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Extra 5 pcs tray pack for 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6P

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The extra tray packs we sell are compatible with AIO 5/AIO4

Trays are sold only to existing AIO-SIM customers and are shipped together with an order containing an AIO product.

Please don’t buy only trays and expect free shipping as shipping is not included in this product price. We will refund the money in this case.

The packs have codes printed as follows, please use this codes when ordering manually

5/5s/6/6P/6S/7 trays are ORGINAL and CUT BY CNC MACHINE so it will fit perfectly.

5C GREEN = 5CTG / 5C WHITE = 5CTW / 5C PINK = 5CTP / 5C YELLOW = 5CTY / 5S SPACE GRAY = 5STS / 5S GOLD = 5STO / 5 WHITE = 5TW / 5 BLUE = 5TB / 4S SILVER = 4STS / 6 SPACE GRAY = 6TG / 6 SILVER = 6TS / 6 GOLD = 6TO / 6P SPACE GRAY = 6PTG / 6P SILVER = 6PTS / 6P GOLD = 6PTO, same naming scheme applies for 6S and 7 trays.

7 Plus trays are compatible with 6S trays (6S, 6S Plus, 7 Plus).

7 trays are different trays and not compatible with other models.

Trays are included in AIO PACKET PRICES ! So use this option to select the appropriate trays you need. Trays are subject to availability. (We will contact you before shipping if we don’t have on stock your required tray color)

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