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V27 Sasha+ for 5S/5C iOS 7.1+

Published on June 3, 2014 by in News, Updates

V27 Sasha+ is an incremental update over V27 allready released few days ago.
It will solve the SMS issues reported with V27 on some simcards.
V27 and V27 Sasha+ works only on 5S/5C iOS 7.1+
We decided to release this faster than usual because SMS is an important feature that is required for every customer.
Please report problems in using this version by commenting on this post.
In order to see the new update you need to press (keep presseed) SHIFT key on your keyboard while the software is loading.
Other way to do the full reload of server data is to delete the contents of the TMP directory located in the same place with your AIO software.

Best regards,

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69 Responses

  1. Helooooo! iH8RSiM AiR2 have 3G/LTE! When we have? I don’t want lost my customers…

  2. LTE? Maybe you can give us video?

  3. Victor

    With R sim2 works nothing – сonstantly activation.
    AIO is the best today.

  4. Dany

    it doesn’t work with all nano sim card from Orange Romania 🙁

  5. dfani511

    I have signal with an old sim card Orange Romania on iPhone 5S with 7.1.1 but I do not have data mobile at any 2G/3G/4G , I tried settings from aio easey setup and from unlockit.co.nz but nothing , I can’t get data mobile .

    Can I do something or it will be available in the future ?

  6. Hi Team! I have full testing one iPhone now. 5C 7.1.1 US Sprint.
    I tested 3 software (Sasha+, V24, V23) made a note with all reaction.
    With prepaid Hu Telekom sim/usim have Activation “Invalid Sim” all the time…i readed full that sim, i will send it on email soon…
    I cant test with postpaid because i haven’t…. i need solve this before Thuestday…

  7. 5s sprint work on some net work in syria

    like MTN
    BUT SYRIATEL not work

  8. Andrew

    iphone 5c sprint 7.1.1 what about sms?

  9. Mayday MAYDAY! I cant unlock 5S Uk o2 TESCO iOS 7.1.1! This is…..

    • Get always INVALID SIM on activation! If i use GID1 or if dont use…

      • Ravneet

        Hi bro, i tried different setting and always got invalid sim.
        But bro then i tried various other sim cards like new nano Vodafone india or old idea sim
        they all worked great. I think there is some probs with sim compatibility as far as i know.

  10. this info 4 sim syriatel not work on 5s sprint

    [info] Reading card in 2G mode
    [data] ICCID size:10 data: 986903111743281098F4
    [data] LP size:8 data: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    [data] AUTHPARAM size:6 data: 303030303030
    [data] SMSS size:2 data: 7BFF
    [warn] Could not find path 000000007F105F3A
    [warn] Could not find path 000000007F105F50
    [warn] Could not find path 000000007F105F3B
    [warn] Could not find path 000000007F105F3C
    [data] LP size:4 data: 01FFFFFF
    [data] IMSI size:9 data: 084971107143281098
    [data] Kc size:9 data: 000000000000000007
    [data] HPLMN size:1 data: 05
    [data] ACMmax size:3 data: 000000
    [data] SIM Service Table size:10 data: FF3FFF0F3F003C03300C
    [data] SPN size:17 data: 00537972696174656CFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    [data] BCCH size:16 data: 8F7E2240014010188200000000000000
    [data] ACC size:2 data: 0200
    [data] FPLMN size:12 data: 14F72014F710FFFFFEFFFFFF
    [data] LOCI size:11 data: FFFFFFFF000000FFFEFF03
    [data] PUCT size:5 data: FFFFFF0000
    [data] AD size:3 data: 00FFFF
    [data] Phase size:1 data: 03
    [data] ECC size:9 data: 19F1FF11F2FFFFFFFF
    [data] KcGPRS size:9 data: 000000000000000007
    [data] LOCIGPRS size:14 data: FFFFFFFFFFFFFF14F710FFFEFF02
    [warn] Could not find path 000000007F550000
    [warn] Could not find path 000000007F500000
    [warn] Could not find path 000000007F250000
    [done] Complete SIM USIM Read DONE in 2G mode…
    [erro] port COM6 open failed
    [done] Checking for 3G communication mode…
    [done] 3G mode not supported by this card

  11. unlocknutz

    Not working on all 3x operators in Bolivia. With entel it says invalid sim with viva it enters activation and with tigo it says searching. It was tested with a USA tmobile 5c and att 5s and chile entel 5s. All with the same results.

  12. Hi Team! I need a working combination for 5S UK O2 Tesco 7.1.1 all sim / usim card got Activation INVALID SIM. Tried all IMSI/GID combo on AIO software…

    Thank you

  13. I need help for Cricket iPhone 5S. Please guide me.

  14. 007vivek007

    We need solution for 5C/5S – 7.1.1 – SMS & Edge at least. Anything that can be done to get Edge internet connection??

  15. Ravneet

    7.1.1 jailbreak released

    Now we can expect something for SMS and net for sprint phones 🙂

  16. Well i know, need wait a little more for AIO updates, but you need to know:

    – iPhone 5 UK Vodafone 7.1.1 works only sim (usim not)
    – iPhone 5S US Sprint 7.1.1 made jailbreak, working call, but no have internet and sms sending (try use Neterteam patch for 5S5C iOS 7)

    – Any time when i use with Tmobile sim, the default is hide caller id and cannot switch to on (Telenor, Vodafone it show the switch)
    – Many time we cannot use the wifi hotspot

    If you and we, the AIO team can solve these problems, i will made Goulash soup for everyone!

  17. Ravneet

    And to all you out there AIO sim is working much stable as compared to rsim. Tried and tested for hours today.

    • alex

      Please write instructions step by step after jailbreak

      • Ravneet

        1- clean restore
        2- Jailbreal your iPhone on 7.1/7.1.1
        3- install ifile on your iPhone from cydia
        4- navigate to library-> carrier bundles
        5- change the name sprint bundle
        Sprint_CSIM_LTE_US.bundle to Sprint_CSIM_LTE_US_old.bundle
        6- reboot your phone

        That’s it and after that enjoy 🙂


        • 007vivek007

          Have you tried Idea cellular sim card with AIO here in India? Also, where are you from in India?

        • alex

          not working for me , Orange Romania sim

        • 007vivek007

          @Ravneet bro: With AIO, have ever you faced the issue of going into activation loops while signal drops to zero like while travelling outside the hometown or travelling in a roaming zone? No matters on which career you’re or on which network (2G or 3G) you’re.


          • Ravneet

            Hi vivek

            I havent tried in roaming.

            m facing weird problem in sleep mode…i cant get any incoming call.

            3g, outgoing call everything is fine but no incoming call… plz help someone

        • There is no solution yet for incoming calls and incoming sms in 3G mode. You have to use your phone i.e. you have to keep sending little amount of data on the network to work incoming calls & sms like you can use whatsapp or you can use play a song in music. Otherwise, use 2G mode for incoming calls.

    • Darling

      Can you please tell me the steps you followed to program your Sprint phone with the AIO Sim? Or post a video please

  18. Okay. I used Sasha+ after update 5S Hu Tmobile locked. Telenor sim worked, but i did want try something. After restart the phone the sim goes to Activation INVALID sim. Same with sim and usim. And tried with vodafone sim / usim, same end…..

  19. Darling

    Hi, i just ordered an AIO Sim on ebay, how can i know if i received the most up to date version?

  20. Darling

    Can someone please tell me the programming steps to use the AIO on my Sprint 5S? Is urgent!!

  21. sir i have one big problem

    i try update with shasha+ and shasha- and v28 in beta test software and v24 and in 5 iphone 5s (just iphone 5s has this problem)

    i have 2 second signal after again phone goes searchinig after minut i have 2 second signal and again have this loop

  22. Darling

    HELP!!! I’m stuck at the activation screen! Always get the “imposible/unable to activate the iPhone”

    How can i fix that please

  23. Darling

    I’m stuck at the Unable to activate iPhone screen, can anyone help me?? Is urgent

  24. Darling

    I need help and i’m not getting any answer from customer support!! Please answer me

  25. Darling

    I connected my AIO sim to the dongle updater and now my AIO sim is completely dead, its useless i’m so upset, that thing burned my two aio sim cards and now i don’t have anything

  26. alex

    UK T-MOBILE , O2 5c 7.1.2 not working with Orange Romania sim cards

  27. 5s and 5c sprint
    signal cam and phone work perfect 1 minute
    after that no signal and all time no serves

    i use v31

  28. Hi i have some problem.

    – UK Tmobile locked 4S / 5 / 5S / 5C not working with Telenor sim (No Service)

    – Canada Fido locked 4S / 5 (maybe after 7.1 ?!?) cannot catch signal. When i didn’t use GID1, goes to activation and got “Cannot activate right now…”, when i use GID1 got Service Provider name, but no got signal, no calls, no sms, no internet. When i put the iPhone to Airplane mode, after back get “NO SIM” failure.

    – iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C after iOS 7.1 with use hungarian Vodafone have bug. I can get 3G but cannot receive calls. iR0se not working, push force 2G or force 3G nothing happen. Still 3G and cannot receive call.

    – iPhone 5S / 5C after iOS 7.1 cannot use postpaid Hun Telenor sim.

    Please help! Thank you


  29. Ravneet

    Hi Team,

    I have dropped an email to sales team, regarding to purchase of aio sims but no response as of now 🙁

  30. Ravneet

    Hello Team,
    Can anyone from your sales team help me in buying aio sims…
    are you guys even interested in selling them or not….very annoyed with sales staff……..have been droping mails regularly…..but no reply….

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