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About working patch for 2G – new link available

Published on October 26, 2014 by in Uncategorized

yesterday the patch offered by our friend stopped working. It stopped working because many competitor sim users wore using the same link he provided for free and the app was installed by too many people (1000+ hits per day).
We now have an replacement for this Patch but as some of you have seen he requires a username and password to be able to download it.
For AIO-SIM customers with his help we have implemented another way to distribute the patch.
You can go with your iPhone to http://aio-sim.com/settings/patch/ (other browsers are disabled so only iPhone Safari works) and you will be asked a valid AIO-SIM serial number. You can ask your re-seller for this in case you don’t have one or you don’t know how to read it.
After you input a correct AIO serial number you will be automatically redirected to the patch.

Thanks to Marius&Sasha for the good news.

Thank you for your support,

P.S. For those new here … the patch must be used in case your signal is not stable (after unlock using AIO-SIM) and/or you can’t be called (people calling you can’t reach you even the phone shows signal bars and you can call them). The patch will force the phone to remain in 2G network communication mode (so it will disable 3G and you will only be able to use GPRS or EDGE at most).

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  1. Hi! This weekend i got many negative feedback about AIO5 problem from iPhone 5S users. They installed the new patch, friday – saturday – sunday many users cannot receive calls or make call. I think this patch have a serious health problem. Please check for another solution.

    Thank you

  2. dfani511

    it is down 🙁

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