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Welcome to AIO SIM

Published on July 8, 2012 by in Updates

Welcome to AIO SIM!

AIO is everything that you need to unlock your iPhone 4S/iPhone 5. Our reliable solution has been tested by many over the past year and has helped hundreads of thousands of customers to unlock their iPhone 4 and now the latest iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

At the moment we sell 2 types of AIO SIM.

AIO SIM 4S for iPhone 4S (supports iOS6)
AIO SIM 5 for iPhone 5 (supports iOS6)

We recommend users to update their iPhones to iOS 6 and start using our product. AIO is perfectly compatible with iOS6. Because the simcard types used in iPhone 4S (micro sim) and iPhone 5 (nano sim) are different AIO SIM 4S and AIO SIM 5 are not compatible with each other. Please order the type that you require !

AIO SIM is an upgradable and updatable solution and is based on the proven techology of GEVEY SIM, GEVEY SIM NO CUT, GVAIO. In fact the users of this solutions are already used with the drivers and the interface used to program AIO SIM and the AIO SIM ONLINE UPDATE SOFTWARE.

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  1. Admin

    We have posted the user manual guide right now.

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