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AIO5 V27 Sasha

Published on May 30, 2014 by in Updates

We have release for the general public the latest update tested by our testing team. Thanks to Sasha for great help!

This update works in a similar manner with V24 but it has been proven working on more simcards than V24. For example it now works on Vodafone Romanian simcards that wore previously known not working using V24. If you encounter problems please report them as usual.

To load the update list again, please start the software and keep the SHIFT key pressed so the software will load all settings again. You can also delete the contents of the tmp directory and you will get the same results.

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15 Responses

  1. Paul

    This update can unlock iphone 5c of sprint?

  2. Dany

    I can’t open Network activation settings Online for iPhone 5S šŸ˜• what I have to do?

  3. can this unlock iphone 5s att 7.1.1?

  4. Victor

    It will work with iphone 5 sprint ios 7.1.1 (not usim)?

  5. Ravneet

    Hi team,
    I need sprint 5s correct setting plz guide..tried many things but no service always

    #admin #thomozone #dan


  6. Ravneet

    [info] AIO SN: 0x98EEAFB4
    [erro] timeout waiting for response
    [erro] set mode failed
    [erro] failed to enter update mode. aborting
    [erro] downloading update failed

    i’m not likin your product anymore

    and if i ask for replacement u say u’ll get it but i dont get it
    how much money do you want us to waste!!!

  7. Okay…so, 5C 7.1.1 – Hu Vodafone locked (100% sure) tried unlock V24 and V27 Sasha, Old cutted Hun Tmobile sim or factory nano sim (both prepaid) Activation Fail – Invalid sim, nothing happen.

    5C – USA Sprint 5C 7.1.1 – Using V24 first day used old cutted HU Telenor sim, next day not worked (Activation fail), tried factory nano Telenor worked well, postpaid Telenor sim got Activation Invalid Sim, this full readed card info has been sent, but nothing happen. Today not working with factory nano prepaid Telenor sim, only works with old cutted Telenor sim… WTF?

    Tomorrow i can test the Sasha+ with Sprint locked.
    Hu Vodafone locked 5C goes to Germany…we hope there is working some sim cards, if not they sending back.

    5S/5C – 7.0 – 7.0.6 tried open with V24, not worked. Activation fail, not Invalid SIM message, was got “Cant Activate at this time. try again later”. Used 310120 GID2: 1-2-3

    Best Regards for full solution help.

    • Admin

      let me respond step by step.
      I start from the last one 5s/5c 7.0 – 7.06 – Updates newer or equal with V24 won’t work on 7.0 – 7.0.6. This updates are designed to work only on 7.1 or 7.1.1
      At the moment if you have this problems with TMobile simcards you need to First test with V24, then test with V27 Sasha. V27 Sasha+ is similar with V27 Sasha so no need to do other tests if theese 2 are not working. You can send us the full log from the simcard so we can check. The full log can be read with BETA6 TEST software we released. If you need this contact us by email.
      About Sprint 5C please be sure you write 01, 02 or 03 as GID not 10,20,30 or 1,2,3. I will also try to check this as seems the 5C might be locked differently than 5s. I can’t confirm or infirm this at this point.

      • Hi. Yes im sured write gid 01 – 02 – 03, just wrote wrong in here. I have a BETA 6 TEST from Dan, last time i did sent a full read from USIM Hu postpaid Telenor, what didn’t work. So i need to try some Test Software (V18 – V19 – V20 – V21 – V23/This version is worked for me/) and make a pray…

        Tomorrow i send a many full readed sim/usim data…

        Thank you

  8. Hi i have some problem.

    – UK Tmobile locked 4S / 5 / 5S / 5C not working with Telenor sim (No Service)

    – Canada Fido locked 4S / 5 (maybe after 7.1 ?!?) cannot catch signal. When i didn’t use GID1, goes to activation and got “Cannot activate right now…”, when i use GID1 got Service Provider name, but no got signal, no calls, no sms, no internet. When i put the iPhone to Airplane mode, after back get “NO SIM” failure.

    – iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C after iOS 7.1 with use hungarian Vodafone have bug. I can get 3G but cannot receive calls. iR0se not working, push force 2G or force 3G nothing happen. Still 3G and cannot receive call.

    – iPhone 5S / 5C after iOS 7.1 cannot use postpaid Hun Telenor sim.

    Please help! Thank you


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