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Published on March 11, 2014 by in News, Updates

Apple has released iOS 7.1. Some of our customers complained about the fact that this updates breaks AIO unlocking procedure. Until we personally test all the models involved in iOS 7.1 update we advise all customer to refrain the update to the new OS. We will keep you posted here about the results.


  • iPhone 4S AT&T (GSM models) are still working with iOS 7.1 Update with V28 or newer versions, tested by us
  • iPhone 5S (GSM models) not working reported by some of our distributors – we will also check soon
  • iPhone 5 (GSM models) are still working with iOS 7.1 as reported by www.gevey-sim.ro 
  • we have partial success with iPhone 5s with out internal test device so we have chances that will work also on iPhone 5S with an new update
  • 2014.03.18 – Indeed we had success with our China Telecom iPhone 5s because this is among the few 5s/5c phones still working. We have worked for few days now and seems Apple has blocked the bugs of 5s and 5c phones (at least for all GSM models – most of them). So the only working iPhone 5s and 5s are the ones from KDDI and China Telecom and probably some more phones from networks that have roaming agreements with Vodafone NL outside their home area and that support multi-mode simcards.
  • We will release some updates soon but this are not planned to solve 5s and 5c issues because there is not much to test (we bought all the required phones ourselves). The updates with be for 4s with new simcards as requested by some of our users and functional updates to the update software.


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45 Responses

  1. Hi AIO-Team!

    We really hope, you can find another ways for unlocking method. Sometimes i really need a setting menu on AIO-Sim (Like R-Sim), because many people was telled a wrong information, and the AIO posted to far (100-400 km). So, if you can, give us a function were can put an easy sim application (change IMSI) to AIO sim. /or we can chane IMSI – ICCID – GID – DELAY/

    Any AIO users what do you think about this plan?


    • Admin

      I have previously discussed about this. By forcing the users to use our update software we stop others to copy our product and thus we can deliver better support for you. We do also have something in plan by requiring the end user to log to our website for settings to this might be possible in the near future. For the moment we will assess the new iOS 7.1 and then we will move on.

  2. We tested, work with iPhone 5s GSM, but only with old sims, because iRosetool dont work for iOS 7.1.
    And say, V28 for 4s work with new 4G LTE sim?? Or you test with old format sim??
    And what you know about iRosetool? when will work with iOS 7.1?

  3. we have partial success with iPhone 5s with out internal test device so we have chances that will work also on iPhone 5S with an new update

    When we can wait for the new update?

  4. Dear AIO-Team!
    What do you think about this design? Maybe isn’t can break the AIO5 easily…



  5. One more thing. I have a many PC of aio4&5, what have a little hardware soldered problem. When i push to up the chip in dongle, the software can find the AIO sim. I tried a solder stick, heat gun, etc. but nothing was fixed. How can i? Thanks


  6. digfurka@gmail.com

    I can confirm that AIO 5 works with 7.1 but it DOES NOT WORK with those sim cards which need irosetool!

  7. digfurka@gmail.com

    I can confirm that AIO 5 works with 7.1 but it DOES NOT WORK with those sim cards which need irosetool!

    Tested on iPhone 5 GSM.

  8. 5S NOT working with old or new sim card.

  9. cytymagua

    4s atyt,sprint,verizon working 100%
    iphone 5 tmobile,atyt,sprint working100%
    can not work iphone 5s
    always calls waiting response activation aio support sim

    • Admin

      We have just started to distribute the new software and firmware for testing to our testers and distributors. Software and firmware for new cards and 5s/5c would be publicly available soon after more extensive testing. It will have a lot of new features that everyone will find very useful. If you really want to help us test email sales@aio-sim.com with this request.

    • Ravneet

      are you sure 4s sprint 7.1 working……can i have the settings plz…

  10. Admin

    We will announce tomorrow more things about AIO 5 and 5s/5c phones. It is working on some phones but on the majority of phones it is not working. For example AIO 5 is working on Japan KDDI iPhone 5s,China Telecom iPhone 5s/5c but still phones locked on other GSM networks are not working. So strong advice to refrain from updating to iOS 7.1 on 5S and 5C

  11. Tested: iPhone 5 HU T-mobile locked, using Hu Vodafone sim card & AIO 5 V7 & iR0se Tool 1.1 – Working, but not stable.

  12. Tested: iPhone 4S Hu T-mobile locked, using Hu Vodafone sim & AIO4 V29 – Working (3G too), but first trying call was failed. I dont know why, but after restart worked well..

  13. Ravneet

    Hi AIO Team

    Hope you all doing good

    Tried and tested
    Aio sims are working perfectly on 4s and iPhone 5 with version 7.1

    But on 5s it’s not supported, only CDMA models I tried kddi… It’s working… On att n orange uk it’s not working.. Irrespective of old n new SIM cards..


  14. rogerboogie

    is there any hope to recieve future update for iphone 5c and 5s ?

    maybe with aditional cost for all of us ?

  15. rogerboogie

    or maybe new hardware adaptors with more emulating capabilities for thia kind of new simacrds and protocols

    please elt us know, this could be great

  16. Sprint Lover

    Are you going to update AIO 5 software to unlock iPhone 5c/5s locked to Sprint?
    Doesn’t care for iOS 7.0.1-7.0.6 or 7.1…
    A lot of people waiting for any news and ready to buy AIO!
    Please make a comment!

  17. rogerboogie

    hi dear team , i see other team has released a patch for work with ios 7.1 that no require jailbreak and fix sms, and 3g problems

    is possible to have this patch too ?


  18. Dima

    please tell me who this team ?

  19. rogerboogie

    hi team , just interested if you have any plans for update for 5c & 5s on 7.1, seems some solution in the market is doing now, please let us know if possible in near future have the same solution

    keep giving us the best solutions on the market


  20. Dima

    It looks like admins forgot about us .

    • Admin

      We are working now to provide a full solution for 7.1 5s and 5c. On our tests only 2G simcards are working and even with this cards there are some issues. We will release an update but i think it will be a BETA so that you can inform us of what is working and what is not.

  21. rogerboogie

    sure , please let me know when beta is avalible to start making some test, i have devices to test with 128k sims

    i will be stay conected


  22. Hi Team! Now i have a 4S iOS 7.1 and locked Canada Fido. I dont remember the solution of this method, please somebody tell me! Thanks


  23. In Hungary not working…from central europe need a special settings. I did note it for me, but on 7.1 not work.

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