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AIO SIM User Guide

Published on October 21, 2012 by in How to, Updates

We are happy to announce the first public version of our user guide. We will continue to improve the manual to reflect the changes we make to our AIO SIM in the next few days and weeks.

You can consult the user’s manual here.

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  1. Rhonda M James

    mine is saying sim invalid and i need user guide

    • Admin

      SIM Invalid might be a problem with card compatibility and AIO-SIM. Please try another simcard and see if it’s the same result. You can also try to update your AIO-SIM with update V24 and program the settings using computer. The V24 update should work better with more simcards.

  2. edmond


    Im having problem on unlocking my phone using Gevey AIO. I have iphone 4s running 6.0, my phone is locked to KDDI when i write the settings on the gevey and insert it on my phone it activate it but still no network found.

    Please help. I use V24 delay is 10

  3. george

    I have a locked iphone in verizon 4s ios 6 i want to use it in Gsm network GR VODAFONE can you please give me the steps? thanks

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