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AIO 5 for 5/5C/5S 10x pack with dongle and tray opener

Published on November 30, 2012 by in

AIO 5 is based on the working technology that we used for our previous unlock card models using the fast and stable F300 IC and a golden contacts FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit).
AIO 5 is an fully updatable product and as before you have the possibility to upgrade your AIO 5 firmware when we release a new and improved version.

– working SMS/MMS/DATA (not all networks);
– support USIM cards with required patch;
– tested with US Sprint, UK O2, UK 3, UK Orange, FR Orange locked iPhones;
– does not work with T-Mobile DE using the V1 software release;
– The release V1 of AIO 5 is working on all simcards and phones except simcards for CDMA networks (USIM’s). For example you won’t be able to use an Sprint locked iPhone 5 on Verizon but you will be able to use it on other networks in USA.

How to use:
– Usage is simple and it’s the same as AIO 4S so for everybody already using AIO-SIM the new product is will be very easy to use indeed;
– You update the firmware of the AIO 5 to V1 (or the latest available firmware release), then you select the network on witch your phone is locked and press update. After that you can just insert AIO 5 into your iPhone and wait for few seconds until you can call and received called; If no signal message is displayed for some time you can select the network manually or reboot the phone.

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43 Responses

  1. Will the US Sprint iPhone 5 function (receive and send calls, sms, mms, data etc.) on other non-USA GSM service providers?

  2. norman

    what carrier setting in software for aio5 update for sprint locked iphone 5? there is us sprint lte, us sprint 5, us sprint . I’ve wasted 4 updates already and non work for unlocking sprint iphone 5 to tmobile

  3. Korry

    Will this work on US nTelos iPhone 5? I have one and have been searching for a method of unlocking it. Apple CSR has confirmed that it is capable of being unlocked. Any info is appreciated, thanks.

  4. Jace

    I ordered 10 of these, working great on my sprint iPhone 5 but I have a few questions.

    1. When I place an ATT or t-mobile sim in the sprint iPhone 5, and unlock it with the sprint pin. It shows that I get 3G service and I can make and receive calls, as well as texts BUT my carrier still says “Sprint” at the top and in the settings menu it says Carrier: Sprint 13.0. Is there some way to change this?

    2. No matter what SIM card I put in the phone, the phone number stays the same. It’s the same number sprint issued to the phone when it was activated, and it doesn’t change when I place a different sim in with a different phone number.

    Are there fixes for either of these problems? I am interested in becoming a retailer, and if support can be offered for these problems, I will gladly place my first bulk order, but I first need to know if there is a solution to this problem or not

  5. Dat

    Will this activate my Sprint iPhone 5?

  6. Alex

    I have iphone 5 USA Sprint
    work in Germany E-PLUS or Vodafine, T-Mobile?

  7. Dan

    It works fine for voice calls, however 3G Data and SMS got doesn’t work.
    Any fix for that? Locked to SPRINT 14.0 iOS 6.1

  8. Steve

    I used the aio and everything went as described. but when i try to use my new sim it doesn’t work. I still have my sprint service activated. Do I have to stop my service before it actually works?

  9. hernan

    this gevey sim iphone 5 work in iphone 4s whit adapter sim tray ???

  10. DAI

    It can not work for t-mobile?

  11. Sergey

    Hello! Tell me please, how many pieces USB dongle are included? One or ten? Thanks.

  12. i have a sprint iphone 5 with a nano sim card from straight talk but it wont work wont let me in the phone. how can i get it to work with straight talk?

  13. Batrudin

    Hi, does it include sim tray?

  14. Kevin

    Hi, is AIO 5 unlock sim for iphone 5, is this work with IOS 7.0 and US sprint or AT&T ?
    Thank you

    • Admin

      Yes it’s still working with iOS7 iPhone 5 AT&T. For Sprint the previous patch we had is not working so you will only be able to call. SMS/MMS are not working with Sprint phones because of that.

  15. Dmitriy

    Can I use a dongle AIO 4S to update for AIO 5 gevey

  16. Adam

    Is this working for iOS 7? Also if working on iOS 7 for iPhone 5 or 5s is there 3G and LTE speeds on different carriers or only EDGE data?

  17. Saul

    How can i buy this I’m this website?????

  18. Shawn

    Will this unlock iphone 5c locked to sprint?

  19. Alyssa

    I have an iphone 5s for sprint I got off Ebay. Will this factory unlock it so I can use it on my carrier which is Tmobile? And also is all I do to unlock it is put the aio-sim card with the tmobile sim card and it will work? I live in the US if thats of any assistance. Does the aio-sim have to stay in the phone at all times to keep it activated to Tmobile or is it a one time unlock.

    • Admin

      It won’t factory unlock you phone, and what’s worse it is not working to unlock Sprint 5S/5C. Your only option is to get a very expensive factory unlock done… maybe still possible.

  20. Anatoly

    Will the US Sprint iPhone 5s function (receive and send calls, sms, mms, data etc.) on other non-USA GSM or lte service providers? Can i buy a 1psc not a lot?

  21. zohaib

    i have iphone 5 on sprint netwrk i just intall cydia and msg delivery fail and one proper solution like these iphone problem

  22. baboli

    is it possible to unlock iphone 5s ios 7.1.1 locked to the japenese carrier AU KDDI?
    thank you

  23. tavideva

    Hi, any ideea if it wil work on iphone 6 , ios 8.3 ? I have a 64 kb sim card.

  24. Sergey

    hi. Iphone 5. Locked on SoftBank. iOS 8.4 If I buy aio, it’s will be work?

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