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V24 – AIO/AIO SIM iPhone 4S iOS6 with DELAY

Published on October 4, 2012 by in Updates

We have heard you and we’ve already released a new GV AIO/AIO SIM firmware update. This firmware update has improvements in 2 aspects:
– simcard compatibility problems reported by our users;
– problems with unlocking certain phones that display ‘activation required’ or that don’t get unlocked;
In order to solve this problems we had to include again the DELAY option.

The default value is 18
– If you have no signal then try lower values;
– If the value is too low then you will get the message activation required;

Default value: 18 (GSM phones like AT&T locked only using IMSI)
Low value: 6 (CDMA/GSM phones like T-Mobile, Verizon locked using GID1, ICCID and IMSI)
Allowed values (1-60)
If for example 18 is not working then you should try 15, 12, not all the values in between.

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