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New update software for AIO4 and AIO5 – V7.1

Published on April 20, 2014 by in News, Updates


we have just released a new update software for AIO4 and AIO5 V7.1 BETA 4. As you can see this update is still in BETA stage of development but we do have tested it already with our main distributors. This is the first AIO Update Software that will work on AIO 4 and AIO 5, so you will not need anymore to use 2 software updaters to update your AIO’s. This also enables us to release updates faster for AIO 4 and AIO 5 alike without updating the AIO4 and waiting for the AIO5 software update like happened in the past.

Notable New Features:

  • updates AIO 4 and AIO 5 from the same software;
  • includes new setting structure suitable for new iOS models;
  • added new caching capability so your software will load much faster when you need it;
  • added ICCID automatic verification in order to prevent errors with bad ICCID’s;
  • added settings short list (a list with all the available settings when unlocking a phone). If your setting is not found in this list it will probably not work;
  • added patching mode (for jailbreaked phones) that allows you to update/edit patches and also allows you to update network settings for non-jailbreaked phones;

for more information you can read the ReleaseNotes document located in the archive. You can go to downloads section to download the new update.

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18 Responses

  1. Ravneet

    i tried v7 on 5s tmobile with preloaded settings…it didnt work…

  2. rogerboogie

    sorry i am not at office , i will make some test and post the results of new update tomorrow

    thanks for your hardwork

  3. gevey not connect with new vercion

    but connect with old

  4. Spacy

    Hassan u need to select at the top right in the drop down list (4S) or (i5, 5c, 5s) depends on type of gevey u using

  5. mezus

    please help o2 uk ios 7.1 not working

  6. its connect now

    but can we unlock sprint 5s ???

  7. dany

    With this update can we unlock iPhone 5S AT&T USA?

  8. any way to unlock 5s sprint by aio ?????

  9. any way to unlock 5s sprint by AIO ???

  10. Radu

    Tried Wolf JP on 7.1.1 working good . Also activated 3g and working and it doesn.t have call missed when active !
    Tried also Tmobile UK with 234330 and 234300 but with no luck ! Always ask for activation .

  11. Radu

    OF course i tried on 5S.

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