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V27 – AIO 4S CDMA iOS 6 – 6.0.1

Published on November 19, 2012 by in Updates

The AIO 4S CDMA update is specially designed for phones that are locked on CDMA networks like US Sprint, US Verizon,CA Rogers, CA Telus, CA Bell, JP KDDI, JP Softbank, CN Telecom,KR KT, UK O2, UK Vodafone, UK Orange, UK 3(Hutchinson), FR SFR, FR Orange and others.

In order to use this update you need to select the appropriate settings from the preloaded settings list.
The settings that are compatible with this update are marked with 4S CDMA.
So for example you need to unlock an Verizon phone you need to select the US Verizon 4S CDMA settings together with update V27 and press the update button. Here is one example for Verizon 4S CDMA

After that you can insert AIO-SIM + your simcard into the phone and reboot the phone. Wait few minutes until the phone recognized the netowork. You can also try with the FAST option enabled in case the phones displays Searching and then “No carrier”.

This update won’t work on CDMA to CDMA networks. So you won’t be able to use an CDMA locked phone on another CDMA network.

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  1. kelvin

    I did like the picture show then i update to aio sim then i put in the USverizon iphone 4s ios 6.0.1. the phone keep go to activation.
    please help.
    i bought 10 aio sim 2 dead ready.

    • Admin

      What is your network provider please.

    • kelvin

      i have one usa verizon and one usa sprint. I try unlock to straight talk network. SN:5B8A89A3,IMSI:310410 and SN:328A894D,IMSI: 316010. Can you help me please?

      • Admin

        So you tried with update the AIO-SIM with V27 for booth Sprint and Verizon Phones ? There is no need for the IMSI settings, just select US Verizon 4S CDMA from the Prefered settings menu or US Sprint 4S CDMA depending on the phone.

      • Admin

        So the you still get the activation screen ?

        • kelvin

          Yes still got the activation screen. i try update the v16 unlock and 2aio-sim dead now. are you sure the aiosim is work?

          • Kelvin

            I try all the setting now i have 5 out of 10 aio-sim. After 3 update or use update v16 then aio-sim won’ t. Work.
            are sure your aio sim can unlock cdma network?
            Did you test the aio sim before you sell?
            I saw alot comment wont work

          • Admin

            for new phones with 6.0.1 or 6 iOS update V27 should work ok. If you simcard is not compatible it will not work no matter how many phones your try from different networks. We do test each piece before packing but we are aware that sometimes they will be broken after using them for some time etc. We do sell a lot so of course there are customers here complaining and we try to help each and every one of them. You can also read the feedback they leave on gsmforum with successful unlocks. Tomorrow morning we will do more tests to try to make more cards compatible with the CDMA phones.

          • Admin

            You can read here more about working and not working AIO-SIM http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f681/ As you can see there is a fair amount of people that reported that is working and trust us that we test each update with real simcards and real phones (CDMA,GSM etc).

          • kelvin

            can you make the video? that we can see it!!

          • Admin

            Ok, we will add more videos tomorrow afternoon/night. You can also check the ones already available in the user guide section.

    • Marlon

      my aio sim card is updated but when i put back to the phone nothing happen, whe i reboot the phone it goes to the verizon network again.

      iphone 4s cdma verizone

      Please help me

  2. Dmitriy

    MTS RUS never started working. want to activate. Firmware 6.0.1 operator Sprint. Sewsя AIO SIM version 27.

    • Admin

      So your phone is not yet activated ? In order to activate the phone update your AIO-SIM to V16 – GEVEY AIO iPhone 4S UNLOCKER (5.01,5.1) and select the US Sprint settings. After that use V27 to unlock it.

  3. Serge

    iphone 4s – sprint, carrier MTS RUS, the phone is activated, but when i try to unlock firmware 27, always pops up an activation message, delay tried from 1 to 20, results not. Other Russian carrier Beeline and Megafon work perfectly! And the problem with MTS RUS and 26 firmware too – pops up an activation. What you need for the solution this problem?

  4. Dmitri

    The same problem with MTS RUS. Activation needed.

    • Admin

      Hi, so seems MTS RU simcard are a little different. We already asked some guys to send us simcard (buying them) but it will surely takes some time 7-8 days until we can get them here and test. If you can, please post here a picture of the simcard you are using (the golden metal contacts) so at least we can have an idea of what simcard type is it.

      • Serge

        At 26 firmware MTS RUS not working outgoing SMS, not only me, but for most MTS users, without jailbreak not solve this problem. At what email to send photos MTS sim card?

    • Admin

      Another idea is to ask MTS to give you an older simcard model and then try with the older model.

  5. Dmitri

    I think that MTS users with new sim cards must use V24 till new update fix the problem with activation or jail needed to delete some bundles. Of course V24 on 6.0.1 works without signal bar, out sms, mms and internet.

  6. very good update work on IOS 6 Verizon CDMA ,
    v27 , US Verizon CDMA settings,

    [21:41:29] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 25.
    [21:41:29] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 310410347359229
    [21:41:29] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 000E30272ABED5081C00
    [21:41:29] No GID1 will be used!
    [21:41:29] [OK] Settings applied successfully!

    signals bars OK
    SMS OK

    thks team !!


  7. Dmitriy

    И Тишина. Второй день молчание. Видать работают в поте лица. Извел гивейки на опыты. Результата нет. Не работает 27 прошивка.

    • Serge

      Ну смысла нет на 27 тестить спринт и веризон на МТС. Не будет работать при любых delay))) Ждем доработок в новой прошивке.

  8. beckman

    Да, ты прав. Пока не реально. Ждёмс и ходим с 24-й на 6.0.1.

  9. Dmitriy

    Билайн и мегафон СМС побежали на дилэй 6. Ну как то так.

  10. i bought 10 AIO sim with dongle , i am having XP , and when i try to put aio sim in it it turns green and software says no AIO sim found , m Confused please help, i want unlock verizon ios 6

  11. beckman

    Маноле закрыл проект. Что дальше будет с апдейтами и т.д. неизвестно.

  12. beckman

    Это ещё зачем? А слова “пэйпол” и “диспут” – это что?

  13. Dmitriy

    Деньги маноле вернул. Что дальше?

    • Admin

      Is the product not working ? If you have problems with AIO-SIM we will refund but i assure you 100% that the product and the product support will continue. As you can see already in the Download section we are already releasing AIO 5 for iPhone 5.

  14. Dmitriy

    We need a working update. Update that will work with MTS RUS. Necessary to solve the problems described here. Thanks.

  15. beckman

    Yes. Why I cant use the last update with MTS RUS? Do you working about it?

    • Admin

      Yes we are working on it but for the moment it’s not ok. As i can see this problem is only with CDMA phones to CDMA phones (for example Sprint and Verizon to MTS RU).

  16. beckman

    Thank you! I sware the problem will be solved soon.

  17. Hugo

    I am also having problems with AIO-SIM being detected, when I connect the dongle the light is red and drivers dont show an exclamation mark but that is it. If I put the AIO-SIM in place and click connect it is not detected, the light is still red but can’t get to pass connect, so no way to update it. Have a Sprint 4S on 6.0.1 that want to use on ATT, got a replacement AIO-SIM after opening a dispute with PayPal but same thing, can not connect to the software, error detecting AIO-SIM. I am starting to believe this is not going to work, is this a scam? Specially after I asked them to send the replacement AIO-SIM already updated for my specific phone and they refused to do it. WHY? WHY? WHY? Something is not smelling good here.

    • Admin

      Hi Hugo, as you can see here other people can use the update dongle to update their AIO-SIM. Of course there are situations in witch AIO-SIM won’t be able to unlock the phone but that is after you update it. In USA we only have stock and have no one to help us to update the AIO-SIM using the dongle. They will only ship the goods for us, this is why they are unable to update the AIO-SIM for you. About scam we would really not bother to scam people for 18 USD on ebay and then refund them the money. Even for you, if you don’t manage to make it working we will refund so you should not be unhappy about this.
      About your AIO-SIM that you can’t update i am also puzzled, that might mean that in fact maybe the dongle is to blame not the AIO-SIM we have replaced for you. If you still want to try please ask the ebay seller to replace the dongle too or ask for a refund. Best regards!

  18. I was using it for a week on update 26 on a sprint phone, then today it stopped working. I have reconfigured it on 27 :
    [04:46:20] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 25.
    [04:46:20] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 316010076734125
    [04:46:20] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 8901010008839102565F
    [04:46:20] No GID1 will be used!
    [04:46:20] [INFO] Selected update V27 – AIO 4S CDMA iOS 6 – 6.0.1
    [04:46:21] [INFO] AIO SIM SN: 0xB698A53E
    [04:46:24] [SERVER] 15 FREE updates remaining for your GEVEY NO CUT
    [04:46:41] [OK] Settings applied successfully!
    [04:46:41] [INFO] AIO SIM update complete

    Now also no luck, my iphone details are :

    iOS: 6.0
    CTN: 6590165956
    IMEI: 990001084104892
    Activation date: 2011-11-19
    Carrier: US Sprint Multi-Mode Commercial (in iphone it is Sprint 13.0)

    please help me with the right settings.

    • Admin

      ] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 25.
      [04:46:20] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 316010076734125
      [04:46:20] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 8901010008839102565F

      The settings are wrong, you need to use the CDMA settings (US Sprint 4S CDMA) like this:
      IMSI: 316010347359229
      ICCID: 000E30272ABEA508DC00

      • did that, but no luck, still getting no service
        However the carrier has changed from Sprint 13.0 to carrier 13.0

        [16:26:46] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 25.
        [16:26:46] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 316010347359229
        [16:26:46] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 000E30272ABEA508DC00
        [16:26:46] No GID1 will be used!
        [16:26:46] [INFO] Selected update V27 – AIO 4S CDMA iOS 6 – 6.0.1
        [16:26:48] [INFO] AIO SIM SN: 0xB698A53E
        [16:26:53] [SERVER] 14 FREE updates remaining for your GEVEY NO CUT
        [16:27:10] [OK] Settings applied successfully!
        [16:27:10] [INFO] AIO SIM update complete

  19. Shket

    Hi guys !

    I’m using Updater v3
    I try to update first one – it’s ok (v21)
    Than test in my iPhone 4S USA Sprint CDMA ios 5.1.1 – doesn’t work
    v26 – works fine

    After that i try to update another firmvare (v27) for iPhone 4S USA Verizon CDMA ios 6.0 – But with MTS (Russia) it doesn’t work (activation) – Did you resolve this problem ?

    !! BUT !!
    I killed SEVEN giveys aio v2 no cut =(
    Why they are die so fast ?
    One died on first update, one on 5th update ect

    • Admin

      Hi, the AIO is sensitive to electrostatic discharge and to mechanical breakdown. Some die because you force the IC too much and some because you work in an enviroinment with a lot of electrostatic charge. Please check if your plugs are correctly grounded. Anyway if you have many damaged we will replace for you.

      • Shket

        I have just a six damaged (7th i lost), is it much for you ? )
        What should i do to replace them ?

        And what about Russia MTS for ios 6 (v27) ?

        • Admin

          Please check your email.

          • Shket

            Sorry, but there is no answer about Russia MTS on my email

          • Admin

            So people from Russia are telling me that MTS has also USIM and normal simcards so normal simcard (GSM should work), the USIM will not work 100% for now.

          • Shket

            Why i can’t reply on your last comment ?
            Hm ..
            “USIM and normal simcards”
            Did you mean that “USIM” – it’s a newest sim, and “normal simcards” – it’s old sim ?

            So, should i try to cut some old sims and try again ?

          • Shket

            Excuse me, from the previous post about my question about the latest comment – it’s ok )

            PS Thx a lot for taking part in the solution of our problems )

        • Admin

          Yes if you have old simcards i think will work.

  20. Please provide detailed instructions for following configurations, have tried this and did not work:

    1. iPhone 4S Sprint V27 US Sprint 4S CDMA (always goes to activation) without AIO SIM installed, device is activated. iOS 6.0.1

    2. iPhone 4S SoftBank Japan GSM iOS 6.0.1, V24 Softbank Japan, sometimes will show T-Mobile carrier name and bars but goes to activation screen.

    Please provide correct IMSI, ICCID, FAST, GID, and DELAY settings for each config, and just in general. Posting some decent instructions would be a plus. I am using a dongle and have updated drivers, etc. I am a professional. Thank you. (ps 2 of the aio-sims so far were dead, dongle would not read them).

    • Admin

      1. For Sprint the first option is to try V26 – AIO-SIM iPhone 4S iOS6 Sprint
      IMSI can be left default 310410347359229 because is not used, ICCID must be 00014103243473592290, GID and DELAY don’t care. If it’s still not working then it must be a simcard compatibility problem. You can try again on our next update.
      2. For Softbank you can try with V27 and JP Softbank 4S CDMA settings using AIO-SIM V3 or newer update software. Delay is not required.
      For Softbank you can also try V24 with JP Softbank settings. DELAY 10. If in booth settings you get activation required then you should check your phone IMEI maybe it’s not softbank locked, maybe it’s KDDI.
      About the dead please take care of handling because i see many problems because of bad grounding of the electronics (the ground wire in the plugs are not connected to ground).

      • Thank you for getting back to me with prompt reply, will try and report back again. With the SoftBank iPhone, I know it is SB because an SB sim was used to activate it. We can get as far as getting it to display “T-Mobile 3G” but then activation screen pops. It is SoftBank IMEI not MEID so GSM iPhone 4S. Have not tried the Sprint phone again yet. If any one has proven working experience with either SoftBank or Sprint 4S on 6.0.1, please list the procedure, thanks!!

        • We ordered a 10 pack + dongle. Have tried with four different iPhone 4S’s on 6.0.1, AT&T, SoftBank, Verizon, and Sprint. Set up with the various versions and settings, none worked. Can anyone confirm that these actually work or is this a scam? The software seems legit, and everything looks like it should work, it just simply doesn’t. Also the AIO SIM’s seem to die quite easily. We have burned through six of our ten with out a single successful unlock. What do we do from here, all comments, suggestions, and advice appreciated. kind regards, iProService

          • This is as close as I have been able to get. iPhone 4S 6.0.1 SoftBank Japan, activated via SB SIM. Set AIO SIM to IMSI 44028100000000 and ICCID to 0000000000000000 DELAY 10 and Data Roaming OFF, I can get it to hold a signal without popping Activation nor SIM Failure. Once data is activated, SIM Failure. Prior to that I can send and receive SMS, however no calls nor data, doing either will prompt SIM Failure. Any ideas? The carrier I am trying to set it up for is T-Mobile USA.

  21. As it appears there is no support and these things don’t actually work for anyone. How do we return them and get a full refund? Please advise, thank you.

    • Admin

      AIO 4S is already in the market for about 1 year and there are a lot of people that are using it. I am sorry for all your problems. Softbank for example should be easy to setup, with IMSI 440200347359229 (starting with 44020) and ICCID starting with 00. About Sprint and Verizon if you have T-Mobile simcards there are known problems. It’s all right to send them back and get a refund. I will contact you by email.

      • Admin

        We did not answer to requests because it was weekend and also we worked on the upcoming updates. iPhone 5 V2 was already released yesterday.

  22. big boy

    I just managed to unlock a verzion iphone 4s 6.0.1 with v27 for Orange Romania,spent many hours to find the right settings 🙂 this is the best version for cdma iphones ,
    [21:41:29] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 20.
    [21:41:29] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 310410347359229
    [21:41:29] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 000E30272ABED5081C00
    [21:41:29] No GID1 will be used!
    [21:41:29] [OK] Settings applied successfully!

    gevey aio sims work very well, only need to find the right setings ,and a few people know how to deal with them

  23. batjump


    please help me
    i have a verizon iphone 4s 6.0.1
    model MD262LL
    i used every possible version from v24 to v28
    with every possible settings
    and the problem is “activation required”
    i have already used 11 updates
    and i am stucked
    latest settings are

    [19:38:43] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 25.
    [19:38:43] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 310410347359229
    [19:38:43] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 000E30272ABED5081C00
    [19:38:43] No GID1 will be used!
    [19:38:43] [OK] Settings applied successfully!
    V27 – AIO 4S CDMA iOS 6 – 6.0.1
    please tell me what i must do
    i am trying to get signal with greek carriers
    Vodafone – cosmote – wind
    iphone keeps searching forever

    looking forward for your reply

  24. big boy

    I just managed to unlock another verizon 4s ,with v28 this settings

    18:44:18] [SETTINGS] Unlock Delay is 20.
    [18:44:18] [SETTINGS] IMSI: 204043347359229
    [18:44:18] [SETTINGS] ICCID: 89314403243473592290
    [18:44:18] No GID1 will be used!
    [18:44:18] [OK] Settings applied successfully!

  25. gdmc46

    Please help me please
    for an iphone 4s coded on T-mobile Germany what kind of settings must be made or may be not work with the new sim of sfr france I have 5 gvaio all in one I found the settings for a sim sfr 8 years old but with the new sim does not work (the old sim card broke) How do I make the difference between sim and usim

  26. garryb

    hi im looking for imsi and DELAY for vodafone uk iphone 4s because im on 6.1.2 and it is just searching always please helpp

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