iPhone 6 / 6 Plus trays now available 6TS (SILVER), 6TG (SPACE GRAY) , 6TO (GOLD), 6PTS (SILVER), 6PTG (SPACE GRAY), 6PTO (GOLD)

Published on October 18, 2014 by in News

We are glad to announce that iPhone 6 / 6 Plus trays are available for ordering starting from now on. They are available now in Hong Kong stock and soon in USA and Romania stock also.  iPhone 6 / 6 Plus tarys come in 3 colors (SILVER, SPACE GRAY and GOLD).
Ordering codes are 6TS (SILVER), 6TG (SPACE GRAY) , 6TO (GOLD) and  for 6 Plus 6PTS (SILVER), 6PTG (SPACE GRAY), 6PTO (GOLD).
The price is 6.7 USD for iPhone 6 and 6.8 USD for iPhone 6 Plus for a 5 pcs pack. (5.7 and 5.8 for more than 4 packs).
The trays are ORIGINAL cut by CNC machine to fit our AIO5 cards.
The iPhone 6 trays are different than iPhone 6 Plus trays and very different from iPhone 5/5S trays so please be careful when you order!

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V32 AIO4S v24 iOS 8+ now also in NORMAL software

Published on October 14, 2014 by in News, Updates

We have decided to release also V32 (using V24 unlock algorithm) for 4S phones. This should work with most of the new simcards available. Delay should be 18 or as you usually use for V24/V29.

Please post your comments here.


P. S. To force the software to load the new updates please delete the tmp directory contents or press SHIFT while the software is loading.

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AIO 5 V32 for iOS 8+ 5S5C released in NORMAL software

Published on October 14, 2014 by in News, Updates

we have released a new update in AIO 5 SW firmware V32. This should work with many of the available simcards and has been tested to work better on iOS 8+ phones. More updates are available for testing in the test software if this one does not fit your needs but we thing is among the best releases yet anyway.

Also we are testing now V32 for AIO 4S (witch is an much improved V24 to be used on iOS 8+ and new and old simcards). This is also available now in the test software and we plan to release it in few days in the normal software.

You can post comments here about V32 for AIO 5 and we will try to help.

P. S. To force the software to load the new updates please delete the tmp directory contents or press SHIFT while the software is loading.

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iOS 8 patch to replace iRose

Published on September 25, 2014 by in How to, News, Updates

We all know that iRose is not working anymore for iOS 8. AIO SIM Team already developed an alternative solution and tested it but because it requires to be sign by an Enterprise entity we are delayed by Apple in releasing it.
So for the moment as Alin from informed us is to use this patch that is working find in older iOS and iOS 8 also. Thanks Alin !

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Delays in Cusoms processing between Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Published on September 25, 2014 by in News

Hello, starting few days ago there has been significant delays in custom processing time between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Some DHL that we have shipped 7 days ago are still in the customs and also some Hong Kong Post parcels. Because of this we can’t guarantee the delivery time for DHL or Hong Kong Post shipped from Shenzhen. We will let you know how the situation develops in the next few days but until then please have patience if your parcel does not show as traceable on Hong Kong Post or DHL website. All Chinese shops in Shenzhen suffer from the same problems so we don’t have any other option but to wait.
If you plan on buy-in AIO starting from today and you want to be sure of a exact delivery time we can offer you shipping from Romania by EMS or from USA by USPS to any country (the USPS fee is +7 USD) so you need to pay this extra money.

Sorry for the inconveniences caused!

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EFI Dongle

Published on August 29, 2014 by in

In order to extent our product offer we are happy to announce the release a new product aimed at recovering lost EFI / iCloud PIN  for Macbook series laptops.


  • fully upgradable solution. We have designed EFI Dongle much in the same way AIO is working. You can use the online update software to update your EFI dongle to the desired version effortless. Something wrong ? We will update it on the fly so you can get on with your work.
  • standalone complete solution; after you have updated the firmware of your EFI Dongle internet connection is not required anymore. Just plug & go;
  • complete automated solution; you don’t have to wait for you computer to see if it’s unlocked and you don’t have to guess the unlock code as other solutions as you too; more time to play, less time to waste;

Supported models & updates:

  1.         Update 1 - basic EFI password recovery (all Macbooks) This update will try to recover you EFI password in Boot mode (at boot time). It is good for recovering 4 digits codes (usually the PIN activated in iCloud). It will do so at a rate of about 3 codes per minute.  (a median recovery time of about 25 hours). How to use ?
    1. just plug your EFI dongle in the USB port of your computer and the dongle will start working trying codes from 0000 to 9999 one by one at  a speed of 3 per minute. In this configuration available in firmware V1 the total waiting time will be a maximum of 48 hours;
    2. to check what code worked after the computer has been unlock just plug your EFI Dongle into an available computer and open a text editor of your choice. Press CAPS Lock and the dongle will start displaying it’s serial number and the last successful codes;
    3. to reset the code search to 0000 you can press CTRL shift key again 3 times. If you are done you can disconnect the dongle from USB;
    4. to select a new starting value continue pressing CAPS Lock key one more time; The dongle will start displaying numbers 0000 … 0100 … 0200 …  in 100 increments. When you are close to your desired selection press CAPS Lock one more time. The EFI Dongle will then start counting backwards one by one until you reach the desired value; You can then press CAPS Lock again and the dongle will memorize the current value displayed; You can now disconnect the dongle and start a new code recovery procedure;
  2. Update 2 - designed for 13 inch normal Macbooks (iCloud) – The iCloud updates will recover you iCloud PIN in the main iCloud PIN window. It will check 5 codes at a time then automatically Reboot your computer and try another 4 codes. This is the fastest available solution out there. You can use the  efidongle update software to update your dongle, to setup the starting code and to read successfully guessed code.
  3. Update 3 - designed for 15 inch normal Macbooks (iCloud) – works in the same way as update 2 but for 15 inch models.
  4. Update 4 - designed for 13 inch Retina Macbooks (iCloud) - works in the same way as update 2 but for 13 inch Retina models.
  5. upcomming update Update 5 - degigned for 15 inch Retina Macbooks (this update will be available once we have a change to test it with your help)

Frequent questions:

Question: Why your EFI dongle does not have an LCD display to show the current code like other solutions  ?
Answer: A display costs too much and only can show you very little information (usually only the present code). We use the computer as a display witch is much better.

Question: Why is your EFI dongle much better than other available solutions for code Recovery ?
Answer: Our EFI dongle is easy to use.  Just plug in into your computer and you are ready to go. It does not require the complicated programming of other solutions on the market and comes with a very cheap price for that matter. Another important point of EFI Dongle is that is fully standalone. By standalone we mean that you don’t have to wait in front of your Macbook like other solutions. Others ask you to wait until you reach the propper code and then count clicks or led blinks to calculate the correct code. EFI Dongle frees you from this time consuming job. Just take the dongle and use the computer to make it display the good code.

Question: Why other types of codes are not supported?
Answer: We don’t support 6 digits PIN codes but we can do that too if you request us. The problem with 6 digits codes is that the amount of time required to recover your PIN is 99 x 24 hours medium time = 99 days. In this case contacting Apple to recover your PIN would be much much faster.

Question: Can EFI Dongle support other types of computers or devices ?
Answer: Yes it can, just let us know and we will be happy to add new updates to our list; In theory we can also support other types of devices like mobile phones and tablets you just have to let us know what you need.

Other details:

Pricing: 1 for 69 USD; 2 for 65 USD each; 5 for 59 USD each; 10 for 49 USD each; 50 for 39 USD each; 100 or more for 29 USD each;

Package contents: 1 pcs x updatable EFI USB Dongle, 1 pcs x 8 cm usb adaptor for added flexibility when you move your laptop

Availability & Shipping :  EFI Dongle is available from our Hong Kong stock so at least for the beginning we can only ship order from Hong Kong by DHL, Hong Kong Post/China Post/Singapore Post or EMS. Shipping by Postal services is included in the price. DHL Shipping is FREE for more than 10 pcs orders.  For less than 10 pcs orders DHL Shipping is 25 USD everywhere and EMS shipping is 35 USD everywhere.

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About AIO 5 models iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1 still working with old unlock method

Published on June 8, 2014 by in News, Updates

Hi, in the last few days some of our customers asked us about some models that we previously checked and can be unlocked using old unlock method. (versions older than 24) like V7 for example AIO 5.

Japan KDDI IMSI: 45404
China Telecom IMSI: 20404
Verizon IMSI:20404
China Telecom Macao: 45404
Tracfone USA: 20404
Cellular South USA: 20404
BlueGrass USA:20404
CellComm USA: 20404
Virgin USA: 316010

We hope all the settings are correct, but we can’t guarantee it will work. We just assume all this are working based on the configuration files we have studied.

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V27 Sasha+ for 5S/5C iOS 7.1+

Published on June 3, 2014 by in News, Updates

V27 Sasha+ is an incremental update over V27 allready released few days ago.
It will solve the SMS issues reported with V27 on some simcards.
V27 and V27 Sasha+ works only on 5S/5C iOS 7.1+
We decided to release this faster than usual because SMS is an important feature that is required for every customer.
Please report problems in using this version by commenting on this post.
In order to see the new update you need to press (keep presseed) SHIFT key on your keyboard while the software is loading.
Other way to do the full reload of server data is to delete the contents of the TMP directory located in the same place with your AIO software.

Best regards,

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V27 Sasha+ and V27 Sasha-

Published on June 1, 2014 by in Uncategorized

we have released today 2 new test software versions in the test software.
V27 Sasha+ is an improved software version that should work better than V27 in witch we solved some communication bugs and most important the SMS bug affecting SIM type of cards (USIM type was working). V27 is also designed to let 2G data work but this does not mean will work with all simcards, only with some. The use of iRose is requires to get stable long time signal.
V27 Sasha- is the same as V27 but with SMS bug solved. No data is enabled in this update as it was not enabled in V27.

Please test this 2 updates so we can choose the best one to replace the existing V27 in general release software and solve the issues some customers are having with SMS.

Thank you,

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AIO5 V27 Sasha

Published on May 30, 2014 by in Updates

We have release for the general public the latest update tested by our testing team. Thanks to Sasha for great help!

This update works in a similar manner with V24 but it has been proven working on more simcards than V24. For example it now works on Vodafone Romanian simcards that wore previously known not working using V24. If you encounter problems please report them as usual.

To load the update list again, please start the software and keep the SHIFT key pressed so the software will load all settings again. You can also delete the contents of the tmp directory and you will get the same results.

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