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iPhone 6 / 6P support

Published on November 2, 2014 by in Uncategorized

we have been asked many times and i am really sorry we did not confirmed officially yet for everybody to see.
In our tests iPhone 6 performed the same as iPhone 5S in terms of unlock and i am also confident iPhone 6P is the same althow we did not have one for testing.
So yes iPhone 6/6P can be unlocked with AIO 5 cards, you just need the proper tray.

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  1. 007

    iPhone 6 / 6P t – mob usa – no worck iOS 8.0

  2. Dima

    I have iphone 6 locked on Sprint . I tried many options with aio 5 , but best resolt i’ve reached it is v32 sprint LTE settings – phone passed activation , apeaded antenna bar but it is all. No connection with network . Maybe someone have some suggestions to try ?

  3. Paradox

    iphone 6 Sprint is NOT work with AIO5!
    I tried many times

  4. It’s working just try with v31 imsi 310120 and gid2 01

  5. digs digueno jr

    is the iphone aio sim tray for iphone 5 really same with iphone 6 sim tray?

  6. Misha

    iphone 6 Sprint is NOT work with AIO5! I try v31, v32 with imsi 310120 and gid2 01. apeaded antenna bar but it is all. No connection with network. I try to change bundles but it isn’t work. Help!

  7. ravil

    iphone 6, sprint not working. Tell me please what bundles have to change.

  8. Alexandr

    Iphone 6 sprint with aio5 v31
    imsi 310120
    gid2 01
    not working. phone passed activation, get E, signal, but no carrier name. Cant call or recive calls. Any help?

  9. dfani511

    I can’t find V1 to unlock iPhone 6 on drop down menu from aio online update v1 beta 5 , can anybody help me which update I have to use to unlock iPhone 6 ?
    I used v32 but it doesn’t work .

  10. Jason Tilinski

    How do you unlock the iPhone 5s?

  11. vivatt

    Iphone 6 plus ios 8.3 Sprint with gevey aio 5 (no sprint sim)
    Tried v7,v32-33… = No Service
    Help me, please

  12. Dani

    Will you have support for iPhone 6S?

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