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AIO 5 ready for iPhone 5 with iOS 6 and 6.0.1 modem firmware/version 1.01.00

Published on November 30, 2012 by in News, Updates

We are happy to announce the release of AIO 5 for iPhone 5!

AIO 5 is based on the working technology that we used for our previous unlock card models using the fast and stable F300 IC and a golden contacts FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit).
AIO 5 is an fully updatable product and as before you have the possibility to upgrade your AIO 5 firmware when we release a new and improved version.

– working SMS/MMS/DATA in addition to normal calling/receiving calls functions;
– tested with US Sprint, UK O2, UK 3, UK Orange, FR Orange locked iPhones;
– does not work with T-Mobile DE using the V1 software release;
– the release V1 of AIO 5 is working on all simcards and phones except simcards for CDMA netoworks (USIM’s). For example you won’t be able to use an Sprint locked iPhone 5 on Verizon but you will be able to use it on other networks in USA. USIM cards are also used by networks like China Telecom, 3 (Hutchinson) etc.

How to use:
– Usage is simple and it’s the same as AIO 4S so for everybody already using AIO-SIM the new product is will be very easy to use indeed;
– The update procedure is the same as AIO 4S and requires the same USB dongle. If you already have an usb dongle for AIO 4S then you don’t need to buy another one;
– You update the firmware of the AIO 5 to V1 (or the latest available firmware release), then you select the network on witch your phone is locked and press update. After that you can just insert AIO 5 into your iPhone and wait for few seconds until you can call and received called; If no signal message is displayed for some time you can select the network manually or reboot the phone.

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  1. Russian Reseller

    working SMS/MMS/DATA

    Sorry, but what about calls? 🙂 And, please, make video!

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