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iPhone 5C and 5S are now supported by AIO 5

Published on September 29, 2013 by in News, Updates

We are pleased to announce that we can confirm that iPhone 5C and 5S models are now supported by our AIO 5


Because the sim trays of iPhone 5S and 5C are similar with iPhone 5 and there is no need for a hardware update of our AIO to work with this phones we decided to release the unlock for iPhone 5s and 5C as an update for existing and future AIO 5 customers.

The updates are in first stages and you could have some difficulties on some networks but this is something we will solve together to make AIO 5 the best product on the market for iPhone 5 /5C/5S unlocking.

There are 2 updates available, one for iPhone 5s and one for iPhone 5c. The updates are similar in functions and sometimes you can use the 5c update to unlock 5s but there are some internal differences so we recommend you to use the specific update according to your iPhone model.


We give this updates for FREE for all our existing customers. Because of an increase in price of the aluminium sim trays (the new ones we are shipping are originals trays custom machine drilled for AIO) and an increase of the development cost for the new iPhones (we had to buy already 4 phones for testing)  and also because we have a lot of bad AIO in the testing stages of our production we have decided to make a small adjustment of price for our AIO 5 products. The price increase is only of 0.3 USD/ pcs witch translates into the new prices per packs of ten: 1+69 USD / 2+63 USD / 3+57 USD / 5+50 USD / 10+43 USD / 20+40 USD, the prices including programming dongle will be updated accordingly. (OBS. Price for only 10 pcs/1pack has increased more than 0.3 USD/pcs also because of higher handling and shipping costs).


Update you AIO 5 using our online update software with the required version and program the correct settings (settings are similar with iPhone 5). Firmware Version 5 is for 5C and Firmware Version 6 is for 5S. The new updates also are GID 2 compatible. We will release after this announcement also an improved update software to support this feature.

For GSM models – this updates should work without problems out of the box.

For CDMA models – you are still required to use iRose tool that we have posted here earlier in order to use USIM 128K or more cards with your iPhone 5c/5s.  We will prepare soon a better alternative but in the meanwhile we recommend you to use that. Another TIP we can give you based on our testing is the IMSI required on Multi-Mode compatible CDMA networks.

Carriers that support multi-mode simcards:
CA – Sasktel
CA – Bell
CN – China Telecom
US – Verizon LTE
US – Trackphone
US – Cellular South
US – Cellular South LTE
US – Cellcom
US – BluegrassNL – Vodafone
QA – Vodafone
ZA – 8TA
IT – Pelephone
IL – Mirs
For this carriers using
IMSI: 204043347359229
ICCID: 00014103243473592290
should work with all of the above network.
Please post our settings in any case.


We will do future updates based on your feedback on the ones that we release today. Please don’t hesitate to write comments on our website. We will do our best to answer them, and other AIO-SIM customers and resellers will also be here to help you.

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53 Responses

  1. rogerboogie

    the only thing i could say at this time, is :

    you are the best developers for the proxy sim solution for iphone

    other team just claim to have the best solutions , but i always trust on you , and this time your work by offering solutions to us are the best

    hope you can solve the still present problems on iphone 5 trays , at this time is the only thing i could say bad about

    for all , thanks and keep giving us this kind of solutions

    also i think you can start to develop solutions for another brands , i mean , sony, nokia ( sl3 & lumia ) by the same way you do with iphone , hope it can be possible

    thanks for all , and hope i recieve some 5c or 5s to unlock, next week i will buy you some new stock for 4s, 5, 5c and 5s

    telecomservice mexico , official reseller

  2. Thank you, it’s great job! But what about the color iPhones (all 5C) and sim trays for them? And for gold 5S?

  3. lus4

    What about Sprint? What’s the situation with outgoing sms and 2g/3g?

  4. For GSM models – this updates should work without problems out of the box.

    For CDMA models – you are still required to use iRose tool

    But is iRose requered for Usim and GSM models, or not?

  5. rogerboogie

    Can you tell us if irose is needed on all gsm 5c and 5s and also i have the question about the color trays , is there any chance to buy a color type in common

    Also llease let us know what is the status of the patch for ios 7 for cdma/gsm , specially for sprint

    • Admin

      about 5C trays you can use the orignial trays easily. They are made from plastic and it’s easy to cut it so you AIO can fit.
      About 5S we don’t have yet golden one, but once the Chinese holidays are over we will find and include in the package if necessary.
      About the patch we are testing right now. No success yet.

      • rogerboogie

        thanks for reply , and please keep us infomed about changes, also i want to know if it possible to support 256k simcards, when i try to unlock iphone 5 gsm with lte 256k sims , aio simply doesnt start prosess, the iccid number on imformation menu on iphone never apear


  6. hector rodriguez

    thanks to the fabulous team of aio sim
    as is the sprint iphone desarrolo patches
    We need your help

  7. vio

    This new update is working with the Digimobile Carier romania?

  8. vio

    tested and not working 🙁

  9. Admin

    I already 2 reports from other people in Romania that is ok. If you want our help you should give us more information, phone model locked on what network and what settings you used. We do not release updates without testing them first, of course can be some issues and this is why we are here to help.

  10. vio

    Ios 7 ,softbank ,using v4 with softbank settings delay 18

  11. vio

    always asking for activation

  12. Admin

    So iPhone 5 …

  13. vio

    and now is alway asking activation with old orange sim card ,it was working before

  14. vio

    i used other settings ,orange is working and digi shows alway no service

  15. maremestera

    VIO did u install also iRose tool?

  16. digfurka@gmail.com

    Strange problem occured to me with two iPhone 5 devices, both locked to Telenor Norway. Both would not activate, both could not unlock – always asks for activation.

    Tested with IMSI Settings from AIO and tested with my personal IMSI list – no difference.

    All other iphone 5 carriers from other countries work perfect except no 3G internet for now.


  17. Hi. Gevey AIO with 5 or 6 soft iPhone 5C and 5S locked to Sprint US cannot activate. We use other setting for Sprint, but everytime iPhone want to activation. CDMA 5S|C have another activation algorithm? We did not even get unlock for calls…(

  18. vio

    Maremestera am incercat cu irose …nici un rezultat ,pe iphone 4s digi functioneaa pe 5 se pare ca nu.

  19. hector rodriguez

    I need the sprint imsi iphone 5s

  20. hector rodriguez

    hello not get activate sprint cdma iphone 5s
    apparently uses a new imsi
    the Blast sim not left read
    the sim card number is

  21. Emilio Garcia

    I just got the Sprint black Iphone 5s, carrier: Sprint 15.1, Can we unlock it with this AIO-SIM? Please help me. Thanks!

  22. Pavel

    hi.what about unlocking iphone 5s Sprint?

  23. Arman

    I need imsi for iphone 5s FRance sfr all imsi dont worked

  24. alex

    Dear aio-sim team can you help us please with 5c ,5s Sprint network . We all have this problem , everytime it stucks on the activation screen .We tried all imsi including new imsi from new types of sim from SPRINT imsi 3112300 or 3101201. Do we need a specific GID1?

  25. saeed

    hello i need imsi and iccid att for unlock 5c

  26. Tips

    I need the imsi and iccid of sprint for 5c and 5s with the GID

  27. Dani

    I have 1 iphone 5 roger canada and don’t work the activation could you help me?

  28. ablmix

    necesito el imsi, iccid y el GID de sprint para el 5s y 5c por favor a los administradores que nos ayuden con este problema

  29. paul

    i need the imsi of att for iphone 5s.

  30. Robbie

    I bought an aio sim gevey from one of the resselers in Romania. I have an iphone 5S locked on Orange Romania. I installed the irose patch , I can receive calls and sms but I can’t make calls or sending sms. Also the internet is not working. Can you please help me, I tried two different sim cards and is the same problem. The one I bought it from said it did not hapened this before and he can’t help me. Thank you!

    • Admin

      Probably the patch is not installed correctly. If patch fails you need first to ‘erase all content and settings’ and install the patch again.

      • Robbie

        I restored the phone from itunes twice, set it as new iphone , installed the patch again and is the same. I just can’t figure out how am I able to receive calls and outgoing calls fails.I will try again to erase all content as you said. Thank you!

      • Robbie

        I did exactly as you said and is the same.Can’t make calls or send sms but I can receive.It also the network name appear on it.I am sure that the patch is installed correctly , I watched it again on youtube. Any other ideea?I tried all I know but now I am stuck.Thanks

  31. quiero necesito de respuesta un si o no !!!!
    Funciona con iPhone 5S y 5C de sprint. tengo un iphone 5S de sprint y lo quiero liberar con sim de tigo guatemala, se puede trabajar con la AIO ?. me deja en el mensaje

  32. I need to answer a yes or no!!
    Works with iPhone 5S and 5C sprint. I have an iPhone 5S sprint and I want to unlock sim tigo Guatemala, you can work with AIO?. leave me a message

  33. Alex

    What about iphone 5s/5c sprint??
    I ve tried all imsi’s(including newer) and update versions.. Its not working..

  34. alex

    hi.what about unlocking iphone 5s Sprint?

  35. valera

    hello, and have approximate dates when the work will begin unlock iphone 5s sprinr. thanks

  36. Nanoki

    Any news about unlocking and activating 5s sprint?

  37. Aslam

    I always use your cards and working for me great job guys and also tell me
    Is this solution working on iphone 5s sprint???

  38. kostya

    hi , i have for unlock an iphone 5c its from japan and its locked on new operator: Wolf , what imsi and iccid should i use for it? thanks

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