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About 5S/5C and iOS 7.1

Published on April 21, 2014 by in Uncategorized

a lot of people are complaining that we have not yet released a solution for 5s/5c iOS 7.1 and our competitors have.

The truth is simple:
– the solution that they have released is based on TIMSI so the phone will loose signal often and then it will have to restart the unlock procedure again and again;
– the solution that they have released only works on limited simcards (usually only 2G simcards);
– the solution that they have released does not work in receiving calls (only works in about 20% of the time, sometimes don’t sometimes works);
– the solution that they have released does not work on many networks like TMobile USA for example although they say it works;

Because we have been asked many times to release something … we have started doing extensive tests and released a TEST and LIVE software to support this tests. We can’t guarantee that there will be ever a solution that works perfectly for this phones (unless a jailbreak is available) but at your requests we will try to do our best.

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  1. please do it as beta release, because the competency is getter it first, is better have a solution than nothing.

  2. Alex

    How much it will take for this new release to unlock ios 7.1 iPhone 5C / 5S ? šŸ™

    • Admin

      We still haven’t got an exact time will take. We are working a lot at releasing this and make tests every day. I hope we would not have to release a partial solution like others did.

  3. Paul

    Can i unlock iphone 5s in ios 7.1 with aio sims?

  4. Zishan Khan

    Hi Aio 5 team
    I want to know that its working for cricket carrier 16.0
    IPhone 5 iOS 7.1.1
    Jailbroken ?

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