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About AIO 5 models iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1 still working with old unlock method

Published on June 8, 2014 by in News, Updates

Hi, in the last few days some of our customers asked us about some models that we previously checked and can be unlocked using old unlock method. (versions older than 24) like V7 for example AIO 5.

Japan KDDI IMSI: 45404
China Telecom IMSI: 20404
Verizon IMSI:20404
China Telecom Macao: 45404
Tracfone USA: 20404
Cellular South USA: 20404
BlueGrass USA:20404
CellComm USA: 20404
Virgin USA: 316010

We hope all the settings are correct, but we can’t guarantee it will work. We just assume all this are working based on the configuration files we have studied.

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  1. Verizon are unlocked, from i5. Not actual.

  2. maremestera

    Japan AU Kddi IMSI is 44050 for iPhone 5 working with v7

    One can select from list, JP AU 5
    [19:47:01] Country: JP
    Network: AU 5
    IMSI: 4405014
    ICCID: No specific requirement
    GID1: No specific requirement

  3. Andrey

    What should be the settings for the iPhone 5S Sprint ios7.0.4?

  4. alex

    Iphone 5 Sprint 7.1.1 works perfect after jailbreak and delete maps 310120

    • what u mean delete maps 310120 ???

      • alex

        1) Jailbreak your phone
        2) install ifile from Cydia. then go to System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone

        а) delete map : 310120
        b) rename Sprint_LTE_US.bundle, Sprint_Virgin_US.bundle, to Sprint_LTE_US_old.bundle and Sprint_Virgin_US_old.bundle
        c) copy CarrierLab.bundle to CarrierLab1.bundle , then rename CarrierLab.bundle into Sprint_LTE_US.bundle and CarrierLab1.bundle into Sprint_Virgin_US.bundle

        3) Turn off the phone , eject the sim tray , start the phone with your sim card (without aio)
        4) After activation screen appears turn off the phone ,then start it with aio +sim

  5. Михаил

    Hello, please tell me the settings for iphone 5S 7.1.1 sprint
    On firmware v27 + network appears but then disappears
    imsi 310120
    GID 03

  6. sasha

    what about Cricket????
    iphone 5 Cricket USA 7.1.2
    What working settings???

  7. Where are the support / developing service / new software / solution for 3G?

  8. And where are the forum members? Nobody have problem with aio software, only just me?

  9. 5s and 5c sprint
    signal cam and phone work perfect 1 minute
    after that no signal and all time no serves

    i use v31

  10. Hi i have some problem.

    – UK Tmobile locked 4S / 5 / 5S / 5C not working with Telenor sim (No Service)

    – Canada Fido locked 4S / 5 (maybe after 7.1 ?!?) cannot catch signal. When i didn’t use GID1, goes to activation and got “Cannot activate right now…”, when i use GID1 got Service Provider name, but no got signal, no calls, no sms, no internet. When i put the iPhone to Airplane mode, after back get “NO SIM” failure.

    – iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C after iOS 7.1 with use hungarian Vodafone have bug. I can get 3G but cannot receive calls. iR0se not working, push force 2G or force 3G nothing happen. Still 3G and cannot receive call.

    – iPhone 5S / 5C after iOS 7.1 cannot use postpaid Hun Telenor sim.

    Please help! Thank you


  11. Andrew

    iPhone 5 iOS 8.0 no luck on service, no service iRosetool don’t work

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