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iPhone 5 locked to Sprint unlock procedure using AIO 5 ONE

Published on December 10, 2012 by in How to, News, Updates

Here is an example video showing the process of unlocking an iPhone 5 locked on Sprint USA using AIO5.

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  1. Multi-SIM.Ru

    iMessage OK?

  2. Multi-SIM.Ru

    And give a list with PIN1 – wich number to wich carrier

    • Admin

      the PIN number represents the first 7 digits of the IMSI number. You can take this numbers from our Online update software. We will also make a list soon.

  3. We will also make a list soon.

    Yes, please, make it.

  4. Ricardo

    Hi i have a aio sim for Iphone 5 correctly programmed The phone is Sprint MDD660LL is not working please help

  5. big boy

    O yess,is the best fu.king geveys what you have ,i just managed to unlock a n iphone 5 from O2 UK ,is working perfect,thank you

  6. iPhone 5 locked to Sprint unlock procedure using AIO 5 ONE

    Is SMS working?

  7. Jose

    Same problem not working with sprint

  8. Jace

    Hi, mine works with my Sprint iPhone. The iPhone is still tied to a sprint account, but i do not have the sprint sim card for it. Meaning it will not work.

    I purchased 10 AIO Sim cards and was able to get the sprint iphone 5 unlocked and am currently using it with an active AT&T sim in the US.


    Even with the AT&T SIM in the phone it still says “Sprint” as the carrier in the top right corner. It also says “Carrier: Sprint 13.0” in the settings>general>about menu. How can this be changed?

    Also, the phone number that shows up when i call people is the phone number that is tied to the phone itself, and not my phone number on the actual AT&T SIM card. No matter what SIM i put in the phone, AT&T T-Mobile, Simple Mobile, O2, H20 etc; the phone number is always the phone number that sprint registered to the phone.

    How can i fix this?

    • Admin

      It is normal that the phone displays Sprint. The unlock method we use tryies to trick the phone into thinking that the simcard you use is a Sprint simcard.

  9. Jace

    Ok, and that’s no problem at all, as long as it is suppose to do that.

    But my second question, how come my SIM card’s phone number does not transfer to the actual phone. When this phone was purchased it was given phone number XXX-XXX-XXXX, and my SIM card from a different GSM carrier has a phone number of yyy-yyy-yyyy, yet when i place the GSM SIM in the sprint iphone and make a call, it calls using phone number XXX-XXX-XXXX which is the original sprint phone number

    • Admin

      Are you really sure about that ? This is strange cause when you call you should be using your simcard number of course.

      • Admin

        In the phone will show another number when go to Phone settings but when you really call your simcard must be used.

  10. Jace

    That is what i thought as well, but it is using a phone number that was previously tied to the phone through sprint. I am 100% positive about this. I have 3 sprint iphones currently sitting in front of me, and each one calls using a different phone number when the same sim card is placed in the phone. All three numbers are different then the phone number actually tied to the SIM card.

    I ordered these from your ebay online retailer. Have you guys had any problems like this before?

  11. Dat

    Hello, I have a Sprint iPhone 5, and I am trying to unlock for AT&T. I was able to see AT&T in the iPhone about info but I get boot out to activation require and it says “Only compatible SIM cards from a supported carrier may be used to activate the phone” but when I reject the sim tray out with AIO unlock, I am in Home screen again, can you please help?

    • Admin

      Did you used the right settings: V2 and ‘Sprint 5’ ?

      • DAT

        Yes, I have tried both V1 and V2 both are having the same problem. I was able to see AT&T, but it boot me out and asks for the right sim to activate which is Sprint, but I don’t have sprint sim. Please help. Thx u Admin.

        iOS 6.0.1

        • DAT

          I have set my setting V2. I select carrier AT&T default. Is that correct? I live in USA and u am trying to unlock Sprint iPhone 5 to use on AT&T network. Thx u

      • Dat

        I did used V2 and Sprint 5, but now when I install the sim in it say “No sim card install” but when I remove the AOI and just install my sim, it works normal, please help. Thank you Admin

  12. Sam

    Guys …please publish very clear step by step instruction on programming the SIM and also using the SIM to unlock the phone in a single video.

  13. Leonidas

    i have 2xiphone 5 with 6.1.4
    i used the v2 update with sprint 5
    but it always shows the activation screen and cannot activate…
    please check it
    it is not working
    i have also used the v1
    what delay should i use?
    are the nano sim working with your hardware and software?
    i want to use it with Greek cariers

    looking forward for your reply

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