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iPhone 4S V28 and iPhone 5 V2

Published on December 19, 2012 by in Updates

We have just released V28 update for AIO 4S and V2 update for iPhone 5.

This updates are similar in functions and this is why we release them together.

– solved compatibility problems with CDMA phones that display SIM Invalid message; sometimes this happens after few minutes;
– faster signal aquisition;
– STK application of the original simcard will work better;
– should work with Sprint phones with IMEI starting with 99;
– accepts normal style IMSI settings.

How to use:
Update V28 uses the same type of settings you would use for V24 but it’s different in function as it works more like update V27. It’s especially useful for customers that have CDMA locked phones on networks that are not supported by V27 because there are no settings available to choose from.
Also GSM locked phones can be used with V28. For example one would program an AIO 4S with V28 using the default AT&T settings like you would normally do for AT&T. Another important thing is the fact that you should not use the ICCID unless is necessary. Using ICCID with phones that don’t require ICCID can end up in displaying Searching indefinitely.

For V2 update for AIO 5 the functions are the same as V1 so if there are iPhone 5 settings available in the list use that setting first.

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48 Responses

  1. Is it works with iOS 6.0.2?
    Is it works with Mts Russia?

  2. Dmitriy

    MTS RUS Dont work!

  3. big boy

    v2 for iphone 5 works with tmobile de?

  4. author

    Good day!
    in the firmware 28, operator works tmobile de?

    • Admin

      For iPhone 4S we recommed V24 for TMobile de because TMobile de requires ICCID and GID1 settings too.,

      • Author

        Unfortunately 24 firmware does not work with T Mobile de …
        I ask for 28 firmware gevey refreshed and burned ((
        Now I want to order 10 pieces, I hope they do not burn,
        what time of delivery to Ukraine?

        • Admin

          We test the AIO 4S better than before (1BY1) so the chances or bad ones are really low. By Hong Kong Post it takes about 2 weeks to Ukraine.

  5. ablmix

    I don’t send messages with the aio 5..Why?

  6. Jose

    Is not working with sprint mine Begins with 99

  7. Saad

    I have sprint iphone 5, does this SIM work with Zain Saudi arabia?? because I found only STC and Mobily in your AIOV5??

    • Admin

      When you program AIO-SIM you need to select the network on witch your phone is locked in the software not the network on witch you want to use the phone. So maybe Zain Saudi don’t have locked iPhones to sell.

  8. Pepe

    the new v2 for iphone5 doesn’t resolve the problem with some sim cards,tested with orange romania one kind of a sim,and digi mobil romania.

  9. Vit

    Will work with iphone 5 sprint non activation with bad esn or no?
    Aio 5 can activate the new iPhone 5 sprint bad esn?

  10. alex

    Iphone 5 locked to Softbank Japan ,used Aio5v2 Softbank Japan option to update the aio sim ,everytime i insert a sim it needs activation and can’t activate ..says incompatible sim . Can you add the option for Iphone 5 Softbank Japan ?

  11. David

    I’m trying to Unlock an iphone 4s sprint for use in Mexico with Telcel, and tested with 7 different combinations and try what comes in different post, I need help, I’m spending the 20 updates and does not work, can you help me?

  12. mikhail

    Hello, gvaio 5 v2 does not send sms, how to fix?
    iphone 5 au kddi imei 99000xxxx
    Settings aio 5
    imsi 440501408466747
    ICCID: 8981300022508888462F

    tried, and others will not send sms!

  13. David

    Serial numer is 499F50A8.

    Any ideas about the activation? The phone is sprint locked, had iOS 6.0.1 and I want to use in Mexico

  14. David

    The micro sim card had printed V5.0 128kb

  15. David

    ok, then whit micro sim don´t work? always have to use the older card?

  16. David

    and is the same for iPhone 4s and iphone 5?

  17. Admin

    Update V28 of iPhone 4S and Update V2 of iPhone 5 are simmilar and they work in a simmilar way.
    Older updates like V24 are different (if you use V24 then you will be able to activate the phone but have other problems – no signal bar, etc).

  18. David

    ok I´ll try and keep you posted, thanks for your help

  19. Travis

    I have a 4s Virgin Mobile CA iphone. What settings do you recommend? There is no Preloaded Settings for CA Virgin Mobile. Any info would help. Thank you.

  20. Dmitriy

    What about MTS RUS? Something has changed?

  21. big boy

    I managed to unlock verizon iphone 4s ,with
    18:44:18] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 20.
    [18:44:18] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 204043347359229
    [18:44:18] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 89314403243473592290
    [18:44:18] No GID1 will be used!
    [18:44:18] [OK] Settings applied successfully!

  22. Andrew

    iPhone 5 locked to UK Orange, try 5 sim cards don’t work, what is the problem? Everytime say sim failure

  23. mauricio

    i have a problem with iphone 4s cdma verizon i place the sim and it does not work it comes up to and activation i try the v 24 steps but cant get to pass the wedsite they give me and i updated to v28 and still nothing it goes to activation sim is not conpatible how can i fix this asap i have a store that i need to sell those chips

  24. Revaro

    Hi i have an iphone 4s from cricket and i want to use it in Mexico with Telcel. Someone in Cricket told me that th sim is unlocked for international sims but i tried it with my Telcel sim (i cutted it) and didn’t work, i talkes with a lady in Telcel and told me that the sim is locked. I went back to Cricket and told me again that the sim is unlocked and since did’nt work i need to go directly to an Apple Store.

    Any suggestions? I need to use it with Telcel

  25. Dragos

    iPhone 5 locked in Tele2 Sweden – sim failure when I try to use a SIM from Orange Romania Subscription type (Not Pre-pay SIM). Other SIM’s from other operators are working fine.

  26. Zumry

    I have sprint iphone 5 ios 6.1.4 will it work on saudi , & my phone is on start up screen since i am not able to use. if so where can i buy

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