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AIO 5 for 5/5C/5S 10x pack without dongle for regular customers

Published on November 30, 2012 by in

AIO 5 is based on the working technology that we used for our previous unlock card models using the fast and stable F300 IC and a golden contacts FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit).
AIO 5 is an fully updatable product and as before you have the possibility to upgrade your AIO 5 firmware when we release a new and improved version.


– working SMS/MMS/DATA (not all networks);
– support USIM cards with required patch;
– tested with US Sprint, UK O2, UK 3, UK Orange, FR Orange locked iPhones;
– does not work with T-Mobile DE using the V1 software release;
– The release V1 of AIO 5 is working on all simcards and phones except simcards for CDMA netoworks (USIM’s). For example you won’t be able to use an Sprint locked iPhone 5 on Verizon but you will be able to use it on other networks in USA.

How to use:
– Usage is simple and it’s the same as AIO 4S so for everybody already using AIO-SIM the new product is will be very easy to use indeed;
– You update the firmware of the AIO 5 to V1 (or the latest available firmware release), then you select the network on witch your phone is locked and press update. After that you can just insert AIO 5 into your iPhone and wait for few seconds until you can call and received called; If no signal message is displayed for some time you can select the network manually or reboot the phone.

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6 Responses

  1. Emilio Garcia

    I just got the Sprint Iphone 5s, carrier: Sprint 15.1, Can we unlock it with this AIO-SIM? Please help me. Thanks!

  2. tommy xavier santana

    i want to buy anymore…
    as I buy

  3. Lua

    Right now I have sprint iPhone 5 it has 15.5. So right now it doesn’t work until u get updated.

  4. Binaz

    Hello! I have got an iPhone 5S locked with Sprint USA, I am not even able to get to the home screen of the phone, how do I do that? And if I order an AIO SIM to unlock my phone, is it possible to use the internet on the GSM network?

  5. Victor Lanes

    I have a iphone 5 for sprint and i wont to use it on T-Mobile will it work

  6. Saurav

    Hi I have iPhone 5 16 Gb under kddi 42 activation policy and its stuck on activation screen and not getting activated. And I want to use in india ..tell me if it’s possible.

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