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About the today server problems

Published on December 20, 2012 by in Updates

Hi, we are sorry for everyone that had problems updating their AIO products during the past 6 hours or so. The problem was because of old hardware and we will try to solve this in the future buy renting a new and faster server. We will plan an outage next week during weekend (Sunday possibly) to switch to the new server.

Also in the future when this problems (server/webpage problems) appear you can contact us by email at sales@aio-sim.com immediately so we can be faster in solving the issue. We might not reply you directly but be sure we will take care of the problem as fast as we can.

Best regards,


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9 Responses

  1. andrey34399

    I write to you in the mail: sales@aio-sim.com , do not answer.
    Can I have my order tracking number to track…

    • Admin

      Hi, we already replied by email with the tracking number. Yesterday we had many emails because of the server problems and could not reply to everybody.

  2. Ebay username (himig_natin)

    I recently bought in ebay 30pcs, 4S & 30pcs iphone5. When updating the AIO Sim, it tells me to contact reseller for activation. I tried both AIO but same message appear.

    How can it all be activated?

    Please HELP!

  3. Mario Mejia

    I buy a usb with gevey and try to download the software and you’re on my pc but I do not recognize the usb need help please

  4. Hyunjong Lee

    why this is message from AIO SIM 5?

    [14:24:50] AIO SIM 5 not detected at existent ports!
    [14:24:50] Please reinsert AIO SIM 5 DONGLE test connections or reinstall drivers!
    [14:24:50] AIO SIM 5 NOT FOUND
    [14:24:55] SIMCARD not detected !
    [14:24:55] Please check connections or reinstall drivers!
    [14:24:55] GSM Card not found!

    • Admin

      The AIO sim is not detected and can’t be updated. This might be because of many reasons, maybe drivers of the USB dongle are not correctly installed, maybe the COM port is higher than 10, maybe you don’t hold the AIO SIM in correct position.

  5. Ramir Malabaev

    I can not get the program Ayu Sim V3 when it working again? It is very important to me!

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