branch: SFR_re_4.0 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: SFR_fr.ipcc
Branch: SFR_re_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: SFR_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SFR_re_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: SFR_re_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SFR_re_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: SFR_fr.ipcc
Branch: SFR_re_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: SFR_fr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SFR_re_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: SFR_fr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SKT_kr_4.2 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: SKT_kr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SKT_kr_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: SKT_kr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SKT_kr_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: SKT_kr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SKT_kr_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: SKT_kr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SKT_kr_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: SKT_kr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SRT_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: SRT_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: STC_sa_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: STC_sa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: STC_sa_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: STC_sa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: STC_sa_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: STC_sa_iPad.ipcc
Branch: STC_sa_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: STC_sa_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sasktel_ca_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Sasktel_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sasktel_ca_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Sasktel_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sasktel_ca_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Sasktel_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sasktel_ca_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Sasktel_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sasktel_ca_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Sasktel_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sasktel_ca_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Sasktel_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sasktel_ca_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Sasktel_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sasktel_ca_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Sasktel_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Saunalahti_fi_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Saunalahti_fi.ipcc
Branch: Saunalahti_fi_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Saunalahti_fi.ipcc
Branch: Saunalahti_fi_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Saunalahti_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Saunalahti_fi_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Saunalahti_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: SingTel_sg.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: SingTel_sg.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: SingTel_sg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: SingTel_sg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: SingTel_sg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: SingTel_sg.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: SingTel_sg_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: SingTel_sg_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SingTel_sg_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: SingTel_sg_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: SmarTone_hk.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: SmarTone_hk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: SmarTone_hk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: SmarTone_hk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: SmarTone_hk.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: SmarTone_hk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: SmarTone_hk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: SmarTone_hk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_hk_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: SmarTone_hk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_mo_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: SmarTone_mo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_mo_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: SmarTone_mo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_mo_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: SmarTone_mo.ipcc
Branch: SmarTone_mo_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: SmarTone_mo_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Smart_ph_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Smart_ph_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Smart_ph_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Smart_ph_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Smart_ph_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Smart_ph_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Softbank_jp_6.0 Build Version: 13.2 Filename: Softbank_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Softbank_jp_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Softbank_jp_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Softbank_jp_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Softbank_jp.ipcc
Branch: Softbank_jp_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Softbank_jp_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Softbank_jp_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: Softbank_jp_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Softbank_jp_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Softbank_jp_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Softbank_jp_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Softbank_jp_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sonera_fi_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Sonera_fi.ipcc
Branch: Sonera_fi_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Sonera_fi.ipcc
Branch: Sonera_fi_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Sonera_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sonera_fi_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Sonera_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sonera_fi_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Sonera_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sonera_fi_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Sonera_fi_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sonera_fi_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Sonera_fi_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sonera_fi_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Sonera_fi_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sprint_CSIM_LTE_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Sprint_CSIM_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sprint_LTE_US_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Sprint_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sprint_LTE_US_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: Sprint_LTE_US_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sprint_Virgin_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Sprint_Virgin_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sprint_Virgin_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Sprint_Virgin_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: StarHub_sg_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: StarHub_sg.ipcc
Branch: StarHub_sg_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: StarHub_sg.ipcc
Branch: StarHub_sg_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: StarHub_sg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: StarHub_sg_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: StarHub_sg.ipcc
Branch: StarHub_sg_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: StarHub_sg.ipcc
Branch: StarHub_sg_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: StarHub_sg_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Strata_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.4 Filename: Strata_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Strata_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Strata_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sunrise_ch_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Sunrise_ch.ipcc
Branch: Sunrise_ch_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Sunrise_ch_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sunrise_ch_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Sunrise_ch_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sunrise_ch_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Sunrise_ch_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Sunrise_ch_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Sunrise_ch_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sunrise_ch_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Sunrise_ch_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Sunrise_ch_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Sunrise_ch_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Swisscom_ch_3.0 Build Version: 4.2 Filename: Swisscom_ch.ipcc
Branch: Swisscom_ch_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Swisscom_ch_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Swisscom_ch_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Swisscom_ch.ipcc
Branch: Swisscom_ch_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Swisscom_ch_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Swisscom_ch_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Swisscom_ch_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Swisscom_ch_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Swisscom_ch_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Swisscom_ch_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Swisscom_ch_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TDC_dk_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: TDC_dk.ipcc
Branch: TDC_dk_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: TDC_dk.ipcc
Branch: TDC_dk_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TDC_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TDC_dk_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TDC_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TDC_dk_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TDC_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TDC_no_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TDC_no_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TDC_se_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TDC_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TDC_se_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TDC_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: THC_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.3 Filename: THC_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: THC_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.3 Filename: THC_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TIM_Italy_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: TIM_Italy.ipcc
Branch: TIM_Italy_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TIM_Italy.ipcc
Branch: TIM_Italy_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TIM_Italy_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TIM_Italy_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: TIM_Italy.ipcc
Branch: TIM_Italy_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TIM_Italy_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TIM_Italy_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TIM_Italy_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TIM_Italy_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TIM_Italy_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TIM_br_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: TIM_br.ipcc
Branch: TIM_br_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: TIM_br.ipcc
Branch: TIM_br_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: TIM_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TIM_br_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: TIM_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMN_pt_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMN_pt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMN_pt_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMN_pt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMN_pt_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMN_pt_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMN_pt_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TMN_pt_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMN_pt_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMN_pt_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_Germany_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_Germany.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_Germany_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TMobile_Germany_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_Germany_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: TMobile_Germany.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_Germany_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: TMobile_Germany.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_Germany_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TMobile_Germany_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: TMobile_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_US_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_al_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMobile_al_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_al_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: TMobile_al_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_at_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: TMobile_at.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_at_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: TMobile_at.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_at_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TMobile_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_bg_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_bg.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_bg_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_bg.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_bg_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMobile_bg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_cz_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_cz.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_cz_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMobile_cz_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_cz_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: TMobile_cz_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_cz_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_cz_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_cz_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_cz_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_gr_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: TMobile_gr.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_gr_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_gr.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_gr_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMobile_gr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_gr_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: TMobile_gr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_gr_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: TMobile_gr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_gr_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMobile_gr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_hr_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_hr.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_hr_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMobile_hr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_hu_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_hu.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_hu_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMobile_hu_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_hu_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_hu_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_hu_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMobile_hu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_hu_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TMobile_hu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_hu_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMobile_hu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_me_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_me.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_me_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_me.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_me_4.2 Build Version: 9.2 Filename: TMobile_me_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_me_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMobile_me_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_me_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_me_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_mk_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: TMobile_mk.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_mk_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_mk.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_nl_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: TMobile_nl.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_nl_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: TMobile_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_nl_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_nl_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: TMobile_nl.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_nl_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TMobile_nl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_nl_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMobile_nl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_nl_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_nl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_pl_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: TMobile_pl.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_pl_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMobile_pl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_pl_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: TMobile_pl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_ro_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMobile_ro_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_ro_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_ro_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_ro_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_ro_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_sk_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TMobile_sk.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_uk_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: TMobile_uk.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_uk_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMobile_uk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_uk_6.0 Build Version: 13.2 Filename: TMobile_uk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_uk_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_uk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_uk_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: TMobile_uk.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_uk_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TMobile_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_uk_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TMobile_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TMobile_uk_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: TMobile_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TaiwanMobile_tw_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: TaiwanMobile_tw.ipcc
Branch: TaiwanMobile_tw_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TaiwanMobile_tw.ipcc
Branch: TaiwanMobile_tw_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: TaiwanMobile_tw.ipcc
Branch: TaiwanMobile_tw_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: TaiwanMobile_tw_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TaiwanMobile_tw_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TaiwanMobile_tw_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Talkmobile_uk_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Talkmobile_uk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tango_lu_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Tango_lu.ipcc
Branch: Tango_lu_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: Tango_lu.ipcc
Branch: Tango_lu_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Tango_lu.ipcc
Branch: Tango_lu_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Tango_lu.ipcc
Branch: Tango_lu_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Tango_lu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Telcel_mx.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Telcel_mx.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_4.0 Build Version: 8.3 Filename: Telcel_mx.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telcel_mx_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telcel_mx_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_no_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Tele2_no_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_no_5.0 Build Version: 11.2 Filename: Tele2_no_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Tele2_se.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Tele2_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Tele2_se_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Tele2_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telecom_Skinny_nz_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telecom_Skinny_nz_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telecom_nz_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Telecom_nz_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telecom_nz_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Telecom_nz_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telefonica_es_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Telefonica_es.ipcc
Branch: Telefonica_es_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Telefonica_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telefonica_es_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Telefonica_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telefonica_es_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Telefonica_es.ipcc
Branch: Telefonica_es_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telefonica_es_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenet_be_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Telenet_be_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenet_be_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Telenet_be_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_dk_3.0 Build Version: 4.2 Filename: Telenor_dk.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_dk_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telenor_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_dk_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Telenor_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_dk_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Telenor_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_dk_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telenor_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_dk_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Telenor_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_dk_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telenor_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_dk_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Telenor_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_hu_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telenor_hu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_no_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Telenor_no.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_no_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telenor_no_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_no_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telenor_no_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_no_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telenor_no_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_no_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telenor_no_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_no_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telenor_no_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_se_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Telenor_se.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_se_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Telenor_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_se_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telenor_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_se_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telenor_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_se_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telenor_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_se_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Telenor_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telenor_se_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telenor_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Telia_dk.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Telia_dk.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Telia_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telia_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telia_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Telia_dk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telia_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telia_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telia_dk_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telia_dk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Telia_se.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Telia_se.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Telia_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Telia_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telia_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telia_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Telia_se_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telia_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Telia_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telia_se_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telia_se_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telkomsel_id_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: Telkomsel_id.ipcc
Branch: Telkomsel_id_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Telkomsel_id_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Telstra_au.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: Telstra_au.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Telstra_au.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Telstra_au.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_5.0 Build Version: 11.2 Filename: Telstra_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Telstra_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Telstra_au.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Telstra_au_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telstra_au_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: Telstra_au_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telus_Koodo_ca_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Telus_Koodo_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telus_Koodo_ca_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Telus_Koodo_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telus_Koodo_ca_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telus_Koodo_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telus_ca_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: Telus_ca.ipcc
Branch: Telus_ca_4.0 Build Version: 7.2 Filename: Telus_ca.ipcc
Branch: Telus_ca_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telus_ca_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Telus_ca_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Telus_ca.ipcc
Branch: Telus_ca_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Telus_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Telus_ca_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Telus_ca_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_bo_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Tigo_bo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_bo_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Tigo_bo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_co_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Tigo_co_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_co_5.0 Build Version: 11.2 Filename: Tigo_co_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_co_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Tigo_co_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_gt_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Tigo_gt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_gt_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Tigo_gt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_hn_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Tigo_hn_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_py_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Tigo_py_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tigo_sv_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Tigo_sv_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Tracfone_US_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Tracfone_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TrueH_th_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: TrueH_th_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TrueH_th_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TrueH_th_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: TrueH_th_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: TrueH_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TrueH_th_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: TrueH_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: TrueH_th_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: TrueH_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: True_th_3.0 Build Version: 4.5 Filename: True_th.ipcc
Branch: True_th_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: True_th.ipcc
Branch: True_th_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: True_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: True_th_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: True_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Turkcell_KKTCELL_tr_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Turkcell_KKTCELL_tr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Turkcell_tr_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Turkcell_tr.ipcc
Branch: Turkcell_tr_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Turkcell_tr.ipcc
Branch: Turkcell_tr_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Turkcell_tr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Turkcell_tr_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Turkcell_tr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Turkcell_tr_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Turkcell_tr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Unicom_cn_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Unicom_cn.ipcc
Branch: Unicom_cn_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Unicom_cn_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Unicom_cn_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: Unicom_cn_iPad.ipcc
Branch: VOX_lu_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: VOX_lu.ipcc
Branch: VOX_lu_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: VOX_lu.ipcc
Branch: VOX_lu_4.0 Build Version: 7.2 Filename: VOX_lu.ipcc
Branch: VOX_lu_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: VOX_lu_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: VOX_lu_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: VOX_lu.ipcc
Branch: VOX_lu_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: VOX_lu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: VOX_lu_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: VOX_lu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Verizon_LTE_US_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Verizon_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Verizon_LTE_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Verizon_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Verizon_LTE_US_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Verizon_LTE_US_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Verizon_LTE_US_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Verizon_LTE_US_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Viettel_vn_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Viettel_vn.ipcc
Branch: Viettel_vn_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Viettel_vn_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Viettel_vn_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Viettel_vn_iPad.ipcc
Branch: VimpelCom_ru_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: VimpelCom_ru.ipcc
Branch: VimpelCom_ru_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: VimpelCom_ru.ipcc
Branch: VimpelCom_ru_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: VimpelCom_ru_iPad.ipcc
Branch: VimpelCom_ru_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.2 Filename: VimpelCom_ru_iPad.ipcc
Branch: VimpelCom_ru_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: VimpelCom_ru_iPad.ipcc
Branch: VinaPhone_vn_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: VinaPhone_vn.ipcc
Branch: VinaPhone_vn_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: VinaPhone_vn_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Virgin_fr_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Virgin_fr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Viva_bh_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Viva_bh_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Viva_bh_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Viva_bh_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Viva_bh_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Viva_bh_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Viva_bh_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Viva_bh_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Viva_kw_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Viva_kw_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Viva_kw_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Viva_kw_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_Cambio_uk_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_Cambio_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_Cambio_uk_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_Cambio_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_Lebara_au_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Vodafone_Lebara_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_Lebara_au_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Vodafone_Lebara_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_au_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Vodafone_au.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_au_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Vodafone_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_au_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Vodafone_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_au_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_au_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_au_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Vodafone_au.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_au_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: Vodafone_au.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_au_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Vodafone_au_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_au_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_au_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_cz_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Vodafone_cz.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_cz_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_cz.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_cz_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_cz_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_cz_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_cz_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_de_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_de_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_de_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_de_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_de_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_de_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_de_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_de_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_de_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Vodafone_de.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_de_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: Vodafone_de.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_de_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_de_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_de_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Vodafone_de_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_eg_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Vodafone_eg.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_eg_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_eg.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_eg_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_eg.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_eg_4.2 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_eg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Vodafone_es.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Vodafone_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Vodafone_es.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: Vodafone_es.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Vodafone_es_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Vodafone_es_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_es_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_es_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_gr_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Vodafone_gr.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_gr_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Vodafone_gr.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_gr_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_gr.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_gr_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Vodafone_gr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_gr_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_gr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_gr_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_gr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_gr_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_gr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_hu_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_hu_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_hu_6.0 Build Version: 13.2 Filename: Vodafone_hu_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_hu_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_hu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_hu_ByProductType_iPad_6.0 Build Version: 13.6 Filename: Vodafone_hu_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ie_3.1 Build Version: 5.0 Filename: Vodafone_ie.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ie_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Vodafone_ie.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ie_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Vodafone_ie.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_in_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Vodafone_in.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_in_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Vodafone_in_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_it_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Vodafone_it.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_it_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Vodafone_it.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_it_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_it_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_it_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Vodafone_it.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_it_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: Vodafone_it.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_it_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_it_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_mt_3.0 Build Version: 4.2 Filename: Vodafone_mt.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_mt_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Vodafone_mt.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nl_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nl_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Vodafone_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nl_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Vodafone_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nl_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_nl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nl_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: Vodafone_nl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nl_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_nl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nl_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_nl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nz_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Vodafone_nz.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nz_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Vodafone_nz.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nz_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Vodafone_nz.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nz_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Vodafone_nz_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_nz_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_nz_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_pt_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Vodafone_pt.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_pt_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Vodafone_pt.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_pt_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Vodafone_pt.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_pt_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_pt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_pt_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_pt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_pt_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_pt_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_pt_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_pt_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_pt_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_pt_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_qa_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Vodafone_qa.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_qa_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_qa.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_qa_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_qa.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_qa_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Vodafone_qa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_qa_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_qa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_qa_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_qa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ro_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_ro_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ro_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Vodafone_ro_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ro_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Vodafone_ro_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ro_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_ro_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ro_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_ro_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_ro_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: Vodafone_ro_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_tr_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: Vodafone_tr.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_tr_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Vodafone_tr.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_tr_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_tr.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_tr_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_tr.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_tr_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: Vodafone_tr_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_uk_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: Vodafone_uk.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_uk_4.0 Build Version: 7.1 Filename: Vodafone_uk.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_uk_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_uk_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_uk_ByProductType_iPad_3.2 Build Version: 6.1 Filename: Vodafone_uk.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_uk_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 6.2 Filename: Vodafone_uk.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_uk_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_uk_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_uk_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_za_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_za.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_za_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: Vodafone_za.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_za_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Vodafone_za_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_za_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Vodafone_za_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_za_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: Vodafone_za_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Vodafone_za_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Vodafone_za_iPad.ipcc
Branch: WCW_US_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: WCW_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: WCW_US_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: WCW_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Wind_gr_4.3 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Wind_gr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: XL_id_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: XL_id_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: XL_id_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: XL_id_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: XL_id_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: XL_id_iPad.ipcc
Branch: XL_id_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: XL_id_iPad.ipcc
Branch: Yoigo_es_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: Yoigo_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Yoigo_es_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Yoigo_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Yoigo_es_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: Yoigo_es_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Zain_bh_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Zain_bh_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Zain_jo_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Zain_jo_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Zain_kw_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: Zain_kw_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Zain_sa_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Zain_sa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Zain_sa_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: Zain_sa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Zeppelin_US_4.2 Build Version: 10.2 Filename: Zeppelin_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Zeppelin_US_5.0 Build Version: 11.3 Filename: Zeppelin_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: Zeppelin_US_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: Zeppelin_US_iPad.ipcc
Branch: dtac_th_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: dtac_th.ipcc
Branch: dtac_th_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: dtac_th_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: dtac_th_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: dtac_th_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: dtac_th_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: dtac_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: dtac_th_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: dtac_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: dtac_th_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: dtac_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: dtac_th_ByProductType_iPad_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: dtac_th_iPad.ipcc
Branch: du_ae_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: du_ae_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: elisa_fi_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: elisa_fi.ipcc
Branch: elisa_fi_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: elisa_fi.ipcc
Branch: elisa_fi_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: elisa_fi_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_Unefon_mx_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: iusacell_Unefon_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_Unefon_mx_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: iusacell_Unefon_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_mx_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: iusacell_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_mx_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: iusacell_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_mx_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: iusacell_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_mx_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: iusacell_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_mx_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: iusacell_mx_iPad.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_mx_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: iusacell_mx_iPad.ipcc
Branch: iusacell_mx_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: iusacell_mx_iPad.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_at_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: mobilkom_at_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_at_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: mobilkom_at_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_at_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: mobilkom_at_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_at_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: mobilkom_at.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_at_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: mobilkom_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_at_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: mobilkom_at_iPad.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_bg_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: mobilkom_bg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_bg_ByProductType_iPad_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: mobilkom_bg_iPad.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_hr_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: mobilkom_hr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_si_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: mobilkom_si_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobilkom_si_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: mobilkom_si_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobily_sa_3.1 Build Version: 5.1 Filename: mobily_sa.ipcc
Branch: mobily_sa_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: mobily_sa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobily_sa_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: mobily_sa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: mobinil_eg_3.0 Build Version: 4.1 Filename: mobinil_eg.ipcc
Branch: mobinil_eg_3.1 Build Version: 5.2 Filename: mobinil_eg.ipcc
Branch: mobinil_eg_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: mobinil_eg.ipcc
Branch: mobinil_eg_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: mobinil_eg.ipcc
Branch: mobinil_eg_4.2 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: mobinil_eg_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ar_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_ar.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ar_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_ar.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ar_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_ar_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ar_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: movistar_ar_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ar_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_ar.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ar_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: movistar_ar_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ar_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_ar_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ar_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: movistar_ar_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_cl.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_cl.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: movistar_cl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: movistar_cl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: movistar_cl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: movistar_cl_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_cl.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: movistar_cl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cl_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_cl_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_co_3.0 Build Version: 4.5 Filename: movistar_co.ipcc
Branch: movistar_co_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_co.ipcc
Branch: movistar_co_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_co.ipcc
Branch: movistar_co_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: movistar_co_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_co_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_co.ipcc
Branch: movistar_co_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_co_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cr_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: movistar_cr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cr_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: movistar_cr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_cr_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: movistar_cr_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: movistar_ec.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_ec.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_ec.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: movistar_ec_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: movistar_ec_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: movistar_ec_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: movistar_ec_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_ec.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ec_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_ec_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_gt_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: movistar_gt.ipcc
Branch: movistar_gt_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_gt.ipcc
Branch: movistar_gt_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_gt.ipcc
Branch: movistar_gt_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: movistar_gt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_gt_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_gt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_gt_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: movistar_gt_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_mx_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_mx.ipcc
Branch: movistar_mx_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: movistar_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_mx_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: movistar_mx_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_mx_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_mx.ipcc
Branch: movistar_mx_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_mx_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ni_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: movistar_ni.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ni_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_ni.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ni_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_ni.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ni_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: movistar_ni_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ni_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_ni_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ni_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: movistar_ni_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pa_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: movistar_pa.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pa_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_pa.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pa_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_pa.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pa_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_pa_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pa_ByProductType_iPad_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: movistar_pa_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pa_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: movistar_pa_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pe_4.0 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_pe.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pe_4.1 Build Version: 8.2 Filename: movistar_pe.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pe_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: movistar_pe_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pe_6.1 Build Version: 14.2 Filename: movistar_pe_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pe_ByProductType_iPad_3.2.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_pe.ipcc
Branch: movistar_pe_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: movistar_pe_iPad.ipcc
Branch: movistar_sv_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: movistar_sv.ipcc
Branch: movistar_sv_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_sv.ipcc
Branch: movistar_sv_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_sv.ipcc
Branch: movistar_sv_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: movistar_sv_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_sv_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_sv_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_sv_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: movistar_sv_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_sv_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: movistar_sv_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_uy_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_uy.ipcc
Branch: movistar_uy_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_uy.ipcc
Branch: movistar_uy_6.0 Build Version: 13.1 Filename: movistar_uy_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_uy_7.0 Build Version: 15.1 Filename: movistar_uy_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ve_3.0 Build Version: 4.5 Filename: movistar_ve.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ve_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_ve.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ve_4.1 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: movistar_ve.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ve_4.3 Build Version: 10.1 Filename: movistar_ve_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ve_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: movistar_ve_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: movistar_ve_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: movistar_ve_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: nTelos_US_5.1 Build Version: 12.2 Filename: nTelos_US_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: vivo_br_3.0 Build Version: 4.4 Filename: vivo_br.ipcc
Branch: vivo_br_4.0 Build Version: 8.1 Filename: vivo_br.ipcc
Branch: vivo_br_4.2 Build Version: 9.1 Filename: vivo_br_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: vivo_br_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: vivo_br_iPhone.ipcc
Branch: vivo_br_ByProductType_iPad_5.0 Build Version: 11.1 Filename: vivo_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: vivo_br_ByProductType_iPad_5.1 Build Version: 12.1 Filename: vivo_br_iPad.ipcc
Branch: vivo_br_ByProductType_iPad_6.1 Build Version: 14.1 Filename: vivo_br_iPad.ipcc

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  1. Hi, it’s better to make RAR with all ipcc

  2. how I can use it? I need IMSI for Cricket US 15.1

  3. Incognita

    Explane me pls what is it?how to use it?

  4. can you add to your programm settings for US Cricket iPhone 5?

  5. 2040400 IMSI for Cricket – Searching all time…
    Patch does not work.
    iOS is 6.1.4
    Please help

  6. Paradox

    sorry, but how I can get GID1 GID2 from those files? What field we need see? I need those codes for unlocking.

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